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Allen Edmonds Rediscover America Sale Fall 2021

It’s better than normal this year. The Rediscover America Sale is one of AE’s biggest sales of the year. But the discounts aren’t uniform. Some shoes are a REALLY good deal. Other shoes? They’re a… deal. An okay deal. It just depends on the model. So, below you’ll find our picks for what we think is the best of the best.

NOTE: Want to save even more? If you haven’t signed up for their email list (aka Collector’s Club) yet, you might be able to stack a first time sign up 15% off code with these savings. It’s worked in past years. Members who had already signed up got a one day preview yesterday, as well as an additional 15% off once again (since most of us had used our new-sign up code long ago). So it really can pay to sign up & get on the AE email list. Got a tip on something we missed? Send those suggestions into joe@dappered.com.


#1. Strand Cap Toe Oxfords – $276.50 ($395)

Number one on this list. The legend. In past years (like, the past ten years)… Strands wouldn’t get nearly this big of a cut during the Rediscover America (or spring Anniversary) Sale. Sure, you’d maybe see them at $50 – $60 off, but not over $100 off retail. And that new mahogany color is pretty much perfect. $235.02 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#2. Dalton WEATHERPROOF Wingtip Boot – $349.97 ($495)

Got ’em, wear ’em, love ’em, use ’em. For those who come from the land of the ice and snow. Fully weatherproof. German waterproof leather which is weirdly soft and pliable (weird in a good way), and the interior has a weatherproof membrane lining yet it’s also lined in leather. Dainite sole here of course, because it’s made for the weather. All around impressive. Available in brown or chili. If you want to skip the weatherproof leather, you can get the regular calfskin Dainite sole Dalton in Walnut or Black over here. Full review of the Weatherproof can be found here$297.47 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#3. Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxfords – $276.50 ($395)

Classy. Never gonna go out of style. Four colors to pick from, and strongly consider the black. Why? Because when you’re required to wear black oxfords, it’s probably for pretty conservative or even sober circumstances. So you don’t want a lot of flash or broguing like what the Strand delivers. Having a pair of simple black dress shoes is kinda a must. If you’re looking for the mahogany option at the very top of this post (center, left shoe of that pair shown), then those are tucked away over here. $235.02 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#4. Fifth Ave. Cap Toe Oxford – $237 ($395)

Fifth Ave. Cap Toe Oxford

Two hundred forty bucks for crafted in Port Washington Wisconsin dress shoes. That’s quite crazy, considering the time. Conservative, but the quarter-brogue style perforated cap toe spices it up a bit. One of their standards. Can’t go wrong here. They used to price these at $395, like the rest of their oxfords, but it seems like they now run $299 at full price, full time. Kinda odd. So that sale price makes them extra nice. $201.45 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#5. Marin Double Monk Strap with Dainite Rubber Sole – $297.50 ($425)

The thing about monk straps is that they’re already flashy. So if you want to stand out quietly, go with plain and well made monks. These fit the bill. $252.87 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#6. Courtside Signature Sneaker – $191.25 ($255)

And then Allen Edmonds made a pair of sneakers that look like they’re from Gucci but they’re not because it’s a brown stripe and not a red one and it has some of us (like the guy writing this) kinda wanting them. I’m a bit of a sucker for sporty stripes, and it’s 100% cool if you’re like “100% hell no” on these. AE does say they’re recraftable. $162.56 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#7. Courtside Sneakers in Suede or Leather – $191.25 ($255)

And for those who don’t want the stripes. $162.56 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#8. McAllister Wingtip Oxford – $276.50 ($395)

McAllister Wingtip Oxford

All the visual interest of a wingtip, but you still get the conservative toe shape and classy looks of a true oxford. Multiple widths to choose from too. All sorts of right. $160 off retail. That’s… a lot. If you want a Dainite sole, they have those too, but those’ll run you a bit more. $235.02 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#9. Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot with Chromexcel Leather – $311.50 ($445)

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot with Chromexcel Leather

The Higgins Mill is a classic, and they’ve equipped it this year once again with weatherproof leather. Chromexcel this time around, and that super-dark brown option is all kinds of right. Subtle studded Dainite rubber sole for traction and durability in fall and winter weather. $264.77 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


#10. Hamilton Weatherproof Oxford Dress Boot – $311.50 ($445)

Allen Edmonds Hamilton Weatherproof Oxford Dress Boot

More weatherproof leather from Allen Edmonds, this time in a true-oxford boot. Chili, Brown, or Walnut available. Think of these as your crappy-weather Strands, only with more ankle protection, a waterproof membrane lining, and a Dainite rubber sole. $264.77 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.


BONUS  Liverpool Chelsea Boots w/ V-Tread Sole – $346.50 ($495)

I still don’t wear these enough. That super subtle, v-tread sole is terrific. Lotta grip, little profile. $294.52 with the extra 15% email sign up discount.

The extra 15% off for “collector’s club” members expires today, Wednesday 10/6/21. The Rediscover America Sale launches to the general public tomorrow, 10/7/21.


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