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Allen Edmonds Anniversary Sale 2021

Allen Edmonds has been around for 99 years. Yep, next year is the big one-double-o. Impressive. And each year they celebrate their birthday with a big fat sale. Now, it’s always a “select items” sale. Meaning, some items are getting bigger/better discounts than others. And the marketing out of them this year (many of us got a snail mail catalog) is very sneaker/boat shoe/other casuals heavy. And that’s understandable. But for this totally subjective ranking, I’m gonna stick with what I truly think is the best value… current trends be darned. Hope that’s cool. Got a tip on something we missed? Send those suggestions into joe@dappered.com.


#1. Strand Oxfords – $256.75 ($395)

Number one and it’s not close. Yes, dress shoes have taken a big backseat in the last 12+ months. But a lot of us try to dress well a few times a week even if we’re stuck at home. The mental boost it delivers is, frankly, unfair. And the Strand is the flagship, bit-of-flash dress shoe from Allen Edmonds. They’re often excluded from major discounts like the one they’re handing out this year. During last year’s anniversary sale they were going for $315. This year they’re almost $140 off list price. That’s… a lot for the Strand. They also just introduced a new color (mahogany), and a lot of us are starting to re-invest in refreshing our wardrobes with hopes of a better 2021. We’ll see about that last part. But for now? The Strands are the star of this sale. Available in the new Mahogany, Black, Cigar, Walnut, Dark Chili, and Oxblood.


#2. Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxfords – $256.75 ($395)

Conservative, sober, classic, and darn-freaking handsome. Available in five different colors, but gonna swim against the #menswear tide here and strongly suggest black. Why? Because we all need a pair of black shoes. Interviews. Weddings. Black-Tie events. When you need a pair of black shoes you’re gonna want them to be the real deal. And the Park Avenue is.


#3. Marin Double Monk Strap with Dainite Rubber Sole – $255 ($425)

The thing about monks is that they’re already flashy. So if you want to stand out, but only just a bit? Make ’em plain and well made. These seem to fit that bill… uh… in spades. So please don’t throw shade. Got it, Cade?


#4. Fifth Avenue Cap Toe Oxofords w/ Dainite Rubber Sole – $255 ($425)

A bit more visual interest than the park avenue (really the only difference is the perforations and pinked edges to the cap toe) but still totally classic. Equipped with a slip and weather resistant, subtle, dainite rubber sole.


#5. Strandmoks in Slate Grey w/ Dainite Rubber Sole – $273.75 ($365)

A fun, on-sale, summertime suede splurge. Just featured in our big best new arrivals for spring round-up. Gotta love that grey. Also available in a red that is very much HOLY COW RED SHOES. So… yeah. Stick with the grey.


#6. Weatherproof Park Avenue – $289.25 ($445)

Absolutely love these things. Perfect for those that live in areas with real weather. I got a pair for myself at full price (*gasps*) and they are legitimately the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I’ve ever worn. The German leather they’re using here is extraordinarily soft, while also being weatherproof. Subtle Dainite sole gives you good grip too. Something you could easily run around town in during a cloudburst and not worry for a second. Hugely impressed here. Available in black or a true brown, which believe it or not is shown above. It has some red hues in direct sun, which is kinda cool.


#7. Courtside Suede Sneakers – $191.25 ($255)

These are NOT made in the USA, which is a bit of a bummer, but our shoe guy Adam was highly impressed all the same. Some guys are down with the luxury sneaker “thing”. Some guys are not. Totally okay either way. Made in the Dominican Republic. Construction, details, and materials are all really impressive.


#8. McAllister Wingtip Oxford – $276.50 ($395)

All the visual interest of a wingtip, but you still get the conservative toe shape and classy looks of a true oxford. Three colors to pick from. Multiple widths to choose from too. All sorts of right. Not as hefty of a discount as the Strands and Parks, and thus, they fall a bit down the top 10 this year.


#9. Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots – $267 ($445)

Good gravy. That’s a big discount. Daltons don’t usually fall this low. But? It’s no longer boot season, so, that’ll happen.


#10. Made in the USA by Wigwam “Merino Cool” Socks – $14.63 – $16.88 ($19.50)

Move over Nordstrom, we’ve got a new socks champion in the house. Whereas the Nordy merino socks are excellent dress socks (thin, strong, subtle), these are excellent EVERYTHING socks. Slightly thicker but not thick, they offer great cushioning, temperature regulating merino wool, and they stay up on your calf muscles all day. I wear them with everything from casual stuff to suits.


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