How hard can it be shopping for a gamer? Games, hardware, consoles, easy peasy. But as anyone who’s actually tried shopping for a gamer knows, nothing is ever simple. There’s a lot of gaming gear out there to consider. There’s almost too much choice.

Every gamer has their own style and gaming tastes. There are those who pledge allegiance to PC gaming only, Nintendo purists, and gamers who won’t even touch a controller unless it has got Xbox branding. It isn’t easy finding the right gift to add to their setup, but if you nail it, there will be kudos for you — that special gamer in your life will be forever grateful.

Firstly, determine how much you’re looking to spend. Some shoppers will grab a couple games for under £100 and call it a day. Accessories like controllers and charging docks are another great mid-range price point. The next step up will be the grandaddy of gaming gifts — a gaming console or a gaming laptop, which will run into the hundreds. If you’re looking to go all out and treat the gamer in your life to an epic gift, a brand-new PC rig and setup could clock in at around £3,000.

Whatever your price point, we’re here to help you with some ideas for the gamer in your life — including some of the hottest consoles, games, and more.

These are the best gifts for gamers in 2021.


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