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The astronomic rise of gorp has been nothing short of astounding. What used to be an exclusive world, reserved for those who actually climbed mountains, ran trails, and navigated the wild, has become a universal obsession with utility. From taped-seam jackets to GORE-TEX sneakers, the level of technology embedded in lifestyle clothing nowadays shouldn’t be taken for granted. Plus, with the arrival of adidas Terrex, getting in on the techy action doesn’t have to ruin you financially.

That’s the problem or, at least, was the problem. All this efficiency costs. Your fully waterproof fits can rack up eye-watering bills thanks to high-end materials. This is why adidas Terrex is such a lifesaver. Without skimping on the tech or the sleek styling, you can secure high-performance Terrex pieces for a fraction of what used to be possible.

We’ve been kitted out in Terrex since the first grey clouds rolled in a month ago and we can’t see that changing for the coming months. Below, we’ve detailed some of the top adidas Terrex picks to begin your new obsession.

One of the latest arrivals to the Terrex family is the PrimaLoft Parley Padded Jacket. This lightweight piece features 100 percent recycled padding courtesy of Parley.

Stylish waterproof pants used to be near enough impossible to find. Not anymore. Cut from Primegreen, a high-performance recycled material, this pair channels water away from the body with a range of waterproof zips and RAIN.RDY tech.

One of the big pulls to techwear is how futuristic the designs look. This zipped waterproof hiking boot certainly fits into that mold. GORE-TEX uppers combine with a Boost midsole for full comfort in any weather.

Made from production waste, the Hike Fleece shows that with a touch of ingenuity, even our wardrobe staples can become exciting new prospects. Subtle detailing like a honeycomb texture that optimizes heat retention despite the lightweight build of the fleece typifies the Terrex approach.

When you’re running errands, carry space is essential and this pair of pants offers a multitude of carry options. The warm yet breathable Primegreen build is ideal for when you’re on the trail, too.

If you like the idea of a Boost midsole and rugged upper but weren’t so into the prospect of the futuristic, one-piece zipped upper then this laced version is the one for you.

A trusty rain jacket is essential whether you’re a city dweller or a trailhead. That’s what Terrex does so well. It unites the whole spectrum of contemporary style.

We’d argue that no style of trainer has had a more successful year than the hiking sneaker. This low-top version features a rugged Continental outsole and an abrasion-resistant upper.

Ergonomic padding ensures that this down jacket offers warmth where it matters, and reduces weight where it’s unnecessary. Plus, with added moisture-wicking abilities, it’s a great choice for those supplementing the workout kit.

The Boost midsole has gone and been replaced by something much sturdier. The Trailmaker is made for serious all-terrain action. GORE-TEX uppers, naturally.

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