Adam Lister & Unique Board Launch Another Round of ‘Skull’ Sculptures

NY-based artist Adam Lister has returned once again with online art platform Unique Board to release another series of his Skull sculpture. The collaboration has moved beyond only gray skull sculptures to create all-black and multicolor ones to now, with the launch of four different colorways.

The pink, yellow, green and black sculptures are crafted in 3D-printed plaster and finished off with a layer of wax for a completely matte look. Within each skull, Lister plays around with dark and light hues, invoking the same ranges in tone he uses in his watercolor pieces. His pixelated style that defines his paintings translate into his Skull sculptures, reducing their forms into geometric shapes. Each sculpture comes with a signed Certificate Of Authority by the artist, along with a pair of white gloves.

The sculptures are set to release on August 22 for $175 USD. They are available for pre-order now on Unique Board’s website.

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