Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac:

Unshaky is a simple Mac utility that monitors keyboard input, and then blocks anything it thinks is a double-press caused by a keyboard fault.

The app works by asking you to register it as an accessibility device. It then registers each keypress and blocks any repeated press within the next 40 milliseconds. The delay is user-configurable, with the developer recommending you stick with the default unless it doesn’t solve the problem, and then try first 60ms and then 80ms.

Here’s a link to the Unshaky web site.

Have to say, this is a pretty clever idea. It should help solve the key-stutter problem (press once, duplicate letters appear). Not so for stuck keys (press once, no letter appears). But still a great idea.

Love this response from @Houdini7: Welcome to 1978.

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