A Handful of Great $$$ Tips From Readers!

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Time to dump out the ol’ “reader tips” bucket again!

I swear I learn more from you guys than anyone else in my life, haha… Y’all are too clever! And it’s also nice to have someone else to blame for once if any of the ideas backfire 😉 Daddy needs a break every now and then!

Enjoy these great ideas around saving, investing, couponing, gifting, budgeting, and cheering up our spouses like the true financial nerds that we are…

Hope you find something good!


How to hide your cash:

“Just write “casserole” on some freezer tape, stick it on the container, put it in your fridge, and it should be completely safe. Since you know this is code for “cash, a roll” you too will remember where your $ is stashed! ” – Mitchell Walker @ The PouchPlan


How to score free coupons:

“I email and call companies for coupons. I just scored free kcups (44) pack and a 3 dollar coupon for planters nuts. I used to call ten companies a day, now I only do it when I want something out of my budget. Like the ten dollar nuts, because only deluxe nuts are my favorite. You can also request coupons on company’s Facebook pages. I do all 3, been rejected only by one company in the last 7 years. I love the freebies, but even a .50 cent coupon/discount saves.” – Mariann


How to think about market losses:

“I actually use moments like this to savor the loss. Not that I like losing money any more than the next person. But I use market losses like these to desensitize me in a way. The thought process being that the more I see larger losses in my investment portfolio, the more used to it I get and the more likely I’ll shrug off bigger losses during recessions. Stock goes down, comes back up, goes down, comes back up, rinse and repeat.” – CP


How to cheer up your spouse like a nerd:

“I text my wife our numbers when she is having a bad day at work. Little reminders like the mortgage balance just dropped below a milestone, the house will be paid off in x number of days (currently 1,432 or less), or our mutual fund is up by some percent since January. It makes her smile.” — Richard


How to stop chasing ‘the next thing’:

“My theme this year is “Take 1 step back and 2 steps forward” … the purpose is to go back and look at the stuff I do have (the programs, the books, the hobbies, the clothes, etc. etc. etc.) and utilize them or discard them versus constantly moving on to the next thing. And by doing that I expect that my life will jump two steps forward with no ‘chasing the next thing’.” – Mary Ann


How to stay organized:

“I have a single sheet of paper where I list all of my accounts (savings, checking, credit card, CDs, money market, whatever) and the interest rate for each one, and any other fees. It’s a handy one page reference that I can see at a glance if it is time to move my funds. And, I value having things be easy so I don’t chase every 0.01% increase in interest.” – Jane


Great gifts for kids:

“When my son was young, I used to give him a share of stock for Xmas with a matching Xmas ornament: Hershey stock and I had found a Hershey bar ornament, Disney with a Disney ornament, etc. Now when we decorate the tree, he says “oh this is my Hershey stock! Where is it by the way?” And then we have a conversation about the value of holding stock with DRP and not selling it for a depreciating asset like a car :)” – Libby


Great gift for adults!

“So here’s the deal. Last year I brought up that I hate gifts and think it’s silly that we exchange them with my brother and sister in law. We are both well off enough that if we want something we’ll just buy it rather than wait for someone else to get it for us. We agreed that we’ll stop giving gifts. Instead, this year we’re doing a Book and Recipe exchange – bring a book you think others might like, and a recipe, and we’ll get together, swap them around, take what you want, etc. 100% free, 100% fun!” – Dave @ Married with Money


Great gifts for the spouse/coin collector in your life! 😉

“We buy each other precious metals – pure silver or gold coins (.9999) as gifts these days. One: they appreciate over time. Two: they are tangible and actually feel like you own something together, but most importantly, three: we look at these coins as our retirement pocket money.” – Mrs. Dragonfly


How to get your kids to graduate:

“The only thing that I will be assisting my kids is paying for a post secondary education. I will let them know that if they graduate, then they will not need to pay back any money. If they don’t graduate, they will need to pay back every penny, with interest. It pays to be responsible.” – Leo T. Ly


How to stay motivated with $$$:

“I printed out one of those thermometer things that people use to track a fundraiser goal, and fill it in a little each time our net worth goes up. I keep it on my refrigerator (and hide it when people come over!), and we jut recently hit the big 7 figures last year!” – Roxi, “the weird one that lives next to the cemetery”


What to do when you move out of a rental:

“Make sure you take pics when the place is empty the day you’re moving out. This will prove you did no damages. Some landlords will make up damages to avoid returning your deposit. Do this even if the landlord agrees to do a final walk thru, pictures speak 1,000 words or better yet, take a video of every room if possible. Gotta cover your butts.” – Debbie (She also recommends taking pictures/videos right when you move in too!)”


What to do when one budget isn’t enough:

“I run 2 budgets; 1 for normal (employed) spending, and 1 for bare bones (no job, or retire early, or other income source) spending. The bare bones budget is always my backup plan budget and gives me a little security knowing I can survive on way less. It also lays out a path to cutting some current unnecessary spending to help increase my savings rate.” – Brian @ SingleDadMoney


Good good stuff, haha… Y’all will have to let me know if you try any of these and report back 🙂

I think I’m going to steal the “you don’t graduate, you pay me back all the college tuition” route. Not sure what’s more motivating than that, but hopefully they actually ENJOY learning and being around their peers so it’s never even an issue!

Totally unrelated, I remember my father telling each of us kids growing up that he’d buy us any sports car we wanted if we joined the military like him and his father did. But apparently he needed to up the ante as all three of us ended up going to college to become artists of some sort, haha… Oops. Though something tells me it was more of a $$$ savings technique than a generational legacy one 😉

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At any rate, hope these help!

– J$

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