For those living in Brazil, like me, the summer has just ended and will only be back at the end of the year (And I miss it already). But for those readers (btw, great readers, of Royal Fashionist) living in Europe and in the US, the hottest season of the year is just around the corner – about 2 months away.

And with such little time to go, the fashion world is more than prepared to introduce to you the latest accessories for the summer. As you have checked out here, I have showed a list of the latest sunglasses this year.

Now I’ll show you the other 8 trendy accessories for this summer. They go from head accessories, to neck, to wrist, and more. I confess I was quite selective here. Check this out!

Trucker Hat

David Gandy

Man, one thing is true: caps will always be in. No matter how much they try to abolish them, there will always be a celebrity wearing a cap in a social event. And the best part: they do look stylish. So, this summer you can wear your caps away.

After all, they also protect your scalp from the effects of the ultraviolet rays. You can pick the more sportive ones to wear to the beach (or if you do any sport outdoors during the day). And in your daily routine, I mean, to ensure an urban look, I suggest the traditional Tracks, with the curved brim.

As I said before: many people wear caps with formal outfits, but then it’s a matter of judgment, isn’t it? Before that, it’s a good idea to reflect a little about the type of event you’re about to go to, the people you’ll see there, and so on. That’s mainly because the cap goes way better with a stripped-down tee and shorts, rather than social clothes.

Another cool idea is the caps with mesh at the back because it allows your scalp to breathe, especially at higher temperatures. It’s great for the summer. A great investment I’d say.

Panama Hat

This one you can wear in formal occasions indeed. As long, of course, as we’re talking about tropical climate. Known as “Panama hat”, this is an accessory that is now available in several colors (if you’re not into the classic white or beige much), which is great for the hot weather.

panamáThe blue one is a great pick for hot days, for example. Then you can leave the classic white for an outdoor night event. You can also add it to your look when you’re wearing jeans shirt and pants. It’s a great match!

It’s important to have a neutral version of the accessory in your wardrobe so that you can wear it with many different pieces since the hat will go well with them and it won’t look tacky. The beach is also a great place to wear your Panama hat to. You’ll look elegant even on the beach. I think it’s just awesome.


Marcos de Andrade Men’s Bracelets –

If I could mention just one thing that has been in for a good while – and doesn’t seem to be going out of style so soon – is the bracelet. And the styles are just many, I mean, there are those with stones, others just in leather, etc. Or you can go for a combo.

That’s right! Put many bracelets on your wrist (don’t worry, they are never too much). If you’re going to the beach, for example, I recommend the nautical kinds, but also the ones in leather, so that you can mix and match.

conjunto de pulsierasNow if your idea is going out with your friends at night, the strings and fabric make the best pick. After all, since they’re always colorful, it’s a good idea to make your look brighter. Think about it. On the other hand, if you’re more the neutral kind of guy, I suggest mixing the metal and the leather bracelets (all in darker colors).


How about investing in a nice necklace to vamp up your look? Well, the men’s version of this accessory has been gaining more and more supporters worldwide. But that’s no accident, since there’s a great variety of them, as well as their purposes. You can count on it!

And just so you know: this accessory in leather recalls an urban element and looks perfect with plain looks, that is, a plain t-shirt, jeans or twill shorts. Just watch out so you don’t overdo it. Of course a cap, bracelet and necklace together can look nice. But wear them as long as they go well together.

Now, when it comes to longer models with pendants, I recommend wearing them in formal occasions, like, to work or to a bar with friends. But if you want to wear them on the beach, go for the nautical kinds.

Carry-on bag

If you intend to spend the weekends in a beach house, it’s important to have a nice bag to pack all your clothes and accessories, am I right? So, forget the old suitcases. These are ancient history. The craze now is to invest in leather bags, the color depending on your style.

You can carry them during the day even. If you’re going to work, this accessory is also a good idea so you can pack your belongings (like gym clothes for the end of the day). In that case, be sure to choose a bag that you think goes perfectly with your style and bring it in any occasion.

Canvas backpack

mochila de lona

If you prefer the good old backpack due to its convenience, well, I’ll tell you this much: the canvas kind will be really in this summer. The explanation to that is that they go very well with formal events, trips or any other occasion you need it. You can use it as you wish.

The best thing is that the retro backpacks are really in fashion and, according to fashionists, they will make great picks for the summer.

Persol Sunglasses

This style, specifically, will be just the trend this summer. I mean, they are a foldable model (no chances you will break them), not to mention they’re available from black and gray to caramel, just so you have an idea.


Another very interesting point regarding these sunglasses is that they feature blue crystal lenses, which will be really in along the hottest season of the year. Plus, we shouldn’t forget that the sunglasses also contribute to the protection of the eyes against ultraviolet radiation. One more reason for you to consider this investment.

Nylon Strap watch

Well, how could I leave a watch out of this list? The nautical model recalls summer elements, like beach, sun and sea. That is because its nylon strap in bright colors really sell at this time of the year.

relogio com pulseira nauticAnd so that you look even better and more stylish, you can mix this watch with a nautical bracelet. Don’t worry, that’s not too much. Don’t be afraid.

Now it’s totally up to you

So here are the eight trends. It’s time for you to choose the ones you would like to be wearing in a couple of months. You just can’t go wrong.

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