7 money goals to hit by the time you’re 35

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If you’re over 35, I’m sorry – you’re too late for these! – but if you’re under 35 then HURRY UP AND MAKE THESE HAPPEN OR DIE IN FINANCIAL RUIN!!

Just kidding, haha… I just love how dire these lists always seem, don’t you? 😉 As if everything always hinged on age and age alone? There are some pretty good ones on this list though, so let’s compare how we’re doing just in case our life really did depend on it one day…

Big ups to @DJStickyWicket for passing me this, and to Business Insider who posted it: 7 money goals to hit by the time you’re 35 that are actually achievable

Here are the 7 goals:

(I’m playing along, but at 38 I’m cheating ?)

  1. Have a growing net worth — Check. Doesn’t grow every month, but it’s definitely been trending upwards over the years… $58,769.65 in 2008 and $843,567.22 now! I’d gladly trade it all to be back in my 20s again though, haha… (so long as I can keep my brain)
  2. Be paid your value — I think so? I got paid more when I was hustling more, and now I get paid less as I hustle less – so seems about fair. Always hard to complain when you write a diary for a living 😉
  3. Be able to float yourself for three to six months — Yep! I think we’d be good for about a year or so until all our savings would be drained… Not optimal, but definitely good to know there’s padding there if the $hit ever hit the fan. Aghhh! Another phrase I’m glad never comes true! Haha…
  4. Be dedicating at least 20% of your income to short and long-term goals — Yep. Haven’t calculated the exact % lately, but between IRA maxings and TSP and all other cash we hoard, we should definitely be over 20%. The real challenge is getting it up to 40% or even 50%! You see that video of Shaq that was making the rounds the other day? He recommends banking at least half too 😉
  5. Have a network of trusted financial sources — Oh yeah! All we got around us are financial sources here!! Gotta love the blogging community! Pair that with my trusty accountant, and well, a guy’s got everything he needs in his financial life… Actually that’s not completely accurate, see my answer to #7 below first, haha…
  6. Start taking insurance more seriously — No doubt. In fact, I’m wondering if we have too much insurance? We got insurance for our cars, insurance for our health, insurance for our personal property, insurance for our lives, and we even have insurance that comes in the form of an umbrella! I’ve been tempted over the years to just bank all the premiums and go the self-insured route (an idea that pops up in the blogosphere every now and then, mainly from ex-pats), but I know the day I do that will be the day I need it the most, haha… Curious if any of you out there do this, though?
  7. Consider a very basic estate plan – especially if you have children — I’m going to put down a FAIL here. I technically *started* one and I do *consider* it almost every single day (it’s on my wife’s top 3 things to check off this summer after baby #3, and I am failing her!), but for the life of me I just can’t pull the trigger. Nor can I find someone I like and trust yet to walk us through it and answer my million and one questions, haha…  (any lawyers out there want the job?? ;)). As someone who enjoys hanging out in cemeteries for fun you’d think this would be right up my alley, but for some reason it really isn’t. And it needs to change as it’s the last remaining hole in our finances!

So, 6 out of 7 for this 38 year old… Pretty good up until that last part?

How do you compare? More wins than fails? Wanna share your results and age? 😉

All good things to think about for sure, but not the end all be all of life. If you happened to have your epiphany early on in your age then count your blessings, but it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t catch on until later either. It may be harder to catch up and reach your goals, but it’s 100% do-able whether you’re 35, 45, or even 65! What counts is you’re here now and working on it.

So no giving up, y’all… Keep kicking ass and taking names dollars!


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