Clothing with attitudeAttitude.

“You talkin’ to me?”

Attitude is attractive.

Think of James Dean.

Steve McQueen.

Marlon Brando.

Men wanted to be them; girls wanted to be with them.

These guys took cool to a new level and their clothing showed it in a way that reflected their attitude.

In today’s video, I’ve teamed up with my friends over at Vincero Watches to show you how.

Who knew that just a few simple clothing items could send such a powerful message about you? Check out today’s video to find out what they are.

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Clothing with Attitude#1. Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the original ‘cool’ wardrobe item – immortalised by Hollywood movie stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando.

It’s a ‘statement piece’ so remember to keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Pair it with a white t-shirt and boots for the perfect ‘bad boy’ look.

Fit is important to avoid the ‘dad look’ and the clothes you pair it with should be more subtle in order to keep the focus on the jacket.

A good leather jacket will last forever if it’s well looked after so do your research on different styles and buy the best quality you can afford – don’t be tempted by ‘faux or synthetic’ leather – they may look the same to the untrained eye, but they don’t feel, smell or fit the same.

Attitude#2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses radiate “coolness” and have been used throughout the years by people who are synonymous with attitude. Think Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Steve McQueen.

There’s some interesting psychology behind this – we can tell what a person is thinking by looking into their eyes and because sunglasses block this out, you’re left with a sense of mystery, which is very attractive.

Shades add symmetry to your face, giving you a more chiseled look and different shapes of sunglasses complement different face shapes.

For more information about how different glasses work with different face shapes, click here to check out our infographic.

#3. Headwear

If properly utilized, headwear can really add a new dimension to your outfit. There’s a hat for every occasion.

The classic baseball cap can be worn with a casual outfit – jeans and a t-shirt or shorts. Take care not to mix it with tailoring though unless you want to look like a high-school sports coach!

If you’re struggling to find a hat which suits you, try a Panama Hat. It’s smooth and sophisticated and looks great on holiday.

The Panama also does a great job of keeping the sun out of your eyes and was made famous by stars like Teddy Roosevelt.

The flat cap is a great option for the cooler autumn days and can can be paired with a leather jacket or tweed to dress up an outfit.

#4. Boots

Boots bring style and a rugged, masculine edge to any outfit. They work particularly well with a leather jacket and a white t-shirt. Use this combination to sport the ‘tough’ look.

There’s a huge range of boots out there. They are versatile and will last forever if properly cared for.

Consider boots with additional buckles and metal if you want to show your ‘biker’ side.

For a look which screams ‘attitude’, match black leather boots with a black leather jacket and white t-shirt.

#5. Hoodies

Hoodies were once thought of as clothing for teenagers and adolescents. However, they have now gone through an image change and can be seen on well dressed men. If you want to utilize this look, avoid big logos or brands and use the hoodie as part of a layered look – it doesn’t have to be a statement piece. Keep it simple and consider colors and textures.

A zip up hoodie works well over a simple t-shirt or shirt and under a blazer, jacket or sports-coat. It’s a great smart-casual look which will also keep you warm in the colder months.

As with everything, fit is important – a baggy hoodie can look sloppy and like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Try and go for cotton if you can – it will hold its shape and tends to fit the body more snugly than some of the cheaper synthetic options out there.

#6. White-T-Shirt

The white t-shirt is simple and inexpensive – it’s a staple piece and an essential classic for your wardrobe.  It’s very versatile and works well with jeans and a leather jacket or a bomber jacket. The humble t-shirt can also be worn under a blazer to dress it down for a more casual look.

As with hoodies, you should avoid logos. The t-shirt’s brilliance is in its understated simplicity and you don’t want to walk around looking like a mobile advertisement.

Go for a round neck if you’re taller, or a v-neck if you are shorter – it will help elongate your neck. Fit is very important here. A baggy t-shirt is not a good look, you want a shirt which compliments your body style and shape.

For added attitude, you can roll the sleeves once (though we don’t recommend using them to hold your cigarettes, unless you really want to bring back the 1950s.)

Remember to take care to keep your shirt white. Always wash white clothes together and use a fabric brightener from time to time to keep it looking its best.

-Vincero-chrono-s-gold-white#7. A Bold Wristwatch

Watches are the perfect statement. Your watch tells the others around you what you’re about and says a lot about your relationship with time.

Choose one with a distinct look and quality feel. This watch will get noticed and complimented and will get you noticed and complimented.

Vincero watches look and feel as good as other watches at 10x the price.

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