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Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of, spoke with Ramon Ray, founder of on the power of diversity and how he led to be so successful. He started his billion-dollar brand working with his wife and selling blinds out of the back of a trunk!  Check out the podcast and Check out […]

3 Reasons Cybersecurity Should Be A Top Priority

Digital transformation has probably brought a lot of changes to your small business: increases in efficiency, speed, and hopefully revenue. But with those benefits has also come some risk:  cyber risk. And while many of the cybersecurity conversations revolve around the government and enterprise business level, with SMBs also depending more and more on digital […]

3 Steps to Start Paying Yourself from the Beginning

As a founder and a financial mentor to small business owners. One of those questions I hear time and time again is “Do you start paying yourself from the beginning?” I always reply with a bold, “YES”! As soon as you are profitable and have cash flow available, a piece of that pie belongs to […]

Сочувственная радость: можно ли испытывать счастье вместо зависти

Наши кошки любят мою девушку. Выбирая, на чьих коленках понежиться, они почти всегда предпочитают ее. По утрам котенок Лейф сидит у нее на плече, массируя его лапками. Ревную ли я? Нет. Я чувствую себя по-настоящему счастливым, видя как женщину, которую я люблю, обожают мои домашние любимцы. У ученых есть название для этого чувства, позаимствованное из […]

Precisely what is an IPO?

If you’re thinking “what is certainly an IPO” you’ve arrive to the proper place. Listed businesses are the most common type of IPOs. These types of offerings are definitely the result of a complex process involving a number of steps. As soon as the company decides an GOING PUBLIC, it chooses a lead underwriter to […]

What’s happening in China?

In the US, April retail sales were up 8.2% from a year earlier. In China — not so much. Strict covid lockdowns across major cities, where most malls and stores have been shut for months, led to an 11.1% YoY decline in April consumer spending there. Starbucks, with 5.4k locations in China, saw first quarter […]

When diversity efforts fall flat

As Walmart deals with backlash over its attempt to commercialize Juneteenth with ice cream, other brands are being called out for dubious diversity initiatives. Wells Fargo… … adopted an informal policy in 2020 that required the company to interview at least one woman or person of color (POC) for jobs with salaries $100k+, per The […]

Wedding party economics are getting out of hand

Being asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman should be an honor. It means you get to play a special part in somebody’s big day. But thanks to a number of factors, more people are looking at the role as an obligation due to the high costs it entails, per CNBC. On average… … bridesmaids […]