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MGСom & R:TA

Агентства MGCom и R:TA объявили о создании нового рекламного агентства Resonance. Новое агентство сфокусируется на разработке и реализации коммуникационных стратегий с фокусом на digital-инструменты: стратегия и креатив, SMM, спецпроекты, блогеры, ORM. Также внутри агентства есть своя дизайн-студия и видеопродакшн. Управляющими партнерами агентства Resonance станут CEO Дарья Евсеева и коммерческий директор Артём Паулкин. Дарья Евсеева с […]

Funding is coming for green school buses

Currently, less than 1% of the ~480k school buses in the US are electric. To electrify 20% of them would cost $20B, making the EPA’s $5B Clean School Bus Program a small start — but a start nonetheless. The program is accepting applications through Aug. 19, per Ars Technica, and will notify applicants in October. […]

Координаты неприятностей: от чего зависит жизнестойкость

Недавно я наткнулся на статью Брайана Пенделла о влиянии пандемии на психическое здоровье под названием «У молодых работников дела обстоят куда хуже». Хотя у меня есть несколько критических замечаний по поводу многих ее основополагающих утверждений, название и статья побудили меня задаться вопросом: могут ли невзгоды быть полезными? Чтобы ответить на этот вопрос, мне понадобилось определение […]

The Importance of Aboard Management and gratification

A number of elements influence the effectiveness of the panel of company directors. One of these is a behavior on the members from the crew. Individuals act differently in groups when they are surrounded by more senior persons. This effect can cause conflicts of opinion and the need to compromise beneath peer pressure. When a […]

What Is a Data Space?

Essentially, an information room may be a safe, secure cloud-based storage facility for secret documents. Contrary to free impair storage, info rooms supply the highest amount of security to ensure the privacy of the very sensitive records. This is especially crucial in M&A offers, as they can easily involve vast amounts of dollars in value. […]

Text-to-image AI generators, explained

Imagine there was a machine that could take any string of words you type and turn it into an image. For example: “An alien octopus floats through a portal reading a newspaper,” or “a robot couple fine dining with Eiffel Tower in the background.” Well, you can stop imagining because this capability exists with advanced […]

How Mentorship Gives Entrepreneurs a Competitive Edge

With many companies today struggling to attract and retain talent, a culture of mentorship will put your company ahead of the competition. Nearly 50 million workers resigned in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including a record-breaking 4.5 million quitting last November. Even before The Great Resignation, an estimated 33 percent of new […]