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Пугают люди: почему сотрудники не хотят возвращаться в офисы

В начале 2010-х, когда я работала в подразделении компании из списка Fortune 500 менеджером по маркетингу технологического подразделения, я сидела в одном кабинете с администратором, от которой пахло ее домашними хорьками. При реструктуризации ее сократили, но не из-за хорьков или Captain Crunch, который она ела каждый день на завтрак в общем офисе. Сомневаюсь, что человека […]

Gaming can be good for you

For years, video games have been stigmatized as “bad for kids.” But a recent review of over ten years of gaming studies challenges that notion. The review, published in the journal European Psychologist, found that gaming in moderation can be good for developing brains, and doesn’t have the same downsides as TikTok, which has been […]

Dick Wolf, the producer who owns prime time

While network TV has taken a backseat to streaming in recent years, one man is proving there is still money to be made. In 2020, megaproducer Dick Wolf signed a five-year deal with NBCUniversal-owned Universal Television worth an estimated $1B, per The Hollywood Reporter. If Wolf’s name doesn’t ring a bell… … maybe his shows […]

Digits: Tom Cruise, military baby food, Uber prices

1) Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick releases in theaters this Friday. Cruise’s 44 films have earned $4.4B in box office sales in just the US and Canada. The release comes as the US male name “Maverick” is more popular than ever, rising from 864th place in 2000 to 47th in 2021. 2) A US military […]