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Use Bundling To Increase Your Cash Flow

You see it everywhere.  In the airport, on Amazon, in college bookstores, and carpet cleaning services, bundling is the open secret used to increase cash flow.  The basic truth is – it works. What is Bundling Bundling is combing items that are often bought together at a perceived discount or convenience.  The thought process behind […]

10 Financial Decisions Before Starting Your First Business

Some people believe that launching a business is stressful. Uncertainty exists no matter how well you plan your to-do list or schedule your time. However, there are two sides to a coin. Most businesses collapse due to financial factors such as the entrepreneur running out of cash, being incapable of paying workers, or not supplying […]

Одностороннее милосердие: как простить человека, который не раскаивается

Прощение часто рассматривается как «счастливый конец» в истории о проступке или несправедливости. Типичный ход событий: кто-то причиняет вред, но, осознав ошибку, приносит искренние извинения. «Сможешь ли ты когда-нибудь простить меня?» И вот вы, обиженный человек, оказываетесь перед выбором: проявить милосердие — и обрести покой — или навсегда затаить обиду. Выбор за вами, но многие предполагают, […]

Avast Quiet Function – How you can Turn Off Avast Notifications

To turn away avast anti virus notifications and pop-ups, all you have to do is certainly permit the Silent Mode. This will turn off each and every one pop-ups and notifications, allowing you to focus on the important stuff that matter. Once you’ve allowed Silent Setting, you won’t have to worry about virtually any annoying […]

If ads are inevitable, what makes them good?

Love it or hate it, Netflix will likely launch an ad-supported tier this year in the wake of its 200k-subscriber loss. While CEO Reed Hastings has long resisted ads, he recently said he was “a bigger fan of consumer choice.” And it turns out a majority of consumers would choose ads — Morning Consult found […]

What the heck is a stablecoin, and shouldn’t they be stable?

The world of crypto is no stranger to volatility. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies experience wild price swings that make them hard to use as a means of exchange. Enter stablecoins — cryptocurrencies that peg their value to an existing asset, and offer crypto holders a way to enjoy the benefits of digital currency (e.g., […]

Top 10 Glitch Intros for After Effects

One of the coolest and most dynamic styles for opening sequences in a video is definitely glitch intros. They’re dynamic, exciting, unexpected, and interesting. If you want to create your own intro but don’t want to spend the time creating one from scratch, you can download one of these awesome glitch openers for After Effects! […]