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Вечно незавершенные: почему мы пишем неотправленные письма

В декабре 2016 года я оказалась в 1350 милях от дома, одна в новом городе, куда приехала ради работы. Я снимала большую квартиру с двумя спальнями, бесконечная пустота которой напоминала, как сильно я скучаю по маме, лучшей подруге и парню. Выключив лампы в гулких пустых комнатах, я ложилась в постель и доставала свой письменный набор: […]

Potential benefits to Using a Data Room Software Demo

When choosing info room program, there are many considerations. Some companies are motivated exclusively by price, while others focus on quality and teamwork. Owners must remember that data room solutions are essential intended for data safeguard and teamwork. Additionally , high-priced data bedroom providers tend not to necessarily provide high-quality products. Using a data […]

Malware For Free – Disadvantages of Antivirus For Free

While anti-virus for free programs may be appealing to the budget-conscious computer user, they aren’t simply because effective since commercial goods. Many of them are ad supported and collect information that is personal without the user’s permission. They may even be free trial offers that command for a subscription after 30 days. In addition , […]

Russia’s war in Ukraine is causing ripples in the world of online chess

There’s a digital duopoly you’re likely unaware of unless you know how to elicit a checkmate. and are the 2 most popular online chess platforms in the world, hosting 10m+ and 5m+ daily games, respectively. Besides game volume, the platforms have another big difference. is a 200-person private company, while is […]

Why investors need to understand the market’s cycles

Attempting to make sense of the stock market becomes a little easier when you admit 2 things: Everything is cyclical. Those cycles have less to do with economics and more to do with the stories people believe and the narratives they latch onto. In the last 2 years, we’ve gone from the biggest economic crisis […]

Musk gets some financial aid for Twitter

In the latest installment of Elon Musk’s Twitter saga, a group of 19 investors are backing his $44B buyout with $7.1B+ in new financing. What’s this mean? It makes the deal more affordable for Musk by reducing the cash he’s responsible for laying out, as well as the Tesla shares he needs to put up […]