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She Went From Sports Marketing to Launching Postal Petals

Talia Boone, founder of Postal Petals, is on a mission to help people relax and enjoy life, all through the use of “do it yourself” flower arrangements. In this podcast learn about her journey from sports marketing to entrepreneurship. Learn about the power of testing and figuring things out. We also find out how just […]

Цифровизация по-человечески: 4 правила технических преобразований

Самая лучшая технология в мире не обеспечит максимальную рентабельность инвестиций, если люди, которые ее используют, не будут заинтересованы в ней. Исследование 40 цифровых преобразований, проведенное Boston Consulting Group, показало, что компании, преобразовавшие корпоративную культуру, в 5 раз чаще добивались значительных результатов продуктивности, чем те компании, которые ограничивались внедрением новых технологий. «Я думаю, что организации, которые […]

Is the FAANG era over?

Technically, it already was. Between Facebook’s rebrand to Meta and Google’s switch to Alphabet, the acronym should actually be MAANA — but that’s beside the point. Per Bloomberg, recent earnings show that the FAANG stocks — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — are more vulnerable than previously expected. FAANG stocks… … have dominated their […]

Kids are getting smartphones younger

Back in my day, having your own mobile phone as a kid meant it was a Nokia 3585i that let you play “Snake.” Today’s kids? They’re getting those newfangled smartphones younger and younger. The number of tweens — defined as children ages 8-12 — with their own smartphones increased from 24% in 2015 to 43% […]

Digits: Terrible gas mileage, Coca-Cola cocaine, and more wild numbers

1) Sixteen states filed lawsuits against the USPS over its decision to buy tens of thousands of gas-powered vehicles instead of EVs. The trucks are slated to get a measly 8.6 miles per gallon, though the USPS said they can get 14.7 mpg when the air conditioning is off. How nice. 2) Last week, Elon […]