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Траектория жизни: почему важно правильно пережить «кризис среднего возраста»

Многие из нас считают, что пережили кризис среднего возраста. И все же мы часто заблуждаемся относительно этого периода жизни. Я изучаю средний возраст и особенно то, как люди на этом этапе справляются со стрессом и проблемами сна. В процессе изучения я обнаружила, что средний возраст приносит как возможности, так и проблемы. Мы уже на месте? […]

3 eggcellent cash flow opportunities

The cost of scrambled eggs recently popped 300% in one week. What the cluck? There’s nothing funny about food prices spiking to all-time highs. The average American eats 245 eggs a year, and price bumps can add a considerable amount to grocery bills for families that are already cash-strapped. But whenever I see this kind […]

Is Lululemon the next Nike?

You may know Lululemon for its pricey joggers and yoga pants, but soon, you may know it for much more. The athleisure giant plans to double sales to $12.5B by 2026, per The Wall Street Journal, and is making big moves to get there. What’s the plan? Lululemon has aggressive goals across 3 core areas: […]

CBD is freakin’ everywhere

The World Health Organization reported a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide after the 1st year of the pandemic. As a result, people are turning to all kinds of solutions: Therapy: ~¾ of mental health professionals who treat anxiety reported an increase in demand Medication: Prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs popped 34% at the onset […]