Rudy Giuliani’s typo-filled tweets are catnip for hackers spreading malware

Rudy Giuliani's typo-filled tweets are catnip for hackers spreading malware

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s current cybersecurity advisor, is inadvertently spreading malware thanks to his careless Twitter typos.

Hackers are buying up unregistered domain names erroneously shared on social media by the Trump confidant. The issue, known as “typosquatting,” was discovered by Jerome Segura, a director of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company Malwarebytes, according to a report by CNET.

So what is typosquatting? 

The word is a further play on the term “cybersquatting.” Cybersquatting is used to describe when someone registers a domain name, usually a brand name or a trademark, with the intent to sell it for a profit. Typosquatting is when someone misspells a URL and someone else purchases the unregistered typo-version of that domain name. Usually, this practice is done when the domain is misspelled in a major advertisement, article, or post. The typosquatter’s aim here is to snipe the traffic from users who click on the URL without realizing it’s a misspelled version of the URL they actually want to visit. Read more…

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This Is (Class) War: Parasite, Hustlers, And The Era Of The Scammer

Scammers and con artists are always around, but there’s something about unstable times that brings them out of the woodwork. We currently live in a new era of the con artist, featuring hustlers like the bankers behind the financial crisis, Billy McFarland and his bogus Fyre Festival, and viral internet personas like Joanne the Scammer.

Two recent films reflect this cultural “age of the scammer”—but they focus on people who we don’t usually see as grifters. While Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers features a diverse group of women, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite centers on a poor Korean family. Both explore how income inequality and class divides lead people to find…let’s call them “alternative” forms of work. In the process, Hustlers and Parasite reveal the near-impossibility of working your way up the social ladder.

Hustlers Parasite EditorialHustlers, STX Entertainment

Parasite and Hustlers Editorial

***Heavy spoiler alert for both Hustlers and Parasite.***

From the American Dream to the American Scam

Since the 2008 recession and the burst of the subprime mortgage bubble, the so-called “American dream” has become virtually unreachable. The effect of this crisis? In the last decade, scamming has shifted from a crime to an attractive venture. The fact that there seems to be few consequences for lying, cheating, and abusing trust only serves as encouragement for would-be grifters.

As Jia Tolentino puts it, the results of the 2016 US presidential election were an “incontrovertible, humiliating vindication of scamming as the quintessential American ethos.” When Trump ascended to power, people who spent the last decade struggling realized that honesty and hard work aren’t enough anymore. Only liars win.

The post This Is (Class) War: Parasite, Hustlers, And The Era Of The Scammer appeared first on Factinate.


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5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Photography Business

Unrecognizable photographer alt5nyb

Turning a passion for photography into a viable small business involves more than applying the rule of thirds to your images. While many of us dream of turning a creative outlet into a career, photography is a competitive field. However, with research and planning, you can move from hobbyist to professional.

Here are five things to consider when starting your photography business:

1. Evaluate yourself first

Before establishing a new business, the first step is to do a little prep work and evaluate yourself. Ask yourself: what type of photography are you passionate about? Do you love interacting with people or prefer shooting landscapes?

Consider your lifestyle. There’s little point establishing yourself as a wedding photographer if you love to have your weekends free. Assess how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your business and how it will fit with the rest of your life.

Next step, evaluate the equipment you currently own. This includes cameras, lenses, lighting, tripod, studio space, and drones—for those killer aerial views. Your startup costs may include purchasing new equipment.
In order to attract customers, you’ll need to showcase your talents with a stunning portfolio. Assess your existing images and if you need to more, considering offering a free photoshoot or hire a model. As a matter of courtesy, get permission from clients to use their images in an online portfolio, especially if the images include families or children.

Photographers working together over computer 7uh8xjl

2. Decide what type of photography services you’ll offer

Local businesses require original photography for a range of reasons—from selling homes to selling shoes. Based on your skills and interests, define your niche and decide on the types of photography you want to specialize in.

Before launching your business, you’ll also need to consider pricing. Charging what you’re worth can be tough, especially if you’re starting out. One method is to calculate how much your time is worth. If you want to make $50 an hour, you’ll also need to factor in time editing. Typically, you’ll spend three hours editing for every hour shooting. Therefore, a one-hour shoot would be billed at $200. Alternatively, decide how much you want to make in one year and break it down in terms of how many clients you think you can book over that time.

3. Register your business with Ownr

Choose a unique business name that reflects your brand. It could reflect the type of photography you do, or simply be your name + photography. Business registration services like Ownr can provide up to 30 free name searches, to make sure the name you land on is unique. You’ll also have to decide on the type of business you want to create. The two most popular for entrepreneurs is sole proprietorship or incorporation. A sole proprietorship is owned by one individual and is the simplest business structure. Incorporating your business creates a distinct legal entity, separate from its owner.

Woman hands with camera working on laptop at pysrzy9

4. Showcase your work

Now that you’ve created your business, you’ll need a professional website to showcase your work. Format has everything you need to build a mobile responsive website, integrate your social media feeds, and add a blog. The site also lets you host password-protected client photo galleries and share proofs directly.

Social media is another useful tool for showcasing your work. Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual platforms, while Facebook is great for promoting your business. Choose one or two social media platforms to start. Post, share, and comment consistently, in order to build your audience, connect with professionals and reach potential clients.

5. Attract customers

Starting out, it’ll take some work on your part for clients to find you. Marketing your business is more than taking out an ad. Network. Join local meetups for entrepreneurs, build relationships with businesses and other creatives. Ask to assist an industry professional. Not only will you build your skills, but you’ll also build your network. Showcase your photography at a local café or restaurant. Advertise mini-sessions to clients. If you have the budget, consider paid advertising on social media. Finally, don’t overlook referrals from family and friends. Consider offering a discount to any clients they send your way.

Want to read more about growing your photography business?

How to Price Your Photography
Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Home Photography Studio
Model Release Forms 101


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Zero’s new SR/S electric motorcycle has a new design and increased range

Zero's new SR/S electric motorcycle has a new design and increased range

If you want to roam cities and highways in style without relying on a single drop of gasoline, Zero’s newest electric motorcycle might be up your alley.

Zero invited members of the press to an unveiling of its new SR/S e-bike on Wednesday. It has a sleek new design compared to its SR/F counterpart, and was designed with aerodynamics in mind, according to Zero. This should allow 13 percent more range at highway speeds once riders are fully leaned in, the company says.

It is a handsome electric motorcycle.

It is a handsome electric motorcycle.

Image: zero

As far as more detailed specs are concerned, the SR/S boasts 140 ft-lbs of torque, 110 horsepower, and a top speed of 124 mph. Its city range by default is 161 miles, while its highway range is 82 miles. Those numbers are bumped up to 201 miles and 103 miles, respectively, with an optional power tank add-on. Read more…

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TikTok rolls out feature that should make parents happy. Their kids? Not so much.

TikTok rolls out feature that should make parents happy. Their kids? Not so much.

Uploads%252fvideo uploaders%252fdistribution thumb%252fimage%252f94101%252f765fdc6d c1f9 48e0 b829 ad9866bd2625.png%252f930x520.png?signature=xsvqhp6hnowpuopn5au 5f5kumu=&source=https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonawsRead more…

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This 3D-printing technique produces tiny, highly detailed objects in seconds — Future Blink

This 3D-printing technique produces tiny, highly detailed objects in seconds — Future Blink

The new method takes less than 30 seconds to produce high-quality objects. Read more…

More about Mashable Video, 3d Printing, Future Blink, Tech, and Innovations


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This reusable notepad could save tons of trees — Future Blink

This reusable notepad could save tons of trees — Future Blink

Rocketbook’s Orbit combines the company’s reusable paper and cloud-sharing service. Read more…

More about Mashable Video, Notepad, Reusable, Future Blink, and Tech


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Как самому недорого сделать онлайн магазин в 2020 году

Как самому недорого сделать онлайн магазин в 2020 году

Свой онлайн магазин сейчас создают не только огромные компании, имеющие тысячи позиций товаров. Сегодня через свой сайт продают продукцию хенд-мейд домохозяйки, небольшие производственные фирмы с малым ассортиментом и просто дропшипперы или перепродающие товары с Аликспресса бизнесмены. Раньше для этих целей использовались группы ВКонтакте или тематические форумы, теперь же эти группы и форумы служат одним из инструментов раскрутки своего магазина.

Создать свой магазин в интернете теперь доступно каждому, давайте разберемся, что для этого нам потребуется

Регистрируем хостинг и домен

И аренда хостинга (место, где будет находиться наш сайт) и регистрация домена (адрес магазина) по карману не ударят. Даже лучший VPS с администрированием сейчас стоит в пределах 100-300 рублей в месяц, что совсем не дорого. При этом у некоторых компаний администрирование полностью бесплатное. Исходя из того, что мы делаем онлайн-магазин сами и с минимальными затратами, лучше выбирать сервер с администрированием, чтобы не терять время на изучение документации или не тратиться на специалиста.

Домен, например в зоне “ru” сейчас стоит около 200 рублей в год. Доменное имя – это адрес сайта в строке браузера. Оно должно быть коротким и узнаваемым. Скорее всего, выбранное Вами доменное имя уже будет занято, так что придется перебрать много вариантов.


Выбираем систему управления сайтом

Система управления сайтом или CMS служит для создания сайта с использованием шаблона и последующего полноценного администрирования самого магазина. CMS дает нам панель администратора, где мы сможем добавлять товары, принимать заказы и менять внешний вид магазина. Сейчас есть платные системы, которые позволяют сделать типовой магазин буквально в несколько кликов мышкой, но, так как мы решили сделать интернет-магазин недорого, советую выбрать одну из бесплатных CMS, например OpenCart или связку WordPress плюс плагин для интернет-магазина Woocommerce. Я для себя выбрал WordPress, так как на него есть масса бесплатных шаблонов и плагинов. Но если в магазине планируется много позиций, то лучше выбрать OpenCart для снижения нагрузки на сервер.

Можно использовать уже готовый шаблон магазина, но все-таки лучше его уникализировать, чтобы Ваш сайт не был похож на сотни таких же на этом шаблоне. Тут же в админке мы будем добавлять товары, настраивать способы оплаты и доставки. На самом деле это очень просто, можно скачать с официального сайта цмски русскоязычную версию системы, где будет все интуитивно понятно.


Сейчас создать свой сайт намного проще, чем многие думают. Желаем удачи и множества продаж в своем собственном онлайн магазине.


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[Из песочницы] История одного программиста с биполярным расстройством

Привет, Хабр!

Мне 33 года и у меня биполярное аффективное расстройство (БАР). В настоящее время тема психических расстройств все еще покрыта стигмой, поэтому я считаю нужным поделиться своей историей, чтобы тех программистов из нас, у которых есть ментальные отклонения, воспринимали такими как мы есть без предрассудков. Да и вообще это касается всех людей, а не только программистов. Да, мы не такие нормальные люди, как все, но и большая часть стереотипов в отношении нас по-правде говоря не обоснована. С психическим расстройством можно жить, и даже добиваться успеха в жизни. Многие люди даже не догадываются, что у меня БАР до тех пор пока я им это не скажу. Ну и даже после того, как я им сообщаю о своем диагнозе, они выражают сомнение в этом, так как знают меня исключительно с одной стороны.
Читать дальше →


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Running for office? This company lends free clothes to women candidates.

Running for office? This company lends free clothes to women candidates.

It’s an offer candidates shouldn’t refuse. 

M.M. LaFleur, which designs professional women’s attire, has announced it will be lending free clothing to women candidates running for office — whether for Congress or town council.

The offer was inspired by feedback from shoppers, according to a statement from founder and CEO Sarah LaFleur. Following the 2016 presidential election, customers told the M.M. LaFleur team they wanted the company to support women running for office.  

More about Social Good, Clothing, Candidates, Female Empowerment, and Women In Politics


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Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union Certificate Deal: 5-year at 2.99% APY

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union has some solid rates on their term share certificates, most notably the 5-year jumbo certificate at 2.99% APY ($25,000 minimum) and 2.89% APY ($5,000 minimum). Available both in regular taxable and IRAs. These are even “step-up” CDs where you can bump up the rate once if the advertised rates rise. NCUA-insured. Found via DepositAccounts.

This is a relatively small credit union, so this rate probably won’t last very long. I would also expect it to require a little effort to be opened if you don’t live near their branches in North Carolina. Even their 2.99% APY is a bit odd. When it’s a loan where you pay interest, you always see APRs of 2.99% or 9.99%. When it’s a bank account where you get paid interest, you always see APYs of 2.00% or 2.05%. It’s almost like they don’t want people to notice that they have the highest 5-year CD rate in the country by a decent margin.

Membership eligibility. Credit union membership is open to:

  • Active-Duty or Retired military service member
  • Family member of primary member
  • Regularly works on Fort Bragg
  • Most persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in, and businesses and other legal entities in Cumberland County, NC
  • Members of the Braxton Bragg Chapter of AUSA

The last option makes membership open to anyone nationwide. Here is the PDF application which shows the cost of $40 for a 2-year membership, but you may wish to try and apply over the phone at 855-246-6269. Be sure to join the Braxton Bragg Chapter. You will need your AUSA membership number before they can finish your credit union application.

Many credit unions do a hard credit pull upon joining, but I’m not sure about Fort Bragg.

Early withdrawal penalties and limitations. Please note the following language taken from the Full membership agreement (PDF). The penalty is short (3 months), but there may be restrictions for early withdrawals.

Early Withdrawal Penalties – All Term Share Certificate Accounts. You have agreed to leave the principal of this account on deposit for the full term stated in your Certificate. If all or part of the principal is withdrawn before the maturity date, the Credit Union may charge you a penalty. Withdrawal of the principal amount of your Certificate may be made only with the consent of the Credit Union. Unless stated otherwise, owners of non-IRA Term Share Certificate accounts shall forfeit an amount equal to three (3) months dividends on the amount withdrawn. Owners of IRA Term Share Certificate accounts shall forfeit an amount equal to three (3) months AND assessed an Administrative Fee, refer to Term Share/IRA Certificates Rates for current fee. The penalty may be calculated at the rate paid on the deposit at the time of the withdrawal. The penalty will, if necessary, be taken from the principal amount of the deposit.

Bottom line. Fort Bragg FCU has a 5-year share certificate at 2.99% APY. As of 2/19/2019, a 5-year Treasury bond currently yields only about 1.4%. The SEC yield of the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) is only 2.14% and it has a longer duration. This margin means this rate won’t last very long. The possible credit check and $40 entry fee make it better for high balances to make it worth the trouble.

I am skipping this one as I don’t have any CDs maturing soon. Still, this is another example of smaller credit unions offering up a very high rate for a limited-time. Such opportunities only available to motivated individual investors and not big institutions.

“The editorial content here is not provided by any of the companies mentioned, and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone. This email may contain links through which we are compensated when you click on or are approved for offers.”

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union Certificate Deal: 5-year at 2.99% APY from My Money Blog.

Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Do not re-syndicate without permission.


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Larry Tesler Dies Aged 74

Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo:

In addition to his contributions to some of Apple’s most famous hardware, [Larry Tesler] was also known for his efforts to make software and user interfaces more accessible. In addition to the now ubiquitous “cut,” “copy,” and “paste” terminologies, Tesler was also an advocate for an approach to UI design known as modeless computing, which is reflected in his personal website. In essence, it ensures that user actions remain consistent throughout an operating system’s various functions and apps. When they’ve opened a word processor, for instance, users now just automatically assume that hitting any of the alphanumeric keys on their keyboard will result in that character showing up on-screen at the cursor’s insertion point. But there was a time when word processors could be switched between multiple modes where typing on the keyboard would either add characters to a document or alternately allow functional commands to be entered.

Last year, Riccardo Mori published a transcription of a 1997 talk given by Tesler and Chris Espinosa. It’s a talk worth reading for its depth of thought. For example:

The reason we [preferred CUT/COPY/PASTE over MOVE/COPY/DELETE] is that [while] it is two steps to do CUT and PASTE, there are a lot of advantages. […] Another reason is that you don’t have to be able to see the destination when you are copying or cutting the source. That’s the most important thing. And on a screen of limited size, when you have windows overlapping, it’s sometimes very hard to get things all lined up so you can specify two targets; or you have windows popping up and down, and you get very confused.

The other thing is that I had a secret agenda: I thought that the machine should be used not for what they talked about (office systems) — well, that was good, but I didn’t want it to be used just for that. I thought it would be a great machine for publishing and that it would be able to do cut & paste into page layouts, which was my own personal interest; and so I was advocating that because that was definitely the way you’d want to do page makeup. But we did user testing, and the users slightly preferred the CUT and PASTE model.

This, too:

Brief interpolation on keyboard shortcuts — Now, as you know, you can do command keys [command key combinations] on the Mac; you can invoke commands from the keyboard, and we knew it was important to reserve some for the most common commands. […] We wanted to make sure that CUT, COPY, PASTE, UNDO were the same for everybody. [Same for] BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE, and NORMAL.

Why the Z X C V keys? — They were close on the keyboard. We did X because it was a cross out (CUT). We did V because it pointed down like this [he makes a ‘V’ shape with his hands], and you were inserting; it was like an upside-down caret (PASTE). And Z was the closest one, because we figured you’d UNDO a lot. And C for COPY — that was easy.

It’s obvious to see why Tesler’s contributions to computing are so profound: they’ve barely changed in the last forty years. He put a big dent in the universe.


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9 Tips For An Effective Mobile App Design

Mobile applications with a compelling design strike a chord with users almost instantaneously. Achieving such a design, however, is anything but easy. Knowing this fact very well, we’ve collated this blog outlining several important mobile app design tips to help you break through the noise with your next app.

Design is one of the most vital factors that either makes a mobile app or breaks it. A good design not only adds character to the app’s advanced features but also enhances the entire user experience. That’s the reason why expert mobile app designers pay close attention to crafting a design that’s both appealing and easy-to-use.

But the question is how to come up with an effective mobile app design? Well, here are 9 tips that can land you in the right waters.

1. Always Apply Interaction Design Rules

Interaction Design Rules

A designer has to ensure that the app scores full marks on the interactive interface. That’s where interaction design rules, highlighted below, come to your rescue:

  • Come up with a goal-oriented design that suits the individual needs of your users.
  • Include signifiers at the right places in your app design to let users easily determine the behavior of any UI object.
  • Make use of design patterns in such a way that even a novice user finds the app usage easy to
  • Ensure the design elements that you use align with the app’s
  • Pack your app with feedback that’s quick, human, and easy on the eyes.

2. Know Who Your Users Are

understand your target users

Before embarking on the design journey, it’s important to know whom the app will cater to. After all, you don’t want the app to remain unused.

In order to know your users, user research can be conducted, say via interviews and surveys. That will help you understand your target users and their expected behavior with your app. It will also help define different user scenarios, how the users would act in each of them, along with the steps they would potentially take doing that.

3. Map Out Content and Build User Flows

Map Out Content and Build User Flows

For a smooth design, it’s crucial to have impactful content. As a designer, you’ve to ensure that each page of the app is relevant and lets users take seamless actions. How to achieve that? Chart out what sort of content the app would have and how users would flow through it by creating an easy prototype on paper.

This written prototype would contain every app page, which in turn, would enable you to work on the app content and develop logical user flow around it, simultaneously. Doing so would also eliminate unnecessary pages and irrelevant user scenarios, strengthening the overall UI.

4. Use Common Patterns of UI to Boost App Usability

UI patterns

When designing an app, it is wise to utilize the known UI patterns, such as slide-out navigation, gestures like swipe, touch, pinch, double-tap, and zoom, as well as animated elements. Use of such familiar patterns makes users, experienced or beginners, feel at home as they can move around the app in a hassle-free way, elevating the app usability.

It is also probably the reason why most of the mobile apps place their nav buttons at the bottom of the screen. For instance, Instagram. The photo-editing app has major buttons, including home, search, and profile, at the foot of the screen.

5. Make the Design Finger-Accessible

Design Finger-Accessible

Picture a scenario where a user is unable to tap a button on the app because it’s too small or is in very close proximity to other buttons. The result? The user would close the app in frustration or might uninstall as well. Thus, it’s crucial to design an app that offers smooth accessibility via our fingertips.

Our fingers are around 45 to 57 pixels, wider than a majority of recommended touch target guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean the UI touch targets should be exceedingly large or loosely added. Just remember to provide the users with enough room to tap through a fingertip.

6. Incorporate Web Design Trends Intelligently

Web Design Trends

Although new trends keep emerging in the web design world, some trends remain classic. For example, the use of shadows and gradients. Shadows, widely used for UI elements like action buttons and toggles, enable the object to stand out. When combined with gradient, one can create 3D effects for objects, including forms’ input fields, drop down controls, and buttons, giving an aesthetic feel to the overall design.

7. Bid Adieu to the Clutter

Design Simple App UI

A fantastic app design doesn’t mean stuffing the screen with too many elements. After all, you don’t want the users to get confused about what you want them to do. The key is to keep the design as simple as possible by including elements that are absolutely essential. That would lead to less thinking on users’ part while enabling them to complete the desired actions quickly, and in minimal steps.

8. Understand Market Needs

Understand Market Needs

Before you begin designing the app, it’s critical to analyze what purpose your app would serve. In simple terms, you’ve to understand the varying needs and interests of your target users, as a wider demographic. Once done, you can easily craft a design that gives users a personalized feel while still addressing their needs. Conducting market research or studying your competitors’ apps might also help you decode the ever-evolving market needs.

9. Test the Design with Customers

Testing the app’s design

As a designer, you might have several testing methods for app designing in place, however, nothing replaces the significance of user inputs. Testing the app’s design with your potential customers is a great way to find out where your app stands. It can help gauge the users’ design expectations and usability standards. At the same time, it can let you detect and fix glitches before the official launch, saving both time and costs.

Final Thoughts

Crafting an immersive, unique design for an app is as difficult as writing code for one. While many guidelines for mobile app designing are available out there, what we discussed above are tips that will help you stay on track to achieve your design goals.


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Рабочий способ срубить 116 305 рублей профита с помощью…

Рабочий способ срубить 116 305 рублей профита с помощью Google ADS – спален в сегодняшнем кейсе

В кейсе подробно описан процесс плюсового слива на оффер Keto Genetic с Google ADS в OFFERRUM

После прочтения полезной инфы, вы сможете начать наливать на эксклюзивную похудалку в плюс

Подключить профитный оффер можно здесь


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В сервисе для видеоконференций linkchat появилась голосовая ассистентка Лина

Сервис linkchat выпустил решение для видеопереговорных – smartbox – которое включает в себя комплект оборудования, софт с готовой конфигурацией, телефонию и встроенную голосовую помощницу – Лину. Ассистентка разработана с использованием искусственного интеллекта и помогает пользователям планировать, организовывать и проводить видеоконференции. Она также следит за качеством связи и дает рекомендации, как улучшить соединение. Разработчики характеризуют Лину, как “тактичную девушку, которая знает, когда можно подключиться к разговору. Она не подслушивает, а приходит на помощь, когда вы нажмете на кнопку”. Также, в linkchat обещают, что скоро Лина сможет проводить собеседования и переводить разговоры с иностранного на русский язык.

См. также: Топ 10 – Системы видеоконференций


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Will it blend? It definitely will with this Ninja blender on sale for less than $100.

Will it blend? It definitely will with this Ninja blender on sale for less than $100.

TL;DR: Buy a new high-speed Ninja Chef blender with bonus smoothie cup for just $99 at Walmart. It’s $50 off its regular price and much cheaper than Amazon’s current listing.

We’re now past Presidents Day, so congratulations if you’ve still stood by your resolution to get healthier this year. It’s time to treat yourself, and a smoothie will definitely hit the spot. While a single-serve smoothie blender might be all you need, sometimes you need a blender than provides a bit more use in the kitchen. One perfect example is a Ninja Chef blender that provides all the power you need for less than $100.  Read more…

More about Ninja, Mashable Shopping, Mashable Deals, Blenders, and Tech


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В Мобильной медиации Яндекса появилась настройка порогов в разных валютах

Доступны рубли, доллары, евро, украинская гривна, казахстанский тенге и другие валюты

Читать далее


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Guaranteed Top 30 Social Bookmarking Site SEO Backling for $3

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Detailed Podcast Notes To improve Effectiveness 1 EPISODE for $30

I will create a synopsis of your podcast and highlight calls to action – podcasts up to 30 minutes.


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Ghostwrite 2 rap verses | Hip hop, Grime, Drill, Story tell, Drum n Bass for $125

It can be painful for most rappers to sit for hours trying to come up with new rhymes and lyrical combinations.

A head full of writers block, the urge to keep crossing out your bars and restart.

It’s hard…

I have simplified this process and got it down to a tee.

I produce unique work tailored to your needs. All work is produced to a high standard with a quick turnaround.

With this gig you are provided a clear audio recording of how the bars flow so if you are unexperienced or struggle to create your own flows or lyrics you have no problem copying.


1. Open the delivered lyrics infront of you on screen.

2. Open lyrics.

3. Open the delivered audio in another tab.

4. Play the audio clip.

5. Rap the lyrics along side the audio clip until you have the flow down.

UK drill, US drill, grime, hip hop, drum n bass, house, story tell rap…

(Hit me up if you would like to hear some of my lyrics over any one of these genres and I will send over)

About me:

I am a ghostwriter from the UK. I started to write rap lyrics at the age of 7 when I fell in love with wordplay.

by: orphicvision
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Category: Content & Writing
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more details on


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150 High Quality Link building, SEO Backlinks for $20

Write a message before you hire us

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I will do retro vintage logo design for $60

Why Should you Upgrade to Higher Packs?


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IMPORTANT: Custom Drawings / Complex Logo Designs require the Standard Pack or above, if you are in doubt please contact me!

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10000+ Real Traffic (Visitors) Worldwide or Country Targeted Traffic for $20


by: Uniquetikeman
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provide 1000+ Wiki articles Backlinks contextual backlinks for your google rankings for $5

i will provide 1000+ Wiki articles Backlinks contextual backlinks for your google rankings

Wiki articles Backlinks (contextual backlinks)

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Backlinks will submitted only on wiki articles pages, no wiki profiles backlinks included!

* Most of links will be no-follow links
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NOTE : xxx , porn , gumbling and unllegal sites not allow

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I will do technical report and article writing. for $30

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Business card designers and creators for $10

Business card designer Price negotiable up to 1$ Best designs from all over the world A small card identifying a person in connection with his or herbusiness, given to a client, potential customer, etc. A good business cardshould convey the overall image of your business, which isn’t always easy, considering the card measures just 2 inches by 3 inches.Business card designer Price negotiable up to 1$ Best designs from all over the world

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Build 3333+ Social Signals On Your Website for $7

Social Signals are what happen when your website is shared onto a Social Media Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon and other such highly social sites today that have millions of users around the world. Sites that have a lot of authority in the eyes of Google when it comes to ranking your website!

Social Signals are what your website needs if you want your website to rank high in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). But getting/earning/building them isn”t always easy and can be time consuming too. Of course, if your site is cool and popular, then what you post on it should naturally get shared by people on it to their friends etc.

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Facebook web likes (added directly to your URL)
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i will built 1000+ dofollow profiles, contextual backlinks to increase your rankings

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What is included in the service?

For $20, you get:
Script Writing (80 words ~ 30 sec video – Unlimited Revisions)Voice Over(1 voice artist – American, Australian, Indian or Australian accent – I will send samples for review and selection)
Animation (Unlimited Revisions)Background MusicLogo AdditionContact info AdditionFull HD DeliveryCommercial Rights TransferCharacter CustomizationTime Needed:

Script: 1 dayVoice Over: 1 to 2 daysAnimation: 1 dayRevisions: 1 day
Why hire me?

I am a a full time animator and script writer. So, my compete focus is on making high quality videos as per your requirements. I have been making videos for over 7 years now.

What I need from you?

If you have a script and/ or voice, please send over and I will take it from there. If you want me to write a script as well, please answer the below for me to have a deeper understanding and make a video accordingly:

What the video will be about?If there are any specific points you want me to add to the video, please send over.Related website URLPlease confirm length of video you are looking for.Male or female voice. Please confirm accent as well.Please send logo
Multiple Language Videos

I can make videos in over 40 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and more. The prices vary as per the language and requirements. Please get in touch for a custom quote.

Have Specific Requirements?

Simply send a message and I will get back with details as well as price.

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10 Keywords

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Embed Your Video Or Map On 50+ Web 2.0 Sites for $7

Embeds are unquestionably the most powerful method for ranking videos in both Youtube And Google!

This service can help be a part of*:Boosting Your Video Rankings in Youtube & GoogleHelp Your Site Move Up In Google MapsCost You Less That A Trip To Starbucks!I will embed your video or map on 50+ Web 2.0 properties For Even More Ranking Power Add A High Trust Flow PBN Embeds! This is an important piece in a Google maps or video ranking campaign.

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I will send geo location country targeted traffic to your site for $5


Our Features Multiple URLs Available in extras | Long Duration (10 – 60+sec)| Low Bounce RateReal genuine organic,social visitors with unique ip. No bots or ppc.Choose maximum 20 countries.Order will start process within 24 hours.Google analytics traceable.10-60 seconds visit duration per visit.lower bounce rate.Improve web ranking.provided Custom shorter tracking linkUp to 5 Geo Location Country Target$5 100-200 dailyCOUNTRY TARGETED USA TRAFFIC GEO LOCATION TRAFFIC ORGANIC TRAFFIC WEBSITE TRAFFIC 10 Geo Location Country Target$10 400 COUNTRY TARGETED USA TRAFFIC GEO LOCATION TRAFFIC ORGANIC TRAFFIC WEBSITE TRAFFIC 20 Geo Location Country Target$151000+ COUNTRY TARGETED USA TRAFFIC GEO LOCATION TRAFFIC ORGANIC TRAFFIC WEBSITE TRAFFICMore than 40 COUNTRIES
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I will publish your related guest post my e healthy life blog for $10

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Back PainBlood PressureCancerDiabeticHypersomniaInfectionInjuries and accidentsInsomniaMenopauseNarcolepsyRestless Legs SyndromeSerotoninStrokeSwine FluHealth kit

Healthy life

AddictionFoodGain WeightLose WeightPregnancySleepsurgeryTherapyVitaminWeight LossYogaThyroidMedicine


Requirement: You send me an article-length more than 800+. You also can use royalty-free images. At least 1 URL includes. If I write send me your keyword and URL.

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i will do any type of data entry for $7

I am a Professional Data Entry Person & have More Than 7 Years of Experience. 
☑ Data transcribing from PDF, Image, Scan or Website
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You will receive:
☑ High Quality Deliverable
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I will promote and send adult onlyfans social media traffic for $10

This Gig is design for bring Adult Social Media Onlyfans Visitors to your website. Worldwide, Organic, Targeted Visitors from platforms like:TwitterInstagramFacebookOnlyfans
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These are some of the best travel apps so far in 2020

These are some of the best travel apps so far in 2020

Carry On is our series devoted to how we get away in the digital age, from the choices we make to the experiences we share.

Here’s our recommended collection of travel apps to help you balance planning and spontaneity.

NEXT STORY: Read more…

More about Travel, Mashable Video, Travel Apps, Carry On, and Culture


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Joe Biden mocks Bloomberg’s meme strategy and calls out his fake friendship with Obama

Joe Biden mocks Bloomberg's meme strategy and calls out his fake friendship with Obama

Joe Biden wants to make it clear: Former President Barack Obama is his pal. 

A new video on Wednesday from Biden’s campaign laid into billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who has somewhat shadily featured Obama in his campaign ads. While the spots haven’t explicitly said Obama’s endorsed the former NYC mayor, they can certainly imply that idea, with which Biden took issue. 

The new spot from Biden calls out Bloomberg, running through a litany of cases in which Bloomberg slammed Obama. The video also mocks the now-infamous Bloomberg meme ads that featured fake Instagram DMs

“I even blamed [Obama] for racism in America,” reads one fake DM from Bloomberg, for instance, before a clip of the billionaire making the comments.  Read more…

More about Barack Obama, Biden, 2020 Presidential Election, Mike Bloomberg, and Culture


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Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ is a magically violent fairy tale about killing Nazis

Amazon's 'Hunters' is a magically violent fairy tale about killing Nazis

We Jews have a word for the way I feel about Amazon’s Hunters. It’s dayenu, or translated, “it would have been enough.”

Hunters exists to show us the myriad ways a Nazi can die horribly – alone, afraid, and cornered. There are Nazis screaming in pain. Nazis begging for their lives. Nazis fooled into thinking they’ll live, only to face the horror of a long, slow, torturous death while a multicultural gang of Jews and Nazi hunters gathers around to bear witness.


Hunters is cut, somewhat roughly, from the same fairy-tale cloth that Quentin Tarantino wove into Inglourious Basterds. It’s not quite as polished as Q.T.’s World War II masterpiece, but they both turn gratuitous Jewish vengeance into a gleeful bloodsportHunters just does it a little more unevenly. Read more…

More about Amazon Prime Video, Hunters, Al Pacino, Entertainment, and Streaming Services


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The best travel tripods for those must-have shots

The best travel tripods for those must-have shots

If you’re going on a trip-of-a-lifetime type adventure, just taking handheld snaps with your iPhone ain’t going to cut it. You really need to consider investing in a travel tripod so you can get the very best photographs and videos of your epic time away. Luckily these days, compact versions exist that won’t add unwanted pounds to your pack, and many fall into the affordable bracket. We’re taking a look at the best portable tripods for traveling, whatever your camera set up. 

What to consider when choosing a tripod

The first thing to educate yourself about when tripod shopping is the different types available. We’re taking a look at each product category, then will bring you a top choice from each one for your careful consideration.  Read more…

More about Travel, Carry On, Tech, and Consumer Tech


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Michael Bloomberg’s tech product is a perfect metaphor for his candidacy


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An artist has created an archive of Mark Zuckerberg haircuts

An artist has created an archive of Mark Zuckerberg haircuts

Created by Sam Lavigne the archive consists of 387 machine-learning generated images of Mark Zuckerberg’s hair. Read more…

More about Mashable Video, Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Haircut, and Culture


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Как и обещал, проводим розыгрыш билетов на топовую конференцию Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020!

На конкурс выделено 3 билета GOLD категории


1 Быть подписанным на это сообщество
2 Сделать репост этой записи

3 победителя будут выбраны случайным образом с помощью рандомайзера.
Результаты ровно через 6 дней, то бишь 25.02.2020

Почему стоит идти, смотрите в предыдущем посте, а также на официальном сайте:

Также напоминаю, что можно уже сейчас взять билет до повышения цен и с максимальной скидкой от меня по промокоду “kreator”. Желаю удачи!


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Пропаганда дороже процветания

Увидел сегодня такое сравнение:

Оказалось, Russia Today в 2020 году действительно должен получить из федерального бюджета РФ 27,4 млрд рублей. Ещё 24,17 млрд рублей получит ВГТРК.

Остальные пожертвования пропагандонам из нашего кармана поменьше: “Первому каналу” выдадут 6,5 млрд рублей, МИА “Россия сегодня” (РИА Новости) получит 7,5 млрд, ТАСС и “Российская газета” – по 3 миллиарда.

Но нас интересуют самые крупные бенефициары. Давайте-ка сравним бюджеты Russia Today и ВГТРК с доходной частью бюджетов крупных городов России.


Все государственные СМИ – минимум 91,9 млрд рублей
Russia Today + ВГТРК – 51,57 млрд рублей
Новосибирск – 49,14 млрд рублей
Екатеринбург – 47,4 млрд рублей
Челябинск – 41 млрд рублей
Пермь – 37,8 млрд рублей
Ростов-на-Дону – 33,23 млрд рублей
Краснодар – 33 млрд рублей
Нижний Новгород – 31,86 млрд рублей
Красноярск – 31,7 млрд рублей
Уфа – 29,4 млрд рублей
Russia Today – 27,4 млрд рублей
Казань – 24,96 млрд рублей
ВГТРК – 24,17 млрд рублей
Воронеж – 21,46 млрд рублей
Волгоград – 21,26 млрд рублей
Омск – 19 млрд рублей
Самара – 18,6 млрд рублей

То есть на деньги, которые мы скидываем на содержание всей этой оравы дармоедов, срущих в уши россиянам и ещё половине мира, можно было бы содержать четыре бедненьких, три средних или два богатых города-миллионника. Ну или один очень богатый, с соотношением бюджета к количеству жителей как в Севастополе или Ханты-Мансийске.

Дорогие жители Казани, Воронежа, Волгограда, Омска и особенно Самары! Вам не обидно, что ваши деньги тратятся на Симоньян, Кеосаяна, Скабееву, Шейнина, Соловьёва, Киселёва, Малахова и т.п., а не на удобные современные улицы, общественные пространства, трамваи и троллейбусы?


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I don't know who needs to hear this, but the 'range' meme has the range

I’m biased toward any meme that’s ever involved Wishbone, but this meme about having range actually has the range, too.

Range — and, more importantly, whether you have it — has been part of internet lingo for a while. Its latest appearance is in a Twitter meme, where people share four separate, very different screenshots of actors and artists they believe are super versatile. In other words, they have the range.

The obvious example is Wishbone, of course. Just think of all the roles he’s played: Don Quixote, Sherlock Holmes, a regular dog … He can do anything!

I don’t know who needs to hear this but no one has this range

— siân (@sharnacious) February 18, 2020 Read more…

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Score a new game for as cheap as $3 (!) during these Xbox One publisher sales

At about $60 a pop, keeping your personal library of video games stocked with the latest titles is hardly cheap — at least, it *usually* isn’t.

Now through Feb. 24 and March 2, respectively, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts (EA) are both having massive publisher sales on some of their bestselling Xbox One titles. Just pull up the Microsoft Store on your console or shop online to take advantage of discounts as high as 95% on titles from popular franchises like Star Wars Battlefront, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s, Apex Legends, and even The Sims. (Spoiler: The Sims 4 is only $10 right now. Can I get a “gwelk yibs“?)  Read more…

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It’s not just electric vehicles. Gas cars catch on fire, too.

It's not just electric vehicles. Gas cars catch on fire, too.

Another electric vehicle fire recently made headlines, this time a Porsche Taycan, which went up in flames at a Florida home, burning the car and garage where it was parked. 

But are EVs really more likely to burst into flames than cars that run on gasoline?

The aftermath was posted on Twitter, but it’s since been removed. No matter, it spurred replies from EV haters who used the fire as another opportunity to bash electric cars. 

A Porsche spokesperson confirmed its car caught on fire, and said “We are relieved to hear that no one was harmed in this incident.” Porsche also said it’s helping with the formal investigation, but “it’s too early to speculate on the cause until the investigation has concluded.” Read more…

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MrBeast: самый популярный блогер Ютуба в 2019 году

21-летний блогер MrBeast стал одним из самых популярных ютуберов в 2019-м году. Он начинал свою карьеру, как обычный школьник, но добился невероятного успеха, благодаря продуманной подаче материала и раздачам подарков.

Начало пути

MrBeast (Джимми Дональдсон) – американский Ютуб-блогер. Родился 7 мая 1998 года. Вырос в восточной части Северной Каролины в городе Гринвилл и окончил там частную среднюю школу в 2016 году.

Первое видео на Ютуб Джимми загрузил в возрасте 13 лет в феврале 2012 года под именем «MrBeast6000». В течение первых нескольких лет MrBeast безуспешно пытался освоить алгоритмы YouTube, создавая контент, который, по его мнению, привлечёт максимально большую аудиторию. Позже он говорил:

Если видео становится популярным, это потому, что люди кликают на него, и я хочу им дать то, чего они хотят.

Пытаясь оседлать алгоритмы Ютуба, Дональдсон пробовал всё

  • подборки смешных моментов из игр Minecraft и Call of Duty;
  • оценки доходов популярных ютуберов;
  • советы начинающим видеоблогерам;
  • реакции на чужие видео.

На ранних этапах развития сам Mr Beast довольно редко появлялся в своих роликах.

Первая популярность

Блогер начал завоёвывать популярность в 2015-2016 годах,
выпуская серию видео про «худшие заставки», в которых он собирал и высмеивал
вступительные заставки других каналов со всего Ютуба. К середине 2016 года
MrBeast набрал 30,000 подписчиков.

В конце 2016 Джим поступил в колледж, хотя подробности его образования довольно тяжело найти в интернете. Сам ютубер говорит, что проучился в колледже всего 2 недели и затем бросил его, заявив маме:

Лучше уж я буду бедняком, чем стану заниматься чем-либо, помимо Ютуба.

В возрасте 18 лет мама восходящей звезды посодействовала его переезду из Северной Каролины, где Дональдсон провёл всё своё детство. В ноябре 2019-го он написал об этом в Твиттере:

Потому что она любит меня и просто хотела, чтобы я добился успеха.

Знакомство с вирусным эффектом

Впервые с вирусным эффектом MrBeast столкнулся в январе 2017 года, загрузив видео, в котором считал до 100,000. Был одно время такой популярный тренд: сидишь перед камерой и считаешь вслух до какого-нибудь большого числа. Блогер говорит, что этот проект занял у него 44 часа:

Я этого действительно очень хотел. Я бросил колледж и не особо много зарабатывал. Я знал, что это начнёт вируситься.

После того, как это видео стало вирусным, Джимми понял, что именно нравится Ютубу. Он начал стремительно набирать просмотры с помощью аналогичных роликов, в которых крутил спиннер на протяжении 24 часов, или смотрел клип Джейка Пола «It’s Everyday Bro» в течение 10 часов подряд. К ноябрю 2017 года MrBeast набрал 1 миллион подписчиков.

MrBeast  – самый крупный филантроп Ютуба

Теперь у блогера было несколько типов контента, который
двигал его канал всё ближе к трендам Ютуба. Он по-прежнему устраивал
многочасовые изнурительные штуки, получившие название «junklord YouTube». Кроме
того, появились челленджи, в формате «кто останется последним», в которых он
разыгрывал тысячи долларов. Названия этих видео варьируются от «Going Through the Same Drive Thru 1,000 Times», где молодой человек катается
вокруг какой-то кафешки, наматывая круги, и до «Last To Remove Hand, Gets
Lamborghini Challenge» – челленджа, в котором последний убравший руку участник
получает Ламборджини.

Также MrBeast организовывает, привлекающую внимание,
благотворительность и раздачу пожертвований. Однажды он открыл автосалон, где
бесплатно раздавал автомобили. На регулярной основе ютубер донатит тысячи
долларов небольшим стримерам на Twitch и YouTube, равно как и официанткам в
кафе или водителям Uber, лично.

Расширяя «бизнес», Дональдсон нанимает четырёх друзей
детства – Криса, Чендлера, Гаррета и Джейка – для работы на него и его канал на
YouTube. Группа часто снимает камео на самые популярные челленджи MrBeast и
потихоньку становится частью бренда.

К декабрю 2018-го «Мистер Зверь» (дословный перевод ника) раздал $1,000,000 через свои всевозможные необычные акции, заработав звание «крупнейшего филантропа YouTube». Блогер – продукт собственного вирусного контента: он раздаёт деньги, благодаря рекламе, которую у него покупают за шестизначные суммы в долларах.

Новое поколение видеоблогеров

MrBeast стал родоначальником нового жанра на Ютубе: видео, в
которых авторы выполняют продуманные челленджи и организуют масштабные
спонсорские раздачи подарков.

Однако не обошлось и без противоречий. В 2018 году «The Atlantic» обнаружили старые удалённые твиты Джимми, в которых он использует гомофобные оскорбления и вообще позиционирует геев, как объект для насмешек. В то время био Биста в Твиттере гласило:

just because I’m gai doesn’t mean I’m gay

В данном случае присутствует игра слов. Gai – счастливый,
gay –
гомосексуалист. Но звучат они схоже. Забавно, что слово «гей» взято из
английского сленга, означающего «гомосексуалист». Однако английский «гей»
происходит от французского «gai» и изначально имел такое же значение (радостный
или счастливый). В старых книгах и классической музыке можно обнаружить
применение этих слов.

MrBeast защищался от нападок тем, что «никого не собирался оскорблять, в любом случае».

Дональдсона обвиняли в раздаче фальшивых денег, после того, как критики обнаружили, что банкноты, использованные в видео от ноября 2019 года, не были законным платёжным средством. Позже MrBeast сказал, что раздавал поддельные купюры, чтобы уменьшить риск опасного наплыва большого количества людей, требующих бесплатных денег, и утверждал, что впоследствии обменял выданные фальшивки на реальные доллары.

MrBeast – обычный парень

За последние несколько лет «Мистер Бист» раскрыл несколько моментов из своей личной жизни. Например, он поделился с подписчиками, что у него обнаружили болезнь Крона – хроническое воспалительное заболевание кишечника. В июне 2019-го блогер рассказал через Инстаграм, что встречается с Мэдди Спиделл. За месяц до этого девушка написала у себя в Твиттере:

Мне не нужен MrBeast ради его денег, просто хочу парня с хорошим вкусом в аниме, который может заставить меня смеяться.

В конце 2018 года Джимми использовал свою известность, чтобы поддержать PewDiePie, популярного видеоблогера, который претендовал на место самого популярного ютубера. Тогда PewDiePie соревновался с T-Series (канал индийского музыкального лейбла и кинокомпании) и проиграл титул. В итоге T-Series удерживает звание самого просматриваемого канала с начала 2017 года, а PewDiePie был самым популярным каналом с 2013 года. Тогда MrBeast выложился по полной: он записал 12-часовое видео, в котором 100,000 раз сказал «PewDiePie», купил рекламные щиты и рекламу на радио, появился на Суперкубке с футболками «Sub 2 PewDiePie» (подписывайтесь на PewDiePie).

В октябре 2109-го MrBeast запустил кампанию по сбору средств под названием #TeamTrees, чтобы посадить 20 миллионов деревьев к концу года. Акцию поддержало более 600 лидеров мнений. В итоге собрали 18 миллионов долларов пожертвований. В кампании приняли участие такие инфлюенсеры, как:

  • Илон Маск — американский предприниматель,
    изобретатель, инженер и миллиардер;
  • Джек Дорси — американский архитектор
    программного обеспечения и предприниматель, создатель Твиттера;
  • Джеффри Стар — американский певец, модель,
    стилист, диджей и визажист;
  • PewDiePie.

Джимми Дональдсон признан одним из самых популярных блогеров на YouTube в 2019-м. Он набрал более 10 миллионов просмотров на каждом видео, которое загрузил в прошлом году. Это наглядно демонстрирует, насколько успешным и вирусным стал проект. Его официальный доход не является публичной информацией, но сам ютубер говорит, что большая часть из миллиона долларов, ушедшего на пожертвования, обеспечена рекламой на канале.

Самая известная благотворительность

  • 100 тысяч долларов в приюты для бездомных.
  • 32 тысячи долларов на Программу раненых
    ветеранов армии.
  • 70 тысяч долларов на Детскую исследовательскую
    больницу Святого Иуды.
  • 10 тысяч долларов в местный приют для животных в

Вот этот комментарий сквозит в топе практически к каждому

«Мистер Зверь» должен быть признан самым хорошим человеком текущего десятилетия.

Практически каждое его видео имеет высокую виральность и
Джимми отлично понимает 2 главных фактора успеха: высокий уровень переходов и
удержание внимания. Просто изучите его контент и структуру, особенно то, что он
делает в первые 15 секунд роликов, чтобы вовлечь и заинтересовать аудиторию.


Сообщение MrBeast: самый популярный блогер Ютуба в 2019 году появились сначала на Блог SEO-аспиранта.


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Nevada is just gonna use Google Forms on Caucus Day

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On Wednesday morning, the state party shared a link to their official training materials that demonstrates how precinct captains will be able to use that iPad tool they swear isn’t an app

And though a lot of focus will be put on this tool (thanks, Iowa), the training materials make clear that while the digital side of things is there to make life a bit easier for those working the caucus, Nevada isn’t making it the primary means of tabulating. 

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Ну кто откажется работать работу, залипая в соцсетях?

Читать далее


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«Смотри» будет подбирать контент, включая клипы, фильмы и телесериалы, по интересам пользователя. А заодно расширит видеоинвентарь и возможности для партнёрских интеграций.

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Проверь себя: тест от Яндекс.Мерики, как пользовались интернетом раньше и как теперь (с ответами)

Посчитали всё — любимые браузеры и устройства, скорость загрузки страниц по регионам, трафик из соцсетей и даже пики интернет-активности россиян в течение суток.

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We turned the Democratic candidates into 'Dungeons & Dragons' characters

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Am I describing Dungeons & Dragons, the perennially popular tabletop roleplaying game? No, I’m describing the interminable 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, where a field of mortal men and women — no orcs or half-elves in sight — are still battling it out after a grueling campaign. 

Just like a D&D game, we’ve had a lot of casuals drop in and out over the months, but now the field seems to have winnowed to about six serious candidates.  Read more…

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10 courses to help improve your business skills for less than $35 each

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Fortunately, there are tons of other ways for you to boost your business skills – from sales and management to finance and public speaking – that don’t involve emptying your pockets. In fact, you can start building your skillset for less than $35 with some of these online courses below.


First things first, this 2020 Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle is like a virtual taste of an MBA. It’s led by award-winning VC, business executive, and Columbia MBA graduate Chris Haroun and covers all the critical business concepts like crafting business plans, creating financial models, optimizing your résumé and LinkedIn profile, and networking. Worth $847, this game-changing course is available for just $29. Read more…

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