Gucci Fall/Winter 2020 Menswear Still Slaps

Due to its ubiquity, defining the “Gucci man” is a thankless task. It’s a brand beloved by millionaire footballers, streetwear kids, fashion editors, and drug dealers alike. (Oh, and e-Sports gamers, apparently.) Why? Because those green and red stripes telegraph a feeling of power and prestige unmatched by any other brand in fashion. Ironically, it’s power —namely the toxic male kind — which Alessandro Michele seeks to dismantle through clothing, as supported by his FW20 collection that urged the world to consider a new, vulnerable kind of masculinity.

Returning to Milan Fashion Week Men’s after several seasons of co-ed shows, Michele’s pre-show notes did not feel like a rebuttal of traditional male gender norms, rather, it was a declaration of all-out war against them (see the pointed word choice: “oppressors,” “macho,” phallocratic”). Here, we weren’t shown the ideal of a new man, but the liberation of the constrained man buried within a lot of guys, assumedly straight ones. Michele seeks to unleash a person who isn’t afraid to wear blouses and petal silks; who accessorizes with diamond jewelry; who would freely admit his top Spotify artist is Carly Rae Jepsen.

This was reflected in the garb. The more effeminate (or, in some cases, entirely feminine) looks were offset by some of the usual Gucci devilish: monogram bags vandalized with the word “FAKE,” disco-influenced pants, and outrageous animal print coats. It was a stark contrast to the Marilyn Manson soundtrack blaring through the speakers. But perhaps the antithesis to toxic masculinity is self-aware femininity? There was also a tidy pair of sneakers — they looked a bit like Salomons to me — the clean kind you could easily envisage breaking through to mainstream audiences in the vein of the Rhyton.

Will Michele succeed in his mission where wider male fashion is concerned any time soon (bear in mind this is an arena still getting to grips with transparent shirting and painted nails)? Who knows. Maybe the  “Gucci man” has been a  Gen-Z icon like Harry Styles all along. Regardless, Michele, one of the great provocateurs of our times, certainly has the fever for battle. Game, blouses.

Ultrapace R Sneaker

These babies debuted on the runway (get a closer look here) and they’re a sleeker version of last season’s vintage-inspired Ultrapace, but with more modern tech inspiration. Sort of like Frieza’s final form.

Velvet Double-Breasted Blazer & Cross-Earring

The blazer itself is a low-key killer, but when paired with the statement earring it’ll make you look like someone who has the discographies of the Jesus & Mary Chain, Television, and Jarvis Cocker downloaded into a Generation 1 iPod.

Navy Wool Cap

This slapper of a cap (aka a “cap-slapper“) looks like something Arthur Jafa might gravitate towards, and he’s always a solid style icon to emulate.


VMPI Integration Through a Visa Facilitator: How it Works

Merchants who are integrated with Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) can prevent invalid disputes and take meaningful actions to retain customer relationships and to avoid revenue loss. Merchants have two options to integrate with VMPI: go through a VMPI facilitator or integrate directly to Visa.

What is VMPI?

VMPI was started after Visa saw over 2.6 million chargebacks initiated in 2015 because cardholders did not recognize the transactions, which was an increase of over 13% from the prior year. The cost of working disputes, along with the dispute fee, can end up being more expensive than the transaction. So, Visa created a way for merchants and issuers to prevent invalid disputes from occurring.

With the VMPI integration, merchants can provide detailed company, customer, order, and product information to card issuers on-demand. This connects merchants to millions of cardholders working with thousands of different financial institutions. Ultimately, VMPI empowers representatives at your customer’s financial institution to stop invalid disputes from being filed against you.

Why Integrate to VMPI?

Three statistics illustrate the current state of the dispute landscape:

  1. In 2017, $31 billion was lost to chargeback costs.
  2. Merchants were saddled with $19 of that $31 billion.
  3. In 76% of cases of suspected fraud, customers bypass the merchant and go directly to their card issuer, which leaves merchants with little opportunity to intervene.

VMPI addresses this situation by improving the dispute process for merchants through real-time communication. When connecting to VMPI, merchants will receive issuer notifications. Issuer notifications (through VMPI) allow merchants to receive a request for more information, as well as notifications when a transaction has been reported as fraud, disputes are finalized, and when the cards have been blocked from further purchases with a stop payment request. These notifications allow the merchant to resolve a problem or refund a transaction and take other preventative steps.

VMPI Integration Options

Merchant DIY

Merchants can opt to connect to VMPI by directly integrating to Visa and do the integration work themselves. But, the lack of development resources, time restraints, or other factors can make the integration process too challenging for merchants to do it themselves.

VMPI Facilitator

When VMPI was initially released, it was only possible for merchants to connect directly through Visa. This caused problems because there were limited staff and availability, which narrowed VMPI’s scope to only large merchants. Because of this issue, Visa introduced VMPI facilitators that allow all sized merchants to be able to connect to VMPI. By going through a VMPI facilitator, merchants are able to easily and quickly become integrated without any integration work on the merchants’ end.

Chargeback is a Visa approved VMPI facilitator. This means through Real-time Resolution (our VMPI integration solution) Chargeback has already done all the heavy lifting by building the integration to VMPI. To get started, merchants will just need to provide their CAID (Cardholder Acceptance Identification Number) and BIN (Bank Identification Number). After that information is provided, you will be connected to VMPI. By using Chargeback’s integration, merchants can start preventing disputes and protecting revenue right away, without any integration effort.

For a full explanation of how the Real-time Resolution (RTR) integration with VMPI works, check out this on-demand demo:

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of VMPI or how to get set up with a VMPI facilitator, you can click here.

Do More than Just Stop Disputes

There are a couple of types of issue notification that can be received through VMPI. Here are the different kinds of notifications and what actions merchants should take:

Inquiry Notification: An inquiry notification is a request for more information about the transaction. If your company is at or above the dispute rate limits, you can consider proactively refunding inquiries. If proactively refunding, you can change the enhanced descriptor to state, «this transaction will be refunded.»

Dispute Initiated Notification: This notification is when the customer disputes a transaction, and the issuer finalizes it. A dispute initiated notification contains the same information you would receive from your payment processor for your merchant account, but will often be received days in advance. These funds will be deducted from an upcoming settlement, and you should take whatever action you normally would when a customer files a dispute.

Until chargebacks can be blocked on previously refunded transactions, do not refund disputes. If the customer’s goods or services have not been delivered or can quickly be canceled, notify the customer and let them know their initiation of a dispute resulted in a cancellation of their order/service.

Visa Fraud Notification: Fraud notifications come when a transaction is confirmed as fraudulent by the customer. If you receive this notification, stop accepting this card for payment and reach out to the customer to confirm they wish to maintain their account or relationship with you.

Visa Stop Payment Notification: You will receive this notification when issuers block future transactions by your company for a specific customer account. Customers can ask their issuer to prevent recurring transactions or subscription payments from continuing. This effectively stops your ability to process a payment on that card account. If delivery or access to the goods or services can be canceled, any shipments can be rerouted, or fulfillment can be stopped, you may want to do so immediately.

Exception File Listing Notification: When you receive an exception file, it means at some point the customer’s card was used fraudulently. This notification does not say the transaction was fraudulent, but the card has been compromised. If you receive this notification, cancel all upcoming payments and reach out to the customer and ask if they’d like to update their billing information.

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Opening Ceremony Is Closing All Its Stores in 2020

Opening Ceremony Japan storefront

Following reports that the clothing brand and retailer has been acquired by Farfetch-owned luxury fashion holding company New Guards Group, Opening Ceremony announces that it will be closing all of its stores. News has been confirmed in a series of Instagram posts by Opening Ceremony, addressing fans of the brand/retailer.

According to the social media uploads, Opening Ceremony’s retail locations will be closing sometime in 2020. OC in turn plans to focus its energy on growing the brand with its new partners, New Guards Group, while simultaneously expanding designs.

“This is a moment of transition for Opening Ceremony and, together with our new partners, we are taking the chance to step back and evaluate the future of our Opening Ceremony retail experience,” one of the Instagram posts reads. “We are stepping back from multi-brand retail, for a moment, so we can come back with an experience that is just as inspiring, filled with love and relevant for the years ahead as Opening Ceremony has been.”

OC goes on to add that it will return to creating stores, albeit with a different mindset and perspective to wow customers. In closing, they stated, “As children of immigrants who grew up in the suburbs, looking through magazines to learn about what was happening in fashion and culture, we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to even start this company.”

View this post on Instagram

Dear Opening Ceremony Family, We welcomed our first customers into Opening Ceremony at 35 Howard Street on Sept 1, 2002, a year after downtown New York was changed forever by the destruction of the World Trade Center. We wanted to send a message of love to New York with our company and our big idea to change the way a retail store had been done before. Our dream to connect people from all over the world with positivity, to create a vibrant and inclusive community through self-expression is embodied in the name Opening Ceremony and the idea from where it came, the Olympics. When we began, we took our modest savings and asked our friends to sell their clothes at our store in an area of Soho that had not yet been developed. Brilliant young designers like United Bamboo, Benjamin Cho, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Rodarte and AsFour were juxtaposed with designers from Hong Kong and Brazil who had never sold before in the US. We also made our own first pieces to sell, a diamond sweatshirt at first, which, by wearing it, became a shorthand for “I shopped at Opening Ceremony”. The store became a hangout and a meeting place for so many different visitors and locals who came by to find out what was happening in New York, because you could always get the scoop when you shopped. Opening Ceremony has expanded and evolved in countless ways since those first years in business. We’ve grown our own collection, starting from the platform of our first store, into a global Opening Ceremony brand for which we’ve held some of the most ambitious experiential fashion shows imaginable. At the same time, Opening Ceremony stores have been home to remarkable staff, customers and creative people where the wildest experiments in retail have taken place. Our stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo have connected people from around world together and brought so much joy into our lives and to the lives of those who have come through our doors.

A post shared by Opening Ceremony (@openingceremony) on

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This is why it’s incredibly emotional for us to announce today that we will be closing our Opening Ceremony retail locations sometime in 2020. We’ve made a decision to focus on growing Opening Ceremony collection and brand with our new partners, New Guards Group, and expand the designs of Opening Ceremony. Our brand takes the beautiful spirit of experimentation, fun and collaboration embodied in our stores and imbues this energy into the clothing we make. We know our decision may surprise you and it may be interpreted in many different ways. Ultimately, in this time of immense change in the way that people shop, we still believe in the power of passionate and unique retail. But we also believe in the necessity for change, reflection and an opportunity to refresh. This is a moment of transition for Opening Ceremony and, together with our new partners, we are taking the chance to step back and evaluate the future of our Opening Ceremony retail experience. We are stepping back from multi-brand retail, for a moment, so we can come back with an experience that is just as inspiring, filled with love and relevant for the years ahead as Opening Ceremony has been.

A post shared by Opening Ceremony (@openingceremony) on

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We are immensely proud of the experience we created through each of our stores. Each one has been a fearless testing ground for ideas and a place for the community to come together, not only to shop, but to discover. We explored the planet for the underrepresented, the outlandish and the utterly unique, in order to surprise our customers day after day. Hundreds upon hundreds of designers have called our stores home for their very first collections and it’s amazing how each store took on a life of its own. With our constant desire to reinvent, we will return to creating stores, but with a different mindset and perspective in order to wow people who are self-proclaimed shop-til-we-drops like us. Most importantly, this is a thank you letter. As children of immigrants who grew up in the suburbs, looking through magazines to learn about what was happening in fashion and culture, we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to even start this company. It is a thank you to you and to everyone who has stepped foot in our stores, offices, fashion shows, parties and homemade dinners by Wendy Leon. We thank our friends, family and our collaborators who brought their genius to Opening Ceremony (Chloe, Spike, Solange, Sasha, Robyn, and hundreds more). Our deepest thanks goes to our dedicated employees, without whom Opening Ceremony would not have the humanity, kindness and spirit of friendship that it is known for. Love, Carol and Humberto

A post shared by Opening Ceremony (@openingceremony) on

Opening Ceremony was founded in 2002 by fashion designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The brand/retailer has gone on to open brick-and-mortar locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

Lim and Leon will reportedly remain as co-creative directors following New Guards Group’s acquisition of Opening Ceremony. Subsequently, the OC website will relaunch on Farfetch, and the company’s in-house production line will move to Milan. NGG also plans to open a new showroom for the brand in Paris.


Missoni Delivers Vibrant Knitwear Inspired by ’70s & ’80s Jazz Scenes

After presenting its Spring/Summer 2020 collection that referenced the looks of Serge Gainsbourg, Missoni returns with a new range of apparel for Fall/Winter 2020. This time, the brand takes inspiration from the evolving jazz scene of the ’70s and ’80s. The result is a collection of varying textures, colors and patterns that reflect a changing time in both music and culture.

Missoni’s collection for the season focuses on light and airy knitwear that act as outerwear pieces. Highlights include shawl-collar cardigans, patchwork-like sweaters and multi-stitch jacquards from the archives. Other key pieces include a nappa leather bomber jacket, a double-breasted coat and a reversible hooded blouson. Elsewhere, a shirt is made out of an exclusive cashmere pashmina fabric, while a reversible car coat comes in a cotton and wool blend. For a more eclectic and bohemian style, loose-fitting trousers are crafted from dyed patchwork and reworked military boots arrive in a variety of colorful leathers.

As a way to reflect the «harmonic performances of visual sounds,» an array of materials interact with each other in «improvised» ways. Delicate cashmere and silk combine with brushed cotton, felted wool and mohair to create modernist cuts and over-sized silhouettes. The collection’s color palette is far from muted, employing midnight blues, jade greens, burnt ambers and more for a vibrant feel and energy.

Take a look at the Fall/Winter 2020 lookbook in the gallery above and stay up to date with collection releases on Missoni’s website.

Elsewhere, Fendi delivered a ’70s-inspired collection at its Fall/Winter 2020 runway show.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST


Best sustainable tech at CES 2020: New Tesla rival, meatless pork, and more

Best sustainable tech at CES 2020: New Tesla rival, meatless pork, and more

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Письмо: «Как с этим наваждением справиться?»

Ну попробуйте вот такое самостоятельно разобрать.


Здравствуйте, уважаемая Эволюция. Много лет читаю ваш блог, огромное спасибо за труд!

Мне 28, есть сын от первого брака, живем с ним вдвоем, зарабатываю нормально, стабильно. Думаю, по типу ближе к беладонне.

Недавно со мной произошла история, суть которой вы несколько раз описывали в блоге.

Пару месяцев назад мы с подружками в клубе случайно познакомились с мужчинами, с которыми имеем дело по службе, но лично никогда не контактировали. Одного из них, Диму, ему 39, я представляла внешне давно, он классный юрист из нашего региона. Второй Андрей, ему 44, из Москвы, обеспеченный, у нас находится один из его многочисленных бизнес-проектов. Я немного в курсе, кто они и чем занимаются.

С Димой мы общались по телефону и мессенджерам по рабочим вопросам. В одном из мессенджеров есть моя фотка, в клубе он так и узнал меня, подошел лично познакомиться. Уже через несколько минут они с Андреем пересели за наш столик. Танцевали, выпивали, очень весело и непринужденно складывалась беседа, насколько она вообще была там возможна. Симпатию я чувствовала от обоих, но с Димой уже были общие темы, да и он максимально сокращал дистанцию. В итоге уехали втроем, с моей подругой и Димой на такси, увезли подругу, потом меня, поцеловались у подъезда) На следующее утро мой личный телефон был уже и у Андрея, и писали мне оба, оба приглашали встретиться и оба уезжали вечером из нашего города. Я ни с кем решила не встречаться, да и дела были.

Андрей следующие несколько дней частенько писал, болтали на всякие отвлеченные темы, поздравили друг друга с НГ.

С Димой, мне кажется, у меня была какая-то давняя идея-фикс, что хотелось бы его заинтересовать, хотелось ему понравиться. Пару раз разговаривали о встрече потом, но не встретились.

И вот на эти выходные они снова оба были в нашем городе. Здесь живет их третий друг, мы с ним знакомы около 6 лет, по-человечески тепло общаемся. И вот, звонит мне Дима, «мы приехали в …, давай встретимся, хочу передать тебе подарок на НГ, ну и посидим где-нибудь, поужинаем все вместе, поговорим, хорошо проведем время, со мной Андрей и …»

Я согласилась, они втроем заехали за мной, сидели в кафе, болтали, смеялись, мальчики шутили на тему «Вот думали, ты нам всем нравишься, кто же тебе будет звонить, предлагать увидеться, почти решили кидать монетку». До клуба на час мы с Димой остались вдвоем в кафе, он меня обнимал, поцеловал. Уехали в клуб, снова все вместе встретились. Под утро уже возвращались с Димой, он хотел продолжения, я тоже, но понимала, что это из-за выпивки и атмосферы, и, собрав последние частички воли, ушла домой.

В воскресенье Дима позвал освоить один экстремальный вид спорта, для меня это все впервые. Отлично провели время. Но… Можно сказать, всему учил Андрей, был постоянно рядом, бешеный адреналин и он так близко прижимался, в некоторые моменты приходилось полностью отдавать ему контроль, страх просто на грани для меня, я даже кричала от страха, а он специально создавал такие моменты, забавляло его это) Был момент, когда останавливались и он поправлял мою экипировку, так нежно и заботливо, глаза в глаза, лицом к лицу, он хотел поцеловать меня, я уворачивалась, да и неудобно, еще вчера обнималась с его другом,смотрела на него снизу вверх, он был охренителен со своими черными глазами. Потом отдыхали, Андрей делал мне массаж ног, потому что болело все тело с непривычки, пригласил вечером поужинать вдвоем.

Поужинали, поговорили, поехали к моему дому, останавливается, начинает говорить кучу комплиментов, какое у меня все красивое (это не так, я обычная), как он с той встречи думал обо мне и как хочет меня. Возбуждение накатило дикое, да и я одна некоторое время. Своими поцелуями он меня почти съедал, ширинка на джинсах почти расстегивалась, мне стоило огромных усилий не заняться с ним сексом прямо в машине. Я не ждала совсем такого развития событий.

В общем, на следующий день меня просто в лепешку расплющило. Как абсолютно против моей воли и в обход моему сознанию мысли крутятся только о нем. Я очень стараюсь переключаться, благо работы много сейчас, но получается не до конца. Андрей зовет лететь вместе в страну, в которой я давно хочу побывать, в отпуск в феврале, говорит, какие сильные эмоции я в нем вызвала.

Но сколько этих эмоций сейчас у меня! Помогите, пожалуйста, понять, как с этим наваждением справиться. Разница в наших ОЗ огромна, как пропасть, он офигенный, интересный, тактичный, спортивный, жена на ПМЖ в Европе и 4 детей. Я не вытяну такую свою влюбленность.


Disney+ Was the Most Downloaded App in the US in Q4 2019

Sarah Perez, reporting for TechCrunch:

U.S. consumers have shown strong interest in Disney’s new
family-friendly streaming service, Disney+, according to new data
from Sensor Tower, which focused on app trends in the final
quarter of 2019. Following the app’s mid-November launch in the
U.S., Disney+ was downloaded more than 30 million times in Q4 2019
— that’s more than double its next nearest competitor, TikTok,
the firm said.

These total downloads were counted across both the Apple App Store
and Google Play, with the App Store accounting for over 18 million
of the Disney+ downloads and Google Play accounting for more than
12 million. This allowed the new streaming app to become the most
downloaded app in the App Store and Google Play, individually, in
addition to being the most downloaded app overall in the quarter.

Very impressive launch, both technically and marketing-wise.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is at its lowest price ever and comes with a free cover

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is at its lowest price ever and comes with a free cover

TL;DR: Buy the ultra-light Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 64GB tablet at its lowest price ever of $349.99 at Amazon. Along with the $50 discount, you get a free book cover valued at $49.99 to protect your new tablet. 

Now that CES is over, all we can do is sit around and wait patiently to see which futuristic gadgets will pan out. And who wouldn’t love to own their own foldable tablet? Unfortunately those days are still far ahead in the future, so we have to deal with boring old tablets that still do pretty cool things. And one of the benefits these tablets still have over CES models is that you can actually buy them for pretty cheap with the right sale.  Read more…

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Archaeologists Uncover 44,000-Year-Old Artwork That Leaves Them Completely Shaken

Whether it’s a sprawling piece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or a sloppy watercolor hung on the fridge, paintings speak a lot about their creators. Through careful observation, historians (and in the watercolor’s case, just thoughtful parents) can determine what was impacting the the artists’ lives.

Cave paintings, however, might be the most telling of all. When scientists discovered a 44,000-year-old painting hidden away in a far-East cave, they knew right away that it was more than a few stick figures slapped together with rudimentary inks. In fact, details in the painting completely changed the historians’ understandings of our ancient ancestors.

Cave paintings have always been exceptionally interesting to historians because of their multi-faceted value. Not only do they inform us about the resources of early humans, but they give insight into their cognitive and artistic abilities, too.

National Geographic

Analyzing imagination levels and the construction of these cave paintings lets researchers know just how far along certain humans were on the evolutionary chain. Observing their artistic ability helps piece together the human timeline.

Some cave paintings are more telling than others. Scientists are focusing on a particular mural located in in Indonesia, a country that was, up until recently, critically under explored. Now, it’s home to one of the most intriguing cave murals in history.

Liang Bua

It’s a miracle they even discovered this hidden gem. Maxime Aubert and his team of archaeologists from Griffith University were exploring one cave when they noticed a separate, lofted entrance to another crevice. They investigated.

Maxime Aubert

A team member used tree vines to climb the walls of the cave and gained access to the remote and ancient artwork. When Aubert finally laid eyes on the rock art, he could hardly keep his jaw off of the floor.

Robert Reid

“I had never seen anything like it,” the expert explained. The team sampled mineral deposits on the surface of the painting to measure the radioactive decay of the artwork, thus determining the age of it. The results were not what they expected.

The painting dated back to around 44,000 years ago, making it the world’s oldest discovered cave art to date. This was an incredible find, but there was something else about the subject of the painting that made it even more insightful.

Depicted on the surface of the rock was not-your-average bout of abstract shapes and symbols common of that era. Instead, the mural boasted an intricate and logical progression of a story. Plus, the major protagonists had some odd qualities.

Ratno Sardi

The early human who created this particular painting didn’t choose a typical human form to depict. The mural showed strange, animal-human hybrid figures called therianthropes. These bipedal humanoids sported snouts and tails.

Ratno Sardi

The therianthropes were portrayed hunting pigs and buffalo. To some, this creation by the artists from eons ago might just be evidence for some nefarious and almost paranormal link on the evolutionary itinerary. This had scientists asking questions about human/animal hybrids.

Walt Disney Pictures

Before crossing fully into Ancient Aliens territory regarding the seemingly supernatural beings, it’s worth mentioning an alternate concept. Scientists, of course, were not buying into the existence of these therianthropes, but they were still thrilled by the discovery for one reason.

Katia Innes/The McGill Tribune

Before this, most of the cave art from 40,000 years ago didn’t show evidence of imagination or cognitive progression. It wasn’t until 35,000 years ago that people and animals began to show up in cave art. Now, they had evidence of advanced thought processes 44,000 years ago.

All of this means that humans, at least those in Southeast Asia, were more intellectually progressive than what was widely believed before. There was one more thing that the fanciful cave art showed evidence of — and it’s maybe the most important.

EivindRoms Youtube

One of the main things that separates us from animals is the capability to use imagination and think up things that aren’t actually real. This early construction of fiction from so long ago shows that we’ve been making up stories for millennia.

Wajahat Mahmood

To take it a step further, Adam Brumm who co-authored a study on the discovery, submitted that it could be early proof of spirituality. “Therianthropes are perceived as gods, spirits, or ancestral beings in many religions worldwide,” he stated. There was more.

Ratno Sardi

The scene depicted by the prehistoric Picasso may also give evidence of early human strategy and hunting practices, as it showed a scene where the therianthropes were chasing after prey. Clearly, this artwork helped reshape many commonly held views in the scientific community.

Scientists believe that humans arrived in Southeast Asia around 65,000 years ago, meaning there is a possibility that more undiscovered cave art is out there. Given the age of these invaluable murals, time is of the essence.

Ratno Sardi

Researchers are utilizing technology to help preserve the findings because of the original mural’s prolific rate of deterioration. Their aim is to make it possible for future generations to have access to such incredible, ancient treasures.

Stephanie Compoint

As deterioration is a huge concern, many fear that unknown art will crumble in the dark depths of some cave before being found. Of course, they’re looking everywhere for clues about our history.

Dominic O’Brien

Across the world, a territorial dispute caused by a single archaeological discovery is unfolding. The indigenous people to British Columbia’s Rainforest, the Heiltsuk have claimed the remote Triquet Island for nearly 5,000 years. But archaeologists have dismissed their claim of ownership for one glaring reason.

Simon Fraser University

The continental glacier that formed over Canada during the last Ice Age would’ve also covered Triquet Island, making it uninhabitable. But even with the facts stacked against the Heiltsuk, a small group of researchers took it upon themselves to uncover the truth once and for all.

The Robinson Library

The archaeologists began an extensive excavation of the remote island in the hope of discovering traces of a past civilization. What they found there not only shocked the entire archaeological community, but it also changed history forever.

Second Nexus

Beneath several layers of earth, they found remnants of an ancient, wood-burning hearth. But how could this be? According to researchers, it would’ve been impossible for humans to dig their way through the glacial ice to get to the soil below.

As they continued digging, researchers unearthed additional artifacts, including tools and weapons. This discovery stumped the team as the Heiltsuk people traditionally didn’t use tools of this kind.

The Heiltsuk people had derived their food source from fishing and smoking salmon, utilizing small, precise tools to harvest the fish. The tools and weapons found were much larger and likely would’ve been used to hunt large sea mammals, such as seals, sea lions, and walruses.

What’s more, the team also uncovered shards of obsidian, a glass-like rock only found in areas of heavy volcanic activity. This discovery also puzzled the archaeologists, as there were no known volcanoes near that part of British Columbia. So, how did this rock — and these people — get there?


The historians deduced that whoever left these artifacts must have traversed the land bridge that existed between Siberia and Alaska during prehistoric times. Yet researchers still needed cold-hard facts…

Luckily, a closer inspection of the hearth revealed ancient charcoal remains, which the archaeologists quickly brought to the lab for carbon dating. When they received the results, the researchers couldn’t believe their eyes: everything they knew was a lie.

According to the carbon dating report, these bits of charcoal were an astonishing 14,000 years old, making them the oldest carbon remains ever to be discovered in North America.

Even by global standards, this was an extraordinary find. After all, these simple pieces of charcoal were older than the Great Pyramid of Giza and even predated the invention of the wheel! But that’s not the most remarkable fact about this discovery.

The 14,000-year-old discovery placed the earliest Heiltsuk at Triquet Island 2,000 years before the end of the ice age. Therefore, the island couldn’t have been covered by the massive continental glacier. And that’s not all.

Since Triquet Island was surrounded on all sides by water, the early Heiltsuk would’ve used boats to traverse the open waters. Because boats were not believed to have been invented until centuries later, this presented the possibility that early humans could’ve navigated along the North American coastlines in order to settle the continent.


This meant that the Heiltsuk settled the area 2,000 years before initially believed. If this was the case, then these early men likely crossed paths with some of history’s most formidable beasts.

As the Heiltsuk people made their way south from the land bridge, they likely had to fend off giant creatures like mastodons, woolly mammoths, and giant sloths. But somehow, these humans survived, and it’s likely for one crucial reason.

Thanks to the Pacific Ocean itself, the sea level at Triquet Island remained constant for over 15,000 years. So as the sea gradually eroded the surrounding islands, the great beasts of the Pacific Northwest were kept at bay, leaving the Heiltsuk to a peaceful, secluded existence.

The most astounding realization that’s come to light is the fact that the Heiltsuk people were able to preserve their history orally for nearly 14,000 years. However, they are still being deprived of their history’s legitimacy.

When the media caught wind of the story, they seemed to focus more on what the discovery meant for the scientific community rather than acknowledge the rich history of the Heiltsuk. To many, the media’s portrayal of the nation was seen as highly disrespectful.

As a result, the University of Victoria student Alisha Gauvreau — who was present during the excavation — has dedicated herself to shifting the focus of the dialogue toward the Heiltsuk people.

The Heiltsuk claim to Triquet Island stands as one of the oldest land-ownership claims in the world. Not only does this discovery speak volumes about the strength of the Heiltsuk people, but it also represents the indomitable spirit of mankind.

kris krüg / Flickr


Mark Hamill may have cheated the Star Wars Instagram filter to get Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill may have cheated the Star Wars Instagram filter to get Luke Skywalker

Greetings, exalted ones. Mark Hamill — aka the Luke Skywalker from Star Wars — has discovered the Star Wars Instagram filter that gives you a random character from the movies. 

Which «random» character did the filter give him? Luke Skywalker, of course, as if you didn’t already know. What luck! Unless…

If we believe the hashtag Hamill used to caption the video, luck didn’t have anything to do with it. «#ItActuallyTookMeMoreThan20Tries», Hamill wrote in the post. In our experience, there’s no such thing as luck. Read more…

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20 Scientific Breakthroughs From The Last Decade That Are Leaving People Floored

Sure, you may not be zooming around in a flying car and moving objects with your mind, but the last decade has proven to be an incredible time for scientific and technological progression. From studying the edges of our visible universe to the make up of our own DNA, we now know more than ever.

Now is the perfect time to observe both the discoveries and the brilliant scientists responsible for them as we usher in a a brand new decade. Who knows, maybe by the end of 2020 your flying car will arrive. In the mean time, here are the 20 most important scientific breakthroughs of this decade.

1. Gravitational Waves: Yes, Newton told us about gravity ages ago. But in 2017, the first celestial event recorded in light and gravitational waves was detected by LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and gave some tangible proof to the theory of gravity.


2. DNA Discovery: In 2010, researchers revealed a near-complete genome from an ancient Homo sapien. Focusing on ancestral DNA led to increased knowledge of our genetic code. DNA researchers have also promoted the ethical treatment of the remains of indigenous people.

Sebastian Willnow

3. Exoplanets: Between 2009-2018, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope found 2,700 exoplanets. These are planets just outside our own solar system and knowledge of them broadens our galactic understanding.


4. Ancient art: In 2018, researchers located the world’s oldest figurative cave painting in Indonesia at 44,000 years old. Then, they found the first evidence of an artistic doodle in South Africa dated at over 70,000 years old.

Ratno Sardi

5. Interstellar decade: In the 2010s, human spacecraft surpassed the area between the sun and interstellar space as NASA’s Voyager 1 successfully crossed the boundary of the heliosphere. Astronomers also located the first object in our system that was created in another — the comet “Oumuamua.”

Joy Pollard

6. Tomb of Christ: In 2015, Researchers confirmed that Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre dates back to Rome’s first Christian emperor. This suggests that it was built atop the site Rome claims is the burial place of Christ.


7. King Richard III: Another important person was finally discovered. The missing body of King Richard of Shakespearean fame was located underneath what is now a parking lot. Researchers at the University of Leicester nabbed the illusive king.

Channel 4 News

8. The three-parent baby: In 2016, a baby grown from a father’s sperm, a mother’s cell nucleus, and a third person’s egg sans nucleus was created. As gene editing was a common endeavor this decade, two macaques were also successfully cloned in 2018.

Seeker Youtube

9. Space travel: In 2019, astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch participated in the first-ever all-female spacewalk. Private companies like SpaceX took over following the last space shuttle mission, opening up commercial space travel as an option.


10. Dinosaur decade: The discovery of fossilized pigments allowed the first-ever full color recreation of a dinosaur to be published in National Geographic in 2010. This gave way to the discovery of many dino accouterments, including rainbow iridescent feathers.

Roderick Mickens

11. Climate crisis: Sadly, this decade brought the first ever mammal lost to climate change, the Bramble Cay melomy was declared extinct from rising sea levels. Continuous scientific literature confirms the existence of climate change caused by humans.

Cameron De Jong

12. New species: Multiple new species were discovered in the 2010s, including the Myanmar snub nosed monkey and the Vangunu giant rat. Another giant creature was discovered, dubbed the giant Florida salamander.

Yin Yan

13. Dangers of extinction: In 2019, scientists confirmed that a quarter of worldwide plant and animal species are at risk of dying out within decades. This is due to the widely unchecked and irresponsible behavior of humans in the environment.

Business Insider

14. Higgs boson detected: After decades of searching for this integral puzzle piece, it was finally detected in 2012. This solidified the Standard Model of belief that describes how matter gets its mass. So, kind of a big deal.

NYC Data Science

15. Unknowns of the animal kingdom: In 2015, David Gruber discovered the first biofluorescence in a reptile through the hawksbill sea turtle. In 2016, researchers proved the Greenland shark can live up to 272 years, making it the longest-known living vertebrate.

Doug Perrine

16. Evolutionary revolutions: Tons of different discoveries were made to help flesh out our human timeline. New fossils from the species Homo naledi were found; their DNA is a hybrid of modern humans and ancient relatives.

National Geographic

17. Crispr-Cas9 system: You may not know the system by name, but it has created accessible ways to edit human DNA. Although controversial, in 2018 Chinese researcher He Jiankui facilitated the birth of two girls whose genes had been edited with the system.

18. Gaia: This spacecraft created by the European Space Agency collects data measurements of the Milky Way, which resulted in an unprecedented data set of our galaxy. With the knowledge, scientists created a 3D movie of our galactic neighborhood.


19. Black hole spotted: In 2019, scientists utilized the Event Horizon Telescope to capture the first-ever image of a black hole’s silhouette. Given the nature of these mysterious and dangerous entities, it was a major development.

20. Laser Power: In 2018, Guatemalan scientists used the power of airborne lasers to uncover over 60,000 previously unknown ancient Maya buildings. This opens up the potential of many more discoveries with the same technology.

Marcello Canuto & Luke Auld-Thomas

Not all scientific discoveries or inventions have proven to be as useful or epic as the ones above. Here are some that probably shouldn’t have been created. Like, the bed piano: In 1935, you pulled out your bed piano and knocked out a few bedtime symphonies.

2. Television Glasses: Hugo Gernsback, the man known today as “The Father of Science Fiction,” dared to dream of strapping a television set to his face in 1963 — so he made it happen (and later inspired future 3D glasses, too).

3. Man from Mars Radio Hat: Speaking of entertainment on your head, in 1949, Victor T. Hoeflinch created this hat, which allowed wearers to listen to the radio on the go, so long as they didn’t mind wearing a hat that wasn’t exactly a fashion statement.

4. Dimple Maker: In the ’30s, a smile was nothing without a set of dimples to go with it. But the dimple-less were not the hopeless: the Dimple Maker could force dimples onto their smiles by digging into their cheekbones. It did not work well.

5. The First PET Scan Device: As if going in for a PET scan wasn’t scary enough, the first machine capable of performing one was this wire-wrapped monstrosity, developed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York.

6. Portable Sauna: Back in 1962, a Finnish inventor realized that being unable to step into a sauna wherever he went was comparable to actual torture. So he created the portable sauna so he could live every moment in hot, steamy bliss.

7. Sunscreen Vending Machine: Tennis courts, swimming pools, and beaches of the 1940s offered this vending machine, which dispensed little globs of sunscreen right into your hands. Honestly, weird as this was, it could come in handy today!

8. Cone Mask: The inventor of these masks wanted to protect the wearers’ faces from things like hail and rain. Somehow, getting pelted with rain was a big enough problem that he couldn’t just, you know, tilt his head down like three inches

9. Pedal Skates: In 1913, Charles A. Nordling understood people look for any excuse possible not to walk, so he created the pedal skates. A bit cumbersome, yeah, but unlike many other items on this list, they nobly served their purpose for a while.

Online Bike Museum

10. Cigarette Pack Holder: Because smoking one cigarette at a time was totally inefficient (and totally lame by 1950’s standards), this 1955 invention allowed smokers to stop dreaming about chain smoking an entire pack and start doing it.

11. All-Terrain Car: Invented in 1936, this English automobile ascended and descended slopes as steep as 65 degrees. With, what, 12 tires, it must have cost an absolute fortune to manufacture. Speaking of all-terrain…

12. Cyclomer: With six flotation devices, the cyclomer — also called “The Amphibious Bike — was designed to function on land and in water. In practice, it was clunky on dry land, borderline deadly in the water, and no one liked it much.

13. Goofybike: So the cyclomer didn’t catch on, but that wasn’t the end of all bike-alteration efforts. The Goofybike — seen in Chicago, 1939 — sat four people, one of which worked a sewing machine that kept the bike’s weight evenly distributed.

14. Pedestrian Shield: To reduce fatalities, inventors drummed up a shield reminiscent of a train’s cowcatcher to slap on the front of automobiles. It doesn’t look like a much better alternative to the front of a car.

15. Fax Newspaper: Imagine just wanting to catch up on your daily news and waiting (and waiting) for the darn newspaper fax to show up! Cool, but a paperboy standing on the corner was probably more efficient.

16. Shower Hood: Marketed as a way to keep your makeup intact, the shower hood prevented water from hitting your hair or face, which kind of defeated the major purpose of taking a shower altogether.

17. The Baby Dangler: Today, naming your device “The Baby Dangler” would make your peers mock you at best and land you in prison at worst; but back in the day, it was the perfect name for a device that strung up a baby between mom and dad.

18. A Radio-Controlled Lawn Mower: The lawn’s not going to mow itself, so why not invent a small mower operated with a remote control? Developed in the 1950s — and later celebrated by British royalty — the device survived time and still exists!

19. Ice Mask: There were plenty of reasons to drink in the 1940s, and inventors knew it. That’s why one developed the ice mask, which advertisers touted as a cure for the morning hangover.

20. Wooden Bathing Suits: These barrel-like suits were invented in 1929 and, allegedly, acted like flotation devices for swimming (wood floats, after all). But they must have been restrictive!


If you use a PlayStation 4 controller, this $30 attachment is a no-brainer

If you use a PlayStation 4 controller, this $30 attachment is a no-brainer

I ask you, fellow video game nerds: Whomst among us doesn’t crave more buttons to press?

There’s nothing especially fancy or unusual about Sony’s new Back Button Attachment for the DualShock 4. It’s a clip-on controller adornment that gives you two extra buttons to play with on the back of the controller, right where most of us rest our middle fingers.

The buttons can be anything you want them to be, within the constraints of a Dualshock 4’s control scheme. There’s a little, round OLED screen right in the middle of the attachment that, with a light press, shows you which of three custom profiles is active and which command each of the two back buttons triggers. Read more…

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Scientists Are Debunking Major Claims About The Most Popular ‘Superfoods’ Out There

Eating is such an enjoyable activity that we often overlook just how important our diets are. Beyond giving us the fuel we need to survive, every meal provides us with a choice to consume either the right or the wrong foods. Unlike a slice of cake, those options aren’t always so clear-cut.

One health fad has made ripples through the nutritional world, with some experts claiming that many of our problems and maladies will become a thing of the past. But is there any truth to these assertions?

The road to health is not an easy one to navigate. Between following a rigorous diet and breaking your back in the gym, it can seem downright impossible. But many gurus are now claiming there’s an easier way.

Their secret weapons are the so-called superfoods. Though there’s no strict definition for this term, it typically refers to nutrient-rich fruits and veggies like kale, acai berries, and pomegranates. They’re changing the way some people approach their entire lives.

Eschewing conventional food wisdom, health nuts are guzzling superfoods by the pound. They’ll religiously consume kombucha — even if they hate the taste — simply because the promised benefits are too good to pass up.

Tik Tok / Brittany Broski

Supposedly, the perks go beyond basic vitamins and minerals. Superfoods tout the ability to boost your energy, improve your memory, and even cure diseases. As a real bombshell, some nutritionists claim they prevent cancer!

With such a laundry list of benefits, superfoods seemingly offer us the chance to wipe away all our mortal weaknesses and become demigods. But before you blow your salary on a truckload of kale, know that other experts are pushing back against these dietary miracles.

The idea that fruits and vegetables are good for you isn’t in dispute. They help you feel better and maintain regular body functions, unlike most junk food out there. But the truth behind their cure-all status is less than appetizing.

In terms of stopping cancer, nutritionist Stacy Kennedy explained that superfood sellers haven’t provided “enough scientific evidence and research to support many of the claims.” But the issue around superfoods is more about marketing than it is about science.

YouTube / International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation

For one thing, “superfood” doesn’t really mean anything. At least not on a consistent basis. Instead of being an official term, this buzzword gives merchants an easy way to make a buck.

While the superfood concept seems like a modern development, the Harvard School of Public health revealed it began in the early 1900s. The United Fruit Company started a banana craze by claiming the fruit could remedy celiac disease and diabetes.

In hindsight, it’s easy to see that the company was little more than a band of snake oil salesmen, swindling desperate people with unbelievable promises. This fraudulence has carried into our current fad as well.

Even the hallowed food pyramid has been tainted by corporate money-making interests. They put pressure on the U.S. government to carve out larger sections for their particular products, especially grains, to expand consumer demand.

The Food and Drug Administration, try as they might, are often slow to respond to every sensationalized health trend. They’ve barred brands from claiming outright that products can stop disease, but the amount of misinformation out there is still overwhelming.

Flickr / The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Aside from dishonest sales interests, a big problem with superfoods is that consumers don’t realize they pose drawbacks as well as benefits. Take, for instance, a smoothie blended with all-natural fruits and juices. It sure sounds healthy.

But along with all those vitamins, the drink is packed with naturally occurring sugar! In fact, such a smoothie usually contains more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola. Suddenly, it doesn’t sound so super.

However, there is a responsible way to safely eat your fancy berries and avocado toast. Bona fide dieticians say that it’s all about variety. Your body needs a wide array of nutrients, which can only be found in a wide array of foods.

So when you gorge on a single “superfood,” the result isn’t much different from chowing down on a giant stack of dessert. Still, the health-conscious shift toward these trendy greens and seeds is ultimately a positive development.

The Denver Post

A refrigerator full of fruit won’t stop cancer, but it may stop you from inhaling the real enemy: processed foods. Besides depriving you of real nutrients, these edible abominations contain all kinds of crazy preservatives and chemicals.

So it’s great that the superfood movement supports organic, local farmers. Just be on the lookout for any Old MacDonald who makes a guarantee that’s too good to be true. You’ll thank yourself later!

After all, eating right is one of the most important steps you can take to achieving wellness. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones who are falling victim to a harmful cuisine craze.

Consider your furry friends. When it comes to showing pets love, the most effective method is often feeding them. With a one-track mind on their next meal, even the most standoffish pet can be won over.

YouTube / Animal lovers

To make sure they never run out of treats for their furry friends, many pet owners will stock up on every type of chow imaginable. As of late, however, a few independent folks are taking a different approach.

Daily Mail

Recent years have seen a sharp uptick in people making their own pet food. Supporters provide a myriad of explanations as to why they got into it. They say it’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and that it’s a great way to more closely bond with your animal.

YouTube / Pure Living For Life

Besides viral recipe blogs, chefs have published full-on cookbooks explicitly for the purpose of preparing pet fare. Odds are that many of these cooks don’t put as much effort into their own diet!

In The Vintage Kitchen Shop

But is this homemade gourmet kibble worth it? Pet owners can squabble all day long about whether or not it’s easier to just buy the store brand, but experts are introducing an additional point to the discussion.

Yahoo News

Jennifer Larsen is a research veterinarian at UC Davis, where she’s taking a hard look at cat and dog nutrition. She and her team have closely examined over 100 popular pet food recipes, which have led to some strong conclusions.


Obviously, pet owners want nothing but the best for their companions. There’s no shame in embracing your inner cat fanatic. Still, Jennifer warns that many of these recipes are actually endangering felines.

The Guardian

In many cases, the recipe writers skew their concoctions based on what’s appetizing to humans. But even if your kitty licks her lips at your dinner, that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy option for her.

Reddit / Char10tti3

Evolutionarily, cats are hunters. They need the specific nutrients provided by fresh meat, or carefully designed pet food. Felines simply cannot adapt to other diets, even if there are no warning signs at first.


But rest assured, nutritional deficiencies will manifest themselves before long. Jennifer and her team have identified the full range of consequences, which run from annoying to potentially fatal.

For one thing, homemade cat food often contains fattier ingredients than animals are used to. They’ll certainly enjoy these meals – often meowing for seconds and thirds — but this diet can lead to severe obesity.

Bothell Pet Hospital

At the other end of the spectrum, cats are falling ill due to a lack of nutrients. Vegan diets lead to all kinds of health disorders, with the worst recipes including ingredients that are toxic to cats.

Disney Parks

At the same time, Jennifer recognizes that she can’t persuade all pet owners to stop making their own cat food. But they should, at the very least, ensure that they follow certain guidelines.

South Boston Animal Hospital

It turns out that dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy gnawing on a good bone! Bone meal serves as cats’ primary source of calcium. That’s a must for strong bones and healthy teeth.

Vegetables are acceptable in smaller quantities, though felines don’t really need them to stay healthy. Just made sure to avoid cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli, as they cause bloating.

Many pet owners instinctively season their pets’ food the same way they’d prefer their own. But for cats, it’s better to leave the spice rack alone. Some common flavoring ingredients are pure poison to cats.

Chocolate Covered Memories

For instance, prominent fangs and a hypnotizing gaze aren’t the only traits that cats share with vampires. They also can’t tolerate garlic, so make sure not to ever put it in a kitty dish.

Jennifer wants pet owners to know that regulating a cat’s diet is complicated. You want to make sure they’re only biting into healthy foods. Otherwise, you could really be regretting your kitchen adventure.

Flickr / Tnarik Innael

She says that, ultimately, “Extensive training and expertise is necessary in order to fully understand the various aspects of this process.” So you’re probably best off leaving it to the experts and buying high-quality food from your local store.

While diet is certainly important, pet professionals have determined that there are other aspects of animal health that most of us are completely ignoring. After all, it’s not just about a cat or dog’s physical state.

Sara, a sweet-natured rescue dog, was proof enough of that. She loved her new human, enjoyed playing and going for walks, and was typically well-behaved… until her owner, Colleen, left the house. That’s when she started acting up.

In a haze of worry and fear, the poor dog would start barking endlessly, pant up a storm, pace around like a madwoman looking for her owner, and chew on the furniture. It wasn’t healthy.

See, due to Sara’s rough past, she suffered from a great amount of separation anxiety. It didn’t matter how long Colleen was gone, Sara would go into a frenzy. One time, she even rubbed her nose raw on the couch!

Of course, nobody wants to see their dog in any kind of pain (mental or physical), so Colleen tried everything she could to help her dog out. She got plenty of advice from other dog parents and started training and treatments.

She tried long walks, CBD oils, and crate training didn’t make a difference at all. Even prescription drugs for anxiety like Prozac didn’t put the pup’s mind at ease.

“It evolved into my having to be with her constantly, leaving her with someone else, or having to take her to doggie daycare whenever I left,” Colleen said. Luckily, she thought she finally found a solution to her pupper’s problems.

It was actually her cousin who came up with the idea. “Why don’t you try making some sort of dummy of yourself, so Sara thinks you’re always with her?” she suggested.

The plan sounded great… but then the dummy arrived. The creepy looking thing, Collen figured, wouldn’t fool her dog for a second.”My Sara would not fall for such simple deception!” she thought.

Still, she wanted to give the dummy a shot — anything to soothe her beloved dog’s anxiety. So she began making the dummy (nicknamed Dolly) look and smell more like herself by dressing it in her clothes.

Visuals were one thing. But dogs, Colleen knew, are all about smells. So, to make sure the dummy smelled as realistic as possible, she put Dolly in her bed. Those blankets and sheets were Smell City.

With Dolly looking and smelling the part, Colleen started placing it around the house. That way, Sara would constantly cross paths with the dummy, becoming more familiar with it.

The first place Dolly posted up? The bathroom. Colleen didn’t want it to be in a place Sara frequented because, well, if she figured out it was just a dummy, the plan kind of fell flat.

To her surprise, the plan worked! Just a glance at Dolly seemed to be enough to put Sara at ease, even for several hours. For the one of the first times ever, Colleen came home and found Sara sleeping on the couch, cool as a cucumber.

Then, one day, Colleen came home and couldn’t find Sara anywhere. She checked the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom… Finally, she opened the bathroom door and found Sara sleeping at Dolly’s feet. Something she’d never done before!

In a way, Colleen was right: Sara was too smart for the dummy. She didn’t think the uncanny thing was her mom. Still, those familiar smells coupled with a familiar, human-like object, gave the pooch comfort.

Even with Sara’s newfound comfort, Colleen didn’t plan on pressing her luck: long vacations were off the table. Still, she was elated with the results: “It has worked better than many other methods so far,” she said.

And, of course, Colleen didn’t use Dolly as an excuse to shirk mom duties. She and Sara still cuddle up on the couch and spend every minute possible together. They’re best buds, after all.

For dog owners who don’t want a dummy of themselves at home, a DIY therapeutic wrap is making its rounds on social media. It helps dogs chill out during a time of high stress or anxiety. To make it, all you need is a piece of fabric the length and width of a scarf.


Then, wrap it around your dog at their chest and their withers. If you are unfamiliar with the term “withers”, that just means at the base of the dog’s neck. It might seem like something intimidating to try, but the truth is that it’s a breeze!


The half-wrap makes them feel cozy and protected. This is the next best thing to having your arms around them. Imagine how secure your dog would feel being in your arms at all times. That’s exactly what the half-wrap does.


They aren’t just helpful. They can also be very stylish. Although using fabric scraps from home (ones that smell like you are a smart idea) or athletic bandages works just fine, you can also special order a half-wrap online.


Making a half-wrap shouldn’t take much time, but you could also just buy one for your best friend. Many people with nervous dogs (and cats, too) swear by the ThunderShirt when it comes to making sure their animals feel calm.


We normally think of small dogs as being the ones who get nervous, but every dog, no matter its size, can get a little anxious. When dogs get older, they can get confused. The half-wrap helps soothe them.


If you are nervous that trying a half-wrap on your own dog will be too much of a hassle, then you can always practice at home with a stuffed animal. They don’t squirm like your pup, but they’re much more patient with beginners.


Once you become a half-wrapping pro, getting your dog quickly swaddled and quickly comforted will be an absolute snap. It can even help calm down antisocial dogs during walks where they might encounter other dogs.


While most dogs might find being half-wrapped a little bit strange at first, they adjust it to very quickly! The key is to make it be a comforting and sweet activity you two share together, not something they associate with already feeling stress.


Keeping that in mind, the surefire way to half-wrap your dog successfully is to anticipate when he might be in stressful situations and to make sure he’s all bundled up tight before that stress or anxiety gets a chance to strike!



What Happened To The Roanoke Colony? Three Theories Explained

Roanoke Editorial

On a misty August day in 1590, the British colonist and watercolor painter John White finally disembarked from one of his ships, the Hopewell and the Moonlight. It had been a hard journey—full of threats from the Spanish, stormy weather, and battles at sea—but finally, he returned to the colony he settled three long years before: Roanoke.

As White stepped onto what is now known as American soil, he hoped to find the settlement thriving. Along the way, he and his crew witnessed smoke rising from the area and found tracks in the soil once they landed.

All signs were positive, with White probably noticing the happy timing of his arrival. He reached Roanoke Island on the exact day of his little granddaughter’s third birthday. He likely expected to find little Virginia Dare, the first English child born on American soil, happy and plump with her doting parents.

But John White wouldn’t be able to wish his granddaughter a happy birthday. He wouldn’t even be able to say hello. As the explorer and his crew walked towards the colony, they realized that something was very wrong.

Roanoke: An Eerie Discovery

The colony had been built and even fortified, but there was no bustle, no sign of industry, no sense of community. Indeed, someone had carefully dismantled the settlement. It was as though the town had decided to tear down the village and travel elsewhere. But why would they abandon their post?

As White and his sailors searched for clues about what happened, they feared the worst. There may have been a terrible battle. Perhaps a mysterious illness had ravaged the community. But there were no signs of either a conflict or a graveyard. Evidently, no one had attacked the town. There was no mass epidemic. Whatever happened was far, far stranger. Somehow, all the settlers of Roanoke had vanished into thin air.

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People Spilled The Beans About Family Secrets That Were Kept Under Wraps For Decades

Many of us will do whatever it takes to skip a family get together. Fake sick, throw ourselves down a staircase — anything to avoid the stress. Inevitably, though, you’ll find yourself stuck between your second cousins at the dinner table and when you do, you better dig for secrets.

Some families pride themselves on being thick as thieves, not knowing that they are, in fact, actual thieves. Lurking beneath the surface of the family foundation are shocking truths and shameful pasts. These Buzzfeed users were happy to share some of their juiciest family secrets, and what they reveal will leave you gobsmacked.

1. Known for their quick exits: “My aunt revealed that my great-grandparents fled Scotland because my great-grandfather had a habit of robbing people, and the police were starting to catch on.”


2. When you find out what dad’s real job is: “My dad created a Ponzi scheme claiming he created an invention that turned water into energy. When he went to prison, we believed it was a mistake, until my mom revealed that he committed a similar crime before I was born.”

New York Times

3. Ruining the holiday season: This is why you shouldn’t snoop for presents: “When I was younger I was searching through my parents’ drawers and found a reindeer thong that played ‘Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.’ My mother walked in on me playing with it and was mortified.”


“Years later, I brought it up to my mom and she informed me that it was my father’s. I’ve been estranged from him since I was 14 (for other reasons), so the only real personal thing I know about him is that he enjoyed wearing musical thongs.”

Register Citizen

4. Ancestral testing led to a fun surprise: “I found out accidentally via 23andMe DNA testing that I’m not my dad’s biological child. Apparently, my parents split for a few months and my mom got pregnant. She didn’t find out until she was back together with my dad, so she stayed quiet.”

Daily Mail

5. It’s all fun and games until: “My stepmother let it slip that my aunt and uncle were swingers for a long time. They ended up quitting after a guy dropped dead on top of my aunt in a motel during a nooner.”

Daily Mail

6. All it took was a bit of drinking: “My grandma got wasted and let it slip that my biological grandfather wasn’t actually my grandfather. My real grandfather was their married neighbor who ultimately wanted nothing to do with her after she got pregnant.”


7. Even in death, family surprises you: “When my great-uncle died in the ’90s, my family went through his stuff before selling the house. They found a very decomposed dead body of a woman in the basement freezer…”

Happys Appliances

“It turned out to be a woman who went ‘missing’ in the ’60s who was his girlfriend at the time. Newspaper clippings showed that her family thought she ran away to Europe and my great-uncle ‘confirmed’ she did. My family still refuses to discuss it.”

Liar Liar / Universal Pictures

8. Only a Dad could screw this up: “My dad faked his own death in an attempt to get back at my mom for cheating on him. He had a note posted outside the bedroom door that said, ‘Don’t let Karsten (me) in.’ My mom walked in and immediately began screaming.”

People / Modern Family

“I ran to her and saw nothing but blood (which turned out to be fake), my dad, and a shotgun. We ran and called the cops. Apparently, he only did it to give my mom the feeling he felt when he found out she was cheating.”

Small Joys

9. You know, every family has its disappearances: “My aunt mysteriously disappeared. Her car was found running with her purse was still inside, parked off the side of the road. No one knows what happened to her. They didn’t even fill out a missing person’s report. It’s as if she ‘ran away.’”

Click On Detroit

10. When the family is a secret in itself: “After my uncle died, we discovered that he had a second wife. Literally, no one on either side knew this for over 25 years. He purchased the same prefab house, same furniture, and same everything for each of his wives so their houses mirrored each other.”

11. There’s a reason that one uncle stays quiet: “My uncle accidentally killed a fellow soldier while in Vietnam. He was strung out and paranoid while on watch. When he was spooked by the soldier who came to replace him, my uncle stabbed him to death. He served a few years in military prison.”

Apocalypse Now / Zoetrope Studios

12. This aunt is way cooler than expected: “My great-great-aunt hid Jews in her apartment in Denmark during WWII. One of her neighbors saw a man in her apartment through the window and asked her about it. She knew she’d be killed if caught hiding Jews, so she said it was her boyfriend.”

Essays In History

“At the time, a woman having a man over was scandalous, so all of her neighbors thought she was a floozy, and her reputation was ruined. Still, she lived through the whole war and helped a lot of people!”


13. All families have their ups and downs: “My great-grandmother raised my grandfather as her own. A generous deed after having pushed his ACTUAL mother out a window, killing her.”


14. This one stays within the family: “I was told that my great-uncle died of a heart attack in a hotel in Vegas, but I recently found out that he died mysteriously before he was set to testify against the mafia. We assume it was a mob hit, but nothing came from the investigation.”

The Sopranos / HBO

15. A lateral move can make all the difference: “My grandparents basically swapped spouses. My grandmother on my mom’s side had an affair with my grandfather on my dad’s side. Everyone got divorced, and then the two of them got married. Family reunions were fun.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Warner Bros

16. What happens in Denmark doesn’t always stay there: “When my mom was 50, she went to Denmark with my grandma and discovered that she had two older sisters and an older brother. Apparently, my grandpa had been secretly married TWICE before he met my grandma.”

Wall Street Journal

17. Good deeds can’t be trusted: “My mother randomly flew to me from the other side of the world before I was scheduled to give birth. I didn’t find out until much later that she was actually planning on taking my newborn back with her to raise as her own.”

Isabell Steinert Photography

18. That Dave Matthews Band song finally makes sense: “My great-uncle was killed in a train accident in the ’60s. I recently learned that he was having an affair at the time, and was killed when he and his mistress were fooling around while parked on a railroad track! The train crashed right into them.”


19. The reason Dad was always sweating: “I thought my stepfather was awarded custody of me and my brother in 1990. I found out in 2015 he actually kidnapped us. He died in 2005 so he wasn’t punished. My biological mom tried to find us for years.”

Traveling Dad

20. Pass the collection plate to this woman: “My aunt had an affair with a PRIEST and got pregnant and no one knew except for me and my mum. The kid is 15 now, and has met the priest, but doesn’t know he’s his father.”

Fleabag / Amazon

21. Stay out of your parents bedroom: “When I was in high school my parents went on a trip to the Bahamas. One night I went to borrow my mom’s leather jacket, and in her closet, I found travel brochures for my parents’ trip. It turns out they were on a swingers cruise!”


22. He won’t be attending career day: “My dad’s father left when he was young, and until a year ago we didn’t even know his name. When we finally found out we looked him up and saw he’s one of the heads of the Polish mafia and wanted for 70+ murders.”

Chicago Tribune

23. Honestly, Abe, good for you: “My great-great — I have no idea how many ‘greats’ — grandfather is rumored to have had a homosexual relationship with Abraham Lincoln.”

Lincoln / Touchstone Pictures

24. They could’ve had it all if wasn’t for those pesky Astors: “According to my father, the Astor family stole the fur/riches from our family hundreds of years ago, and thus earned the fame/money of being the most prominent fur-trading family at the time.”


25. Probably a good idea to pass up on this grandma’s cooking: “My great-great-grandmother was widowed eight times. That’s a lot of husbands to bury. She managed to amass a considerable amount of wealth from her ‘misfortunes.”

National Post

26. A few phone calls might be warranted: “My great great grandmother gave birth to a baby who didn’t survive, but she wasn’t going to leave the hospital without one. Nobody knows how she got away with it — or how she got her fingers on a legal birth certificate — but my great-grandfather was a stolen baby.”

WD Hospital

Keeping your lips zipped about a shameful family secret preserves some semblance of normalcy temporarily, but chances are the lid will blow off that sucker in a much more catastrophic way. Down the line, somebody is going to face the consequences, as Lee and Paul did.

Art With Impact

Paul and Lee both sat down at their respective laptops, logged into a dating site, and hoped to find their very own You’ve Got Mail-style, head-over-heels romance. Then with the ‘ding’ of notification, their lives were completely upended.

The Jeremy Kyle Show

The two Brits were stunned by the ease of their conversations. Each day, their connection grew stronger as they divulged more personal details. Soon, both were on the same page: they’d caught feelings.


Still, they were hesitant. They’d heard their fair share of catfishing horror stories to know that an online Prince Charming could likely be a total fake. As the months ticked by, Paul and Lee let their barriers fall, confiding more of themselves than they’d ever had before.


Their lives continued, work, family, friends, all the while their best confidant was miles away. The seriousness of their feelings made it safer to be tethered to their phones, but after 2-and-a-half years, they could no longer avoid the inevitable.

Palms sweaty, rattled with nerves, the two of them made the leap to finally come face to face. Paul remembered, “It was emotional because we’d been talking for so long.” Still, both feared the meeting would tank the relationship.

But it was fireworks. They were one of those online success stories; they’d found love on the internet. Being with the person they’d stayed up late talking to, who they’d messaged every day for years, it was such a relief to know they could be together forever.


Seamlessly, they slipped into a serious committed relationship. Lee and Paul had skipped all the awkwardness of the early stages of dating. Talks of marriage bubbled up early. The only word that felt adequate to describe each other? Soulmate.


Within a week of meeting, Paul and Lee began introducing their friends to the online mystery men they’d prattled on about for years. Once their pals saw the grins on their faces, they gave a quick stamp of approval. It was obvious; Paul and Lee were in love.

Before they could swap rings, there was one more traditional hoop to jump through — meeting the parents. Honestly, they couldn’t wait. They were sure their families would be just as smitten with their beaus as they were.

Meet the Parents

Lee’s family was first. He’d prepped his mom, Ena, that this one was the real thing. When they walked in the door, it was hugs all around. Paul made a perfect impression and the whole family felt firm he was a worthy match for Lee.


Ena watched her son interact with Paul; he was clearly infatuated. But as her eyes drifted to her son’s lover, she couldn’t help but think there was something about his kind, dark brown eyes that made her feel like she’d known him for ages.

The more she looked, Ena realized, his eyes reminded her of someone she’d committed to memory. “When I saw Paul for the first time I instantly thought he looked like my ex-husband, Ron.”

She wasn’t the only one. A few of the other family members piped up about the resemblance to Ena’s ex-husband. As their evening progressed, Lee’s family peppered Paul with questions trying to get to know him. Instead, his answer to one question instantly shifted the mood.

Business Insider

Paul didn’t just resemble Ena’s ex Ron. They bizarrely shared the same last name. Lee’s family pressed Paul about his relatives, but he couldn’t clarify much. In fact, he’d been adopted at 3 years old, so he had no clue about the origins of his last name.


Listening to Paul made Ena start to feel sick. She was suffering from early onset Alzheimers, but as the pit in her stomach grew impossible to ignore at Paul’s adoption tale, hazy memories flooded back into her mind.

Maple Heights Living

To her stunned family, Ena recounted a grim story. During her marriage to Ron, times were tough. The couple was scraping by, struggling to keep food in the mouths and a roof over the heads of Ena’s 3 children. In the midst of their hardship, Ena found out she was pregnant.


Ron and Ena discussed their options over and over. Months passed by, and soon, they were looking down in their arms at their baby boy. They tried to manage a 4 child household, but ultimately, they made the choice to give their son up for adoption at 18 months.


Since Lee and Paul expected a quiet evening of getting acquainted, they were at a total loss about how to proceed after Ena’s truth bomb. Of course, if Paul was actually Ena’s son, that made the lovers half brothers. For answers, they turned to the tabloid program The Jeremy Kyle Show.

SKY News

Host Jeremy Kyle didn’t mince words. He asked Lee how he was feeling about the possibility that he’s in love and in a sexual relationship with a man who could be his brother. Lee answered, “It makes me sick,” he said. “It makes me basically horrible. I can’t describe it.”

Metro UK

They explained that if the results of the DNA test organized by the show proved them to be brothers, they would go their separate ways. Paul admitted, “I’m hoping it’s not true because I love you so much it’s unreal.”

Inform Overload / YouTube

The envelope arrived on stage and the lovers braced for the news. Jeremy Kyle opened the results that would determine the course of their usually complicated position. “The test results show,” he said, “that you two…” he paused for dramatic effect.


“You’re half brothers,” he said. Immediately, Paul was overcome with emotion and fled the stage. A psychotherapist from the show comforted him, saying “It’s going to take time to process that and you’ll need to do it at your own speed.”

In the aftermath, Paul and Lee called it quits. Neither of them could continue a romantic relationship now that they knew they were half brothers. One bizarre silver lining was that in losing his lover, Paul gained a biological mother, father, and entirely new family.

Paradigm Malibu

Their love story transformed into a miracle-level reconnection of family. It just goes to show how small the world can be, and how easy it is for our paths to cross. One other British couple experienced a similar (but more family friendly) instance of Deja vu.

NY Post

By 2015, soon-to-be-married Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt had spent about a fifth of their lives together. After that amount of time—and on the verge of such a big commitment—you figure they’d know just about all there was to know about each other, right?

Daily Mail

Not quite! Heidi and Ed met at Newcastle University in 2011. It started when Ed, after spotting Heidi’s name on a piece of mail, messaged her asking how to use a communal dryer. It was, evidently, the pick up line of the century. They soon started dating.

Daily Mail

The two became inseparable, attending college costume parties together and allowing their romance to blossom. For four years, they learned everything about each other: secrets, histories, failures. They were in love. And yet…

Daily Mail

After four years together, had they been contestants on the Newlywed Game, Heidi and Ed probably would have killed it. However, there was at least one fact about both of them that hadn’t come out yet—but it was about to.

Heidi Savitt / Facebook

The truth came out in 2015. Heidi and Ed shared a lovely dinner with their mothers, Kay Parker and Fiona Savitt. As mothers do, Kay and Fiona started talking about their kids, which prompted Kay to elaborate a little bit about six-year-old Heidi.

Daily Mail

Kay mentioned that Heidi loved sailing as a kid. She reminisced about a family vacation to Turkey, where they sailed boats in the summer sun. Coincidentally, while on that trip, six-year-old Heidi had made friends with a little boy. They held hands.

Storer Boat Plans

After that dinner, something felt off to Kay about Ed—but she didn’t know what, exactly. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when she cleaned out her attic that she discovered a box of 1997 photographs from that Turkish sailing trip. Suddenly, she understood.

No Ordinary Homestead

When Kay looked at pictures of Heidi with her “holiday boyfriend,” she realized that the six-year-old kid from the Turkish sailing trip was the same exact Ed her daughter was dating in 2015! She recognized Ed’s face in the bowl cut-wearing kid from the 1997 pictures immediately.

Daily Mail

As it turned out, back in that summer of 1997, the Parkers and Savitts had both been vacationing in Turkey. Both families traveled from different cities in the United Kingdom, but somehow, they ended up in the same foreign city at the same time!

Daily Mail

“I was screaming, it was just unreal,” Kay told Daily Mail. “Of course, I sent it to Fiona [Savitt]. Then loads more photographs came out.” Sure enough, Kay had taken plenty of pictures of the two adorable kids.

Daily Mail

“When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed,” Fiona said, “I shrieked, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s [my] Ed!’ It was unbelievable. We sent it around to all our family and friends and everyone was amazed.” And how did Heidi and Ed react to the news?

Daily Mail

For Heidi and Ed, news that they’d had a chance meeting on a family vacation 18 years before only solidified what they already knew: they were meant to be together. In the summer of 2017, they made their relationship permanent.

Daily Mail

“From the moment we started dating we were inseparable and knew we were going to be together forever,” Heidi told Daily Mail. “It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.” Crazy indeed!

Daily Mail

It’s strange that Heidi and Ed didn’t discover this early connection sooner. After all, they’d spent four years together by then; you’d think a trip to Turkey would have come up! Still, it was undoubtedly a pleasant discovery, and made for the perfect wedding story.

Daily Mail

They married at Haddon Hall, a 12th-century manor house rich with history. It’s fitting that the couple tied the knot at a historical landmark when they, too, had an “ancient” history together. Still, the revelation did more than strengthen this couple’s love…

Daily Mail

As Kay Parker put it, “It was not just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday but all of us as well.” This random meeting in Turkey, followed by the subsequent relationship between Ed and Heidi, forged friendships between these entire families.

Daily Mail

Kay and Keith Parker now regularly vacation with Fiona and Johnathan Savitt. Who knows? Maybe in the future, they’ll bring their grandkids to Turkey where they’ll meet their future spouses, too!

Daily Mail

But if any story proved a love that was meant to be, it’s that of Ed and Heidi. “Perhaps they just had a subconscious realization they had shared that time together when they met as adults,” Kay said.

Daily Mail

To think that what started out as a pre-wedding family dinner turned out to be a life-changing event that only strengthened the love between them all! If Kay had never told her story that night, would this couple have ever known they’d actually “dated” as kids?

Daily Mail

The bond Heidi and Ed forged as kids, whether they knew it or not, never went away. If nothing else, you have to wonder what else this couple might discover about each other after a few years of marriage…

Daily Mail


Two Women Become The First In The World To Carry The Same Baby

Technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate. Medical science has made some incredible strides and continues to do so, allowing things that were once thought of as impossible to become reality.

One couple in Britain agreed to participate in a new process that could completely revolutionize reproductive science. Their results are shocking the world and shifting the long held ideas about what it looks like to create a family.

Donna and Jasmine Francis-Smith are a married couple living in Britain. When they wanted to have a family, they looked into all their options. As a same-sex couple, they knew they had to do their research.

Jasmine Francis-Smith

Parenthood is a wild ride whether you’re a nuclear family with a mom and dad, or an alternative like adoption, or any other way you choose to do it. There is more than one way to create a family.

There’s no one perfect picture of how it should happen. Family portraits from across the world are changing and adapting in the modern age. Gone are the days of the Leave it to Beaver design. The progression is welcome, for most.

ABC Photo Archives

Same-sex couples have a distinct challenge when it comes to building a family. Until recently, the options have been fairly limited. There are few of them outside of traditional adoption. However, research is expanding in this area.

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Gay men have the option to utilize a surrogate and in vitro fertilization (IVF), which can be expensive and not entirely reliable. Lesbian couples have another option, where one of the women can carry the baby from a sperm donor.

This can be extremely complicated for couples to go through. Deciding which partner will carry a child is a big deal and could possibly lead to resentment or detachment from the person who didn’t give birth to the child. Recently, another alternative was introduced.

Alec Mills

When Donna and Jasmine heard about it, they knew they wanted to be apart of it. During their consultation at the London Women’s Clinic, they got some incredible information about the future of reproduction.

Jasmine Francis-Smith

Doctors explained the process called AneVivo, where the fertilized egg from the mother is placed inside a little capsule and put into her womb to incubate. Then, the egg is moved to the gestational mother to be carried to term.

Center for Fertility

From the outside looking in, you may not understand the appeal. But, for couples like Jasmine and Donna, this is everything. The fact that both partners are granted the opportunity to carry their future child is monumental.

As Donna explained, “You get a lot of same-sex couples where one person is doing the whole thing; the one person is getting pregnant and giving birth, whereas with this we’re both involved in a massive way.” They were nervous but excited at the prospect.

Jenna @outsidethedesign

So, they went for it. The entire process went off without a hitch, and nine months later the couple was snuggling healthy baby Otis. The idea that both women played a big role in his development is a highlight for them.


Jasmine explained, “the procedure really made me and Donna feel quite equal in the whole process and has emotionally brought us closer together. Now with baby Otis born safe and well, we feel a true family.”

Jasmine Francis-Smith

By most accounts the women were extremely lucky to be successful on their first try. The numbers on even traditional IVF are pretty dismal. The success rate is less than 30% for women under the age of 35, and the numbers get worse from there.

IVF success rates shake out to around 1 in 4, and cost thousands of dollars for treatment. Doctors and researchers see AneVivo as an exciting new frontier for same-sex couples to start their own family with more equitable labor.

Southern California Fertility

Dr. Kamal Ahuja explained, “London Women’s Clinic has been in the forefront of fertility treatment since 1985, and it’s our great pleasure to report the first birth in the world with shared motherhood using Anecova’s groundbreaking technology for in vivo natural fertilization.”

Anecova is the technology firm that created and patented the unique system. Founder Martin Velasco emphasizes the ability they have to bring enhanced emotional value to couples who are planning to have children.


The market for their product is only growing as same-sex couples seeking IVF to start their family increased by 12% between 2016 and 2017. Based on the experience of Donna and Jasmine, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of AneVivo.

Melanie and Vanessa Roy

Who could argue with their adorable results? The couple has been overwhelmed at the amount of public interest in their story, neither was expecting to go viral. However, Donna explained “If we had to go through the process again there is nothing we would change.”

Jasmine Francis-Smith

The couple sharing one of the most sacred tasks one can take on has even brought them closer together. As Donna said, “We’re a close couple anyway but we both have a special bond with Otis as well which was helped by the way we’ve done it.”

Jasmine Francis-Smith

A brave new world of reproductive science isn’t on the horizon anymore. It’s right in front of us. Science pushing the boundaries of what’s known in the name of creating stronger families and opening new doors for same sex-couples is a profoundly positive development.


Aside from IVF, adoption is still an amazing way to start a family. David Eaton and his wife, Andrea Melvin, knew this was the path they wanted to pursue. They felt compelled to take in a kid in need, and kept in mind one ultimate goal.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

They knew that somewhere down the line, they wanted to adopt a kid of their own. But the fostering lifestyle is overwhelming, and the Eatons went through a rigorous licensing process. Even then, there was no guarantee they were truly up to the task.  


But David and Andrea persisted with the training process, intent on providing a needy child with a warm, happy home. They wouldn’t get a child immediately, however. Sitting by the phone, they waited and waited for the news that they were foster parents…


They didn’t wait long. As soon as they laid eyes on 5-year old Michael Clark, Jr., the couple knew he was theirs. “It was pretty clear right off the bat that he was a really special kid,” David said.

Michael certainly is a special kid, if his infectious smile is any indication! The talkative kid fit right in with the Eatons and in his new kindergarten class at Wealthy Elementary School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

ABC News

“The school embraced him as one of their own,” Eaton said. The proud foster parents watched as Michael made friends and set down roots in his new home. But something weighed on Michael’s mind, and the Eatons knew they had to address it head-on.


“It’s something that scares him, that he can be moved somewhere again,” David explained. Foster kids don’t always have the luxury of permanent housing or a forever family, and Michael’s fears got the Eatons thinking.

13 On Your Side/ABC

It wasn’t a difficult decision for David or Andrea: Michael was their rambunctious, amazing son and they were ready to make it official by legally adopting him! There was just one problem: Michael’s other family.

Carlye Allen

Since starting kindergarten at Wealthy Elementary School, Michael hadn’t only made friends. David explained, “He views his classmates as his extended family.” One person was instrumental in making Michael feel welcome.

13 On Your Side/ABC

When his teacher Kerry McKee saw Michael on her class roster, she was reminded of the main lesson the school tried to impart to its students, “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” With this (and Michael’s adoption) in mind, she formed a plan.  

ABC News

“I always tell my students that you rise when you lift others, and that’s what we did with Michael,” she explained. Her plan wouldn’t be easy to pull off; she needed strategies, permission slips, crafting supplies, and transportation…

The Described and Captioned Media Program

“We couldn’t afford a bus so I emailed the parents asking if six or seven could take off work to drive the kids,” Kerry recalled. This was a tall order, and Kerry knew it. Still, their responses were surprising…


“The next morning, 14 out of 23 offered to skip work and come,” Kerry revealed. The surprises Kerry would experience weren’t over yet: She knew a bus would be easier for transportation, but she got a less than favorable response from the bus garage.

“I called our bus garage and [the driver] said that I hadn’t asked for permission in time,” Kerry said. It seemed like they would be stuffing their cars with kids after all…that is, until the bus driver heard Kerry’s plan for Michael. 

“She said, ‘you can have the bus and I’ll drive for free.’” Astonished, Kerry accepted the offer, and on December 5th, 14 parents, 18 kindergarteners, and a group of staff from the school boarded the bus to the surprise location. 

ABC News

When Michael and his parents-to-be arrived at the courthouse that morning, they were greeted by the sea of kindergarteners and well-wishers from the school, all carrying rulers topped with construction-paper hearts. Everyone had tears in their eyes…

Kent County 17th Circuit Court

Even the judge! As soon as she banged her gavel (with Michael’s help!) and made him a permanent member of the Eaton family, even she couldn’t hold back her tears. Michael himself couldn’t contain his true feelings. 

Inside Edition

The little boy, who had been shepherded between houses for so long, had finally found his forever home, but was he still afraid of being moved? “We told him that this will be his home forever,” David said, and Michael had just one response.

ABC News

“I love my Daddy!” he said happily. Everyone could feel the love that day in the courtroom, especially Kerry, who made sure it all happened without a hitch, though she didn’t expect the moment to go viral!

ABC News

“I am riding this love wave with such passion because I feel so honored and blessed that anyone, even you, is interested in what we did in little old Grand Rapids Michigan,” she told news reporters. Michael’s adoption day was truly an unusual event…

ABC News

After all, it isn’t every day that an adoption is witnessed by an audience of 5-year-olds! “Family doesn’t have to be DNA,” Kerry said in front of her own extended school family. “Family is support and love.” 

Carlye Allen

Family truly isn’t bound to DNA, something the Eatons learned first-hand. It takes as much courage as compassion to foster children, especially since doing so can result in a roller-coaster of surprises. As the Shank family learned, you have to expect the unexpected…

When Sara Cozad went out on her first date with Stuart Shank, the subject of her hopes and dreams came up pretty quickly. At 19, Sara wasn’t sure what she wanted for her future, with the exception of one thing.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

Children. While this dream wasn’t an uncommon one, it was how Sara hoped to go about it that caught Stuart by surprise. Sara didn’t want to have kids of her own — rather, she wanted to foster them.

Stuart, it seemed, was in full support of Sara’s mission, and after marrying in 2014, they went right to work to make this dream a reality. In fact, just two weeks after returning from their honeymoon, the couple began their foster parent training.

cozyd / Instagram

Sara and Stuart’s initial plans for fostering only involved infants and toddlers, as they felt they weren’t yet equipped to handle grown children. After all, the two were just barely beyond their teenage years themselves.

cozyd / Instagram

With that in mind, it wasn’t long before the couple received a call about a baby in need of a home. They cared for the child for only a week, but following the experience, they knew being foster parents was what they were meant to do.

cozyd / Instagram

Just a few days later, the newlyweds got another call from child protective services, though this time social workers were looking to place a three-year-old boy named Michael. With the child only expected to share their home for a weekend, the couple happily obliged.

cozyd / Instagram

Yet as soon as their newest care walked through the door, Sara and Stuart fell in love. Michael, too, was immediately taken with his foster parents, and three of them knew right then and there that a few days together simply just wouldn’t do.

So, Michael stayed for the weekend, and the weekend after that one, too. As days turned to weeks, and those weeks into months, Sara and Stuart began getting used to the idea of making an addition to their budding family. Then, they got a call.

cozyd / Instagram

Apparently, Michael wasn’t an only child — he had an older brother named Dayshawn. The ten-year-old had also been bouncing around the foster system, and CPS was looking to reunite the boys, if only just for a short time.

cozyd / Instagram

And so, Sara and Stuart agreed to a supervised sibling visit between the two boys. They brought Michael to a nearby playground, and when the three-year-old spotted his big brother, his reaction nearly brought his foster parents to tears.

cozyd / Instagram

Michael sprinted over to Dayshawn and leaped into his arms, squeezing his brother with all his might. Seeing the bond these two young boys shared was incredibly moving, and Sara and Stuart both knew they couldn’t let the brothers be separated again.

cozyd / Instagram

So, despite their plan to only foster small children, the couple welcomed Dayshawn into their home. Sara was hesitant at first, but after being around her new foster son for just a few days, all of her misgivings went completely out the window.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

“Dayshawn breaks every single stereotype about teens in foster care,” Sara wrote in a post on Love What Matters. “He is the most empathetic and compassionate person I’ve ever met… He doesn’t even seem to notice that I’m so young (or he just doesn’t care.) To him, I’m just his mom.”

cozyd / instagram

Yet even with both Michael and Dayshawn now in their care, Sara and Stuart knew that things wouldn’t be this way forever. They were their foster parents after all, and at moment’s notice, the two boys could be out of their lives forever.

cozyd / Instagram

Still, that didn’t stop the couple from caring for them as if they were their own, even as they began fostering other children alongside them. But with each wave goodbye, Sara and Stuart knew there were two boys they just weren’t ready to see go.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

And so, on August 18th, 2018, a sleek white limousine pulled up outside Sara and Stuart’s home to bring them to the local courthouse. In just a matter of hours, Michael and Dayshawn would officially have a family to call their own.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

Surrounded by friends and relatives, the four sat as the judge carried out the adoption proceedings. But as she asked for the boys’ consent to be adopted, Dayshawn interrupted to reveal his true feelings about his soon-to-be parents.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

“We love them,” Dayshawn said as Sara let tears of joy flow freely. “I’m glad to be their son… If I could wish for anything in the world, I would wish I could just love these people for the rest of my life.”

Sara wasn’t the only one in tears, as by this point there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire courtroom. Even the judge was moved by the boy’s words, and with the bang of her gavel, Sara, Stuart, Michael, and Dayshawn officially became a family.

Sara Cozad / Facebook

Sara and Stuart never expected to become parents to two wonderful boys – let alone one that was nearly a teenager – yet life has a funny way of changing our plans. Just ask Liz Smith, whose life was turned upside down after meeting one special little girl.

Liz Smith / Facebook

As the Director of Nursing at the Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts, Liz had experienced her fair share of triumph and heartbreak on the job. Yet nothing could prepare the veteran nurse for the day she met Gisele.

Liz had spotted baby Gisele in the hallway of the hospital, watching as one of the other nurses carried her into the infant care ward. At the sight of the child’s bright blue eyes, Liz immediately fell in love.

The Boston Globe

Though as she learned more about the hospital’s newest resident, Liz felt her heart grow heavy in her chest. Evidently, Gisele was suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome, as her birth mother had used a number of heavy drugs during her pregnancy.


Gisele was born prematurely and weighed under two pounds at birth. The original hospital where she was born proved unequipped to care for the delicate infant, and so at three months, she was transferred into Liz’s care at Franciscan.

Franciscan Children’s Hospital

Liz was heartbroken over this news, though a new realization about the child shattered her to pieces. Gisele – who was then eight-months-old – hadn’t received a single visitor while in her care. For five months, this innocent child was all alone.


As Liz drove home from the hospital that night, she couldn’t shake Gisele’s striking blue eyes from her head. Then, with absolute certainty, another thought entered her mind: “I’m going to foster this baby. I’m going to be her mother.”


For years, the veteran nurse was content to be an aunt to her nieces and nephews, though from an early age, she always knew she wanted to be a mom. Liz felt that her time was running out…

Liz Smith / Facebook

Even at age 43, Liz was unwilling to put her dream of having children aside and opted to explore IVF options. Unfortunately, Liz was deemed unsuitable for the procedure, putting motherhood out of reach… or so she thought.

Liz Smith / Facebook

But she was getting ahead of herself — after all, this child still had biological parents somewhere out there. So, Liz did the next best thing to becoming a mother: she applied to foster Gisele for the rest of her recovery.

And just three weeks later, the state approved Liz’s application, allowing the nurse to take Gisele home with her. Everyone, from Liz’s family to her coworkers, was ecstatic over the news, and they set to work helping the new foster mom build a nursery for Gisele.

The Today Show

“Leaving the parking lot of the hospital with Gisele…I was in shock that it was happening,” said Liz. “I was excited but nervous, realizing that I was committing everything I had to this child who might not be in my life forever.”

The Today Show

During Gisele’s time with Liz, the state allowed her birth parents every opportunity to visit. But after months of lackluster results and little effort on the part of the parents, they were officially deemed unfit to care for Gisele.

Liz Smith / Facebook

“The day I got the call that their parental rights were terminated was very sad,” Liz recalled. “My gain was another’s loss. It’s a feeling difficult to describe when you are experiencing this life-changing moment that someone else is as well, in the opposite way.”


Yet as sad as the situation was, Liz couldn’t help but feel that her dream of parenthood was finally about to come true. She petitioned the state to officially adopt Gisele, and when her application came back, she couldn’t believe it.


They said yes! On October 18, 2018, Liz and Gisele officially became a family. Surprisingly, out of the many admirers that attended the confirmation that day, the judge was the most vocal in support of the adoption.

The Boston Globe

“When a judge walks in the room, everyone stands out of respect,” said the judge. “But today I stand in respect for you, Liz,” she said. “A birthing day is a miracle. But adopting a child from miles away is destiny. That’s what brought you two together.”


Following the adoption, Liz and Gisele’s story spread far and wide, melting the hearts of millions all over the world. Even The TODAY Show took notice, inviting the pair to appear and share their remarkable journey.

The Today Show

“I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to say good morning to her. To pick her up at daycare. To have her run to me and ask for food now that she’s eating,” Liz later told The Boston Globe. “I never imagined that I could have a best friend who is 2.”

The Boston Globe

In the time that Gisele – now two years old – has been in Liz’s care, she’s made remarkable medical strides. After receiving most of her daily nutrition from a feeding tube as an infant, she’s begun eating by mouth and has even developed a taste for pizza and avocados.

USA Today

“If you told me a year ago she would be asking for pizza I would not have believed you,” said Liz. “She’s doing remarkably, it’s just a slow progression, but in the right direction.”



Why People Look So Serious In Old Photos

There’s an intense pressure to look amazing in photos, especially in a culture that broadcasts every snap to the world. Do we pout, do we look desirably into the camera, wistfully squint into the distance, or go old-school with a thumbs-up and cheese? The stakes feel high as we’re constantly at risk of being tagged at a bad angle.

Being bogged down by too many choices is actually only a modern problem — for photography, among other things. When people first began getting their photos taken, there was one pose available, deadly serious. It seems odd by today’s standards not to look like you’re having the most fun, but were people back then really that miserable, or was something else going on?

When you’re posing for your Vogue spread and Annie Leibovitz is directing, you probably don’t expect to hear, “now give me ‘misery’ in three… two… one.” But if you were getting a family portrait taken in the 18th century, that direction wouldn’t be out of realm of possibility.

Vanity Fair/ Annie Leibovitz

Take a look at some old photographs, and it’s hard not to notice that no one is smiling. Sure, they didn’t have high speed internet, Vsco filters, or even running water, but was life back then really all that bad?

Photography first began in the 1820s, and along with being rare, it was extremely expensive. It makes sense then that the images were usually very formal, befitting of the high cost to create them. Still, all formalities considered, a severe expression is an odd standard to begin with.

Because of the price, early photography was exclusive to the wealthy. And even if someone was fortunate enough to have their picture taken, it was usually the singular photographic proof of their life. Which further begs the question, why weren’t they smiling?

One theory that’s been thrown around is bad teeth. These were the pre-braces days, and dental hygiene was really of no concern, so you worked with what you had. However, teeth weren’t a part of society’s conscious and didn’t factor in to beauty standards.

Sports Illustrated

Another theory is that smiling was also associated with madness, drunkenness, or lewdness. This idea seems a little loose, as it is also scientifically proven that smiling is a natural reaction to anyone experiencing joy.

The Shining

The real reason people kept their mouths shut in photos is actually far more psychological than all that. Our ancestors weren’t trying to project that their lives were grim: they were conditioned to believe that a stern mug was the way to express a posh air.

We have paintings, the predecessors of photographs, to thank for this bizarre posing trend. Similar to early photography, getting painted was reserved only for society’s elite, and it had long been the style to reveal minimal facial expression in your portrait.

This probably has something to do with the amount of time it took to create the painting. It’s far easier to hold a neutral face than a giant grin for hours on end. Although life moved slower back then, people still had lives to live.

In the early days of photography, long exposure times also had people holding poses for an extended period. Nothing comparable to modeling for a painting but certainly longer than felt natural. Fortunately, by the 1850s, technology advanced to allow photos to be captured within seconds.

But old habits die hard, and even with timing on their side, people continued to look forlornly towards the lens. Things carried on in this bleak vain until Kodak released a camera in 1888 that was actually affordable for the middle class.


For the first time in history cameras become accessible to the public and photography boomed as a result. With each Kodak camera, the chemical processing was done for you, leaving amateur photographers with one simple instruction, “you press the button, we do the rest.”


Kodak — specifically founder George Eastman — did far more than just put cameras in the hands of the people; he also lent them a new perspective. Every camera included a manual outlining what made a good picture, and it wasn’t what people were used to.

George Eastman/ Kodak

Until this point, most advertising had been fear-based. A “get this or else” kind of psychology was pervasive throughout the market, which targeted people’s emotions in a negative and aggressive way. It may have been effective, but it left consumers feeling bad.

When it came time to market their cameras, Kodak concluded what they were selling wasn’t a threat, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Photography offered the opportunity to immortalize our visions, to bookmark a honeymoon.


As the types of people taking photographs expanded, a wider range of expressions started to emerge. Getting your picture taken was no longer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, people were at liberty to be multifaceted — and despite earlier evidence, they were. By WW II, smiles were the standard.

Smiling for the camera was never a natural instinct, it’s a relationship we’ve slowly created over time. People began to realize they could control how they were represented on film. Amateur photographers could also control how they wanted their subjects to look, much like painters.

As the medium of photography began to expand it actually came to influence painting. It wasn’t until the Edwardian Period, 1895-1914, that we started to see people smiling in paintings, which was after it had already become the trend in photographs.

Angus Trumble, the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia, says, “People in human history have smiled, laughed, and behaved more or less as they do today, in other words naturally and spontaneously, in the private sphere. What is radically different is public performance and public presentation.”

Today, photography is perhaps more ubiquitous than ever. It continues to pull influence from paintings, cinema, society, and nature, and it inspires other mediums in turn. Yet with all the evolution, we as the subjects have stayed more or less the same, presenting posh as we know it best.

Some people argue that this has created a toxic social environment, with photo-centric media platforms consuming an average of 153 minutes of our days. With so much saturation, how can we discern what’s authentic anymore? How can we even know what’s real?


When followers scroll through Instagram Influencer Lil Miquela’s feeds, they see a Brazilian-American beauty with Princess Leia style buns and freckles across her nose. She’s pretty cute, and her carefully curated high-quality photos explain why she has 1.5 million followers.

In her photos, Miquela shows off her travels, designer clothing, and famous friends as any other influencer would do, but something sets her apart.

Miquela may look pretty realistic in some photos, but some followers noticed other pictures in which she looks airbrushed; her freckles don’t look natural, and there is no soul in her eyes. She may remind you of a Sims game, but most people simply accept it.

Other followers suspected there was something off about Miquela’s look, but they figured she simply had plastic surgery or edited her photos like most Instagrammers tend to do. The platform, after all, is full of “contouring” videos and lip-kit advertisements. Unnatural looks are nothing new.

But the truth about Lil Miquela is far more outlandish. See, she doesn’t really live in L.A. or hang out with celebs on the regular. Miquela doesn’t exist. Some call her a robot, others call her a CGI creation, but the fact of the matter is she has no basis in reality.

Unfortunately for Miquela, her secret was bound to come out — after all, nothing remains hidden on the internet. But in the meantime, her posts are covered in comments like “I love you”, “you’re so pretty”, and “I wish I was you.” Not everyone knows.

But on April 18, 2019, just after she appeared on the cover of a streetwear blog, Miquela was hacked and “exposed” by a CGI model named Bermuda (left), who forced her to tell people who she really was. To get her Instagram page back, she had to come clean.

“It’s true,” she wrote. “I’m a robot.” She blamed Brud, the company that created her, for misleading her and all her fans. Of course, that post was created by Brud, which made people wonder what their motivation was behind the whole scheme.

One theory was that this was a promotional project to gain world-wide attention before dropping a clothing line or an album — a theory supported by the fact that Brud co-founder Trevor McFredries is a D.J. by the name of Yung Skeeter, and Miquela has already dropped 2 jams on Spotify.

He claimed his idea to create Miquela stemmed from the 2018 Gucci fall fashion show, where a handful of models strutted down the runway with a carbon copy of their own heads under their arms. Technology can make something impossible look so real.

Yes, it may be unsettling at first to realize you’ve been fooled by a robot, but it also raises a bigger issue: how is anybody supposed to feel good about themselves when there are perfect fake humans among us? Will they replace living models or actors and render thousands of people “useless”?

That may not sound very probable, but the 2002 film S1m0ne starring Al Pacino made the idea pretty realistic. In the movie, he creates a CGI actress based on the looks and voices of other actresses, which is how people think Miquela was born.

Whatever the technology may be that made Miquela happen, it has also been used to create other models like Shudu. She was inspired by supermodel Iman and the Princess of South Africa Barbie doll. Shudu’s creator, however, came under a lot of fire…

The man behind the model is a photographer named Cameron-James Wilson, a white man. Some people felt he was exploiting the image of a black woman instead of just hiring a real black woman and paying her. He, however, said he is actually advocating diversity.

Whatever the case may be, these CGInfluencers are shaking things up, both in good and bad ways. For example, Miquela urges followers to support causes like Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ movement, plus she raised funds for victims of the California wildfire.

This may have something to do with the fact that her creators, Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou are black and Latina, respectively. They hope to use their platform for good but recently shifted their attention away from Miquela.

Why Miquela took a backseat to project robot takeover is unclear, but Brud instead began pushing her male counterpart, Blawko22. Like most men, he gets fewer followers and less engagement than women on Instagram, but he’s still growing slowly.

Miquela, meanwhile, is still up and running, living her best life. She claims that being honest about her fabrication has actually set her free, which is something that other influencers said as well. In the end, being truthful feels a lot better than living a lie.

Brud expressed similar ideas, claiming they wanted to fight fake news with fake news and “make the world a better place.” Its main goal is to expose how unrealistic the standards of social media really are these days.

No matter how we view Instagram, influencers, or inhumanity, there is no denying that Brud and Cameron-James Wilson have created something impressive that starts an important conversation about keepin’ it real.


Divers Uncover A Sunken Submarine That Contains A Controversial Message

In an age where all life’s questions can be answered with the push of a button, physical remnants of the past continue to prove that “history” isn’t as clear cut as we’d like to believe. With each new discovery, the bits and pieces we’ve come to accept as complete fact come together to fill in the gaps that have lingered in the back of our minds. But as we step back and examine this new, indisputable truth, we may not always like what we see.

Such was the case for one group of American researchers, for as they worked to learn the fate of one legendary submarine they discovered that everything they thought they knew was wrong. Not only did the submarine itself leave the scholars baffled, but what they found inside defied reason altogether.

The American Civil War is perhaps remembered as the bloodiest in the country’s history — and for good reason. Between 620,000 and 750,000 individuals lost their lives in the conflict, more than the total number of U.S. military deaths in all other wars combined.

Western Reserve Historical Society

This high casualty count was in large part due to the introduction of advanced military technologies, including rapid-firing weapons and ironclad warships. However, one new invention gave Confederate troops in particular a significant edge when it came to the war at sea…

American Civil War Story

The submarine. While the Union army primarily used these vessels to remove underwater obstructions, the Confederacy employed them as fully fledged war machines, especially those constructed by Horace Lawson Hunley.

Naval History and Heritage Command

A respected marine engineer, Hunley constructed his first war-ready vessel, Pioneer, in New Orleans in February 1862. However, Union forces captured the city later that year and Hunley was forced to scuttle the sub before enemy troops could seize it.

Smithsonian Magazine

After relocating to Alabama, Hunley and his team completed their second sub, American Diver, in early 1863. With the vessel fully functional, Hunley hoped to use the Diver to breach the Union naval blockade that was slowly strangling the Confederacy.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Unfortunately, American Diver sunk while crossing Mobile Bay, sending Hunley right back to the drawing board. The engineer wouldn’t be deterred, however, and using his own funds he crafted a third submarine, later dubbed the H.L. Hunley.

Army Historical Foundation

Capable of carrying eight men, the Hunley was powered via hand crank and equipped with two tanks that served to adjust the ballast of the sub. The vessel was also armed with a spar torpedo (below), a small pole-mounted explosive capable of sinking an enemy ship.

Raul / Flickr

Still, these measures didn’t stop the Hunley from being swamped during early tests after the wake of a passing ship entered its open hatches. Five crewmen were killed in the accident, though Hunley opted to keep the vessel in service.

This proved to be a fatal mistake, however, as on October 15, 1863, the engineer decided to accompany his crew on a routine combat exercise. The sub sank once more and killed all eight crew members aboard, including Hunley himself.

Alabama Department of Archives and History / Twitter

But even with such a poor track record, the Hunley was raised once again in 1864 and sent to the Union blockade. Manned by Lieutenant George E. Dixon and seven crewmen, the sub was tasked with taking down the formidable Housatonic warship.

Not only did the Hunley miraculously stay afloat, but the vessel actually blew a hole in the Housatonic and sent it to the seafloor. This marked the first time in naval history that a submarine had successfully sunk an enemy warship.

National Park Service

But the celebration was short-lived, as crew members back on the mainland stopped receiving radio signals from the Hunley shortly after the attack. Hours passed, and neither the sub nor its crew members were seen again.

Wikipedia Commons

The story of the famous sub was eventually lost to time, though in 1970 whispers of its whereabouts began making the rounds. Evidently, an archaeologist with the Sea Research Society named Edward Lee Spence had discovered the final resting place of the Hunley.


But it wasn’t until 1995 that the rumors were finally confirmed. The Hunley sank just 300 feet from the wreck of the Housatonic, and on August 8, 2000, researchers decided to find out why.

After being raised from the water, the Hunley was transported to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston where restoration efforts began. But as the archaeologists began scrubbing 136 years worth of sand and mud from the vessel, they couldn’t help themselves from peeking inside.

Sure enough, the remains of the Hunley‘s crewmen were still aboard, though there was something… off about them. None of the bodies appeared to have suffered any kind of trauma, and most of the crew were positioned at their stations with no sign that they’d tried to escape.

Smithsonian Magazine

The archaeologists also discovered a small hole where a pipe had broken, though it appeared that none of the crewmen had activated the mechanism to pump out the excess water. Had the men simply been unable to reach the pump in time, or was there something else at play?


One proposed theory is that the Hunley had accidentally collided with the USS Canandaigua (below) as it rushed to the Housatonic‘s aid. Others, however, believe the vessel never even got a chance to head for shore.

They believe that crew of the Hunley actually perished immediately upon sinking the Housatonic. The vessel was likely too close when its torpedo touched the warship, and the resulting shockwave would’ve been strong enough to kill all those onboard.

The Crazy Tourist

For now, the true cause of the Hunley‘s sinking remains a mystery, though even the deepest of oceans can’t hide their secrets forever. Just ask Jon Adams, whose team of divers made a startling discovery in the Black Sea that may very well rewrite history.

Teller Report

Adams, a professor of archaeology at the University of Southampton in England, was leading a team to conduct geophysical surveys of submerged ancient landscapes. It might not sound exciting, but don’t let the science-speak fool you…

Black Sea Map

Since 2015, this team scoured nearly 6,000 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, which no human had seen since the end of the Ice Age! Since humans can only travel to a recommended depth of 130 feet, Adams needed special equipment to reach the seafloor.

Black Sea MAP

The team’s off-shore vessel was equipped with the world’s best underwater technology and equipment. There were two Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to survey the ocean floor and send data back to the main vessel.

Black Sea MAP

One of the ROVs carried bright lights and high-definition cameras. Additionally, the ROV had a laser scanner and other equipment to record data which had gone undiscovered for centuries.

University of Southampton

The purpose of this mission was not only to map previously unexplored areas of the Black Sea, but scientists hoped to discover a world that long since forgotten. They hoped to gain insights on how the pre-historic communities lived.

Since 2015, Adams and his team spent three seasons mapping the Black Sea, covering over 800 miles of sea floor and collecting more than 330 feet of sediment core samples in various strategic locations.

Black Sea MAP

And they’d discovered over 60 shipwreck sites during their mission. Some of the sites dated back to the Byzantine, Roman, and Hellenistic periods. The oxygen depleted water made for an extraordinary possibility of preservation for the treasures they found.

Black Sea MAP

This third season proved to be their most successful season so far. In the last few weeks of exploration, they found 20 new shipwrecks from hundreds to thousands of feet below their vessel. Ships with masts still standing, rudders intact, and equipment still lying on the deck. Impressive!

Rodrido Pacheco-Ruiz

These discoveries were exciting because they showed structural features, fittings, and equipment that only drawings and literature had described prior. Still, these were not the most exciting discoveries the team made…

Black Sea MAP

Off the coast of Bulgaria in late 2017, the team was scanning the sea floor when they noticed an anomaly: a 75-foot-long ship that was partially buried on its side more than a mile below the surface.

University of Southampton

The sunken ship was perfectly preserved so that its mast and rowing benches were still intact. Marine archaeologist Brendan Foley stated, “The usual critters that eat wood and other organics elsewhere… cannot live in these anoxic waters, so shipwrecks… are preserved as if they were in a… big pickle jar.”

Black Sea MAP

From the video footage and imagery, the vessel was thought to be an oar-and-sail-powered Greek vessel. The features on the ship looked similar to that of the Greek trading vessel that appeared on the famous “Siren Vase” located in the British Museum in London.

British Museum

This famous vase depicts Odysseus tied to the mast of the ship as depicted in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.” The vase itself has been dated to about 480 B.C. Not much is known about its creator, so scientists were intrigued about whether there was a connection between the two.

Adams’ team collected a small piece of the ship using the ROV (so as not to disturb the specimen) for radiocarbon dating. When they got the test results back, the whole team realized how important this scientific discovery really was.

Black Sea MAP

Carbon dating revealed the vessel dated back to around 400 B.C. That meant that the ship had been lying undisturbed at the bottom on the Black Sea for more than 2,400 years — and everything about it was perfectly preserved!

Eddie Moore / Albuquerque Journal

Additionally, the vessel just discovered was the oldest intact shipwreck to ever be discovered! Adams stated, “A ship, surviving intact, from the Classical world, lying in over two kilometers of water, is something I would never have believed possible.”


Prior to this discovery, only fragments of ships had been found that pre-date the Greek vessel — the oldest being 3,000-years-old. But with this discovery, and its perfect preservation, the team was able to gain insight as to how far off the coast Greek trading ships would have traveled.

Black Sea MAP

The team concluded that the likely demise of the vessel was a result of an intense storm that brought water aboard. Archaeologists believed the ship probably had a crew of about 15 to 25 men who couldn’t bail water overboard quickly enough.

The technology available these days is remarkable. Foley stated, “The new systems reduce the costs of deep ocean survey and search, and increase the area that can be investigated in a given time. Now it’s becoming possible to map an entire basin (think: the whole Black Sea) and discover every shipwreck on the seafloor.”

Black Sea MAP

Adams and his team plan to leave the Greek vessel at the bottom of the ocean where it belongs. Bringing it to the surface would require them to take apart joints, which would ruin its preservation. They also planed to keep the coordinates of this discovery a secret.

Black Sea MAP

Adams said, “This will change our understanding of shipbuilding and seafaring in the ancient world.” They planned to share their discoveries with the world in the upcoming years, as most of their expeditions were followed by BAFTA-winning filmmakers.


But halfway across the world, another underwater discovery was also beginning to rock some boats. Beneath the calm waters of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, there is a massive secret, one that lay hidden for hundreds of years. But it didn’t stay that way forever.

Flickr / Christian Loader

It is the wreck of the Whydah, a massive ship built to hold 150 men and several hundred tons of cargo. It went missing off the coast of New England in 1717, and many assumed it was lost forever.

However, explorer Barry Clifford discovered the wreck of the Whydah in 1984, and he has been digging up artifacts from the site ever since. His exploits make him one of the greatest treasure hunters of all time.

Wicked Local Yarmouth

Barry has long been on the hunt for a treasure that will make him a legend. He once believed he found the remnants of the Santa Maria from Christopher Columbus’ original 1492 voyage, but tests later determined it was a different vessel.

The Whydah, however, was a monumental find. It was the flagship of one of history’s greatest pirates: Black Sam Bellamy. This captain was known as the ‘Robin Hood of the Sea,’ and for good reason.

For one thing, Bellamy only targeted wealthy merchants and tried to use as little violence as possible. His crew members received equal pay and respect, even those who were Native Americans or former slaves.

In fact, the Whydah was originally the property of slave traders until Bellamy seized it by force and freed the captives aboard.

Valparaiso University, Wikimedia Commons

Most famously, Bellamy pulled off the biggest heists in pirate history. Historians estimate that he plundered the modern equivalent of $120 million throughout his career.

These daring exploits made Bellamy one of the most talked-about pirates of his time. He rose above his criminal origins to become a bona fide folk hero.

Unfortunately, Bellamy didn’t have much time to enjoy his success. A massive storm sank the Whydah, claiming untold amounts of treasure and most of the crew, including Bellamy himself.

Centuries later, Clifford and his colleagues have unearthed countless relics and treasures from the wreck, and they established the Whydah Pirate Museum to share Bellamy’s story.

Discover Pirates

Even though Clifford’s team has been studying this site for decades, he still felt like they were only scratching the surface. Then, one diving mission in late 2016 changed everything.

The explorers located a large chunk of debris from the Whydah that had many artifacts trapped inside of it. They hauled it up to dry land for a closer look.

It presented a virtual treasure trove, with genuine coins and seafaring equipment jutting through the rough surface. But this motherlode contained one thing the scientists didn’t expect to find… human bones.

They came across a femur just a short distance away from what appeared to be Bellamy’s pistol. Could it be the remains of the late great Captain himself?

Wikimedia Commons / WellCome Images

Clifford knew they needed proof, so he recruited a team of forensic scientists. They extracted DNA from the bone and compared it to that of one of Bellamy’s descendants in the United Kingdom. At last, the results came in…

Flickr / vâniamoreira1

But it was not a match. This bone likely belonged to an anonymous crew member, but certainly not to Captain Bellamy. The elusive Black Sam slipped away from authorities once again.

The bad news sunk Clifford’s theory faster than the Whydah. Nevertheless, the bone gave researchers the chance to learn more about the typical sailor from that era.

Clifford can still take pride in his ongoing excavation of the Whydah. After all, no other famous pirate ship has been studied so closely. Nobody can question his accomplishments or contributions to history.

Wikimedia Commons

Besides, the mysteries of the Whydah are still out there in the briny deep, and Bellamy’s final resting place may even surface someday. All it will take is the right person to find it.


Reebok Instapump Fury Appears With New Branded Embellishment

Reebok may be fresh off a bold Trail Shroud iteration of its Instapump Fury, but it’s not done modifying the ever-popular silhouette just yet, as a version with a new branded embellishment just released. Arriving in «Radiant Red/Humble Blue» and «Brazen Berry» colorways, the new style keeps the Steven Smith-designed sneaker’s original ethos intact, but adds a little extra punch with a fabric strip that runs from toebox to tongue.

Each colorway presents the fresh-yet-familiar look in a different fashion. The «Radiant Red/Humble Blue» offers a sporty white, red and blue mix that calls to mind images of Allen Iverson-themed Reebok product from the aughts, while the «Brazen Berry» belies its loud name with an elegant mix of black and reddish-purple. The aforementioned fabric strip provides texture on each pair, with a repeating Vector graphic amping up the branding.

This is matched by similar embellishment on the heel tab, and a touch of hi-vis reflective silver on the toebox adds more standout styling. Tonal Pump buttons on the tongue provide recognizable detailing. A signature two-piece midsole connected by a plastic midfoot shank and proffering DMX cushioning in the heel finalizes the look.

Both of these new Instapump Fury styles are available via retailers like atmos now, priced at ¥19,000 JPY (approximately $172 USD).

Moving to hoop shoes, Jordan Brand‘s classic Team Showcase — a beloved basketball silhouette from the aughts — recently returned in a UNC-style colorway.

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Buzz Aldrin Used One Unsuspected Item To Rescue The Moon Landing

When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins signed up for the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, they knew what they were getting into. Mechanical failures, oxygen management, and sci-fi-inspired undocumented space diseases were just a few possibilities that could prevent them from ever returning to Earth.

Except, in the few hours Neil and Buzz spent on the Moon, a completely unexpected issue surfaced that threatened the entire mission. And though the world eventually watched the astronauts return safely home, reports on the most famous space mission would’ve been awfully different were it not for Buzz Aldrin’s quick thinking.

On July 24, 1969, just after noon, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins were floating on a raft in the Pacific Ocean, waiting patiently for helicopters from the USS Hornet to pluck them from the water.


Once brought aboard the naval craft, the three bold astronauts were hailed as heroes. Seamen rushed to greet them on the flight deck, but they were quickly hurried to the Mobile Quarantine Facility, where a special guest welcomed them home.

Naval Historical Foundation

President Nixon congratulated Buzz, Neil, and Michael, highlighting their contributions to the U.S.A., Earth, and humanity. Yet, in the midst of the celebration, Buzz and the crew couldn’t help but think about how the mission nearly ended in catastrophe.

U.S. National Archives

Buzz Aldrin made the avoided disaster public in his his 2009 book Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon. Apparently, mankind’s giant leap nearly faltered on the Moon.


The exploration mission went well: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left the lunar module and spent the next few hours collecting samples and taking photographs, famously planting the U.S. flag on the Moon’s surface.


Their work finished, the two astronauts returned to the lunar module — the spacecraft that took them from the command module to the Moon’s surface — and ate dinner before settling down for some sleep, which proved difficult.


Because even though Michael Collins was still aboard the command module, keeping the craft in orbit until the three were ready to return to Earth, there wasn’t much room in the lunar module for Neil and Buzz, two grown men trying to stretch out.


They made it work, though. Neil Armstrong fashioned a sort of hammock, and Buzz Aldrin curled up on the moon-dust covered floor. Funny enough, it was this sleeping arrangement that might have saved both their lives.

From his low vantage point, Buzz Aldrin spotted an inch-long, metallic something peaking out from the lunar dust. Curious, he “looked closer and jolted,” as he realized he and Neil were in serious trouble

It was a circuit breaker switch, and he didn’t need years of NASA training to know it most definitely was supposed to be attached to something important. After scanning the module’s instrument panel to see where it came from, he “gulped hard.”

National Air and Space Museum

“The broken switch,” he wrote, “had snapped off from the engine-arm circuit breaker, the one vital breaker needed to send electrical power to the ascent engine, below, that would lift Neil and me off the moon” and back to Michael Collins and the command module.

In other words, if Buzz Aldrin couldn’t repair the breaker, he and Neil would be stuck on the Moon. Panicking, they called NASA Mission Control. Engineers told them not to worry. Houston would have a solution after Buzz and Neil got some sleep.

But Buzz awoke to find Houston still had no idea how to fix the breaker switch. If the first men to walk on the moon didn’t want to be the first men to die on the moon, they had to fix the switch on their own.

“After examining [the circuit breaker] more closely,” Buzz remembered, “I thought that if I could find something in the [lunar module] to push into the circuit, it might hold.” But since it was a electrical circuit, he couldn’t just use his finger.


With the lunar module due to launch and reconnect with the command module in just a few hours, Buzz Aldrin started searching through the cargo onboard the shuttle. Those in the know back on Earth waited with bated breath.

Boston Globe

No one in Houston wanted President Nixon to have to deliver the second moon-landing speech he prepared — the one that read, “Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.”

However, Buzz Aldrin realized the solution might be in his pocket: A felt-tipped pen. With only a few hours of oxygen remaining in the lunar module, he and Neil hoped the pen would work. Their lives — and a nation’s hope — relied on it.

To make sure they had enough time to look for a second solution, Neil and Buzz agreed to forgo their final few hours on the moon and leave for the command module right then and there.

“After moving the countdown procedure up by a couple of hours in case it didn’t work,” Buzz wrote, “I inserted the pen into the small opening where the circuit breaker switch should have been, and pushed it in.”

It worked! “The circuit breaker held,” Buzz wrote. “We were going to get off the moon, after all.” The spacecraft ascended, and soon, Buzz and Neil reconnected with Michael Collins on the command module and were on their way to the USS Hornet.

Two years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin so famously took a giant leap for mankind, NASA concluded two lunar landings weren’t enough. Organization executives wanted a third, so they cooked up the Apollo 14 mission.


The mission saw Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell suit up for what would be a nine-day jaunt to the moon. via NASA

NASA scheduled the launch for October 1970, but, after the failure of the Apollo 13 mission, delayed it four months. So, it was January 31, 1971, when these three finally took off from the Kennedy Space Center.

The astronauts hoped, of course, that their scientific agenda up in space would change the way humanity thought about physics. About life. They didn’t know, however, that they’d make a discovery destined to shake the scientific community years later.

America Space via NASA

On February 5, the crew landed on the moon. Shepard and Mitchell took giant leaps of their own, while Roosa stayed in lunar orbit. Over the next 33 hours, the guys worked.


While in the orbiting shuttle, Roosa took photos of the Earth and moon, including the spot the future Apollo 16 was scheduled to land. He also germinated 500 tree seeds, which, fun fact, eventually became known as Moon Trees.


Meanwhile, on the moon’s surface, Shepard whacked a few golf balls with a club he built with some spare junk. Cool as that sounds, the real game-changing mission involved rocks.

Shepard and Mitchell collected almost 100 pounds of moon rocks. Scientists were no doubt licking their lips thinking of all the rare moon minerals and lunar geological practices these puppies would help them understand.


Nine days after takeoff, on February 9, the Apollo 14 crew landed safely in the Pacific Ocean. Back on Earth, they delivered their findings to NASA, where scientists eagerly went to work.


Unbeknownst to the Apollo 14 crew, however, was that amidst those hundreds of rocks was one that would have scientists completely baffled. A rock that had no business being on the moon.

This was learned decades later, after NASA loaned the rock to Curtin University in Australia. There, in 2018, Professor Alexander Nemchin made an eyebrow-raising observation about the rock (below).

The 1.8-gram sample contained granite, a mineral common on Earth but incredibly rare on the moon. “The sample also contains quartz (below),” Professor Nemchin added, “which is an even more unusual find on the moon.”

Blake Schwartz / flickr

Additionally, the rock contained zircon, and the chemistry was “very different from that of every other zircon grain ever analyzed in lunar samples,” he continued, “and remarkably similar to that of zircons found on Earth.”

In other words, somehow, among all the rocks collected by Shepard and Mitchell, was a rock formed on Earth! Professor Nemchin and his team were stumped: how could a stone make the journey without hitching a ride?


Professor Nemchin and his team put their heads together and composed a theory. The story behind the rock’s journey, as they saw it, started 4 billion years before the Apollo 14 crew stepped aboard their spacecraft.

See, back then, when the Earth was in its infancy, space proved a wild place. Asteroids were constantly slamming into the baby-faced planet, forming the landmasses we call home (because Bruce Willis wasn’t around to destroy them).

Some of those pre-Willis meteors hit with so much impact that they launched pieces of the earth’s surface a few dozen million miles, all the way up to the surface of the moon.

New Scientist

While this sounds insane, the moon during that time period was about three times closer to Earth than it is now. This explained why the rock collected by the Apollo crew was so clearly formed under terrestrial conditions.

An alternative theory is that conditions on the moon billions of years ago were, like, the total opposite of what they are now, and that allowed the rock to form as is. Nemchin and his crew found the asteroid catapult a more reasonable theory.

Either way, as team member Dr. David Kring, of the Universities Space Research Association, said, “it is an extraordinary find that helps paint a better picture of early Earth and the bombardment that modified our planet.”


Astros Manager and G.M. Fired Over Cheating Scandal

James Wagner, reporting for The New York Times:

It is an enduring part of baseball strategy: As a batter is at the
plate, his teammates carefully watch a catcher’s fingers to figure
out what pitch is about to be thrown.

And it’s all fair play as long as teams do not enhance the
abilities of the naked eye and clever minds with either cameras or
electronic devices that allow teammates to signal the batter
whether a fastball or a breaking ball is on the way.

But that is exactly what the Houston Astros did during their 2017
championship-winning season, clouding that World Series title and
causing one of baseball’s biggest cheating scandals in years,
Major League Baseball officials said on Monday in a scathing
report detailing the team’s scheme.

By the end of the day, Houston General Manager Jeff Luhnow and
Manager A.J. Hinch — the two men who helped propel the Astros
to the top of the sport — had been suspended and then fired,
while their club was left with severe penalties for deploying a
scheme involving cameras and monitors to decode the hand signals
of catchers and tip off Houston batters. One of their favorite
communication methods was banging on a trash can just outside
the dugout.

Commissioner Manfred’s report (PDF) is a scathing read (with a crazy file name). My favorite part of this whole sad saga is the indignant way A.J. Hinch responded to allegations that the Astros were illegally signaling signs against the Yankees this postseason. My guess is it’s not “making him laugh” any more.

Put a big asterisk next to that 2017 World Series. What an embarrassing stain on the sport.


Scientists Are Struggling To Explain A Lake That Visitors Don’t Return From

Roopkund Lake is tucked between two Himalayan peaks in India, and it attracts visitors from all over the planet. They don’t strap into their hiking boots and tackle the dangerous trek just to take a swim, though.

Instead, there’s a chilling reason that people dare gather around the edges of the shallow water and peer past the surface. The lake offers a “view” quite like any other, and so far, scientific explanations have offered no answer for the phenomena. Their studies have only further complicated our understanding of the body of water.

As with most water in freezing temperatures, Roopkund Lake is frozen solid for most months of the year. The small body of water measures only 135 feet wide and is 16,500 feet above sea level.

Atish Waghwase

It’s no easy trek up the mountain to reach the lake. While the Himalayas seem like a supporting cast to the star that is Mount Everest, the truth is, Everest is only the 10th-deadliest mountain in the range.

Some mountain peaks in the range, though technically not as tall as Everest, have unsettling stats. Annapurna 1 and K2 have mortality rates between 29-32% each. So, you have to be either insane or somewhat superhuman to attempt the climb.

Anton Pugovkin

Up past 16,000 feet, the deadly forces of nature surround you. People who navigate the range can plan for a certain amount. Supplies, training and knowledge can take you far. But there’s certainly a lot that can’t be predicted.

Elia Saikaly Youtube

Roopkund Lake is one of those things. A wildcard variable that even the most experienced of climbers seem unable to reckon with. The most surprising thing is the scope of this mystery. It’s no modern anomaly.

A century ago, problems started to surface. Literally. In the summer months, while the ground surrounding the seemingly innocuous lake is still covered in snow, it begins to thaw slowly. As the ice melts from the surface, dark secrets rear from its shallow depths.

Mac Newlove Youtube

If you were to take a dip in this particular lake, though you would never do so at risk of hypothermia, the bottom of your feet wouldn’t be greeted with rocks or gravel or any other standard lake foundation. Instead, your foot might brush against a human skull.

Himadri Sinha Roy

When Roopkund defrosts, bones come to the surface. Thousands and thousands of bones constituting the remains of a still untold number of individuals are visible beyond the surface of the water. This disturbing eccentricity earned Roopkund the nickname “Skeleton Lake.”

Alagappan Ramasamy

Local legends explain the bones easily. The story goes that the King of Kanauj and his pregnant wife, along with a dance troupe and their servants met their end from a hailstorm and perished near the lake. Scientists wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Bhansali Productions

A recent study conducted by scientists from India, Germany, and the United States acquired and examined DNA from 38 different remains. The hope was to get a better understanding of who these people were and how they might have met their end.

Harvard Gazette

The results of the study made every variable even more muddied than before. Geneticist Jennifer Raff from the University of Kansas described the new, “far richer view into the possible histories of this site.” Here’s what we know.

It was believed that the remains were all related and were most probably dumped at the same time, like a mass grave or possibly the scene of a peculiar weather event that led to their death. It turns out, the individuals were from across a millennium.

DNA results dated the some bones from the 7-10th century and others from the 17th century. Meaning that one set of remains existed lifetimes before another, though they all ended up there. Yet another bit of information made finding a reasonable explanation even more unlikely.

Pat and Baiba Morrow

The DNA showed that not only were the individuals unrelated, but they came from a variety of ethnic groups. Scientists narrowed it down to three categories: South Asian, East Asian and oddly, Mediterranean. Specifically, people from modern day Greece.

New information doesn’t lend itself to a logical narrative regarding the strange phenomena. All we know for sure is that centuries of people from across the world have met their end on the shores of Skeleton Lake with no explanation of how.

With no historical account of their journeys, only answers rooted in pure speculation remain. Some believe the lake’s proximity to a Hindu-pilgrim route could explain why some died there. But that doesn’t explain the Mediterranean presence.

They might have been unlucky explorers attempting to conquer the dangerous mountain range, or possibly people brought to the lake specifically for burial. Men, women, and children were all represented in the sample.

This is were the mystery stands. Even with the help of modern science, the mystery at Skeleton Lake seems like it will remain just that for the foreseeable future. Strangely, the site has become a tourist attraction for this very reason.

In the summer, people make the hike up to Roopkund to observe the bones of ancient people piled on one another unceremoniously on the bottom of the lake. The grim sight contrasts the tranquil, snowy landscape.

Surrounded by nothing but the harsh whisper of the Himalayan winds, hikers and tourists can develop their own theories about the remains, each as good as the other. It may as well be the King of Kanauj and his late wife at the bottom of the lake.


Even at the risk of becoming another set of bones in Skeleton Lake, traversing the most famous Himalayan peak aka Mt. Everest is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Every year, hundreds of people attempt to make the 29,035-foot climb, but not everyone finds success.

Base camps are set up at specific points on the mountain for climbers to rest up before the next harrowing leg of the journey. High altitudes mean frigid temperatures, but that’s far from the only hazard climbers face.

Along with the constant bone-chilling wind gusts, there’s a severe lack of oxygen. Climbers wear oxygen tanks to avoid suffocating during the ascent. They also hang on to meticulously placed ropes to avoid the worst outcome of them all.

Slipping on the mountain means almost certain death. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and no one can do anything except watch you tumble down to your demise. Clearly, it takes a fearless mindset to scale the peak, and one particular Nepalese man has that — and more.

Born in 1970, Kami Rita knows Mt. Everest better than almost anyone in the world. He’s a seasoned climber who’s spent countless hours studying the terrifying terrain, finding the best ways to reach Everest’s summit.

If you ran into him on the street, you’d have no idea he was the type of person who could withstand the barrage of threatening elements Mt. Everest serves up. But, you also wouldn’t know he’s a Sherpa, which means he’s adept at handling the most extreme conditions imaginable.

Many years ago, well before Mt. Everest became a popular spot for thrill seekers, Sherpa tribespeople spent much of their time trading goods and herding yak deep within the Himilayan mountains.

The rugged living conditions gave the Sherpa incredible stamina and knowledge of the intense environment. So, when people began showing interest in scaling Everest, they were naturally the ones best suited to guide them.

Climbing the Goliath mountain would be an impossible feat without the supervision of Sherpas. Before each climbing season, they study the mountain to a T to devise the safest path possible to the top. Then they head out and plot the path themselves.

Using a complex network of ropes, anchors, and reinforced ladder-bridges, they lay out the path to the summit. The route changes every year, and Sherpas constantly risk their lives before they even lead their first group up. Nothing is more dangerous than “the death zone.”

“The death zone” is the portion of Everest that sits at such a high altitude there isn’t enough oxygen to breathe. Kami ensures every climber has a fully stocked tank ready to go. Reaching the top, however, also relies on a heavy spiritual practice according to Kami.

Sherpas believe a goddess inhabits every mountain, and to ensure a safe climb, those goddesses must be satisfied. Kami goes through an intense ritual long before each epic ascent.

“Months before I start an ascent I start worshiping and ask for forgiveness because I will have to put my feet on her body,” Kami said. He treats the mountains with the utmost respect, and that’s allowed him to do something most people can’t even fathom.

It seems impossible to believe, but Kami has reached the top of Mt. Everest a mindblowing 24 times! His first success was in 1994, and since then, he’s been at the helm of tons of expeditions.

Kami is known as somewhat of a celebrity when it comes to Mt. Everest, and for good reason. There was one week he climbed it twice. Craziest of all, Everest isn’t the only mountain this champion conquered.

He also climbed the second highest mountain behind Everest, K2 (left), and the world’s sixth highest mountain, Cho-Oyu (right). Along with media attention, Kami’s received plenty of other rewards for his efforts.

He’s received plaques and money for his amazing work! In 2018, he was earning about $10,000 per climb because of his experience. He makes a good living, but there’s one person in his life who doesn’t exactly love his line of work.

His wife, Lakpa, fears for his safety every time. She said, “I keep telling him we could look for other jobs, start a small business.” Kami, however, is passionate about climbing life, although both said they wanted safer professions for their two children.

At 49 years of age, Kami still feels great and thinks he has several more years of climbing in him. “I am healthy,” he said. “I can keep going until I am 60 years old.” With his track record, it doesn’t sound like that will be a problem.

As thrilling as completing an epic bucket-list goal like Mt. Everest is, as a beginner, it’s imperative you have someone like Kami with you to prevent a tragedy. However, even seasoned climbers can run into trouble, and not just on Mt. Everest.

If you asked free-climber Brad Parker’s closest friends about him, they would all sing similar praises: he had a gift with people. He was one of those gems everyone just gravitated to — he was larger than life.

Brad Parker / Facebook

And it was easy to see why. After finishing up high school in 1996, the Santa Rosa, California, native traveled the world. He passed through Indonesia, New Zealand, and more, and jumped head first into any extreme sport he could find.

Brad Parker / Facebook

In his thirties, he catapulted himself into the upper-echelons of rock climbers, earning a cover spot on California Climber magazine in 2012. On the side, he taught yoga — his energy and enthusiasm captivated even those he barely knew.

Brad Parker / Facebook

“Rock climbers knew him as [an awesome] climber,” Brad’s best friend and climbing partner Jerry Dodrill said. “Surfers knew him as [an awesome] surfer, and yoga instructors knew him as an amazing yoga instructor.”

Brad’s friends, family, and even minor acquaintances were delighted in June 2014, when the 36-year-old let his friends and family on social media know the truth: he was in love with a girl named Jainee Dial.

Brad Parker / Facbook

Jainee managed an online store that sold outdoor adventure products to women, and she faced life with a similar enthusiasm as Brad. In fact, two months after Brad’s Facebook post, the couple set out for Yosemite National Park.

Jainee Dial / Facebook

And though Jainee didn’t know it, the ever-smiling, always-excited Brad planned a surprise for her there. He unveiled it on a Saturday morning climb to the summit of Cathedral Peak — a 10,912-foot mountain.

Jainee Dial / Facebook

Using ropes, the couple ambled upwards for a few hours before reaching the narrow peak of the mountain. There, on a piece of rock just big enough for two people to stand on, Brad lowered himself to one knee and asked Jainee to marry him.

For nearly 40 years, Brad chased every thrill he could find, but chances were, his heart never beat harder or faster than in the split-second silence following his proposal. To his delight, Jainee said “yes.”

Minutes later, as the two descended the mountain, Brad told her, “this is the happiest day of my life.” And though Brad didn’t know it, that moment of pure elation that followed the couple’s commitment to marriage was the moment his life peaked…

…because once they reached the base of the mountain, the climber caught an itch — an itch to climb another mountain. So while Jainee headed back to camp, Brad hiked to Matthes Crest, a massive ridge just three miles away.

In hindsight, it wasn’t unexpected that Brad left his fiancé to climb again — he’d been training for a major climb he planned for the future. But as he hiked up towards Matthes Crest, other hikers noticed something was off about the man.

One of those hikers, Cedric Ma, saw Brad on his way to the crest. “He said he was dehydrated and had cramps,” Cedric wrote. “After that, he continued to solo up the north summit and disappeared from view.”

Nevertheless, cramped, dehydrated, and likely fatigued from climbing earlier in the day at high altitudes, Brad tackled the vertical face of Matthes Crest. At about 5:45 p.m. — hours after his proposal — Brad slipped.

Other climbers and hikers in the area watched from afar as the experienced climber and soon-to-be-wed man fell 300 feet from the top of the ridge. He hit the rocky ground below with a thud. Then, there was silence.

This silence was not like the momentary one that followed Brad’s proposal to Jainee. This was the silence of death, total and deafening, a finite sort of thing broken only by the park rangers when they hiked in to recover Brad’s body.

By the time rangers found Brad, it was too late for the helicopter to fly in for extraction. They left him there overnight, and in the morning, they removed him from the park. Soon, word spread to all of Brad’s friends and family.

There was little solace to take in Brad’s death, but still, as Brad himself would’ve done, his loved ones turned the meaninglessness of his demise into something beautiful. They spread his ashes around the California coast — and more.

As time passed, Brad’s friends found more ways to honor their friend. The memorial service for Brad featured a “paddle out” into the Russian River Mouth near Jenner, California. There, Jainee and Brad’s mother mourned together.

Jerry Dodrill

And when the wounds healed further, those close to Brad ventured into Yosemite. Together, they climbed Cathedral Peak, the place where Brad enjoyed the happiest moment of his action-packed life. That moment with Jainee.

Jainee Dial / Facebook

It wasn’t until later, when the pain of the moment didn’t sting so deep, that Jainee sat down and reflected, recording her thoughts in a 2016 Facebook post. “To Brad Parker,” she wrote. “It’s so bittersweet. So brutal. And yet, so precious and true…”

Jainee Dial / Facebook

She continued. “You not only live on in me but continue to live on in others and give them life. And not only life, but that great consciousness of life that reminds us what truly matters…You continue to give me life. And what an awful, stinging irony that is.”

Jerry Dodrill


Group Of Teens Noticed Something On The Slopes That Triggered Their Heroic Instincts

Whether you’re young, old, or just plain inexperienced, there’s a spot for you on the ski slopes. People can’t resist the rush of adrenaline that comes from gliding down a mountainside. Though with a twitch of your foot, you can end up eating snow — and that’s really a best-case scenario.

You ski and snowboard accepting the potential risk of a sports injury. Putting your life on the line before you even make it to the top of the mountain, however, isn’t part of the agreement. A little boy in North Vancouver was ready to spend a day skiing with his dad until a split-second moment threatened to knock him out cold. 

It was a quarter to four in the afternoon on Grouse Mountain, and the slopes were packed with people. With bundled up groups milling about and skiers gliding in every direction, it was easy to let something slip by unnoticed.

Grouse Mountain

Breaking through the hustle and bustle of the mountain ripped a terrified scream. Everybody’s hat-covered heads snapped in the same direction, searching for the source of the sound. They needn’t look far — they just had to look up.

CTV News Vancouver

From one of the highest sections of the chair lift, dangled a child. He clung to his father’s hands, though from his position he was unable to pull his son to safety. So the dad did what he could — he filled his lungs and screamed for help.

Global News

Carolina Akoglu was also riding the ski lift up the mountain when the boy slipped from his seat. Her stomach wrenched watching the boy, his father and sibling helpless in their chair, scrambling to do anything to avoid an icy drop and serious injury.

Global News

The father, Carolina remembered, was shouting for the operator to stop the lift, but it was no use. His yells were drowned out by the music blaring through the lift speakers. So the chair kept inching forward while the boy tried to maintain his grip.

Berkshire Eagle

A group of teenagers noticed the scene unraveling in the sky above and they knew if they didn’t do something to help, it might be too late. No ski patrol vehicles were in sight. It was up to them.

Global News

For how easy it is to end up in a precarious position on the ski lift, getting injured on one is actually rare. According to the National Ski Areas Association, in the 44 years they’ve observed lift accidents, there were 13 deaths, and just one occurred after 1993.

Denver Westword

Ski lift mishaps are rare, not unheard of. At Sasquatch Mountain Resort in British Columbia, in January 2019, an almost identical situation unfolded: another young boy found himself suspended in mid-air hanging from the moving chair lift.

Fellow skier Steve Perry spotted the boy and alerted the lift operator, who quickly shut it down. In an interview with Global News, he said “It was actually pretty impressive. I’d say within three to four minutes, there was probably four to five ski patrol there.”

Abby News

Falling from great heights isn’t the only risky business associated with ski lifts. At the very same resort in 2017, the dopes on the slopes that day were put through a scary ordeal when a power surge brought the chair lift to a screeching halt.

USA Today

In total, 120 people were stranded in the icy air while resort employees worked to get them down. Three hours in the frigid temperatures later, they were able to get the lift moving again to return everyone safely to the ground.

Frozen / Anchor Bay Films

Back on Grouse Mountain, the boy’s strength was the only thing keeping him from plummeting to a snowy crash, one of the teens, James MacDonald, turned to the woman next to him and said, “He’s not going to be able to hang on for much longer.”

The Good Son / Twentieth Century Fox

With the help of his buddies, Joshua Ravensbergen, Gabriel Neilson, Ethan Harvey, and Sam North, James searched for any object within reach that could withstand the force of a body dropping over 20 feet through the air.

CBC Kid News

The best they managed was a nearby section of out-of-bounds netting. Another bystander clocked the situation and ran to help. For extra cushioning, they took safety padding that encased a pole on, then slapped it on top of the net, mimicking a firefighter rescue.

Culver City Firefighters

Peter Pian and Danielle McKinney also sprang into action to assist in the rescue, moving without thought because there wasn’t any time for second-guessing. The boy was visibly frightened, flailing his limbs, unable to hold on much longer. 

Global News

They stood with the makeshift net outstretched beneath him. All they could do was hope that their plan wouldn’t fail. It was time to let go, but a cautionary thought occurred to James. What about the skis fastened to the boy’s feet?

Last Minute Gear

For a 13-year-old kid, James showed wisdom beyond his years when he adopted the calmest demeanor possible to instruct the boy to kick off his skis. Despite his panic, he followed suit. With a bit of wriggling, one ski fell, and then the next.

KHQ Q6 News

In a moment that will stick with them forever, the father told his son this was time to trust that it would all be okay. With a final shout of confirmation from the father, they released hands and the boy dropped.


The tug of the net told the rescuers they’d pulled it off. He’d landed safely in the center and judging from his speechlessness, he appeared totally stunned to be there. After his brush with death, the boy earned hugs from his parents and several mugs of cocoa. 

Vanity Fair / Christmas Story

Besides being slightly shaken, the boy walked away without injury, but maybe a reluctance to head to the slopes for a few years. They say practice makes perfect, and with a sport like skiing, repetition brings confidence — which can backfire.


Confident skier Anna Bagenholm was born and raised in Sweden back in 1970. A young woman with dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, she later decided to do her residency in Narvik, Norway. Moving there would change her life in more ways than one.

By May of 1999, she’d earned a position as a surgical assistant at Narvik hospital, and had been working there for a year. To celebrate, she and two of her colleagues hit the slopes and spend their day-off skiing on a familiar mountainside.

Perhaps it was because Anna knew the slopes so well (although she hadn’t skied on them since the year before) that she felt confident and didn’t pay close to attention to where she twisted and turned.

Unfortunately, Anna quickly lost control of her skis. She veered off the side of the slope and fell headfirst onto a layer of ice on a frozen stream near a waterfall, landing on her back, which created a hole in the ice…

…That Anna immediately sunk into. The freezing water enveloped her beneath ice that was 8 inches thick, and when he friend’s arrived at the scene, they saw only her skis.

Each grabbing a leg, they tried pulling Anna out. After seven minutes of struggling, when they still couldn’t get her head above the surface, they turned to their cellphones for help.

They waited and waited, holding onto Anna’s legs and skis so she wouldn’t slip under the ice completely. Meanwhile, Anna had found a little air pocket that allowed her to breathe. Time was running out rapidly.

After 40 minutes, she lost consciousness due to circulatory arrest, and it wasn’t until 7:40 pm that the rescue team was able to pull her out and perform CPR on her. By that time, she had been in the freezing cold water for 80 minutes.

When she was lifted into the helicopter, her pupils were dilated, her blood was not circulating, and she wasn’t breathing. The emergency team continued CPR and oxygen ventilation during the flight, but they didn’t arrive at the hospital until 9:10 pm.

There, Dr. Mads Gilbert, an anesthesiologist and the chief of the hospital’s emergency room, tried resuscitating her. He had his work cut out for him: her body temperature was the lowest ever recorded at 56.7°F. (The average is 98.6°F).

Dr. Gilbert commented on Anna’s state: “She has completely dilated pupils. She is ashen, flaxen white. She’s wet. She’s ice cold when I touch her skin, and she looks absolutely dead.” But, he wouldn’t declare her so until her body was warm.

Hundreds of doctors and nurses worked tirelessly for over nine hours to bring her back to life. At 9:40 pm, she was hooked up to a machine that warmed her blood outside of her body. At 10:15, her first heartbeat was recorded.

On May 30th, she finally woke up, but not to a speedy or easy recovery. In fact, she was paralyzed from the neck down and was angry with her colleagues for rescuing her. “I feared a meaningless life, without any dignity,” she said.

Miraculously, her dignity didn’t remain a question for long. As time passed, she overcame her paralysis, but not without worries. She remained in the ICU because her kidneys were malfunctioning.

Dr. Steen at the National Hospital in Oslo said it was “an extraordinary medical achievement.” He theorized that she recovered because her metabolism slowed so much in the cold water that her body needed less oxygen.

Despite everything Anna had been through, she suffered no brain damage, which Dr. Gilbert said was likely due to the extensive CPR she had received. She returned to work in October that year, ready to meet the doctors and nurses who saved her life.

“When you are a patient, you’re not thinking you are going to die. You think ‘I’m going to make it.’ But as a medical person, I think it’s amazing that I’m alive,” Anna explained. Only minor symptoms of neural damage in her hands and feet remained.

These days, Anna is not only a case study but a certified surgeon, and amazingly, she still hits the slopes. She is living, skiing proof that even when a lot of time has gone by, with the right conditions, survival is still an option. Just like another woman living half a world away…

Angela lived in Oregon, but she missed her family down in Southern California. One weekend in July, she decided it would be nice to visit them. It was almost the last choice she ever made.

It was a beautiful day when she set out from Portland in her white Jeep Patriot. Angela had only the hundreds and hundreds of miles of highway ahead to keep her company.

Facebook / Angela Hernandez

It was a long drive, but at least the trip would offer some breathtaking views along the way. Angela could put her camera to good use!

Facebook / Angela Hernandez

The most beautiful — and dangerous — part of the drive came when Angela passed through the Big Sur. The highway ran right along the California coast, with the Pacific Ocean only a cliffside away.

Travel Channel

Angela only remembered fragments of what happened next. The only thing that’s clear was that a small animal darted out into the middle of the winding road. She swerved to avoid it.

She lost consciousness as her car tore through the guardrail and plummeted 250 feet to the ocean below. It began to sink. Could anyone survive such a crash?


When Angela awoke, water already filled up her vehicle up to her knees, and its level was rising. She grabbed a multi-tool she kept inside, smashed through the side window, and crawled out to the beach.

Bloody and battered, she rolled over on the shore. She sustained injuries all over her body, and her shoes were missing. Her feet ached as she clambered up the rocks to escape the incoming tide and get some rest.

Once Angela got her bearings, she saw that there was no way back up to the highway, or even a clear path along the beach. She needed to signal for help, but first, she had more pressing needs.

Incredible thirst overtook her, so Angela rummaged through her washed-up car for supplies. She came across a black hose that had fallen out and figured it could be useful.

Flickr / DSherland

She then found a mossy rock on the cliffside that dropped a bead of water every couple seconds. Angela attached one end of the hose to the rock and drank.

Angela spent hours trying to flag down a car from the road above, but she was too far down and the cars were going too fast. Days passed by…

Of course, police were searching for Angela after her family reported that she never showed up. But with so much ground to cover along the California coast it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Liverpool Echo

The week after the crash, Chad and Chelsea Moore were hiking along the coast when they noticed something strange at the base of the cliff. It appeared to be a wrecked car. They found their way down to the beach to investigate.

Chad and Chelsea were busy gathering items that must have come from the car when they heard a cry for help. They ran over to some nearby rocks where they found Angela. Though weak, she was still alive.

Cell service wasn’t great in the Big Sur, but Chad and Chelsea were, fortunately, able to reach emergency services. They stayed with her and did what they could until a medical team arrived.

SF Gate

After first responders airlifted Angela to a nearby hospital, they worked to haul the debris up the cliff by crane. Although the first cable snapped, they managed to lift the Jeep back up.

All told, Angela endured a brain hemorrhage, four broken ribs, a shattered collarbone, a collapsed lung, and ruptured blood vessels in both eyes. Lucky for her, she made a full recovery.

Angela now feels like she has a new lease on life, and she’s held on to various items from her car to remind herself how blessed she is. Not many other people would have survived the crash, let alone lasted on the beach for a week after.

Facebook / Angela Hernandez

Angela says that the incident convinced her that there is indeed a bigger purpose in her life. She makes sure to savor every moment and spend as much time possible with the ones she loves.


Maintenance Worker Scraping Away Old Paint Uncovers A Forgotten Treasure

The San Francisco Art Institute is one of the oldest art schools in the country, and thousands of students pass through its corridors every year, admiring the massive murals on the walls from world-renowned artists. It houses some of the best pieces of contemporary art ever created.

But when Facilities Manager Heather Hickman Holland was walking the school’s halls one afternoon, she noticed something odd on one of the white walls. Confused, she peered closer, suddenly realized what she was looking at, and gasped.

Thousands of students and visitors walk the halls of the San Francisco Art Institute every year. The walls are adorned with massive murals from world-famous artists who hail from all over the world.

At 140 years old, the institute is one of the oldest in the United States and the oldest west of the Mississippi River. And, as one worker discovered, not everything about the school is what it seems.


Facilities Manager Heather Hickman Holland is an employee at the institute and has years of experience dealing with the school’s inner workings. However, one afternoon while roaming the halls, she noticed something that seemed off.

Drew Alitzer

As she was looking up at the white walls, she saw some markings she initially thought were clusters of cobwebs. But, as she peered closer, her eyes widened and she gasped.

The “cobwebs” she thought she was looking at weren’t that at all. They were actually the faint outlines of something underneath the white paint covering the walls of the Institute. So, she headed to the school’s library to investigate.

She combed through documents that detailed the history the school. She never really had a reason to take a super in-depth dive into the school’s past, but what she found astonished her.

The Chronicle

She learned there were a series of murals painted on the original school’s walls during the New Age era, which was the period of time after the Great Depression when major reforms were made.

The Chronicle

It was during that same exact time period a collection of murals called the Works Progress Administration murals were created. They were part of the post-Great Depression Federal Art Project.

The painting appeared to be a “fresco” painting, which meant it came from an ancient technique of brushing watercolors onto wet plaster. The discovery attracted the attention of a woman named Molly Lambert.

Lambert was an architectural conservator, so naturally she jumped at the chance to take a crack at carefully uncovering the historic find and preserving as much of its integrity as possible.

Lambert and her colleagues knew they had to be incredibly gentle taking the paint off the walls. There were many layers to remove, and ensuring the fresco’s safety was the most important mission.

The Chronicle

It was far from cheap to hire a team to take apart such a large section of wall, but luckily, the school managed to secure large grants from the Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation and Save America’s Treasures.

The massive undertaking was finally in full swing. The first several layers of paint were brushed away with ease, but once they got to the actual watercolor, they gently scraped little by little to avoid destruction.


One of the men featured in the painting had a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. Lambert joked about the character, saying, “Look at this guy, he even has a cigarette that says Chesterfield on it. He’d be vaping today.” 


The painting reminded the team of a massive mural hanging the art school’s auditorium painted by a prominent Mexican artist named Diego Rivera in 1931. The team wondered if their new find was just as old.

Slowly but surely, the team was able to take off all of the crusted white paint, leaving an absolutely breathtaking picture behind. This was the kind of discovery of which any architectural conservator’s dreams were made.


Lambert said of the final product, “Of course when you uncover something like this you’re not sure what the quality’s going to be. But this is fantastic.” But, who was artist behind this 1930s masterpiece?

Lambert and Holland learned the artist behind the fresco was Frederick Olmsted, a man considered the father of American landscape architecture. The women made another discovery after they ventured to the area supposedly depicted in the painting.

A local restaurant called Brick & Beam was built inside the exact same building that once served as the marble factory in Olmsted’s piece. The fresco was full of more intricacies than anyone imagined.

Now that Olmsted’s piece was found, the school plans to uncover more of the hidden murals and turn the white hallways into dazzling spectacles. They knew that some of the greatest artistic discoveries were covered by time.

Museum curators and art historians are knowledgeable gatekeepers when it comes to the body of work left behind by the most famous artists in the world. The important work they do in collaboration with scientists has led to many new discoveries.

Baylor Univeristy

They don’t just admire art — they work on it. Whether it’s restoration or maintenance, they are hands on and attempt to understand the way that beloved masterpieces were created. Every now and then, they find something incredible.

Leica Microsystems

Studying Leonardo da Vinci leads to man breakthroughs for historians. He had a mind for so many things. A genius in the truest sense of the word, he dedicated his life to scientific and architectural pursuits in addition to his art.

Da Vinci was secretive and strange, often unable to complete artistic projects because of his wandering mind and relentless pursuit of knowledge. This makes the important discovery even more apt. Of anyone, it would be da Vinci who left behind a secret message.

Universal Pictures

Born in April of 1452, he was the illegitimate son of a fifth-generation notary. This may seem unlucky but is actually part of the reason he became the artist and inventor he did. Had he been born a legitimate son, life would’ve been different.

At the time, children would follow in their parents footsteps. So, he would’ve gone to school to be notary and possibly would have never explored his other talents. His status allowed him to freely explore his passions and a non-traditional education.

He was largely self-taught and wasn’t afraid to push boundaries. For example, he often dissected the corpses of humans and animals. This dedication to understanding anatomy helped him create the most realistic and vivid human forms in his art.


In his twenties, da Vinci was almost executed due to sodomy charges, but was spared. He then disappeared for two years before reemerging to complete an artistic commission for a chapel in Florence.

Juan Carlos Peaguda

He often wrote in reverse in his journals (one of which would later be sold to Bill Gates for $30 million) that are full of scientific and philosophical revelations. Now, a new discovery is reigniting interest in the mysterious genius.

Bill Gates Youtube

The Virgin on the Rocks may not have the same recognition of The Last Supper or The Mona Lisa, but it’s got an interesting past and is known to be a hiding place for yet another work by da Vinci that was kept secret for so long.

The painting in question is actually one of two. The first one hangs in the Louvre in Paris and the second in the National Gallery in London. Da Vinci painted the one in the Louvre first and recreated it due to popular demand.

Despite it technically being a copy of the first, the National Gallery version is special for a few reasons. One being that Da Vinci painted it with his fingers instead of a paintbrush. The other thing that set it apart shocked researchers.

Using infrared and hyperspectral imaging on the painting revealed a secret image behind the paint that had dried over five hundred years before. It turns out, there was a completely alternative version of the famous painting.

Because the hidden drawing was made with a zinc material, the special imaging techniques got a clear picture of the heretofore unseen sketch. Mary and the infant Jesus are shown in totally different positions than the final painting displays.

The National Gallery

In a press release from the National Gallery, a spokesperson explained the differences saying, “In the abandoned composition both figures are positioned higher up, while the angel, facing out, is looking down on the Infant Christ.”

The National Gallery

This revelation is the the artistic equivalent to hearing a new Mozart composition. Something new had been hiding in plain sight after all these years. New is a big deal, especially for a small collection like da Vinci’s.

Warner Brothers

The artist’s body of work is compromised of fewer than twenty pieces of art. So, this discovery is even more significant. Academically the sketch is invaluable. The insight into the planning and sketching process offers new information about the artist’s vision.

As someone who already struggled with completing paintings, fate intervened cruelly toward the end of his life when his right hand became paralyzed. Even so, he continued to create art to the best of his ability before his death. Some even came along postmortem.

See, today, historians most often associate Da Vinci with present-day Italy, where he was born and spent most of his professional life. However, he may have completed his boldest creations in Amboise, France. Da Vinci did way more than just paint.

Leonard de Serres

Notwithstanding his innovative artwork, Da Vinci’s mechanical prototypes were centuries ahead of their time. About 500 years before the invention of the airplane, he concocted a design for a flying machine.

YouTube / Jehiel Abel

Sketches from the inventor’s final years revealed a design for a mechanical lion. Da Vinci reportedly built a couple versions of the lion for King Francis I of France. The protoypes took his court by storm.

Today, Da Vinci’s residence at Château Clos Lucé is a museum. Its president, François Saint-Bris, has a longstanding fascination with the lion automatons. All without electricity, the contraptions could walk and move their heads and tails!

YouTube / LopLop

In 2009, François proposed a daring idea to celebrate Da Vinci’s legacy: Would it be possible, he wondered, to fully recreate a lion automaton based on the polymath’s original blueprints?

Wikimedia Commons

For most historians and art critics, this was one Da Vinci code that even Robert Langdon couldn’t solve. Luckily, the staff at Clos Lucé tracked down a brilliant craftsman, whose sharp intellect might even rival Da Vinci’s.

Sony Pictures

The museum staff got in contact with a French artist named Renato Boaretto. A veteran designer, he made a name for himself by using old-fashioned technology to build truly stunning machines.

Renato’s specialty came in the form of lifelike mechanical figures. No piece quite the same, his work extended from a magician who makes a woman levitate to a musician capable of moving his bow across a cello.

Renato Boaretto

When he heard the museum’s proposal about the lion reproduction, Renato naturally couldn’t resist. However, he had very little to work on. Only fragments of the original blueprint were available, so Renato would have to fill in the blanks.

Wikimedia Commons

And while Renato had sculpted just about every kind of face and body under the sun, so making a lifelike lion wasn’t too daunting, he harbored some concerns about the practical design of the machine.

Claudio Boaretto

Even the known aspects of the lion’s design weren’t exactly encouraging. Based on the dimensions of the real-life beast, it would come out to about 130 pounds. At the same time, it had to leave enough space to not crush the delicate gears and pulleys.


Complicating matters further, Da Vinci’s sketch for the motor inside the lion was lost forever. To make it actually walk, Renato would have to borrow from his past inventions as well as from Da Vinci’s other machines, which include a knight automaton.

Over the course of many months, Renato assembled his lion, bringing together the toughest parts of both art and engineering. The artist had to make sure the animal’s mane and face looked realistic, and all the machinery inside it actually had to work.

As large as the automaton was, Da Vinci designed it to be powered by the crank of a simple key. Renato laid out his model the same way. On the fateful day of the demonstration, he stuck the key inside and prayed that all his labor wasn’t in vain.

Miraculously, the lion walked! Though it could only take about ten steps at a time, it didn’t need any kind of track or additional power. Using Da Vinci’s notes, Renato snuck in one final surprise as well.


Once the lion finished its walk, a compartment in its side popped open. Then, it revealed a bouquet of lilies, the national flower of France! The museum figured Da Vinci included this as a tribute to his patrons in the French monarchy.

Visitors at the Clos Lucé applauded Renato’s accomplishment. Even in the age of the smart phone, this-16th century technology boggled people’s minds. It may also be a big step toward future discoveries.

After all, Da Vinci produced countless other designs that almost defy imagination. And even in his most famous masterpieces, experts are uncovering hidden meanings and patterns.

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces of art ever created. There is so much mystery surrounding Mona Lisa that historians continue to study the painting today, and after all these years she still has secrets to reveal…

In 2015, a French scientist using reflective light technology discovered a portrait of another woman hiding beneath the painting we see now. The underlying portrait is believed to be Da Vinci’s first draft of the famous painting, though it’s difficult to confirm. And Da Vinci isn’t the only artist with a secret.

Jan van Eyck, the Netherlandish painter, created the famous Arnolfini Portrait in 1434. The painting depicts Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini, an Italian merchant, and his wife, Constanza Trenta. While the renowned work is impressive in itself, there’s more to the painting than meets the eye…

Take a closer look, you’ll see a mirror centered in the background of the painting. Reflected in the mirror are two other figures who appear to be looking at the Arnolfini’s. Based on our logic of mirrors, one of the figures is presumed to be the artist, Van Eyck, subtly eternalizing himself in the portrait.

We can’t talk about art without bringing up the chiseled bod of David. Arguably one of the greatest sculptures of all time, Michelangelo’s statue of David stands 17 feet tall. Seriously, we have to admit, David doesn’t really have a bad angle going for him. But looking up at David does distort one thing that might change the way you consider the work.

His body is anatomical perfection, and, paired with his confident stance, David is often thought to be sculpted as “hero.” Looking at David at eye level, however, reveals a different story. His expression shows concern and fear, which makes sense given he is about to engage in a battle with Goliath!

This one is a touch macabre. In 1533, Hans Holbein the Younger painted The Ambassadors. The work showcases two rich ambassadors, seemingly healthy and in their prime, surrounded with their fine material goods. While the portrait is strikingly rich in color, the hues defy the underlying message of the work, which is far from vivifying.

Looming at the feet of the ambassadors is an anamorphic perspective of a skull. This piece was intended to hang in a stairwell so, at the angle of ascension, the skull would jump right out at you. The skull was to serve as a memento mori, which translates to, “remember you will die.” So much for a welcome mat, huh?

Despite his name, Pieter Bruegel the Elder is not a wizard. Unfortunately. What he is though, is one of the most notable artists of the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting. In 1559, he created the Netherlandish Proverbs. It may look more like a Neanderthal-ish bedlam, but this raucous scene is actually telling a story — 112 stories to be exact!

The painting literally illustrates 112 different proverbs and sayings from the Netherlands. Some of which include, “To be a pillar biter” and “Armed to the teeth.” But the real proverb here is, if you’re not Dutch, you’re not getting much (at least not much face time in a Bruegel painting)!

The Sistine Chapel. You may have heard of it… Well, way back in 1512, Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Julius II to paint the story of Genesis across 9 sections of the concave ceiling. Michelangelo’s work would come to be recognized as a cornerstone of high renaissance art. Some speculate that beyond a masterpiece, the artist also left behind a message…

Michelangelo spent years studying human anatomy. With that deep understanding, he was able to depict people with greater realism and insert more cerebral meaning into his work. In this famous section, God is surrounded by what looks like a brain. This insinuates that not only did God give Adam life, but also the ability to reason and think.

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is almost as famous for its rumors of secret meanings as it is for its artistic brilliance. Da Vinci was unique in his genius, and much of that is to due to his vast and diverse passions. Aside from an artist, Da Vinci also identified as a mathematician, scientist, inventor, and even a musician.

And when a fellow musician admired Da Vinci’s work, he noticed something peculiar. When the five lines of a musical staff are drawn across the supper, the bread rolls combined with the apostle’s hands create musical notes. When you follow Da Vinci’s signature style of right to left, the notes make up a 40-second musical composition.

Vincent Van Gogh created Café Terrace at Night in 1888, a scene so charming, you can almost hear accordions. Some art historians have a different take on this painting though. There are theories that posit this café might have a more symbolic impetus, coming from the son of a Protestant minister…

There have been many comparisons with Van Gogh’s Café Terrace and Da Vinci’s Last Supper. The central figure in white is thought to be a representation of Jesus, while the dark figure in the doorway is speculated to represent Judas.

There is a good story here, but first let’s take a moment to appreciate the name of this painting’s creator, Hieronymus Bosch. Ohhh, it’s so good! Hieronymus Bosch is the creator behind this triptych oil painting titled, The Garden of Earthly Delights. What is even more delightful are the secret, behind-the-scenes notes…

These notes, found on the bottom of a tortured soul in the “hell panel” of the painting, translate into approximately 28 seconds of what can only be described as a reject Nokia ringtone. This melody is widely referred to as “the butt-song from hell.”

The legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo had a husband who was, apparently, a painter as well. Just kidding, Diego Rivera is totally a big shot. Due to his notoriety, in the early 1940s, Nelson Rockefeller commissioned Rivera to paint a mural, Man at the Crossroads for the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Alas, even the richest of the rich don’t always get exactly what they want…

Rockefeller didn’t appreciate the inclusion of the communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin in the mural, so he had the painting destroyed. In response, Rivera re-created the mural in Mexico City. Not only was Lenin even more prominently featured, but Rivera, not so coyly, painted in Rockefeller’s father below the bacterial illustration of syphilis.


Проектирование интерфейсов B2B-сайтов: разбираем, как представить основную информацию

После аналогичной статьи для интернет-магазинов по просьбам телезрителей читателей подготовили разбор основных блоков для сайтов из B2B-сегмента.

Несмотря на то, что в B2B продажи осуществляются между юридическими лицами, и в целом процесс выглядит формальнее, стоит помнить, что на сайт заходят всё те же люди. Поэтому интерфейс должен быть понятным и информативным.

Но чаще всего посетитель ищет не для себя, процесс заказа — это часть его работы, поэтому нужно максимально упростить поиск информации.

Шапка сайта

Первый пример — шапка сайта производителя металлического профиля:

Шапка сайта производителя металлического профиля

Что стоит доработать:

  • Совсем нет информации о компании: чем занимается, в каких регионах. Логотипа и текста «Выбор профессионалов!» недостаточно.
  • Не указана контактная информация и/или ссылки на формы для связи.
  • Для B2B-сектора важно выделить в отдельный раздел информацию о доставке и показать его в горизонтальном меню.
  • Данный сегмент предполагает долгое сотрудничество с клиентом, поэтому возможно стоит добавить личный кабинет, чтобы упростить процесс оформления заявок.
  • Если у компании много филиалов, региональных представительств, то их тоже можно показать в меню отдельной ссылкой.
  • Кнопка смены языка интерфейса незаметна (справа от логотипа).
  • В форме поиска лучше сделать кнопку отправки запроса крупнее, чтобы пользователю было проще кликать по ней.

С другой стороны, шапка сайте не перегружена, в ней отсутствуют часто неуместные изображения и иконки. Есть форма поиска и показаны основные разделы сайта.

Рекомендуемые изменения:

Шапка сайта после внесения изменений

Что изменилось:

  • Разместили краткую информации о компании (чем занимается, в какие регионы поставляет), номер телефона и режим работы.
  • Лучше добавить ссылки и на форму заказа обратного звонка, и на отправку письма в компанию, так как в B2B-секторе люди нередко ведут общение по email.
  • Для формы поиска увеличили поле ввода и кнопку отправки запроса.
  • Также сделали кнопки переключения языка заметнее. Можно дополнительно визуально выделять выбранную версию.
  • Добавили ссылку на личный кабинет.
  • В основном горизонтальном меню добавили ссылки на страницы с информацией о доставке и филиалах.

Информативная шапка сайта поможет снять основные вопросы и сориентировать по навигации у нового посетителя сайта.

Первый экран

Следующее, на что обратит внимание клиент — это первый экран. Пример с сайта по продаже упаковки:

Первый экран сайта по продаже упаковки

Что не так:

  • Простой лаконичный слайдер, но этот инструмент больше подходит для B2C-сегмента. Основные продукты лучше показать статичным блоком ниже.
  • В первом экране стоит рассказать об основных преимуществах. Клиент смотрит несколько сайтов, поэтому важно кратко осветить, чем компания отличается от конкурентов. Сейчас преимущества показаны ниже и не сразу заметны.
  • После преимуществ стоит добавить кнопку «Перейти в каталог» для ознакомления с продукцией или разместить ссылку на форму консультации.
  • Можно показать информацию по бонусным программам, скидкам или услугам.

Рекомендуемые изменения:

Стоит заменить слайдер на статичное представление информации — так меньше вероятность, что пользователь что-то пропустит

Первый экран сайта после доработок

Что изменилось:

  • Показали преимущества выше, чтобы больше пользователей заметило их. В тексте важно рассказать, чем вы полезны клиенту и сколько он сможет заработать на использовании данных товаров (или какой доход получить от применения услуг).
  • Добавили ссылку на каталог, чтобы направить посетителей ознакомиться с важнейшим разделом.
  • Дополнительно разместили ссылки-анонсы разделов с бонусной программой, акционными товарами и новинками.

Многие пользователи не прокручивают страницу ниже или просматривают информацию бегло, поэтому важно максимально заинтересовать новых посетителей сайта первым экраном.

Каталог товаров

Далее пользователь переходит в каталог, чтобы ознакомиться с ассортиментом. Рассмотрим, как представлены товары в интернет-магазине полотенец и махровых изделий:

Список товаров интернет-магазина полотенец и махровых изделий

Основные недочеты:

  • Форму поиска достаточно показать в шапке сайта.
  • Если список категорий больше 5-7 позиций, то боковое меню лучше показать компактно, по умолчанию спрятав часть категорий.
  • Лучше использовать две системы разделения товаров на категории, например, по задаче пользователя и по виду товара. Хорошо работают подборки с готовыми решениями, которые можно также разделить по задаче и бюджету.
  • Названия товаров стоит доработать, оформив в едином стиле. Например, название товара + размер + плотность. Так пользователю будет легче ориентироваться в списке.
  • В данном примере немного товаров, но на будущее стоит добавить блок с фильтрами по цене, материалу, производителю и т.д. Кнопку сброса для типа сортировки и вида отображения списка лучше убрать, такая кнопка больше подходит для блока с фильтрами.
  • На странице стоит разместить ссылки на популярные услуги, инструкции. Также правильно добавить ссылки на сертификаты и/или технические документы в виде pdf-файлов.
  • Для товаров можно кратко указать артикул, количество позиций на складе, срок доставки. Так пользователю будет легче сориентироваться.
  • На странице слишком много общего текста, лучше перед списком товаров разместить краткую информацию о схеме работы, условиям заказа, акциям, а под списком товаров добавить небольшой оптимизированный текст для продвижения каталога в поиске.
  • Для номера телефона в боковом меню стоит добавить призыв к действию «Позвонить специалисту».
  • На страницах сайта не должно быть пустых блоков, как в нашем примере «Последние просмотренные товары».

Рекомендуемые изменения:

Список товаров интернет-магазина после внесения доработок

Что изменилось:

  • Убрали форму поиска (предполагается, что она будет в шапке сайта).
  • Изменили структуру каталога, чтобы пользователь мог искать товары по виду компании и типу товара.
  • Добавили компактный блок с фильтрами. При необходимости пользователь сможет развернуть полный список фильтров.
  • Доработали названия товаров и добавили артикул, примерное количество позиций на складе и срок доставки.
  • Информацию по условиям заказа разместили перед списком товаров, а оптимизированный текст внизу страницы. Добавили ссылку на сертификаты.
  • Добавили в боковом меню ссылки на популярную информацию.
  • К номеру телефона добавили призыв к действию.
  • Убрали пустой блок «Последние просмотренные товары».

В отличие от B2C-сферы на страницах каталога можно добавлять профессиональные термины, но в пределах разумного. Категории и фильтры стоит создавать на основе популярных вопросов клиентов.

Страница товара

Ссылки на страницы товаров лучше открывать в новых вкладках браузера, чтобы у пользователя оставалась открытой страница каталога с выбранными параметрами. Поверьте, многие клиенты будут вам за это благодарны =).

А теперь разберем ошибки страницы товара сайта бизнес-сувениров:

Страница товара сайта бизнес-сувениров

На что обратить внимание и справить:

  • Боковое меню в данном случае показано компактно, но лучше его убрать, так как у пользователя будет открыта страница каталога в соседней вкладке (если вы последуете совету выше).
  • Для товара стоит добавлять несколько фотографий, чтобы клиент смог рассмотреть детали.
  • Основные характеристики (справа от товара) показаны в куче — тяжело воспринимается.
  • Информацию по услугам нанесения показали и в кратком описании товара, и ниже отдельным блоком. Лучше оставить один блок, например, предложить пользователю выбрать сопутствующую услугу.
  • Помимо добавления товара в корзину стоит добавить форму заказа.
  • Если у вас цена зависит от размера партии, рекомендуем указать данные диапазоны.
  • Стоит добавить ссылки на прайс-листы, необходимые технические документы.
  • Кнопки на соцсети лучше дополнить возможностью отправить ссылку в мессенджеры, например, в WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.
  • Для продвижения страницы стоит добавить небольшое описание товара. Для клиентов можно после текста разместить небольшие видео-обзоры продукции.
  • На странице нет информации об условиях заказа, минимальном размере партии, вариантах доставки и т.д — необходимо добавить.
  • Для повышения доверия к организации и продукции следует добавить краткую информацию о компании, ссылки на сертификаты.
  • Стоит показать другие товары из данной категории каталога и/или комплектующие к данному товару.

Рекомендуемые изменения:

Страница товара сайта бизнес-сувениров после внесения изменений

Что изменилось:

  • Убрали боковое меню и сосредоточили внимание пользователя на описании товара.
  • Представили характеристики товара более наглядно, добавили вкладку с описанием товара.
  • Блок с краткой информацией по условиям заказа расположили справа от фотографии товара.
  • Добавили возможность выбрать сопутствующую услугу, а также заполнить форму быстрого заказа. И продублировали номер телефона для консультации со специалистами.
  • Информацию о компании и сопутствующие товары показали в виде вкладок, чтобы не удлинять страницу.
  • Добавили ссылки на популярные мессенджеры, чтобы пользователь мог быстро переслать коллегам ссылку на товар.
  • Показали другие товары из категории каталога.
  • Появилась возможность добавить товар в список сравнения (не обязательная функция).

Дополнительно на страницах товаров рекомендуем показывать стоимость готовых решений, например, в нашем случае партия flash-карт 100 шт. с нанесением логотипа размером 60×100. Для составления списка ориентируйтесь на частые заказы клиентов.

Далее пользователь переходит либо в корзину, либо оформляет заявку. О том, какой должна быть корзина, рассказали в данной статье, а про форму заказа писали здесь.


Вот так выглядит основная доработка интерфейса B2B-сайта. Главное и самое правильное решение — ориентироваться на популярные вопросы и действия ваших пользователей. Если клиенту необходим импорт списка в Excel, подключение к ERP-системе или возможность повторения ранних заказов, продумайте и внедрите данные функции. Проектирование интерфейса — это финальный этап, сначала необходимо изучить свою аудиторию, провести опросы, чтобы понимать их проблемы и потребности.

Для тех, кому нужна помощь в анализе аудитории и поиске недочетов, рекомендуем обратиться к нашим специалистам.



El proyecto es una ampliación y remodelación de un laboratorio en donde se pretendía organizar los espacios sin afectar el contexto inmediato. En este caso al rededor de la zona a intervenir se encontró un árbol y el objetivo del proyecto era incluir el elemento natural con el diseño arquitectónico, es por eso que se consiguió mantener el árbol dentro de las oficinas con las que contaba el laboratorio sin modificar abruptamente el entorno.

La idea surgió cuando el cliente quería mejorar el espacio de trabajo para convertirlo en un lugar mas amplio y adecuado para un laboratorio de química, el cliente pensaba que el árbol que se encontraba cerca del lugar había que derribarlo. Así que el reto que se tuvo en este proyecto era cumplir con las necesidades del cliente pero diseñando con lo existente sin tener que hacer muchas modificaciones, incluyendo el árbol, es por esta razón que el área se intervino y se diseño con el árbol para crear al interior de este unas oficinas de control.

Lo primero que realice fue el bosquejo a mano alzada para tener una idea y un diseño mas claro, luego lo dibuje en AutoCad para realizar la planta arquitectónica y visualizar ya con medidas reales las áreas que se iban a intervenir. Mas adelante al ya tener el plano hice un levantamiento en 3D con el programa Sketchup y ahí organice grosor de muros, texturas y otros elementos que se tenia que diseñar como el mobiliario arquitectónico y los mesones del laboratorio, ademas del diseño de las fachadas. Finalmente lo exporte al programa Lumion y ahí organice materiales con los que se iba a realizar para poder sacar imágenes o renders finales del proyecto para así mismo poder mostrar al cliente.

La respuesta ante las personas fue positiva debido a que no se pensaba que el árbol se pudiera incluir dentro de un laboratorio, así que es importante siempre entender el contexto con el que vamos a trabajar para no generar muchas modificaciones si no por el contrario incluirlo dentro del diseño y mas cuando se trata de la naturales y medio ambiente.

Xiomara Aguilera

Desde hace más o menos 5 años comencé mis estudios profesionales sobre la arquitectura, sin embargo siempre he tenido una atracción, muchas veces intuitiva, por la misma, así como por el diseño, la diagramación gráfica y las corrientes creativas.

Soy una persona atraída por los detalles y encuentro en las sutilizas atributos que a veces son desapercibidos. La arquitectura esta cargada de detalles y son estos los que dan infinitas posibilidades. Soy totalmente pro activa en mis labores encomendadas y en las que a mi alcance estén, considero que el elemento especial que genera buenos resultados en el trabajo debe de ser ideado.

Entre mis intereses se encuentran –además de la arquitectura- la fotografía, la pintura, el dibujo, el diseño gráfico, el diseño editorial, la tipografía, la música, la acuarela, el teatro, la escritura, así como los libros.

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The Dark Origins Behind ‘Peter Pan’ Are Seriously Catching People Off Guard

There are few stories that capture the spirit of childlike wonder and imagination as well as the fantastical tale of Peter Pan. Originally penned as a play by author J.M. Barrie and later adapted into the 1911 novel Peter and Wendy, everything about this story is iconic.

But the true origins behind this childhood tale are far darker than most people could ever imagine. From the author’s troubled childhood, to the sordid fate of the real-life boy Peter’s character was based on, there’s a whole lot to unpack — and it’s making people think about the story in a vastly different light.

In case you’re not familiar with this classic tale, here’s a quick breakdown of the story. It starts with Peter, a mischievous and magical boy with one special quality: he does not age.

One night while chasing his shadow, he and his co-conspirator, a fairy named Tinkerbell, fly into the room of a young girl named Wendy. This is the event that sets off all the fantastical happenings that occur throughout the story.

Peter Pan

Peter and Tinkerbell sweep Wendy away from her mundane life in London to a magical oasis by the sea known as Neverland. It is here where Peter Pan and his tribe of misfit “Lost Boys,”who also never age, live out their days.

Disney Art On Main Street

While it sounds nice enough on paper (what’s so scary about fairies and childhood adventures?) the reality of the matter is far more twisted than anyone expected.

Peter Pan

It all starts with the childhood of the author, a man by the name of James Matthew Barrie, or J.M. for short. This man had a truly dark past, and it all started when he was a young boy.

Barrie was born in 1860 in Scotland, to a large, conservative family. His upbringing was relatively normal — that is, up until tragedy struck when Barrie was only six years of age.

The Courier

In 1867, Barrie’s older brother David collided with a fellow ice skater, cracked his head open, and subsequently died. The boy had only been thirteen years old. Naturally, this rocked the Barrie family to its core.

Barrie’s mother Margaret had a particularly unusual reaction to this awful tragedy. This strange emotional response would end up staying with Barrie for the rest of his life.

Margaret, understandably, was devastated by the shocking death of her favorite son. But she had another set of feelings related to the incident; she took comfort in the idea that David would forever be a child, and would never grow up or leave her.

Eventually Barrie would move out of his childhood home and find love in the form of his wife, Mary Ansell. However, this marriage would prove to be an irregular one for one reason in particular.

While Barrie and Ansell were married for 15 years, they never actually consummated their marriage. Barrie himself admitted this openly in letters, and it seemed that for him this was a huge failing.

This complicated relationship with sexuality would haunt the author throughout his entire life, but to truly understand the controversy surrounding it, we must go back to a sunny afternoon in Kensington Gardens.

The Royal Parks

There, 30-year-old Barrie was taking a leisurely stroll through the picturesque grounds when he ran into two young boys walking with their nanny. These children were 4-year-old George Llewelyn Davies and 3-year-old John Llewelyn Davies.

Barrie was immediately drawn to the young boys and made it his mission to befriend them. He’d see them increasingly frequently while walking his Saint Bernard through the gardens and entertained them with fantastical stories.


Eventually, Barrie grew close enough to the boys that he met their parents, Arthur and Sylvia. The couple went on to have three more sons, Peter, Michael, and Nicholas, and all of the boys began referring to Barrie as Uncle Jim.

However, this close relationship Barrie shared with the children wasn’t entirely innocent. He truly did care deeply for the five boys, but his affection came with a dark side.

The Shining

Barrie not only loved the Llewelyn Davies children, but he also felt a certain sense of possessiveness and jealousy over them. He didn’t want to have to share the boys with anyone else, and soon he wouldn’t have to.

The patriarch of the family, Arthur, passed away from jaw cancer in 1907. Rich from his popular books, Barrie paid for all his medical care. Three years later, Arthur’s wife Sylvia lost her fight with lung cancer.

These sequential tragedies made the five Llewelyn Davies children into orphans, leaving the question of what would happen to them and where they would live. Luckily, Sylvia had left a will.

In the will, she left explicit instructions as to where the children would go in the event of her death. She specified that she’d wanted the boys’ nanny to parent the girls, along with their Aunt Jenny. However, Barrie got to the document first.

The scheming author doctored the will to make it seem as if it was referring not to Jenny, but to “Jimmy,” as the children called him. No one was any the wiser, and Barrie quickly gained custody of the brood.

Everything went according to plan, and the five kids did end up living with Barrie for years. However, even today there persists intense controversy over the true nature of the relationship they shared.

Some people believe that the relationship between Barrie and the children was highly inappropriate, and may even have been sexually abusive in nature. Others have different thoughts, though.

Many insist that, while their relationship was undoubtedly odd, Barrie never would have dreamed of hurting the children. His supporters claim that he wasn’t a predator, but in fact was asexual.

 “I don’t believe that Uncle Jim ever experienced what one might call a stirring in the undergrowth for anyone — man, woman, adult or child. He was an innocent,” Nicholas, the youngest of the brothers, was quoted as saying.

Nevertheless, regardless of his intentions, the Llewelyn Davies’ tumultuous childhood and unexpected surge to fame brought them all to dark ends. The first one to meet his demise would be the oldest, George.

George passed away at the young age of 21, having been killed in combat in 1915 in the midst of fighting WWI. Less than a decade later, his younger brother Michael would suffer a fate equally as tragic.

At the age of 20, Michael drowned in what was almost certainly a suicide. Many reports say that he died in the arms of his lover — a man — and that turmoil surrounding his sexuality had been one factor contributing to his depression.

In later years, decades after Barrie’s death, John would die of lung disease and a year after that Peter would take his own life by jumping in front of a London subway car. Only one brother, Nicholas, would live to die of old age.

Barrie was extremely traumatized by the deaths of George and Michael, and their passing shook him so heavily that it transformed the very way he conceptualized his own magnum opus, Peter Pan.

While Barrie had based his beloved book on the joy he got from surrounding himself with the Llewelyn Davies children, in the aftermath of their deaths he began seeing the story as a reflection of his own tragic inabilities to mature and become a real adult.

In 1937, at the age of 77, J.M. Barrie died of pneumonia. However, his strange, controversial, and fantastical legacy not only in art but also in life has certainly outlived him, and continues to puzzle, terrify, and excite generations of children to this day.

The story behind Peter Pan is terrifying in its own right, but at least it didn’t include mutilated children and murderess tigers. We wish we could say the same about another beloved childhood tale…

We all know the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.” A girl is on her way to her grandmother’s, meets a wolf, the wolf disguises himself as her grandmother, then eats the girl when she gets to the house. But that’s not the whole story…

As it turns out, “Little Red Riding Hood” dates back hundreds — even thousands of years. And those early versions weren’t the quaint “stranger danger” fairytales we’re familiar with today. They were much, much darker.

Centuries before the Brothers Grimm were doing their thing, there was another legendary storyteller who took a crack at the tale. The first recorded version of the story came from Aesop himself.

Way back in 600 BC when Aesop was doing his thing, he tried his hand at a fable that some call the origin of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story. Wolves were kind of Aesop’s favorite, after all. Remember “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”?

Cut to 2,000 years later in the Qing Dynasty of China, and we finally get the first version that resembles the modern fairytale parents tell their children today. But it’s not as cheery as the story we’re used to…

In the Chinese version, called “Grandma Tiger” or “Great Aunt Tigress,” there’s no wolf — it’s a tiger. The story goes like this: a mother leaves her children at home one night, warning them not to let any strangers in. But soon after, they hear a knock at the door…

The tiger is there, pretending to be the children’s grandmother. (Pretty rude that the kids think their grandmother looks like a wild animal, but it’s a fable so we’ll move past that). Once their “Grandma” is inside, the children start noticing odd things about her.

They quickly start pointing out the strange physical features of the creature pretending to be their grandmother. We can assume it went something like, “Grandma, what big stripes you have!” Very observant, kids.

But once they’re in the dark, things take a turn for the worse. The oldest child hears crunching and biting noises and asks for some of “Grandma’s” snack. But what the tiger gives her is completely unexpected…

The oldest child is handed one of her siblings’ fingers. The tiger ties the child up with rope, and the girl realizes they’ve been duped. That’s not going to be a fun mess to clean up in the morning! But the child has a trick up her sleeve…

The girl devises a plan and lures the tiger into the woods where, depending on the version, she drowns, stabs, or scalds the beast to death. Sounds more like the ending to an episode of Game of Thrones, not a fairytale for kids!

A French writer, Perrault, then adapted this version into his own story where a girl is eaten by a wolf dressed as her grandmother. Sound familiar yet? Perrault wanted to be absolutely clear about his intended moral with this story: stay away from strangers!

And why a wolf instead of a tiger? Perrault thought that wolves had creepy, human-like features, which he thought worked well with the story. Wolves can be quiet and sneaky to deceive you into a false sense of security. They don’t call them wolves in sheep’s clothing for nothing!

And finally we come to the version that we all know and love: the Brothers Grimm. This Little Red is the one that’s appeared in countless movies and television shows, like ShrekInto The Woods, and Hoodwinked. But there’s an ending to this version that may surprise you…

In the Grimm retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” once Little Red and her grandmother are swallowed up whole by the wolf, and it seems all is lost, a woodsman passing by notices something strange happening in the house.

He bursts inside to find the wolf asleep and slashes open his stomach, letting Little Red and the grandmother tumble to the ground. Maybe he should’ve double checked to make sure that it wasn’t the wolf’s house, but we’ll let that slide.

Other versions from folklore actually change up the ending so that Little Red prevails over the wolf by using her wits to outsmart him. But another author had a different idea in mind.

French writer Charles Marelles took a crack at the tale, but this time, the granny stole the show. In his story “Little Golden Hood,” the grandma steps out to shop for some herbs before the wolf arrives, leaving him in for a surprise…

When Little Golden Hood arrives, he tries to chomp down on her head, but her magical cloak stops him! At that moment, Granny comes in to save the day and traps the wolf in a large sack. But that’s not the only reinterpretation the classic fairytale has seen.

Sacha Goldberger

The tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” is still so popular, Hollywood executives even made a blockbuster movie about it in 2011. It starred Amanda Seyfried as a young woman protecting her town from a savage werewolf.

As storytellers continue to adapt the tale in their own ways, Little Red will probably be around for a long, long time. In fact, that’s why other current Disney classics eventually hit theaters — they were modified from their sinister origins.

In large part due to the beloved Disney animated classic, Pinocchio is a cultural icon. Kids all over the world instantly relate to the puppet who only wants to be a real boy. But, as it turns out, there’s a lot more to this story than Disney fans realize.

Gabe’s Chronicles of Disney World

For one thing, Pinocchio is not a Disney original character. Instead, his earliest appearance dates back to 1881, in a tale that sees the living marionette endure a much darker and more twisted series of adventures.

Italian author Carlo Collodi detailed the puppet boy’s adventures throughout issues of children’s magazines. In contrast to Disney’s warm and fuzzy adaption, Carlo seemed more interested in really using the story to teach a lesson.

Not only does Carlo eventually reward characters for doing good, but he also goes out of his way to punish any immoral act in the story. All in all, his fairy tale resembles the sinister tone of the writings of the Brothers Grimm.

Dimension Films

For starters, Collodi’s Geppetto doesn’t explicitly wish for Pinocchio to come to life. He’s just a poor beggar carving a marionette, which gains consciousness on its own. From the moment the lonely man starts carving, Pinocchio’s nose begins to take shape and grow.


Though Collodi doesn’t have the Blue Fairy endow Pinocchio with life, she does appear — in a way. Called the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, she pops up sporadically to guide him. And, to add a layer of creepiness, she describes herself as a dead girl who was never buried.


Disney’s Pinocchio makes his fair share of mistakes, which endanger himself and his loved ones. But the original goes out of his way to be rude and selfish. For everyone around Pinocchio, there are a lot of strings attached.

Wikimedia Commons

The puppet does more than just lie to Geppetto. He exploits him financially, selling off his meager possessions for a theater ticket and other frivolities. When the police witness Pinocchio’s antics, they accuse Geppetto of negligence and toss the adoptive father in jail.

Capital Pictures

Jiminy Cricket serves as Pinocchio’s conscience and famously sings about wishing upon stars. The Collodi novel, however, doesn’t even name him. That’s probably a wise choice since the talking cricket doesn’t have much of a role in the story.

Wikimedia Commons

The cricket does appear, spouting advice to the misbehaving Pinocchio, but he is having none of it. Channeling his inner Thor, the puppet nonchalantly grabs one of Geppetto’s hammers and hurls it at the wall. It pulverizes the poor insect.


Collodi likely devised these unlikeable moments to set up Pinocchio’s eventual redemption, though that’s not all. They also help readers feel less guilty for Pinocchio when terrible things happen to him.

The Disney adaptation sees the puppet trapped on Pleasure Island, where misbehaving boys turn into donkeys and get sold into slavery. Luckily, Pinocchio’s transformation halts after he receives a donkey tail and ears.


Collodi, however, has the protagonist fully morph into a donkey. When an old man tries to drown Pinocchio so he can skin him, the puppet gets out of danger through disturbing means: fish devour all the donkey flesh around him, leaving the puppet unharmed.

Just like in the animated movie, the novel introduces a conniving Fox and Cat who try to con Pinocchio. For family audiences, Walt Disney and company left out their most bloodthirsty plots.

The book includes a scene — which Collodi planned as the original ending — where the Fox and Cat attempt to murder Pinocchio. Disguised as bandits, they ambush him in the forest and hang him from a tree. Fortunately, the Fairy later shows up to rescue him.

Wikimedia Commons

Despite their very different paths, both the novel and Disney film reach the same destination. The Fairy uses her magic to fulfill Pinocchio’s wish by turning him into a real boy.


Moreover, the variations in these stories of Pinocchio only enrich his legend. They give writers and filmmakers more space to project their own visions, which explain the many other film adaptations released over the years.

No matter which version is your favorite, there’s no denying that the puppet is one of the most enduring pop culture icons ever. If you claim you haven’t heard of Pinocchio, there’s a good chance your nose will start growing.

Vladimir Menkov

While Disney may base its movies on some fantastical source material, the filmmakers draw frequently on reality to make these hit films, too. Some of Disney’s most unbelievable moments were rooted in reality…


The Baby Yoda puppet cost $5 million to make, but its true value is priceless

The Baby Yoda puppet cost $5 million to make, but its true value is priceless

Baby Yoda is one of the greatest things to come out of the Star Wars universe. But greatness isn’t cheap.

The Baby Yoda puppet in Disney+‘s The Mandalorian cost $5 million to make, actor Adam Pally told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Saturday. Was it worth it? For the viewers, I’d say yes, absolutely. And for Disney, I would also say yes because that thing is definitely a money printing machine.

Pally had a scene in The Mandalorian where he had to punch the green little space baby and he told EW that series creator Jon Favreau reminded him of the value of the puppet and to be careful when punching it. Pally admitted that it made him a little nervous, which is completely understandable. Read more…

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Super Nintendo World Theme Park’s Playful Video Teases Upcoming Opening

Universal Studios Japan‘s upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park is on schedule to open this summer, and to celebrate its grand opening ahead of the Olympics, Nintendo released a music video teasing the amusement park. The song, entitled «We Are Born To Play» by artists Galantis and Charlie XCX, showcases people playing the Nintendo Switch before being transported to a new land with various Mario iconography.

It also teases a «power up band» that is used as a wearable park pass that will track visitors’ progress, as well as a smartphone app that’ll allow folks to partake in boss battles and collect coins. Universal Studio’s mentions on its website alongside the video that the park will feature a Mario Kart experience and the ability to travel on a Yoshi. Lastly, it also mentions that future parks will come to Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore soon. Bloomberg‘s Kurumi Mori has posted more images and information from a briefing event about the park on Twitter.

Check out the previews below and the music above, then check out the upcoming Avengers Campus set to open at Disney California Adventure Park this year.

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TT Trailers Font Family by TypeType

TT Trailers, a humanist sans-serif font family published by foundry TypeType.

The TT Trailers font family was designed by the TypeType team and Vika Usmanova with the idea in mind to create a completely new generation of condensed typefaces for use in movie credits and typographic posters designs. They decided to use “loops” in the design of many letters, which, together with the contrast and humanist style give the font family a nice vintage touch inspired by cinema posters of the 1960s. Learn more below or click on one of the following links to purchase this unique font family.

Download at MyFonts.
Download at Fontspring.

TT Trailers font family by TypeType
TT Trailers font family by TypeType

The TT Trailers font family comes with 11 fonts including the main typeface consisting of nine styles and a variable version of the font as well as one font with icons. The main styles consist of 1078 glyphs and support multiple languages including extended Latin, Cyrillic, Bulgarian, etc. There is also a large number of OpenType features including many super stylish ligatures, alternates, oldstyle figures, and many more. For further information, just click on one of the following links.

Download at MyFonts.
Download at Fontspring.

TT Trailers font family by TypeType
TT Trailers font family by TypeType

Download at MyFonts.
Download at Fontspring.

Do not hesitate to discover more typefaces in our recommended Fonts category. The section includes a wide range of styles for different typographic needs.

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Everything you need to know about the timeline in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’

Everything you need to know about the timeline in Netflix's 'The Witcher'

The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most fun new shows, but it’s not their most straightforward. With three timelines that dip and swerve constantly, it’s hard to discern where and when its characters are. But Alexis Nedd refuses to be bamboozled. This is…probably the actual timeline of events in The Witcher Season One.  Read more…

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Ох уж этот медленный C/C++

Это небольшое подведение итогов на пост “Быстрее, чем C++; медленнее, чем PHP”

Неблагодарное дело — «спорить» в комментариях, поэтому формулирую несколько мыслей в отдельный пост. Автор утверждал тут, тут, и еще много где, что у него большой стаж и богатый опыт в программировании на С++.
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SpaceX. Crew Dragon

Илон Маск и его компания SpaceX представили анимированный будущий полет космического корабля Crew Dragon, который запланирован на 2020 год. В случае успеха, компания впервые выведет людей на орбиту и начнет новую эру в истории NASA. первый полет астронавтов NASA на Международную космическую станцию (МКС) на космическом корабле SpaceX Crew Dragon должен был состояться еще полгода назад, но из-за взрыва запасных двигателей капсулы во время финального тестирования запуск перенесли на неопределенный срок. Теперь все будет зависеть от финального тестирования запасных двигателей Crew Dragon, которое, как анонсировал на днях Маск в своем Твиттере, состоится 18 января 2020-го.

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Onision referred to Chris Hansen and his camera crew as ‘YouTube stalkers’ in a 911 call

Onision referred to Chris Hansen and his camera crew as 'YouTube stalkers' in a 911 call

Chris Hansen and his camera crew approached YouTuber Onision’s house in an attempt to land an interview last week. In response, Onision called 911.

Onision, who is the current subject of Hansen’s YouTube livestream series, Have A Seat With Chris Hansen, has denied allegations of child grooming and emotional abuse. Since October 2019, Hansen has interviewed multiple women who have accused Onision and his husband, Kai, of grooming them when they were minors. The couple has also been accused of exchanging explicit photos with a minor. Social media users have been pushing YouTube to ban OnisionRead more…

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Встаньте в позу. Зачем российский стартап хочет сделать рынок одежды «прозрачным»

Компания [Texel («Тексел»)]( занимается разработкой программного обеспечения (ПО) и производством профессиональных 3D-сканеров для получения объёмных моделей людей и крупногабаритных объектов. Один из проектов на основе 3D-сканирования — цифровая примерочная для онлайн- и офлайн-магазинов одежды.

На данный момент есть два варианта работы примерочной:

Первый — когда в магазине наше устройство сканирует человека в обтягивающей одежде. Нужно встать в А-позу (это стандарт для сканирования с анимацией) и сделать плавно один оборот. В конце января — начале февраля 2020 года мы запустим такой сканер в на Новокузнецкой.

Второй — по двум фото со смартфона в анфас и в профиль. Внедрение этой технологии — в планах.

Человеку приходят его обмеры, и мы автоматически загружаем их в личный кабинет клиента. После этого клиенту показываются только подходящие для него вещи.

Мы работаем над глобальной целью — сделать рынок одежды более «прозрачным». Цифровая примерочная позволяет оптимизировать издержки на производство одежды и снизить затраты на обработку возвратов и логистику. Бренд будет лучше понимать своих клиентов и делать вещи, которые точно подойдут для целевой аудитории.

С чего начали

3D-сканированием компания занимается с момента своего основания, так как у двух основателей компьютерное зрение было темой научных работ.

В 2012 году я понял, что единственным неоцифрованным элементом нашей жизни остался сам человек, поэтому, ещё работая в банке, начал активно изучать направление 3D-сканирования.

Наш сканер Portal MX входит в топ-10 лучших сканеров для человека по версии Aniwaa. У нас было много различных тестов по применению сканеров. В 2016 году в ТЦ «Мега Белая Дача» мы впервые попытались получить обмеры людей. Там мы обработали около 30 тысяч человек и составляли для пользователей персональный гардероб. Каждый, кто прошёл сканирование, получил своё 3D-фото и дальше шёл по магазинам. В нашу цифровую примерочную приходили люди с пониманием той проблемы, которую они хотели решить, — сэкономить время, поэтому всем было интересно посмотреть на работу рекомендательного сервиса. Конверсий в покупку не отслеживалось — на тот момент это было очень сложно реализовать для офлайна.

С какими сложностями столкнулись, как их преодолели

Основная проблема для нас — это стандарты пошива одежды. ГОСТы очень расплывчаты, и на фабриках есть широкие допуски. Вы можете взять две вещи с одинаковым размером, и они будут отличаться.

Вторая проблема — оцифровка одежды и детализированная размерная сетка. Самая «жара» начинается на этапе уточнения соответствия этой размерной сетки с реальной посадкой одежды. Перед стартом мы обычно проводим пилотный запуск, чтобы скорректировать настройки рекомендательного сервиса под конкретный бренд. У каждого бренда своя технология пошива, свои ткани, это всё необходимо учитывать при запуске рекомендательного сервиса, иначе для покупателей этот сервис будет бесполезен.

Как обстоят дела с проектом сейчас

Мы закончили второй этап пилотного проекта с Marks & Spencer в Лондоне. Протестировали несколько гипотез. Постепенно увеличиваем базу обмеров и докручиваем алгоритм рекомендаций. Другие бренды на этапе обсуждения.

Про деньги

Около 60 млн рублей инвестировали ФРИИ и «Сколково».

Мы подписали договор об инвестициях и совместной работе с M&S. Инвестиции от M&S — коммерческая тайна, мы не можем разглашать по NDA с ними.

Монетизация проекта — это интеграция нашего рекомендательного сервиса с крупными брендами. Для пользователя сервис бесплатный. Для брендов оплата идёт за интеграцию — оцифровку вещей и интеграцию с приложением, сайтом и прочим.

Сейчас мы ведём переговоры со «Спортмастером», «Ламодой», ЦУМом, S.Oliver.

Сколько удалось заработать

На данном этапе у нас не стоит задача монетизации проекта. Мы сконцентрированы на самом продукте.

Какие планы на будущее

В планах — повышение точности работы алгоритма рекомендаций и внедрение технологии обмеров человека по двум фото со смартфона. Чтобы каждый человек мог быстро получить свои размеры одежды в любом магазине.

Автор: Сергей Климентьев, сооснователь Texel

Фото: СС0

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Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Review: 50k Points Worth $750 in Travel, $300 Annual Travel Credit, $550 Annual Fee, New Lyft/DoorDash Perks

Updated with new annual fee and perks list. Chase has updated their “ultra-premium” credit card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, which has headline features of Visa Infinite benefits, 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus, $300 annual travel credit, 3X points on travel and dining, and a $550 annual fee. Here is the long list of perks:

  • 50,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months. That can be redeemed for $750 of airfare, hotels, and other travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • $300 annual travel credit. Every year, the card will rebate you back up to $300 in travel purchases such as airfare and hotel nights charged on your card.
  • $100 statement credit towards Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.
  • Priority Pass Select membership. Provides free access to 1,000+ airport lounges in over 400 cities worldwide.
  • 3X points per $1 spent on travel & dining worldwide. The 3X points on travel kick in immediately after earning your $300 travel credit. 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • DoorDash credits. Up to $120 in statement credits towards DoorDash purchases ($60 in 2020 and another $60 in 2021). Also get $0 delivery fee with free DashPass membership for at least 1 year.
  • Free year Lyft Pink membership + 10x points on Lyft purchases through March 2022. Lyft Pink usually costs $19.99 a month and includes 15% off Lyft rides, 3 complimentary bike and scooter rides a month, and priority airport pickups.
  • 1:1 points transfer to various frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs.
  • Annual fee is $550, not waived the first year.

Note the following text:

This product is available to you if you do not have any Sapphire card and have not received a new cardmember bonus for any Sapphire card in the past 48 months.

Ultimate Rewards points. This card offers a special 50% bonus on travel redemptions made through the Ultimate Rewards travel website. That is more than any other Chase card (a 25% bonus is the most otherwise). 50,000 Ultimate Rewards = $750 in travel. Similar to Expedia or Travelocity, you can book flights on most major airlines and hotel chains. This makes it much more flexible to spend your points. You can even buy something more expensive and pay the difference.

If you have other Chase cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points like the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Ink Business Cash or Ink Business Unlimited, you can transfer points into this card account and take advantage of the this higher premium. In other words, your existing Ultimate Rewards points balance could be increased in value by getting this card.

Prefer airline and/or hotel points? This card also allows you to transfer Ultimate Rewards points into hotel and/or airline miles. Transfer to United Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Southwest, Hyatt Hotels, IHG Hotels, and Marriott Hotels at a ratio of 1 Ultimate Rewards point = 1 mile/hotel point. Miles redemption continue to offer great value for savvy travelers, especially for last-minute travel and business class seats.

Cash redemptions are a simple and easy option, but the conversion is a straight 100 points = $1.

Sharing points. Ultimate Rewards points are instantly transferable to other accounts like family members, as long as they have their own Chase card with Ultimate Rewards as an authorized user (free with Chase Freedom). This way, you can pool points together for transfers and redemptions if you like.

Additional card benefits:

  • Dedicated customer service line with a live person that answers the phone 24/7. No waiting or complicated phone trees.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Primary car rental collision damage waiver insurance. Decline the rental company’s collision insurance and charge the entire rental cost to your card. Coverage is primary and provides reimbursement up to $75,000 for theft and collision damage for most rental cars in the U.S. and abroad. Most other cards only offer secondary coverage that kicks in only after the deductible of your individual insurance policy is used.
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance. If your trip is canceled or cut short by sickness, severe weather and other covered situations, you can be reimbursed up to $10,000 per trip for your pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses, including passenger fares, tours, and hotels.
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement. If your common carrier travel is delayed more than 6 hours or requires an overnight stay, you and your family are covered for unreimbursed expenses, such as meals and lodging, up to $500 per ticket
  • Enjoy special car rental privileges from National Car Rental, Avis, and Silvercar when you book with your card.

Note that Chase has an unofficial rule that they will automatically deny approval on new credit cards if you have 5 or more new credit cards from any issuer on your credit report within the past 2 years (aka the 5/24 rule). This rule is designed to discourage folks that apply for high numbers of sign-up bonuses. This rule applies on a per-person basis, so in our household one applies to Chase while the other applies at other card issuers.

As for the $300 annual travel credit, “annually” means the year beginning with your account open date through the first December statement date of that same year, and each 12 billing cycles starting after your December statement date through the following December statement date. So it’s not exactly by calendar year, but roughly close and you can likely get this twice under the first year’s annual fee.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t need the new Lyft and DoorDash perks very much. I have also been redeeming my points for Hyatt hotel nights primarily, so I will stick to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card with a lower $95 annual fee and the same 1:1 ratio for turning Ultimate Rewards points into Hyatt points. I will miss the Reserve’s 3X earning power on travel on dining, however! Your spending and point-redeeming situation may be different.

Bottom line. The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card has a 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus, $300 annual travel credit, 3X points on Dining/Travel, Priority Pass Select airport lounge membership, up to $100 Global Entry application credit, Lyft perks, DoorDash perks, and more… in exchange for a $550 annual fee. You should compare against that of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which has less perks but also a lower annual fee.

“The editorial content here is not provided by any of the companies mentioned, and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone. This email may contain links through which we are compensated when you click on or are approved for offers.”

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Review: 50k Points Worth $750 in Travel, $300 Annual Travel Credit, $550 Annual Fee, New Lyft/DoorDash Perks from My Money Blog.

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Рабочие руки — сервис аренды разнорабочих

Новый сервис Рабочие руки предназначен для поиска разнорабочих и грузчиков. Клиент (например, склад, строительная или производственная компания) в онлайновом режиме делает заявку на нужное число подсобных рабочих на определенное время. На основе заявки заказчика сервис формирует бригады за 10 минут, а заказчик следит за их передвижением. Сервис использует систему оценки надежности исполнителей. Также, их можно выбирать по опытности. Оплата идет через сервис, при этом вы платите небольшую комиссию. При желании, можно решить проблему простоя собственных сотрудников: если в штате есть свободные рабочие, компания может предложить их как временных исполнителей на объект.

См. также: Топ 10 — Программы для рекрутинга


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30-second sales pitch

Standard Package:
1-minute sales pitch

Premium Package:
2-minute sales pitch

I will send you both the video and the sales script.

In addition, I will create several Attention-GRABBING headlines to serve as clickbait.

If all this gig did was give you another sales pitch to attract more leads it will be more than worth the price.

What are you waiting for?

Order this gig NOW!

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I will provide 5 High DA,PA Quora backlinks for boost your rank for $1

I will provide 5 High DA, PA Quora backlinks to boost your rank.
We all know how important links are to everyone’s website and Google loves Backlinks from High authority sites. When you have an active webpage, you increase your organic ranking and visitor’s trust, Quora answer is the best strategy to build activity in a split second and in the meantime get backlinks to your website. Quora answers give you very high-quality PA, DA backlinks.

Our Service Hot Features:High-Quality Pages100% Manual SubmissionHigh Trust Flow and Citation FlowDomain Authority = 93100% Satisfactory ResultsDetailed Report in Excel Sheet
Our Commitments:
All backlinks will be submitted manually.All backlinks will be alive.We commit to providing you Detailed Excel Report.We hate to make fake promises and love to be committed!

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I will create a 5 page responsive WordPress website design for $30

Hi! If you are looking for a modern and professional WordPress website design? You are in the right place. I will create a responsive WordPress website design for you. I am here to provide the best quality product and excellent customer services.

Sample of my work:

You will get the following services in this gig:

=> Responsive website design which includes 5 pages(Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone compatible)

=> Content upload

=> Theme design Customization

=> SEO friendly

=> Fully secure website

=> Include blog

=> Social media integration

=> Clear navigation across the site

=> Content uploaded on Server

=> Social share buttons

=> Easily Update any one by self

=> Contact form

=> Awesome Layout

Reasons to hire me:

=> 1 years+ experience in WordPress website.

=> Discounted price for seven days

=> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please contact me before placing the order.

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i will do 5 high DR 60+ HOMEPAGE DOFOLLOW SEO PBN BACKLINKS for $10

Create 10 DR 60+ Homepage DO-FOLLOW SEO PBN Back-links
Improve Your Google Ranking
Google Rankings With 10 High DR 60+ HOMEPAGE DO-FOLLOW SEO Permanent PBN Posts.

Utilize the power of Private Blog Network to rank anything with ease.

We always deliver best to our clients which beyond their expectations.
Here is the service to boost SERP with powerful PBN Back-links.
These are general PBNs with multiple categories applicable for all niches.

We are pretty straightforward when it comes to clients and will try to not waste their precious time.


Contents will be 100% unique and human readable with relevant images.100% Manual work.Homepage Backlinks.100% Dofollow Backlinks.High metrics 100% Guaranteed.No SPAM
100% Unique IPs.Permanent

If you have any question about the service.
Send me a PM.

We don’t accept such porn and casino illegal.

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