Automotive design

Creatively and quickly car skecthing and rendering with no layout no education.Puritalia And Togg Design by me.Recently, ı have been saw which challenges and new car first time for 60 years and ı said ‘ı should too’ for my country .The concept of Puritalia was for me the first time sketch and design process as well as ı try to myself.

I took inspiration from night because of 1 usually get inspired at night all of these happens spontaneously.I usually prefer the contrast color that best describes the image and I believe it will stand out.I choose challenging things and ı dont usually texture .

All of these thanks to Autodesk Sketchbook .I draw since my childhood agai again try to struggle because one of the best hobbies.I could image how to make design,it’s better how i do it etc. Briefly first you should imagine on your minds and after is coming with spontaneously at least for me:)Dont forget Perspective (Viewing and Observing something)is more important things for me.

People Says ‘Nice Work Keep pushing ,All of These from you ?etc. peoples often be amazed about my designs and who says wow!No ı didnt ı dont remembering learn my works .People says ‘ ı wish make too how to design how to rendering etc.

Just Imagine!!!!

Berkan Yüksel

Fastest car sketcher and concept transportation designer.

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Get a First Look at the Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low

We first saw the Dior’s collaboration with Jordan back in December, in the form of the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High OG. Now we finally have a glimpse at the rare low-top version of the highly-anticipated Kim Jones-designed sneaker.

The high-top was revealed as part of Dior Men’s pre-fall 2020 show in Miami. Just a month later, Parisian photographer Karl Hab has taken to Instagram to show off a low-top version of the Dior Jordans, spotted at Daniel Arsham‘s Paris exhibition.

Like the Dior Air Jordan 1 High, the low version features Dior’s popular oblique motif on the Nike swoosh along with panels of «Dior Grey» and cream throughout the shoe. The low-top maintains the co-branded «AIR DIOR» on the tongue, albeit without the emblematic Jordan wing motif.

The low-top version of the Dior x Air Jordan 1 will be in even more limited supply than the high-top iteration. Just 8,500 high-tops wil be available — in homage to the launch of the Jordan 1 in 1985 — while only 4,700 low-tops will be sold. The latter number honors the launch of Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947.

Both the Dior x Air Jordan 1 high-top and low-top are slated to launch in April 2020. The collaborative sneakers will be sold exclusively at Dior stores throughout the world.

In other Jordan news, be sure to check out HYPEBEAST France’s exclusive look at the Air Jordan XXXIV «Paris.»

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Ambient Metropolis light

The series “Ambient Metropolis light” shows the atmosphere of utopian Hong Kong of the 80s, its landscapes and surreal architectural forms, frozen in timelessness under the diffused sunlight.
This time was for Hong Kong an era of change and was marked by an unprecedented pace of construction, which made Hong Kong a city with extremely dense buildings and expensive real estate. Huge residential complexes and public spaces built in the style of architectural modernism are now old and Hong Kong has changed significantly, but these buildings keep the memory of the past.

While walking around the city, I was completely captured by this magical atmosphere of the city’s districts built in the 80’s and I spent almost the entire journey wandering among these huge tarnished buildings. Scattered through a light smog and cloud cover, but the hot Hong Kong sun, pastel colors, huge patina-covered time residential complexes, an old neon signs, pensioners listening to portable radio in the yards and playing board games, and something that can not be expressed in words. It was an amazing visual experience for me living in Russia. But, for a long time, I was not able to put my photos into a coherent narrative. It was only after six months of periodic reflection and revision of the material that I realized in one night how to build a clear narrative out of a large amount of material. Immersed in memories and nostalgia, I selected about 15 photos that best convey this atmosphere. After much thought, I left 10 photos.

I used a Sony a7R II camera with a Tamron 28-75mm f2,8 lens. My goal was to convey the real atmosphere, which meant minimal interference with the images and their color. Processing was limited to reducing the contrast, some small cropping and correction of geometric distortions. For processing, I mainly used Lightroom and quite a bit of Photoshop.

For friends and relatives who first saw these photos, the style was unusual, but the reaction was very positive. A very positive professional review of my work on lensculture also played an important role in my confidence. But the big success on behance and the continued attention of people still came as a surprise to me.

Alexey Kozhenkov

Alexey Kozhenkov was born in 1993 in Riga, Latvia. He currently lives in Moscow, Russia. Started photography as a self-taught photographer, after graduating from university.
His photographic interests are centered on the themes of architecture, urbanism and other unusual man-made structures.

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Instagram is reportedly removing posts supporting Soleimani

Instagram is reportedly removing posts supporting Soleimani

Instagram and Facebook are removing posts that support Qassem Soleimani, a top Iranian general and leader who was killed in a U.S.-sanctioned airstrike, according to CNN

Coda Story reports that Iranian journalists, influencers, and human rights activists have had posts if not their entire accounts removed from the platform. 

Instagram is one of the few Western social media sites not blocked in Iran. As such, many Iranians posted about Soleimani after his death. Facebook is blocked (as well as Twitter), but some people access it through VPN. 

Facebook, which owns Instagram, says that it is complying with United States sanctions against Iran by removing the posts and accounts. «We operate under U.S. sanctions laws, including those related to the U.S. government’s designation of the IRGC and its leadership,» a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement provided to CNN. The spokesperson also said that people who feel like their posts were wrongfully removed can go through the appeals process.  Read more…

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This Upper Body Kettlebell Circuit Will Have You Looking Like Thor

It takes time and commitment to build a God-like body. You need to change up your routine every so often so keep the muscles on their toes, and train several times a week. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to try next time you’re in the gym, this kettlebell circuit could be just the thing to give yo…

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Письмо: «Сожру себя, если потеряю этого мужчину»

Есть такие «мягкие люди», которые избегают конфликты и думают, что делают это от миролюбия и доброты.

Но делают они это из-за зависимости и большой короны.

От того, что присвоили второго, и когда он идет на конфликт, готовы закрыть глаза на все, лишь бы оставаться в слиянии и ощущении единства.

Посмотрим пример, как это бывает с самого начала отношений.


Уважаемая Эволюция, здравствуйте.

Буду рада, если мне посчастливится попасть на разбор и сохранить отношения.

С С. познакомилась 1,5 года назад на СЗ. Неделю переписки, 1 свидание и общение закончилось. В тот период у меня была череда свиданий и на С. я смотрела со своей башни. И я его не заинтересовала.

Добавился в соцсети два месяца назад, началась переписка ежедневная, созвоны, встретились через неделю в бургерной. Он был очень обаятельный, шутил, мы обсудили предстоящие новогодние праздники, что было бы круто уехать куда-нибудь вместе.

Сразу сказал, что скоро придёт зп и я могу выбирать место куда поедем, он платит. Я сказала, что мне тоже придёт зп и тогда выберем.
Меня это удивило. Раньше такого от мужчин не слышала. Учитывая то, что мы пока дружим.

С. 29 лет, на два года старше меня. Приехал из небольшого города. У него хорошая руководящая должность в продажах. Но при этом, нет квартиры, машины и сбережений. Внешне полноват.

У нас примерно одинаковая ОЗ.

Раньше я даже не смотрела в сторону таких парней, считала что я красивая и мне нужен статусный мужчина, старше лет на 8. Ничего не выходило из этого.

А тут встретила С.

Все закрутилось очень быстро. Он вёл себя так, будто я его будущая жена, с самого начала. Он окутал меня своей заботой. При этом, никакого намёка на секс. Для меня это стало крючком. Потом он сказал, что даже дотронуться до меня боялся, думал что спугнет.

Через 10 дней я пошла с подругами в бар. Не хотел отпускать, попросил написать когда я буду дома, и чтобы дома была в 12.

А я выпила лишнего, у меня украли телефон и я поехала ночевать к подруге.

Объявилась в два часа дня, позвонила ему уже из дома. Он был злой, отчитал как девочку 5 летнюю.

Через два часа встретились, чтобы купить мне временный телефон, потому что я была совсем без связи.

Опять отчитал, что так делать больше не нужно, он не спал, места себе не находил и тд. Купил телефон.

(Вот их первый конфликт. Она недовольна, что он ее отчитывает. Но при этом принимает от него телефон, покорно выслушивает, обиженно поджав подбородок. И вела она себя действительно как дура, когда напилась, проворонила телефон и поехала ночевать к подруге, нарушив их договор. То есть она понимает, что накосячила и поэтому дает себя отчитать)

Мы стали встречаться почти каждый день, запланировали отпуск на март. Поездка, о которой я мечтала. Он заграницей не был и готов был куда угодно рвануть со мной.

(Рвануть — это сорваться с места. А запланировать отпуск через полгода — это совсем не рванут. Вот так вы и кормите корону, интерпретируя обычные вещи в превосходных выражениях)

С. рассказывал о себе, о прошлом. И начал много говорить о будущем. У меня возникли мысли, что он любит поговорить, нафантазировать, а до реальной жизни это не дойдёт.

Через неделю дарит мне новый айфон, чтобы я не ходила в нокией и была на связи постоянно. Я в шоке, никогда не получала такие дорогие подарки. Сказал, что это заранее подарок на Новый год.

(Он развеял ее недоверчивость штурманскую. Теперь она может выдохнуть и распахнуть хлеборезку)

Через несколько дней он позвал меня к себе домой, был секс. Он сразу сказал, что переедешь ко мне. «Моя женщина, ждал тебя почти 30 лет».
Все очень быстро развивалось и от первого свидания до переезда прошло 3,5 недели.

Приехал к моей маме с цветами, забрал меня с вещами. Мама от него в восторге, называют друг друга зять и теща.

Начала совместная жизнь. Первый раз я почувствовала что такое баланс. Он приносил домой цветы или конфеты, ездили в Икею, чтобы обустроить жильё. После работы еду домой и думаю, что приготовлю что-нибудь вкусное ему, а он приехал раньше и уже готовит своё фирменное блюдо. Потом он заболел сильно, лечила его.

(Баланс с ее точки зрения, когда мужчина ее опекает и балует, кормит и развлекает)

Поехали к его родителям в маленький город. Они прожили 40 лет вместе и это эталон семьи для С.

Сказал, что ни одну девушку домой не приводил.

Родители приняли меня хорошо, все называли это смотрины.

Знакомство с его лучшими друзьями. Я видела, как С. счастлив.

Начались разговоры про детей. Что уже пора, давай бросай курить (мы оба курим). Как-то выпили с ним, сказал что скоро сделает предложение. Потом ещё маме моей сказал и своим друзьям.

И тут пошли конфликты по поводу детей. Он хочет уже сейчас.

Я тоже хочу детей, но мы мало знаем друг друга. Озвучила, что мне нужен год. Скандал. Ты не хочешь семью и все.

(Он с первого дня доминирует, но она принимает это, когда он за это платит. Буквально платит, выворачивая карман. Но где-то они в цене не сходятся, и тогда она ему выдвигает условия. То есть готова принять его доминирование в ответ на опеку, только смотрит, чтобы не продешевить)

За месяц, что мы живем вместе было три ссоры. И во время них я узнаю те нюансы, которые меня тормозят:

1. Мы на съемной квартире и запаса денег нет.

2. Он контролирует меня. Недавно не ответила ему 30 мин, потому что ходила с подругой в магазин одежды и зашла в кафешку, приезжаю домой-злой. Поругались. Он себе напридумывал уже сто ситуаций что со мной.

3. У него жесткий и властный характер. Это меня восхищает и отпугивает одновременно. Я боюсь, что если мы поженимся, он будет переделывать меня под себя. Сейчас есть проявления.

(Девчонки, если вас что-то восхищает и и оно же отпугивает, я ничем вам помочь не могу. Вы мазохистки, а это как в анекдоте: «Вы страдаете от своей проблемы?» «Нет, я ею наслаждаюсь»)

Границы у меня хреновые. Будь получше, выруливала бы из этих ссор. У него такие же. Он присваивает меня. «Я живу ради тебя и хочу, чтобы ты тоже жила ради меня. Ради нашей семьи». Везде мы.

(Она у него баги ищет, надевает на него колпачок «плохой характер». Если вы надели на партнера колпачок «у него такой характер» или «у нее такая нервная система», вы будете динамично сливаться, при этом еще и косячить)

«Я тебя выбрал как мать наших детей, а не как девушку для встреч».

Сейчас идут бытовые притирки, он считает, что женщина обязана готовить, убирать, воспитывать детей. А мужчина может иногда помогать ей. Я считаю, что если оба работаем, то и обязанности делим.


Он нападает, я отстаиваю свое мнение. Сказала со злости, что рано мы съехались. Начал бить стол, стену. Выбил руку.

Мне стало страшно от его агрессии.

Боюсь, что он меня сейчас прогнет, а я буду страдать в браке, уже с ребёнком.

Не знаю как быть. Люблю его очень, вижу что меня любит. Восхищаюсь его мужественностью. Из него будет идеальный муж и отец.

Но есть и много сомнений.

(Он ей по сути озвучил, что она должна подчиняться ему, она что-то блеяла в ответ, он дал понять, что он — псих и следующий удар будет по ней, возможно. Но она пишет, что он будет идеальным мужем и отцом. Квартира съемная, сбережений нет, характер властный, орет и крушит все в ссорах. Всем она недовольна, но уже присвоила и расстаться — не вариант)

Как вести себя не понимаю.

Хочу мира, баланса и счастливой семьи.

(Ну раз хотите, автор, ваше хочуха все устроит)

Таких мужчин раньше не встречала. Понимаю, что веду себя не мудро и не по женски. При этом, нужно научиться с ним договариваться, а не воевать.

(Учитесь. Выходите быстрей замуж или рожайте скорей без свадьбы, выполняйте его указания и не спорьте. Если иногда и побьет, ничего. Учитесь быть женственной)

Сожру себя, если потеряю этого мужчину.

(Автор, вы наверное забыли кому пишете письмо. Мне все равно, сожрете вы себя или нет. Но может быть Небушко от этой вашей угрозы испугается и постарается вам помочь)

P.s. Спасибо за блог


Rick Owens’ Tecuatl Army Boots Get Mega Lacing Treatment

After showcasing his «Tecuatl» collection on the runway for Spring/Summer 2020, Rick Owens has made his black leather Bozo Army Boots available to the masses. Featuring a bondage-inspired mega lacing technique that has dominated the collection, from cargo pants to sneakers, the boots consist of contrasting off-white laces and 18 eyelets, including the toe box. The silhouette also includes a lengthy side zipper, providing a more functional approach, and tonal stitching details.

Made with textured lamb leather throughout the upper and supple calfskin along the lining, the mid-calf footwear is available for pre-order on Rick Owens’ website.

In case you missed it, be sure to also check out our roundup of the best Fall/Winter 2020 runway trends and how to wear them.

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to return as Golden Globes hosts in 2021

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to return as Golden Globes hosts in 2021

We may have no idea who’s competing for 2021’s Golden Globes, but we do know who’s hosting — and it is glorious, spectacular, wonderful news.  

On Saturday at the Television Critics Association Tour, NBC Entertainment announced that all-star hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return for a fourth Globes hosting gig in 2021. 

The duo previously hosted from 2013 to 2015, universally delighting fans of Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and great comedy everywhere. They made fun of Martin Scorsese’s glasses. They made Anne Hathaway relive her Oscars hosting with James Franco. They even made rival host Neil Patrick Harris listen to their advice at the 2013 EmmysRead more…

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A Conversation with Mahmood

In May 2019, the career of Alessandro Mahmood known professionally as Mahmood radically changed. Representing Italy during the latest Eurovision Song Contest where he finished at second place, the singer-songwriter attracted the wrath of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who is known for his anti-immigrant views, criticized him for winning over another Italian participant who received the highest number of public votes. Being overtly gay, he used this as a force and stated that ‘I’m gay’ leads nowhere” and “If we continue with these distinctions, homosexuality will never be perceived as a normal thing, which it is”. 

Above all this, this victory gave his first major hit with Solid which became the most successful Italian song on Spotify and gave him the chance to go worldwide. Simultaneously, Mahmood has always shown an interest in fashion and became one of the new faces of Ricardo Tisci for Burberry. He decided to explore fully and freely his artistic approach mixing music and fashion.

We caught up with him during the last Paris Fashion Week where he had two sold-out shows. For everyone who couldn’t make it, he’s back on tour in April and will stop Milan, Paris, Amsterdam as well as London. 



We are currently talking in Paris, during fashion week and you seem to have an interest the fashion industry. You are closed to Ricardo Tisci, so what’s your point of view about fashion?

Honestly, I love fashion even if music is the most important thing. As an artist, it is important to have a good image to fit the music. For me, fashion needs to give more credibility to an artist.


After the massive exposure of Eurovision, Soldi became successful in Europe, are you stressed about the next release?

At the beginning I was terrified, everybody was like “are you having good songs?”. I was scared that after “Soldi” I was unable to make and release another successful song. Now I feel more free and confident. I just want to make cool songs without any expectations of getting a big hit. When you do something with love, it can be a successful hit in another kind of way.


You are extremely connected and I realized that you don’t smile on Instagram? Why?

I don’t like my smile, I prefer my face when it’s more serious (smiles).


In your latest video, you explicitly put two men having an ambiguous relationship and we clearly defined they are having a homosexual relationship. How important for you is to share this message? 

It’s very important for me as I think freedom is the best thing that exists for an artist. People need to have the right of freedom too and I wanted to make it through this video: They are friends, maybe a gay couple, and what is the problem? Everyone has to be sincere with himself I think now its time to educate our generation, and the upcoming ones to bring some freedom and rights.

Interview by Ivica Mamedy and 35mm portrait by Louise Reinke of Pairs Project






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В России придумали бейджи с микрофонами для анализа речи сотрудников

Российский стартап Voca.Tech в партнёрстве с Яндекс.Облаком представил бейджи с микрофонами для автоматического анализа речи сотрудников Voca.Badge. Устройства предназначены для розничных сетей, банков и других компаний с большим количеством сотрудников первой линии общения с клиентами. Бейдж записывает речь сотрудника и через Wi-Fi передаёт файл в Яндекс.Облако, где технология Yandex SpeechKit распознаёт и переводит речь в текст. Программа покажет работодателю, насколько вежливо и эффективно сотрудник общался с клиентом: например, дал ли он ему полную, достоверную и понятную информацию о товаре, не использовал ли слова паразиты и так далее. Бейдж может автономно работать до 12 часов и различать речь даже в условиях шума торгового зала. Один бейдж стоит 9,5 тыс руб. За аналитику и распознавание речи нужно платить отдельно.

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It’s snowing in Texas and Twitter is freaking out

It's snowing in Texas and Twitter is freaking out

The first full week of the new decade is about to wrap, and it’s already been stressful with serious issues in Iran and surprises like Megxit. Now, we have to deal with the manifestation of the climate crisis in our respective cities.

Take those in North Texas, where it is currently snowing — while in New York City, where I’m currently writing this, it’s 60 degrees. Totally cool and normal, right?

It’s not just NYC that is experiencing unusually high temperatures, where the average high for a January day is 40 degrees. States such as Ohio and Massachusetts are also experiencing spring-like weather: Read more…

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Looks like the Hummer is making a comeback as an electric pickup truck

Looks like the Hummer is making a comeback as an electric pickup truck

The Hummer could be making a comeback as an electric pickup truck.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the Hummer name, once known for outrageous gas-guzzling and general douchebaggery, will be repurposed for a new battery-powered SUV from General Motors as early as 2022. 

Rumors of the vehicle’s second lease on life began swirling in summer 2019 when GM president Mark Reuss told reporters the company was considering Hummer as one of many possibilities for its «all-electric future.» Unlike its predecessor, the new Hummer will not be a standalone brand, instead appearing as the first of several large, eco-friendly models available to consumers in the coming years.  Read more…

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В Челябинской области девочку с ДЦП забрали у опекуна и поместили в центр для умственно отсталых

Фото: Наталья Галеева, на фото Лиза Кудрявцева / Страница Оксаны Труфановой

Страшные новости приходят из Челябинской области. После того, как Наталья Галеева, больничная санитарка из поселка Полетаево, добилась через суд от властей выдачи квартиры для своей племянницы с ДЦП, у нее забрали всех племянниц, ее дом сгорел, а муж погиб. Девочка Лиза Кудрявцева, ее племянница, инвалид с детства (ДЦП) попала в Копейский реабилитационный центр для лиц с умственной отсталостью в посёлке Старокамышинск, в итоге выглядит сейчас она ужасающе и не в силах даже пошевелиться.

Теперь обо всем по порядку.

В 2015 году Наталья Галеева оформила опекунство над племянницами — дочками родного брата (мать лишена родительских прав, отец находится в тюрьме). «Лизу она забрала из больницы, а ее сестер — из детдома», — рассказала правозащитница Оксана Труфанова интернет-изданию «Лента.ру». К этому времени своих детей Наталья Галеева уже вырастила. Женщина она небогатая, но бросить в беде родных племянниц не смогла.

Фото: Кадр с видеоролика Oks True / YouTube

Первые несколько лет сотрудники опеки никаких проблем не видели, но потом ситуация резко поменялась. Когда Лизе исполнилось 17 лет, сотрудники из службы опеки посоветовали подать документы на получение жилья по инвалидности. Документы подготовили, через год пришел ответ из Москвы, что девочку поставили на очередь.

Когда прошел положенный по закону срок, а квартиру так и не передали в собственность, Наталья Галеева отнесла документы в прокуратуру, сотрудники которой уже обратились в суд для восстановления права Лизы на жилье. Суд постановил выдать квартиру в течение 5 месяцев. Но квартиру получить не удалось.

Как раз в это время сотрудники службы опеки начали находить многочисленные нарушения содержания детей. Тётю лишили опеки над всеми тремя девочками. Здоровых детей отправили в другие семьи, а Лизу в реабилитационный центр, где состояние ее начало ухудшаться. На проблему 8 января обратил внимание депутат Госдумы Сергей Шаргунов.

Администрация Сосновского района Челябинской области заартачилась, а когда пять месяцев истекли — вместо того, чтобы выделить положенное жильё, добилась «устранения» детей.

За эти пять месяцев тётю лишили опеки над всеми тремя девочками. Хуже всех стало Лизе, её поместили в Копейский реабилитационный центр для лиц с умственной отсталостью в посёлок Старокамышинск.

Сергей Шаргунов /

Он также привел слова бывшей опекунши, которая считает, что в любой момент Лиза может умереть. «Кожа и кости. Как в концлагере», — сказала Наталья Галеева.

Фото: Наталья Галеева, на фото Лиза Кудрявцева / Страница Оксаны Труфановой

Проблему осветили некоторые СМИ, в том числе федеральные, Наталью показали по телевизору. Следственный комитет России начал собственную проверку.

Сама Наталья Галеева, опекун Лизы, считает, что причин забирать у нее детей у органов опеки не было: они были одеты, сыты и окружены заботой. Наталья Галеева полагает, что это было сделано, чтобы не исполнять решение суда о выделении сиротам жилья. Первое время, по словам Натальи, здоровые девочки просились обратно к своей тете, но потом им объяснили, что если не замолчат, то попадут в детдом. Затем их и вовсе стали настраивать против родственницы.

Некий неназванный «информированный источник» сообщил Интерфаксу, что девушку-инвалида с ДЦП и двух ее сестер изъяли после того, как тетка переехала с детьми к ранее судимому сожителю и в опеке испугались за безопасность девочек.

Наталья Галеева пытается вернуть хотя бы больную племянницу из реабилитационного центра, поскольку та может просто не выжить в таких условиях.

И ладно бы за ней реально ухаживали и бананами бы ее кормили, которые она так любит, а ее, создается впечатление, как в Бухенвальде, голодом, буквально, морили. И подайте вы в свою защиту несуществующей чести, сволочи из опеки, хоть сто раз на меня в суд, я все равно этот бы пост разместила.

В Седьмом кассационном суде Челябинской области сейчас находится жалоба от тети, которая все еще пытается детей вернуть. Но уже сейчас очевидно, что Лизу надо спасать.

Правозащитница Оксана Труфанова /

То, что ребенок с ДЦП выглядит неважно, в конечном итоге признали и власти. Но комментарии своеобразные.

«Ребенок на протяжении всей жизни в тяжелом состоянии из-за заболевания, ей постоянно нужна помощь врачей. Полгода она находится в учреждении в Копейске, за это время все необходимые медицинские обследования проводились и помощь оказывалась. Состояние девочки удовлетворительное. Сейчас экстренно реагировать не нужно. Нами выявлен ряд дефектов в работе учреждения, в том числе по оказанию реабилитации. Мы проведем комплексную проверку.

Министр социальных отношений Челябинской области Ирина Буторина /

По словам министра, пока речи о том, чтобы вернуть ребенка родственнице, быть не может.

Вы думаете, что на этом все закончилось?

Наталья Галеева договорилась о приезде в дом телевизионщиков и уполномоченного. Вчера женщина хотела лично показать журналистам условия жизни в доме для своих племянниц.

Но именно в ночь перед этим дом Галеевой и ее супруга сгорел. Муж погиб в огне. Сама Наталья была в это время на суточной смене в больнице.

Проблема содержания людей с инвалидностью в подобных закрытых учреждениях, где их порой нарочно доводят до растительного состояния, чтобы они не доставляли проблем, поднимается в средствах массовой информации достаточно регулярно. При этом, по словам правозащитницы Оксаны Труфановой, в 2019 году сразу несколько чиновников из разных муниципалитетов были осуждены по делам о махинациях с жильем для такой категории граждан. И это как раз пример нечеловеческой жестокости.

Вообще ситуация очень странная. Государство должно оберегать своих граждан, это его основная цель. Но в России, наоборот, часто можно получить кучу проблем только от того, что решил связаться с государственными органами.


Watch this kitten’s hilarious reaction to a toy race car

Watch this kitten's hilarious reaction to a toy race car

You can be a cat owner and have absolutely zero clue how your pet will react to something new in its environment. For example, they may be scared of the new toy you bought them, but love the cardboard box it came in. They may be terrified of a toy car on a racing track or they may love it — you just don’t know until you put it in front of them.

In a video from Brazil, a kitten named Athena leans more towards the latter. She bounces and hops and chases after the car as if it was smuggling some catnip around that track. «Athena was very excited when she saw the Autorama and started jumping endlessly behind the race car,» the description states.  Read more…

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Oprah Winfrey cuts ties to #MeToo doc about a Russell Simmons accuser

Oprah Winfrey cuts ties to #MeToo doc about a Russell Simmons accuser

An upcoming #MeToo documentary will no longer have Oprah Winfrey’s name attached when it debuts at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January.

The as-yet-untitled documentary focuses on an unnamed former music executive who has accused Def Jam Recordings co-founder and Rush Communications CEO Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct. It’s not the first time Simmons has faced such an accusation.

Winfrey was originally on board to executive produce the documentary, which comes from the filmmaking team of Kirby Dick (director) and Amy Ziering (producer). But Winfrey confirmed in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday that she’s stepping back from the project. Read more…

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Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About Future’s Verse on Moneybagg Yo’s “Federal Fed”

Moneybagg Yo dropped his new album Time Served yesterday, a project that features a number of fire guest artists. One of those contributors is Future and it’s his verse on “Federal Fed” that’s turning the most heads.

On the track, Future drops a couple of specific bars that Twitter speculates are aimed at NBA legend Scottie Pippen — specifically, the rumors feel his lyrics refer to an alleged affair with Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa.

“I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, end up fucking your wife,” he raps. “She was choosin’ up and it was on sight/Had her ridin’ on me like a motorbike/Had to clean her head like a wet wipe!”

Listen to the track below and keep scrolling to discover what Twitter has to say.


Kevin Frost Signs Long-Term adidas Deal “For the Real Weirdo Motherf***ers”

Host, DJ, and The Spaghetti Boys founder Kerwin Frost took to Instagram last night to announce that he’s signed up for a long-term deal with adidas. He’s working on an apparel and footwear collection that is set to drop later this year.

If Frost’s announcement posts are anything to go by, it looks like we’re in for some truly interesting designs — the images feature him dressed as a yeti, alien, and hunchback, all decked out in Three Stripes fits. “This is for the real weirdo motherfuckers who were told they weren’t gonna be shit,” he explained in one of the captions.

In a new interview with GQ, Frost said, “I wanted to work with adidas for a long, long time. I was always just banging on the doors—maybe for four years.” He added, “Basically, I’m collaborating with them on footwear, apparel, campaigns, the whole nine. I’m not just doing colorways.”

Take a look at his announcement posts below.



Ashley Carman, writing for The Verge:

Katzenberg and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman, who is best known as the CEO
of HP and eBay, are publicly announcing Quibi at CES — but not
quite unveiling it — after having raised $1 billion on the
promise of a roster of Hollywood stars and supposedly
revolutionary video-streaming technology that delivers portrait
and landscape video at the same time. Everything on Quibi is
designed for viewing on a phone, on the go, in 10 minutes or less.
These chunks of video are called “quick bites” — hence, “Quibi.”

When Quibi arrives on April 6th of this year, it’ll cost $5 a
month for an ad-supported version or $8 a month for an ad-free
experience. Katzenberg and Whitman formulated this idea nearly two
years ago and have been relentlessly signing up the biggest names
in Hollywood to be a part of it.

For me personally, the rotating thing sounds awful. Which orientation is canonical? It just sounds like a gimmick. And I know that Hulu has separate paid tiers, one with ads, one without, but man, $5/month with ads is a hard sell to me.


Oprah Winfrey cancels involvement with upcoming Apple TV+ documentary

Oprah Winfrey has cancelled her involvement with a documentary on sexual assault and abuse in the music industry, only one month after Apple announced it would debut on Apple TV+ sometime this year.

Oprah Apple TV+.png

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, she said: ““I have decided that I will no longer be executive producer on The Untitled Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering documentary and it will not air on Apple TV+. First and foremost, I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women. Their stories deserve to be told and heard. In my opinion, there is more work to be done on the film to illuminate the full scope of what the victims endured, and it has become clear that the filmmakers and I are not aligned in that creative vision. Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are talented filmmakers. I have great respect for their mission but given the filmmakers’ desire to premiere the film at the Sundance Film Festival before I believe it is complete, I feel it’s best to step aside. I will be working with Time’s Up to support the victims and those impacted by abuse and sexual harassment.”

The film has been among the highest profile doc projects set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this month. Winfrey, who until now had served as an executive producer on the film, planned to air it on Apple TV+ following the festival.

In June 2018, Apple announced a unique, multi-year content partnership with Oprah Winfrey, the producer, actress, talk show host, philanthropist and CEO of OWN. Together, she and Apple will, per a press release, “create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world.” Winfrey’s projects will be released as part of a lineup of original content from Apple.


Gucci x Dover Street Market Just Dropped SS20’s Wildest Jackets (So Far)

Visit the original post to see all 11 images from this gallery.

Brand: Gucci x Dover Street Market

Season: SS20

Key Pieces: The brown and orange mohair overcoat is the clear collection standout, particularly if you’re looking for something understated yet luxe AF. If you’re after the opposite effect, check out the metallic gold offerings.

Release Date: Available now.


Editor’s Notes: Gucci and Dover Street Market have joined forces on another capsule collection for SS20 and, it probably goes without saying, the offering is absolute fire. Heavily influenced by ’70s menswear, the capsule mostly comprises patterned coats and jackets, all of which are a must-cop for anyone wanting to up their outwear game.

Aside from the pieces mentioned above, the tassled leather jacket and embroidered velvet dinner jacket are also extremely strong, as is the brown tassled waistcoat.

The collection is available from Dover Street Market London now.


Apple will replace some iPhone battery cases for free

Apple will replace some iPhone battery cases for free

If you purchased a iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR battery case between January and October 2019 and it sucks, good news! Apple just launched a program that will replace it for free.

It’s called the Smart Battery Replacement Program, and Apple gives it the rundown on its website. If the battery case does not charge when plugged into power or it just does not charge the iPhone at all, you can go to Apple (or an Apple-approved service provider) to get it replaced. 

«Apple has determined that some Smart Battery Cases made for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR may experience charging issues,» the site reads. «This is not a safety issue and Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will replace eligible battery cases, free of charge.»  Read more…

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Найпопулярніші публікації блогу за 2019

Вже традиційно склали список найпопулярніших публікацій блогу за 2019 рік. Деякі з них написані кілька років тому, але й досі не втратили своєї актуальності. Email маркетинг Три кроки для ефективного email маркетингу Персоналізуйте і сегментуйте: як збирати дані про користувачів в email-маркетингу. Частина І Персоналізуйте і сегментуйте: як збирати дані про користувачів в email-маркетингу. Частина […]

Запись Найпопулярніші публікації блогу за 2019 впервые появилась Блог Digital агенції UAMASTER.

Читать далее


Apple launches Smart Battery Cases replacement program

Apple has launched a battery case replacement program for Smart Battery Cases designed for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. 

Smart Battery big.png

The company says it’s determined that some Smart Battery Cases made for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR may experience charging issues. An affected Smart Battery Case may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

° Battery case will not charge or charges intermittently when plugged into power.

° Battery case does not charge the iPhone or charges it intermittently

Affected units were manufactured between January 2019 and October 2019. Apple says this isn’t a safety issue and Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will replace eligible battery cases, free of charge.


Gucci & Dover Street Market Reunite for SS20 Capsule

Following on from the exclusive Fall/Winter 2019 capsule, Gucci has once again linked up with Dover Street Market for a Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The range features a strong ’70s influence, with key pieces including tassled leather jackets and waistcoats, as well as pre-distressed jackets and embroidered blazers.

Other stand-out items from the capsule include a matching metallic gold jacket and shorts — complete with Gucci branding down the sides — as well as a long mohair overcoat with an all-over interlocking GG pattern and a T-shirt complete with an «Everything I Know About Love» graphic.

Take a look through the exclusive capsule in the gallery above. The full range is available now from the Dover Street Market web store and London location.

In other fashion news, Louis Vuitton recently debuted its SS20 campaign.

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The Nike Air Foamposite One Receives a Red Hot «Lava» Revamp

The Nike Air Foamposite One is kicking off 2020 with a fiery new iteration. Dubbed the «Lava,» the silhouette arrives with a maximalist design reminiscent of the Air Tech Challenge 2 lava print. While both sides of the shelled upper feature the same red and black pattern, there’s a noticeable size difference as the lateral area highlights cracks that get progressively bigger when compared to the heel. Branding hits can be found on the stitched heel emblem, tongue and outsole, finally tied together with black laces for a clean finish.

The Nike Air Foamposite One «Lava» drops January 19 on BSTN Store for €229.99 Euros (approximately $255 USD).

In other footwear news, Paul Rodriguez celebrates his Mexican heritage with the Nike SB Dunk High.

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Two Iconic Nike Silhouettes Meet in the New Air Force 1 React D/MS/X

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Brand: Nike

Model: Air Force 1 React D/MS/X

Key Features: This AF1 meets React sneaker features a stitched synthetic leather and mesh upper and a dropped Swoosh logo. It boasts a drop-in React midsole with red plastic strip and Ramp Air unit in the heel.

Release Date: January 17

Price: TBC

Buy: Nike and select retailers

Editor’s Notes: Nike’s D/MS/X line is readying to release the next must-cop hybrid sneaker, the Air Force 1 React D/MS/X — a new silhouette that marries classic AF1 style with the comfort of the React.

The shoe will reportedly arrive in a number of colorways but the first is the white, black, and red variety you see up top. The shoe will drop on Jan 17 with the other varieties landing later in 2020.

To stay updated on everything happening in the sneaker world, follow @highsnobietysneakers on Instagram, check our sneaker release date calendar, and subscribe to our sneaker chatbot on Facebook to receive lightning-quick updates to your inbox.


Researchers put 3D glasses on cuttlefish for…science

Researchers put 3D glasses on cuttlefish

It may seem like that cuttlefish is prepping to see The Rise of Skywalker but no, it’s actually part of a research experiment.

A team at the University of Minnesota put 3D glasses on cuttlefish in order to learn more about their eyes and brains, specifically how both organs work together to catch prey. Like humans, cuttlefish utilize stereopsis, the scientific term for depth perception. Unlike humans, cuttlefish still hunt their prey — and stereopsis helps them do it. The cuttlefish strikes at its prey and must correctly guess how far away it is. If it’s too close when it strikes, the prey will get spooked and move away; too far away, and it won’t reach. Read more…

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How To Buy a Car

Part of my rich life is buying as much coffee as I want. I never sweat small purchases like that.

A car, however, is one of the biggest personal expenses that I’ll ever make.

I’m actually thinking of buying a new car myself right now. Sweating the details and purchasing a car will save me thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of lattes.

Not to mention the impact that a car has on my life. I’ve had my current pickup for a decade. And purchasing my next car will shape my next decade.

You can’t spend too much time buying your next car. It’s worth the trouble.

I’ve done a ton of research on how all this works, putting my best tips and best practices in this guide to get a great deal on the perfect vehicle for you.

Make a List of Priorities

I believe that everyone should be looking for a car that has a great maintenance record.

Yes, there are exceptions. If you’re at a stage of your life where cars can be considered a drivelous expense, go ahead and get the Maserati that needs to be taking into the shop every other month. If that’s how you enjoy spending your money, embrace it.

For the rest of us, we want a car that will keep us out of the mechanic’s shop.

After that, it really comes down to your lifestyle. Here’s a items that could be hard requirements for you:

  • Snowy weather: I learned to drive in the mountains of Colorado. For me, 4×4 or AWD is a requirement.
  • Kids: You might need the extra space from a minivan or SUV.
  • Cargo space for dogs: I have a 200lb mastiff, having enough space and easy accessibility for him is another hard requirement of mine.
  • Electric: If you live near electric charging stations, you could make the jump to an electric car.
  • Camping or other activities: Get enough clearance to handle bumpy roads and obstacles.
  • Gas mileage: If you drive a lot and have a tight budget for your car, get one with better gas mileage. You can easily cut your monthly gas bill in half by choosing the right car.

Start your list with “must-have” features that you can’t live without.

My main recommendation is to avoid picking out a flashy car just for the sake of having one. Some of you may truly want that brand new BMW. If it’s part of your rich life and truly makes your life delightful, find a way to make it work. But many of us get sucked into thinking that we should enjoy luxury cars when we don’t. Every dollar you don’t spend on your car is one extra dollar you can spend on an area of your life that brings you true joy.

Determine Your Budget

Most financial experts suggest that you spend a maximum of 15% of your take-home pay on a car.

Let’s say you make $65,000 per year. If you pay 30% in taxes, you’re left with $45,000. 15% of your post-tax take-home is $6,825. That translates to $568.75 per month on a car.

Of course, there’s a big difference between how much you can spend on a car and how much you should spend on a car.

It’s always in your best interest to find something that’s below your budget. But you should still determine the maximum amount that you can afford to spend.

One way to give yourself a larger budget is by saving up ahead of time. That’s what I’ve been doing. I set up an automatic savings of $100/month several years ago that goes into a special car savings account. The whole automatic savings system is broken down here. Now I have a tidy sum that gives me a lot more flexibility on the car I want.

How you’re planning to pay for your car will also impact your budget. Are you taking out a loan, or will you be paying cash?

Don’t forget about the other hidden costs associated with buying a car, such as:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Title fee
  • Insurance
  • Ownership taxes
  • Parking
  • Gas
  • Maintenance
  • Smog or emissions testing

Be sure to estimate all these costs. Once you buy a new car, you could easily be spending an extra couple of hundred dollars every month.

Buying vs. Leasing

Let’s keep this simple.

Leasing is almost always a terrible idea. Don’t do it.

Buy your car, keep it for 7-10 years, then buy another. That’s how you get the most value out of a car.

Leasing only makes sense if two things are true for you:

  1. You love having a new car every couple of years. This is part of your rich life and you’d gladly cut costs in other areas of your life to support this.
  2. You have the budget to pull this off.

Basically, you have both the means and the genuine desire to drive new cars regularly. Since you’ll be swapping out cars often, leasing will be the best option for you. It’s still a lot more expensive than buying and owning for 10 years but you’ve made the conscious choice that it’s worth it. In that case, go ahead and lease guilt-free.

New vs. Used

I have two facts for your.

One, buying a used car is by far the better deal. As soon as a car drives off the lot, it loses a ton of value. Essentially, you will be spending several thousand dollars for the privilege of driving it off the car lot.

New vehicles depreciate by more than 10% in the first month of the purchase. Vehicles lose roughly 20% of their value in the first 12 months of ownership. Expect your vehicle to lose an additional 10% of its value each ear.

If you want to maximize the value of your dollar, get a used car.

Two, I don’t care. I only buy new cars myself.

I’m not sure what happened in my childhood but I hate sharing. And that applies to used stuff. I’d rather buy new, use it until it falls apart, then buy another one new. I’m like this with EVERY purchase.

So yes, buying a used car is the better decision financially. But I still buy new out of personal preference.

You get to make the same choice.

If you plan to go the used car route, a certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO) will be your best option. In most cases, CPO cars have low mileage and no history of major accidents. They are gently used, pass a thorough dealership inspection, and include a warranty from the original manufacturer.

What to Know About Auto Loans

The majority of car purchases are financed. So if you’re buying a new or used car, there’s a good chance that you’ll need an auto loan.

Most people will get financing directly from the car dealership, but smart buyers shop around for the best loan option. Getting your loan from a dealership can be an expensive mistake if you fail to seek alternative lenders.

These are some of the most common places to get an auto loan:

  • Large national banks
  • Small community banks
  • Credit unions
  • Car dealerships

I recommend getting your financing pre-qualified from a third-party lender before you start shopping around at dealerships. With an accurate budget, you’ll know exactly how much you can afford.

Your credit score will have the most significant impact on getting approved for a car loan. You should check your credit score and view your credit report before you start applying for loans. Remember not to close any credit cards before applying for a car loan. That’ll lower your credit score and give you a worse interest rate.

Try to boost your score and remove any errors from your report. These factors have a direct correlation to the amount of your loan, as well as the interest rates.

According to Lending Tree, the average APR financing for credit scores 720 or higher is 5.33%. Consumers with a credit score between 620-659 have an average APR in the 13% range, and scores below 560 have an average APR of 21.10%.

If you seek pre-qualification from multiple sources, you can potentially get these lenders to compete against each other for the best loan terms. But it all starts with a solid credit score.

Due Diligence

Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on your priorities and budget, you should make a shortlist of two or three cars that fit the description of your needs.

But before you finalize a decision, you need to keep doing research to find the best year, make, and model.

Read consumer reports. Review vehicle safety reports and crash test ratings. Pay particularly close to maintenance ratings.

If you’re buying a used car, make sure you know the full history of the vehicle, including how many owners and any accidents. The best way to do this is by researching the car’s VIN for specific reports. Carfax and AutoCheck are two popular tools for this purpose.

Use online resources to gauge how much a car is worth based on factors like mileage and condition. Compare prices between dealerships to make sure you’re getting the best price.

You should always take the car for a test drive and inspect it yourself whenever possible. Buying a vehicle sight unseen is never a good idea. Test drives won’t be an issue when you’re going through a dealership, but it’s no guarantee when buying directly from an owner.

Always get a pre-purchase inspection if you’re buying a used car. This is conducted by an independent mechanic. The mechanic will evaluate the condition of the vehicle and let you know if certain things (like brakes or tires) need to be replaced soon.

What to Expect With Dealerships

Once you locate the car you want to buy, it’s time to take a visit to a dealership.

As you’re browsing the lot, you’ll likely be approached by a car salesman within a few minutes. If not, you can always request assistance from the receptionist or front desk.

The initial introduction will be pretty informal. You’ll exchange names and give some brief information about the type of car you’re looking for. The salesperson will show you some different options, and offer to take you on a test drive.

It’s important to take the approach that you’re not in a hurry to buy. I’ve purchased a handful of cars in my life, and none were bought on the first day I walked into a dealership.

You can’t make an informed decision and complete your due diligence if you’re in a rush. A car that was initially at the top of your list based on preliminary research could be eliminated after a test drive.

The salesman at the dealership will likely follow-up with a phone call over the next week to see if you have any questions.

Once you’re ready to make the purchase, you’ll come back to the dealership to negotiate the price and discuss financing options. We’ll talk more about these negotiations shortly.

Buying a Car Directly From an Owner

Some of you might be interested in purchasing a used car from a private seller.

There is no financing with a purchase directly from an owner. So be prepared to pay upfront with cash. You could potentially take out a personal loan from a bank or credit union, but the financing will be set up on your own.

The two most important documents in a private sale are:

  • Title
  • Bill of sale

If the owner doesn’t have a clean title, don’t buy the car. The car could be stolen, or the seller might not own the vehicle outright. If you buy a car with a lien on it, the financing company could repossess it if the seller stops making payments.

The bill of sale typically includes:

  • Year, make, model
  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Date of sale
  • Sale price
  • Names and addresses of the buyer and seller
  • Notation of conditions or guarantees

In most private sales, the notation is “sold as is.” The seller won’t be responsible for anything that happens to the car after the transaction is made.

You can request a pre-purchase inspection by a mechanic, but the seller doesn’t have to agree to anything. That’s part of the risk of buying directly from an owner.

In most cases, I wouldn’t consider a private sale unless the purchase was for a low amount, like $5,000 or so.

Negotiating The Best Deal

Time is on your side when it comes to negotiating. Make it clear that you’re in no rush to buy, and be prepared to walk at any minute.

Don’t fall victim to high-pressure sales tactics or make an impulse purchase. The best time to buy a car is at the end of the year or end of the quarter when the sales staff is trying to meet their quota. Buying a car on New Years Eve could get you a 8% discount alone.

Also wait until the new year models are released. Dealerships will be trying to get rid of the previous year’s models at that time.

In other words, negotiate when you have leverage. At the end of the year, sales reps short on quota are willing to push deals to the limit. This also works at the end of each quarter.

If you only do one thing to improve your car negotiation, do this.

There’s plenty of smaller tactics you can try too.

  1. Try to find a cheaper price for the same vehicle elsewhere then bring that up during the negotiation process.
  2. Get the dealer to eliminate unnecessary add-ons like rust-proofing or extended warranties. Or ask them to add them at the last minute for free.
  3. Research any manufacturer incentives or rebates that might be available for the car you want.

During the negotiation process, it’s easy to get confused as the dealer starts throwing numbers around. Always repeat things slowly and write everything down to confirm.

Don’t mention your trade-in until the very last moment. If you tell them about your trade-in from the beginning, the dealer could use it against you.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at a $25,000 car, and the dealer’s rock-bottom price is $20,000 (although you won’t know this information). If the dealer knows your trade-in is worth $3,000, they might drop the price to $23,000 to get you out the door for a total purchase price of $23,000.

But if you wait to mention the trade-in, you could negotiate all the way down to $20,000, and then talk about the trade-in. In this case, the final sale would be $17,000.

How To Buy a Car is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.


Перт — родина австралийского быдла

Путевые заметки, день 9

Сегодня гуляем по городу Перт, штат Западная Австралия. Очень сложно русскому человеку выговаривать Перт, так и хочется сказать «Пердь»… Ладно, буду держать себя в руках. Город расположен на юго-западе Австралии на берегу Индийского океана. Согласно оценке журнала The Economist на 2012 год Перт даже занимал 9-е место среди самых удобных для жизни городов мира. Вообще в Австралии жить неплохо, и их города, как и города Канады, часто попадают в разные рейтинги. В этом, кстати, схожесть Канады и Австралии. И там и там комфортно жить. Но и там и там мало кто живет. Почему? Зачем все прутся в Лондон, Прагу, Нью-Йорк, Париж, если есть Пердь?

А еще здесь живут боганы. Это что-то среднее между американскими реднеками и русским «Та-а-а-ги-и-и-и-лом». В регионе развита тяжелая промышленность, здесь добывают полезные ископаемые, есть нефтеперерабатывающий, сталепрокатный, глиноземный и никелевый заводы, а также своя электростанция. Так вот боганы – это как раз простой народ, который там работает. Рабочие люди, которые, может быть, и не очень хорошо образованы, где-то немного грубые, у них простые желания, но они этого не стесняются и живут на полную. Боганы – это целый австралийский культурный феномен и Перт является как раз его родиной. Культура простого рабочего мужика, которая в России в свое время была высмеяна в Нашей Раше.

С 1980-х годов субкультура боганов стала примером плохого вкуса. Но на рубеже 3-го тысячелетия термин «боган» перестал использоваться как оскорбление.

В общем, здесь живет такой вот простой австралийский рабочий люд с деньгами. Ведь Перт – это город, где очень много денег, рабочие получают много, ездят на Бали раз в квартал. Они бы и рады купаться и жить здесь в Австралии, но вот незадача: в океане акулы и даже крокодилы плавают. Да и цены в Австралии австралийские. А на Бали всё копейки по австралийским меркам стоит и сплошной рай.

01. Но вообще город оказался довольно милым! В деловом центре есть десяток небоскребов. Это единственные высокие здания на тысячи километров вокруг.

02. С точки зрения архитектуры они не представляют никакого интереса. Уверен, вы бы по этой фотографии не определили даже на каком континенте находится этот город. Америка? Австралия? Я уже писал, что все австралийские города развивались по американской модели.

03. Тут никто особо не думают над панорамой или исторической средой. Город поделен на участки, и на каждом участке развитие идет без учета окружения. Рядом со старой церковью может вырасти небоскреб.

04. При такой системе участки застраиваются максимально плотно. Дворы или инсоляция тут роскошь. Хочешь солнце? Расти вверх, но никто не гарантирует, что рядом сосед тоже не воткнет высотку.

05. На улицах Перта историческая архитектура соседствует с унылыми коробками.

06. Широкие тротуары позволяют высадить деревья — единственная возможность скрыться от сурового солнца Перта.

07. Уличный туалет выглядит так

08. По всему городу есть система велодорожек.

09. Город очень многослойный. Места в центре почти нет, так что парковки часто делают на крышах. Подземная парковка стоит 55 долларов в сутки.

10. Это я погрузился в современное искусство.

11. Те самые боганы, про которых я говорил в начале поста, разъезжают по городу на вот таких авто, ютах. В Австралии и Новой Зеландии это разговорное название пикапов в стиле «Coupé utility», которые представляют собой лёгкий автомобиль с открытой грузовой платформой.

В Австралии сформировалась целая культура вокруг ютов, особенно в сельских районах, где даже проводятся отдельные мероприятия с участием машин на таких кузовах.

12. Традиционно термин относился к транспортным средствам, построенным на шасси легкового автомобиля, однако сегодня в Австралии и Новой Зеландии понятие «ют» расширилось и теперь включает в себя любое транспортное средство с открытой грузовой зоной сзади (то, что называется пикап в других странах).

13. Трафик тут не очень интенсивный и народ переходит улицу где хочет.

14. Редчайший пример, когда сохранились сразу несколько исторических зданий.

15. Офисный планктон отдыхает на лужайке во время обеда.

16. Магазин Эппл расположился в историческом здании. Весь первый этаж прозрачный и светится ночью. Смотрится довольно необычно.

17. В центре города можно найти совсем узкие переулки

18. Тут хорошо видно отношение к истории

19. В Перте есть парк, где живут кенгуру! Да, прямо в городе! Кенгуру оказались очень милыми и любознательными. Близко к себе не подпускают, но и не удирают сразу. По поведению кенгуру напоминают кошек. Любопытные, но осторожные. Вообще кенгуру тут довольно много, в магазинах продается мясо кенгуру, а в ресторанах можно найти стейк из этого милого животного.

20. Общественный транспорт в Перте представлен автобусами, поездами и теплоходами, которые соединяют берега реки Суон. До 1958 года в городе был еще и трамвай.

А теперь самая крутая часть: в городе есть свободная транзитная зона (FTZ — Free Transit Zone), внутри которой можно передвигаться на автобусах и поездах совершенно бесплатно! Автобусные остановки этой зоны имеют красный знак FTZ.

21. В городе разветвленная сеть автобусов. Если выехать за пределы бесплатной зоны, то передвигаться на общественном транспорте уже будет достаточно дорого (как и везде в Австралии). Стоимость проезда внутри одной зоны 3.20 AUD (135 рублей).

22. А еще по городу ходят автобусы, на которых нарисован кот. И это не просто так. Это автобусы Central Area Transit (CAT), на которых можно передвигаться бесплатно. В центре можно встретить автобусы, которые двигаются по четырем «кошачьим» линиям: красной, синей, желтой и зеленой.

23. Автобусная остановка в центре

24. На окраины Перта, а также в пригороды можно быстро добраться на поезде. К числу популярных направлений относятся северный район Кларксон, а также городки Фримантл и Мидланд. Поезда отправляются с центрального вокзала города на Веллингтон-стрит. График движения — с пол-шестого утра до полуночи по будням и до двух часов ночи в выходные.

25. В Перте народ очень расслабленный. Никто не будет работать лишнего времени, поэтому при первой же возможности все сваливают и разбредаются по барам, прямо как в Лондоне. В пятницу к 6 вечера все уже пьяные. Вообще в Австралии все начинают работать очень рано, а заканчивают сразу после обеда. Это у нас стандартный рабочий день с 9 до 18. А в Австралии многие работают с 6 или 7 утра.

27. Давайте посмотрим на новые районы Перта. Архитектура простая.

28. У многоквартирных домов есть закрытые дворы с хорошим благоустройством. Дома тут делают по американскому образцу, когда у тебя есть и бассейн, и тренажерный зал, и другие сервисы прямо в доме.

29. Еще один многоквартирный дом

30. Вход в подъезд

31. Вход в другой подъезд.


33. Обратите внимание, как красиво декорирована стенка с техническими помещениями

34. Улица в новом жилом районе


36. Навигацию тут печатают прямо на тротуарах

37. На этом красота заканчивается. Так как мы в быдло-столице Австралии, то часто можно увидеть картины больше характерные для окраин Питера

38. Кинуть машину на газоне? Почему бы и нет!

39. Занять место на парковке мусорным баком? «Да это мое место! Я его от снега чистил! Поставишь машину — проколю колеса!»

40. Глухой и высокий забор? Конечно! Тут вам не Европа.

41. Давайте посмотрим теперь на субурбию. Чтобы народ не гонял, дороги искривляются

42. Редкий пример дома без забора

43. В основном дома одноэтажные. Окна, выходящие на дорогу, всегда закрыты

44. Австралийцы, как и русские, очень любят заборы и стараются максимально отгородиться от внешнего мира.

45. Нечего тут глазеть в окна!

46. У меня есть друг, Арсений. Он живет в бананово-лимонном Сингапуре, бегает Айронмэны (триатлон на длинную дистанцию) и Ультры (забеги на дистанцию больше марафона), занимается правильным питанием. Кстати, он единственный русский, кто пробежал ультру в Таиланде, а это 166 км! И в какой-то момент Арсений решил, что мне тоже надо бегать. Он много месяцев приставал ко мне, чтобы я купил кроссовки, форму, часы, а я все отмахивался. И вот 6 недель назад я переборол себя, пошел в магазин, купил беговые кроссовки, модную курточку, футболки, часы и побежал.

Вчера я впервые пробежал за сутки 45 км – 3 забега 10, 15 и 20 км с отдыхом. До этого максимальная дистанция была 16 км.
У меня есть цель – пробежать знаменитый пермский марафон этой осенью! Сейчас я бегаю почти каждый день, о чем иногда пишу в своем Инстаграме. Не могу сказать, что бегать мне сильно нравится, но мне интересно посмотреть, на что я способен.

47. А еще бегать полезно во время путешествий: очень удобно изучать город. За день можно все оббежать и наметить интересные точки.


49. А вот это Spanda – скульптура австралийского художника и скульптора Кристиана де Виетри. Общая высота примерно под 9 этажей. Скульптура стала крупнейшей в мире отдельно стоящей конструкцией из углеродного волокна. Произведение искусства должно наводить на мысль об единстве человека и универсума.

50. Рядом фонтаны под навесом. Немного спасает от летней тридцатиградусной жары.

51. Лавочки, оригинальные фонари на набережной Элизабет – одной из самых молодых достопримечательностей Перта.

52. Станция, на которой можно сесть на теплоход. Навес сделан в виде грозового облака.

53. Элегантный пешеходно-велосипедный мост, проект которого подготовлен Arup Associates. Мост фактически является воротами в центральный деловой район, его извилистая форма визуально связывает реку с городом.

Вантовый мост длиной 110 метров и высотой 22 метра был официально открыт для публики в январе 2016 года. С него открывается впечатляющий 360-градусный вид на реку. Является центральным элементом плана правительства Западной Австралии по оживлению центра Перта.

«Очень приятно видеть, как наш дизайн ожил. Мы невероятно гордимся тем, что участвовали в создании моста и были частью преобразования набережной реки в Перте. Это знаковый проект, который навсегда изменит то, как люди наслаждаются одним из самых ярких и разнообразных городов страны».

Алистер Аверн-Таплин, руководитель офиса в Перте, Arup /




57. Новые жилые дома на набережной. Квартиры тут от 790 000 долларов за однушку (одна спальня и гостиная)

58. В ресторане приносят традиционное блюда австралийских поселенцев – хлеб с картошкой. Интересная подача: сковороду с раскаленными углями ставят прямо на стол, на ветках нанизано тесто, которое ты жаришь прямо на столе, а потом ешь, макая в масло. Очень вкусно и эффектно.

59. А вот так приносят счет! Птица, в которой лежат настоящие яйца, среди которых лежит счет. В Австралии довольно дорого. Обычный ресторан на двоих будет около 10 000 рублей с вином.

60. Пешеходный мост

61. Закат в городе


63. Посмотрите, какая приятная стойка информации и Перте. Тот случай, когда простые детали создают приятное окружение.

64. А это аппарат, где можно купить питьевую воду. Смысл в том, что бутылка воды тут стоит 25 центов, а не 2-3 доллара, как обычно. Но бутылка должна быть твоя. Приносишь пустую бутылку и наполняешь ее! Зачем генерировать мусор, когда можно всего за 25 центов получить свою бутылочку?


Путевые заметки:
День 8. Аделаида – это больше Челябинск или Ростов-на-Дону?
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День 1. Новый год в Дубае


Солнце, ветер и вода

Сезон первый

Переживем кризис вместе… — на яхте.
(С) мой друг

Статья о выборе минимально необходимого двигателя на яхту.

Шаг первый — с чего все началось

Примерно в середине 2014 года, когда стало понятно, что кризис будет весьма затяжной, снова пришло время верстать собственный антикризисный план. Ну чтобы не получилось как в известном фильме — «кризис это когда не хочется хотеть чего то хотеть», а было много-много интересных часов. В поле моего зрения попал яхтинг. На тот момент мои познания в этом вопросе были на уровне детского сада, когда мы делали кораблики из скорлупы грецкого ореха и пускали их в лужах. Я даже не знал, есть ли у меня морская болезнь. 🙂 Но, сказано — сделано. Тема есть, начинаем верстать план мероприятий.

Перво наперво надо бы где то поучиться. Поговорил с яхтсменами. Все они учились в ДЮСШ еще во времена СССР. Все наперебой давали советы, что надо сперва поехать в Турцию и брать разные яхты в чартер, и учиться прямо на практике. Ну а прямо сейчас можно за скромные деньги «взять вот прямо эту и прямо здесь у меня». Ну их можно понять — для них это бизнес. Мы пойдем другим путем.
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[Из песочницы] Решение типовых проблем с json_encode (PHP)

Это краткая статья о наиболее вероятных проблемах с json_encode и их решениях. Иногда при кодировании данных в json, с помощью json_encode в php, мы получаем не тот результат который ожидаем. Я выделил три наиболее частые проблемы с которыми сталкиваются программисты:

  • доступ к полям
  • кодировка текстовых значений
  • цифровые значения

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Dolce & Gabbana Drops Cozy New Silhouette at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

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Brand: Dolce & Gabbana

Model: NS1 #DGLimited

Key Features: The NS1’s standout feature is its cozy technical fabric used throughout the uppers, making them indispensable during winter months.

Release Date: January 11

Price: $745 (low) / $895 (high)

Buy: Available exclusively at the Milan Dolce & Gabbana boutique (located at Via della Spiga 1) &

Editor’s Notes:

Dolce & Gabbana is dropping an all-new limited edition silhouette today, coinciding with their Fall/Winter 2020/21 show at Milan Fashion Week Men’s. The launch version of the NS1, offered in a high and low-top, is a significant departure from anything the Italian fashion house has put out before, opting for chunky knit fabrics and Crosta leather accents throughout. For the uninitiated, Crosta is the standard grade of leather used on the best mountaineering boots, ensuring the kicks are both comfortable and hardwearing.

With just 200 pairs made, each bearing the signatures of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, you can bet they won’t last through the weekend. Head to to cop your pair now before they’re gone.

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’80s Fashion for Men – The Ultimate Male Guide on 80s Outfits

The 1970s were a difficult and unstable period for many people, with the Vietnam War causing a great deal of heartache, the Watergate Scandal creating political problems, and general economic instability.

There was a lack of faith in the world, and insecurity all around. Thus, by the 1980s, the new decade ushered in a time of conservative values as well as a more materialistic and consumer-oriented society.

Entertainment became super popular, with many households buying VCRs, and by the end of the decade, 60% of Americans signed up for a cable service.

MTV came out in 1981, allowing people to push back against the consumerism of the “yuppie” culture. The cable network became a massive influence on young people, and their fashion choices, and saw many trying to copy the styles of their favorite artists in music videos.

Movies and television also became hugely influential in terms of fashion, with many copying styles from “The Brat pack,” as seen in movies like The Breakfast Club, and St. Elmo’s Fire. Even Tom Cruise had his influence on men’s fashion, after appearing in movies like Risky Business and Tom Gun.

Men’s ’80s fashion was known as being opulent, big, bold, and excessive. And, just like today, there were different styles for different types of men, from the preppy types to baggy clothes inspired by hip hop artists.

Various trends from the ’80s went in and out even decades later, and still we see them popping up even today. Simon Chilvers, men’s style director at MatchesFashion told FashionBeans, “It feels like the ’80s have been in-and-out of fashion for about 10 years now. The mashing up of various decades simultaneously just seems to be part of the way fashion operates right now.”

Men can easily use inspiration from ’80s fashion as an influence for their outfits today, and for probably many years to come.

’80’s Men’s Hairstyles

The Mullet

The men’s hairstyle that could absolutely define the decade is the mullet, and while many people hope this look never sees the light of day again, it does seem to be making a comeback, especially with recent shows like Stranger Things.

mullet hairstyle for men 80s hair

Popular singers and actors brought this look into the mainstream, and every man wanted to copy it. When you think of this hairstyle, you may remember Uncle Jessie from Full House rocking the look, his hair being the only thing he was obsessed with more than Elvis. Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing left women drooling and men trying to look just like him, in hopes they would also get the same female attention.

The mullet did not fit into just one look in the ’80s, it was seen on men all around. Billy Ray Cyrus was famous for it, but it was also seen on artists such as Metallica’s James Hetfield.



While the grunge look was made extremely popular in the ’90s by musicians like Kurt Cobain, its origins start in the ’80s. Cobain’s style was in fact the opposite of fashion; the whole point was to act like you didn’t care, and to look as if you didn’t try.

grunge hairstyle for men 80s hair

One of the more popular aspects of the look was his long, mop of blonde hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. It was unpolished, and slightly dirty looking, a look that many men today still wear.


’80’s Casual Fashion

Bomber Jackets

Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, bomber jackets have never really gone out of style, and they seem to transcend barriers among different types of men. From the leather version for the classic, edgy types, to silky versions with bright colors for the preppier men.

Oversized bomber jacket with high collar
Textured Bomber Jacket
Nylon Bomber Jacket

Baggy Sweaters

Giant knit sweaters that might seem more like “dad fashion” these days than something fashionable, chunky sweaters with loud patterns were seen on a lot of men in the ’80s, especially in television sitcoms.

With sleeves rolled up, and usually matched down below with a pair of pleated khaki pants (once again, “dad fashion,”) men in the 80s rocked this look as a minimalist statement.

Vintage 80's Coogi style Cosby Jumper
Vintage 80's Coogi style Cosby Jumper

Converse Sneakers

While this look was brought well into the ’90s and was the epitome of grunge fashion, made popular by Kurt Cobain, these sneakers were worn in the ’80s as well.

Marty McFly wore Chuck Taylor All-Stars in Back To The Future when he went back to 1955, because his Nike sneakers from 1985 would look out of place. Adding even more inspiration to viewers of movies in the ’80s was Matthew Broderick who whore a pair of Converse high tops in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Converse sneakers are a trend that has lasted for decades, and the sneaker is still considered a classic style even today.

Vintage Red Converse High Top Sneaker Trainers Red
Black Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Double Denim

This trend hasn’t necessarily translated into something stylish for the current times, though maybe if it’s worn in a vintage or ironic way, double denim was super popular with men in the ’80s. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing matching outfits made entirely from denim at the 2001 American Music Awards will go down in fashion infamy and remembering this may be a reason why men are afraid to rock the ’80s look today.

Brad Pitt recently wore the double denim look in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, so it may be making a comeback.

denim jacket with matching collar
denim jacket with fleece trim

Slogan and Logo T-Shirts

While men’s fashion these days tends to go more in the direction of minimalist with basic colors and cuts, there was a time in the ’80s when men looked like billboards. Whether it was a t-shirt with their favorite band, a big logo from the store they bought it from, or a witty slogan, men wore these t-shirts as a style statement, usually with a pair of pleated pants or acid washed jeans.

Vintage Florida Graphic Print Tourist T-shirt White
Vintage Champion T-shirt Maroon

’80s Sporty Fashion

Track Suits

Wearing comfortable sweatpants outside the gym or house as a fashion statement? Heck yes! With the sudden popularity of fitness videos in the ’80s (think Jane Fonda), athletic wear suddenly became all the rage. Windbreakers, tank tops, and chunky sweaters in bold and bright colors were suddenly popular, and the trend carried well into the ’90s.

Hip hop artists made it their own by wearing matching Adidas tracksuits with chunky gold jewelry and matching sneakers.

adidas Athletics Tiro 19 sweatpants in navy
adidas Originals adicolor beckenbauer track jacket in black
Vintage 1980's Shell Jacket Blue

Bright Colored Swimsuits

Bright, neon colored swimsuit bottoms were a popular trend in the ’80s and are still worn by men even today, especially on vacations to exotic locations. Board shorts for men took on a personality of their own, with crazy, bold patterns.

In 1986, MTV’s Spring Break debuted, showing off the ’80s bathing suit trends in all their glory.

Swim shorts in woven fabric with a pattern
Swim shorts in woven fabric with a printed design
Swim shorts in woven fabric with an elasticized drawstring waistband

Flourescent Colors

Not only did fitness videos make athleisure super popular, it also gave us the fluro trend that just about burst open our eyeballs. Neon colors were seen on just about everything from windbreakers to track suits and everything in between. This was the epitome of ’80s fashion, and it’s hard to imagine men from this decade without thinking about them wearing this statement color.

Roomy T-shirt with round Fluorescent T Shirtd neck and short sleeves
vinyl slide sandals  in fluorescent colors
reclaimed vintage inspired oversized hoodie in fluorescent orange

’80s Mature Fashion

Power Suits

Wide shoulder pads, pinstripes, and suspenders made up the power suit trend, made popular by Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. With his slicked back hair and suits with expensive tailoring, women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. The oversize blazer was also in style thanks to the likes of Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

Jacket with pointed lapel collar and long sleeves with buttoned cuffs
flannel suit pants Slim fit wool chino
Super Skinny Suit In Mid Gray
Super Skinny Suit In Navy

Preppy Polo Shirts

The All-American, preppy look worn with khaki pants, a polo shirt, and a sweater tied around the shoulders was a very specific style in the ’80s mostly seen on college campuses. The collars of the polos were flipped up in the ultimate statement, which could be worn today if a man is trying to be ironic.

These days, polo shirts are still worn, however in a more minimalist way, with Lacoste and Ralph Lauren still selling tons of them every year.

printed striped polo shirt
polo ralph lauren pique polo custom regular fit player logo in pink

Hawaiian Shirts

Before the Millennial generation knew him as Richard on Friends, Tom Selleck was sporting a loose fitting, Hawaiian button down shirt in his role as Magnum P.I. in the ’80s. His iconic, thick mustache also became super trendy.

These days, many men still wear this look as a bit of a hipster style statement, and many brands from Prada to Gap have jumped on the revival with their own versions.

ted baker shirt with hawaiian floral print
regular fit hawaiian floral shirt in dusty blue
regular fit cotton shirt

’80s Hip Hop Fashion

Baggy Clothes

Baggy jeans, baggy sweaters, and baggy everything was the style among hip hop artists in the ’80s. Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin created Def Jam in 1984, releasing albums with artists like LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys.

With MTV bringing hip hop into the mainstream, artists like Public Enemy and N.W.A. were looked to for inspiration in men’s fashion. Their baggy jeans, bucket hats, and extra large t-shirts were the epitome of hip hop fashion throughout the decade.

asos design baggy jeans in vintage light wash
adidas originals trefoil logo bucket hat
textured top relaxed fit t-shirt with round neck and short cuffed sleeves

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Accessories sported by hip hop artists during this period were ostentatious, huge, and gold, in a bid to show their success. Chunky gold chains, usually multiple pieces worn on top of each other, were made popular by rappers such as Run-DMC and completed every outfit they wore.

15mm 20" diamond iced out cuban curb necklace chain - silver
Metal rope chain with pendant

High Top Sneakers

High top sneakers were seen on the front cover of many hip hop albums. LL Cool J sported a pair of Air Jordan’s on the front cover of his debut album “Radio” in 1985. Others followed suit, with The Fat Boys wearing Nike Air Assaults on the cover of their album “Twist.”

From then on, hip hop artists and the men inspired by their fashion wore high top sneakers with their on-trend outfits, like baggy jeans, and Adidas track suits.

vintage nike air jordan high top trainers grey
vintage black nike leather hi-tops trainers
vintage grey black green nike air hi-tops trainers

The ’80s was a decade that saw entertainment take on a whole new meaning. With the rise of VCR’s, popular movies like The Breakfast Club, and the debut of MTV, this had a huge impact on the fashion sense of men.

Much like today, there were many themes that different kinds of men took on, from the hip hop look to the more mature, preppy look. Some of these have even translated today, with high top sneakers being extremely popular, and bomber jackets which have been in fashion ever since.


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All the flexible, foldable devices we saw at CES 2020

All the flexible, foldable devices we saw at CES 2020

While we were expecting CES to be filled with flexible display tech, we were still surprised at just how many forms these new displays took. The show floor was packed with laptops, phones, speakers, and televisions all with flexible, bendy screens. 

Still, it’s obvious that the technology is in its relatively early stages and many companies are still trying to figure out how best to utilize screens that can fold and roll. But with so many gadget makers now tinkering with the tech, it seems that our bendable-device future is all but inevitable.


While CES wasn’t the first time we saw Lenovo’s foldable laptop, there’s a good reason why the ThinkPad X1 Fold was one of our favorite gadgets from the show: It feels like something we’d actually want to use every day.  Read more…

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Maxpedition – Riftblade And Entity 19 CCW-Enabled Backpacks Review

Widely recognized as one of the best tactical soft gear producers, Maxpedition has made precisely this the company’s mission.

Dating back to 2003 they have specialized in innovation and development of MOLLE system pieces. From civilians, contractors to law enforcement, Maxpedition delivers.

Initially serving the armed forces and law enforcement circles by creating the best equipment available they would gain a solid global reputation. New designs and developments would be received well by the market as the business would grow.

Over the next 15 years, Maxpedition would expand its reach and capabilities. The creation of the AGR (Advanced Gear Research) line and Entity Series in recent years would be a significant asset for the company. The Entity Series is Maxpedition’s foray into the concealed carry market, producing low-profile gear for which there is high demand.

Aside from superior design, factors like manufacturing, quality control, material selection, etc. differentiate Maxpedition. Since the customers are who keep them in business, the company has always had a strong connection with them. Always taking into account their needs, users have the chance to influence what is made directly. Since customers can provide direct feedback and quality advice, Maxpedition can produce pieces that are more of what the end users need.

In the market for a new EDC bag but want to make sure it is quality? If the mission statement of Maxpedition has any bearing, you would be looking at high-quality gear based on in-house designs by a company which strives to provide customers with world-class service and support while being ethically and socially responsible.

Our experience with Maxpedition products has been extremely positive, and we enjoy what we have seen. Take a look below for more on what we thought of Maxpedition.


Quick Highlights:

Riftblade CCW-Enabled Backpack 30L

– Forward-cinching, padded and load-bearing waist for comfort
– Laser cut AT.achement LA.ttice S.ystem (ATLAS) surfaces for modular additions
– Mid-sized zippered frameless pack
– Quick release yoke-style straps
– Top shoulder strap compression load lifter
– Adjustable sternum strap
– Quadruple side and bottom adjustable compression straps
– Loop-lined middle compartment
– Lockable main interior compartment
– Numerous internal organization compartments
– Hydration reservoir also fits up to 15” laptop
– Protective front foam padded valuable pocket
– Two-way access fully loop-lined rear CCW compartment
– Double-sided hook security lockout strip
– 30L volume (1831 cu. In.)
– 11” x 11” x 19” dimensions
– 1000-Denier water and abrasion resistant ballistic nylon fabric
– 500-Denier Hex Ripstop water and abrasion resistant ballistic nylon fabric
– Triple polyurethane coated construction
– High tensile strength nylon webbing and composite thread
– #AS-100 high grade closed cell foam padding
– Internal seams taped and finished
– Double stitched, bar tacked and circular bar tacked (or Box-and-X) stress points
– YKK high strength zippers and tracks
– UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles with minimal sound
– Teflon fabric protection

Entity 19 CCW-Enabled Backpack 19L

– Dual expandable bottle holders
– Smallest backpack of the Entity series
– YKK zippers with positive grip pulls
– Dedicated CCW compartment with Security Lockout Strip
– 500-Denier nylon hybrid heather fabric
– Water-resistant and grime-resistant triple polyurethane coating
– Quick closure magnetic wings on exterior
– Reinforced MOLLE/PALS attachment points
– Shapeshift webbing
– Concealable and detachable drawbridge straps
– UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles
– Fray-resistant Gossamer mesh
– 420-Denier nylon liner with greyscale interior
– Comfortable nylon seatbelt webbing
– Dedicated 13” laptop sleeve
– Double stitched, bar tacked and circular bar tacked (or Box-and-X) stress points
– Numerous organizational compartments
– Loop-lined interior wall for additional modular accessories
– 19L Volume (1160 Cu. In.)
– 11” x 9” x 17” dimensions
– AS-100 high grade closed-cell foam padding
– Finished and taped internal seams


Maxpedition Riftblade CCW-Enabled Backpack 30L Review

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack 30 Liter Tag

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Ccw Enabled 30 Liters

Tag Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Highlights Tag

Edc Gray Maxpedition Riftblade 30l Ccw Enabled Backpack Advanced Gear Research

Rear View Maxpedition Riftblade Backpacks

30l Ccw Enabled Backpack Maxpedition Riftblade First Compartment

30l Ccw Enabled Backpack Maxpedition Riftblade First Compartment Open

Bottom Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack With Compression Straps

Front Compartment Closedmaxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Front Compartment Open Organizational Pocketsmaxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Front Exterior Zippered Compartment Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Front Exterior Zippred Compartment Open Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Gray Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Brand Stiched Detail On Exterior

Gray Side Two Maxpedition Riftblade Backpacks

Gray Tactical Ccw Enabled Backpack Maxpedition Riftblade Main Compartment 30 Liters

Main Compartment Open 30l Ccw Enabled Backpack Maxpedition Riftblade

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Cord Hydration Tube Pass Through

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Side Rear Pocket Closed

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Side Rear Pocket Open

Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Waist Belt Pull Cord

Padded Comfortable Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack Back Panel

Shoulder Strap Strechable Routing Bands Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Side Views With Molle Panel Maxpedition Riftblade Backpack

Are you looking for a backpack that you can use when you travel? The 30L Riftblade from Maxpedition is a very versatile option that will be large enough for all of your needs. It is a tactical backpack that is designed with a much larger size, and it is actually about 30 percent larger than its predecessors. To create this top of the line backpack, heavy-duty materials and high-quality parts were used in the construction of the bag.

The straps are reinforced so that they can hold a heavier load. The zippers are designed with YKK grips to help you use them whenever you need. The bag is also made out of a durable nylon material and for extra support when carrying the backpack; there is even a waist cinch that you can easily adjust.

The compression straps of the backpack are designed to be adjusted so that they are always secure when you need them to be. If you do not need the waist belt on, it can easily be removed and stored in your luggage. There is also a hydration reservoir that can be used to store water when you need it, or it can be used as a laptop sleeve because it can fit a laptop that is up to 15 inches.

Depending on the amount of space you need for your trip, there should be quite enough space to use in all of the pockets. In fact, the main pocket in the backpack is designed to be locked so that everything remains secure. In addition, there is ample padding in the system that you can use to secure your items without an issue. This bag comes in grey, tan, and black, so if you are unsure of the color that you want, there are ample options to choose from.



Maxpedition Entity 19 CCW-Enabled Backpack 19L Review

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Tag

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Highlights Tag

Top Maxpedition Entity 27 Ccw Enabled Laptop Backpack

Headphones Routing Loop Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack

Inner Organizational Pockets Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack

Interior Velcro Panel Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Comfortable Back Padding

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Detachable Clip

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Laptop Compartment

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Magnetic Zipper Flap Cover

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Organizer Pocket With Key Tether

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Quick Access Compartment

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Rear

Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack Seatbelt Style Shoulder Strap Fabric

Maxpedition Entity 27 Ccw Enabled Backpack Main Compartment Interior

Pass Through For Cords Maxpedition Entity 27 Laptop Backpack

Rubber Brand Patch Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpack

Top Pull Carry Handle Maxpedition Entity 27 Backpacks

U 0019 DSC00512

U 0020 DSC00511

Looking for a backpack that looks great on your back and is also large enough to carry a laptop that is 13 inches in size? Well, if you are in search of such a backpack, then this Entity 19 is a great option to consider. It has very ergonomic straps that are comfortable to use, and they have quick-release buckles that make them easier to adjust when you need.

The main compartment is big enough to hold a 13-inch laptop with ease, and it is even designed with a drawbridge strap for additional security. There is also a magnetic wing on the outside that can easily be tucked away instead of fully closing the compartment. On both sides of the backpack, there is a water bottle holder that comes with a zipper garage to keep your bottle secure. These pockets can easily be expanded to make room for larger bottles, which can be useful when you need to take the bag for a long walk.

Inside the bag, there are a bevy of additional pockets that will be useful to you, especially if you are interested in carrying some of your personal belongings in the bags. The mesh is also designed to be extra durable with fray-resistant gossamer, and the webbing on the handle at the top is even made using shape-shift webbing that is easy on your hands.

This backpack is a soft grey color that is made out of a nylon and polyester combination that is designed to last for quite a while. The material has been coated for water resistance, and internally, the pockets are foam padded to prevent damage to a laptop or another device in the bag. Available in both ash and charcoal, this is a great option for any student who needs a place to carry their things.


Maxpedition Logo Feature


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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 Review – 2-in-1 Cooking Grill and Griddle

If there was one word which could be used to describe Camp Chef, that word would likely be “unity.”

The reason for this is simple in that the entire focus centers around the idea that ‘great tasting food will always bring people together,’ in the outdoors.

With a completely customizable and modular cooking system, one can cook almost anything outside on a Camp Chef. If you get the chance to see one and feel it first hand, the picture becomes more clear. The quality and thoughtful design are apparent and, in almost no time at all, you begin to envision yourself using one.

The total story of this versatile company reaches back 29 years in Cache Valley, UT. Initially, the founders were interested in cooking while they enjoyed the outdoors. These people understood there had to be a better way than what was available. After decades of hard work, we are presented with Camp Chef’s current cooking inventiveness.

By designing a comprehensive product line, Camp Chef has something for everyone or any meal. From smokers to griddles, ovens to stoves, there is nothing left out (seriously). Aside from these lines they also make cast iron cookware, fire pits, and outdoor movie screens. If you spend much time cooking outside then you will want to check Camp Chef out. No matter what you prefer to cook, this company probably makes something for you.

Take a look below for my personal experience with this cooking system and what I have to think after using one.


Quick Highlights:

– 604-square inch cooking surface (griddle)
– 501-square inch cooking surface (grilling)
– Can feed parties of 50 to 100 people every hour
– Evenly heated food thanks to the large griddle and heat dispersing design
– Includes both a flat top griddle and grill grate
– Ready to cook, non stick True Seasoned Surface
– Four 12,000 BTSs/Hr. stainless steel burners
– Matchless ignition system
– Grease management system for effortless dripping collection and clean up
– Includes grease tray, catch bucket and micro adjust griddle levelers
– Propane tank holder with roller wheels for easy transport
– Adjustable leg levers
– Cold rolled steel griddle
– 62.5 in x 37 in x 22 in unit dimensions
– 48,000 BTUs/Hr. burner total output
– Comes with a one-year warranty
– Two bottom shelves
– Foldable side shelves for additional storage


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 Review

Grills are a great investment for you to consider, especially if you are interested in cooking outdoors. This is a very large drill top that can be used to feed a large crowd quickly. In fact, on average, you should b able to feed 50 people to nearly double that amount in an hour. This gives you the change to explore the option of having a party without worrying about uneven cooking.

Because this is a flat top grill, the propane will not leave hot spots that are difficult to cook with. It is more like a griddle than a grill because the top is flat. This allows you to cook traditional food like burgers and hot dogs on the grill grates with ease, but you can also cook pancakes, eggs, and hash browns on the griddle part of the unit for breakfast if you want.

The griddle has a full 604 square inches of cooking space that you can utilize, but the grill also has about 500 square inches that you can use as well. The unit can produce more than 48,000 BTUs an hour across four stainless steel burners, so it is a very hot option to cook your food.

The surfaces that you are cooking on are pre-seasoned so that the food does not stick to them easily. This makes it very simple to cook, but you may notice a slight smell the first time that you use it. There is also a very convenient grease clean up system that you can use. It will keep the grease at bay without an issue; in fact, you can easily move the grease tray, and adjust the micro levers on the grill. If the grill is not sitting level, the legs can also be adjusted to accommodate uneven ground.


Camp Chef Logo Feature


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Названа главная проблема космической отрасли России

Космической отрасли России необходимо обеспечить рентабельность, чтобы выйти на серийное производство ракетной техники. Об этом заявил вице-премьер по вопросам оборонно-промышленного комплекса РФ Юрий Борисов по итогам посещения предприятия «Информационные спутниковые системы им. академика М.Ф. Решетнева» (ИСС), сообщает «РИА Новости».

По словам Борисова, главной задачей отрасли сегодня является «формирование ясной и понятной политики, в основе которой лежат принципы унификации и стандартизации решений». Вице-премьер уверен, что это позволит обеспечить «соответствующую рентабельность» и выйти на серийное производство.

«Это «ахиллесова пята» отрасли сегодня», — подчеркнул он.

Борисов также отметил, что «Роскосмос» должен найти реальные пути оздоровления отрасли, чтобы страна могла «гордиться своей космической индустрией». Все возможности для этого присутствуют, добавил он.

В завершение вице-премьер напомнил о неблагоприятной ситуации в отрасли, сложившейся в 1990-е годы. К негативным факторам Борисов отнёс нехватку средств и чрезмерное использование западной элементной компонентной базы. В условиях санкций это привело «к остановке или передвижке вправо работ», указал он.

«Эти все вещи необходимо учесть и парировать, хиджировать эти риски», — резюмировал вице-премьер.

В конце ноября 2019 года стало известно об обнаружении в «Роскосмосе» признаков коррупции и мошенничества. По итогам аудита выяснилось, что преступные схемы работали десятилетиями.

Текст: Анатолий Круглов

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Shaggy Reveals Why He Said No to Collaborating With Rihanna on ‘R9’

Rihanna Shaggy

In a new interview with the Daily Star, Shaggy revealed that he turned down the chance to collaborate with Rihanna on her long-awaited reggae-dancehall album, R9. The reason? They wanted him to audition.

“They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah,” he explained. “There’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record. I’ll leave that to younger guys. But from what I hear, it should be good.”

Despite ego getting in the way of what could have been a banging collab, Shaggy says he’s happy Rihanna is shining a spotlight on Caribbean music regardless of his involvement.

“Dancehall is in good place but we need as many people to do this art form as possible,” he said. “When it crosses over and becomes popular with artists from other genres and other cultures, that can only be good.”

As for when R9 will actually drop, we still have no clue.


Consumer tech U.S. sales to reach $422 billion this year

Skyrocketing popularity of streaming services and wireless earbuds along with 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled devices will drive revenue growth for the U.S. consumer tech industry to a record $422 billion in retail revenues in 2020 – nearly 4% growth over last year, according to a new Consumer Technology Association (CTA) report.

CTA’s twice yearly U.S. Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts report reflects U.S. factory sales-to-dealers for 300+ consumer tech products and related software and services. New for 2020, CTA’s forecast also provides an overall number for digital health devices including smartwatches, fitness trackers and connected health monitoring devices such as blood pressure monitors and smart scales. The digital health category is projected to sell 64 million devices and total $10 billion dollars this year.

Apple Music big.jpg

“More and more consumers are embracing the faster connectivity, advanced intelligence and seemingly infinite content that technology offers today – pushing consumer technology industry revenues toward another record-setting year in 2020,” says Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “We’ll see advancements in 5G connectivity and AI play out across the CES 2020 show floor this week – from digital health to self-driving vehicles and smart homes – vital technologies that are changing our lives for the better.

Spending on software and streaming services (including music, video and video gaming) is projected to reach a new high of $81.2 billion in 2020 (11% growth over last year)

° Video: Award-winning original content and more big entrants to the video streaming wars will push consumer spending to $24.1 billion in 2020, up 29%.

° Music: On-demand music services including Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify will total $9 billion in revenue, up 15%, with room to grow as more and more consumers adopt smart speakers and wireless earbuds.

° Video Gaming: Growing in-game spending and subscribers will push the video game software and services category to $38.3 billion in revenue this year, up 5%.

° Wireless Earbuds: Devices such as Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds will help propel the category in 2020 to nearly 67 million units in 2020 (up 35%), earning $8.2 billion in revenue (up 31%), after a breakaway year of sales in 2019.

° Smart home: Safety is a key driving force in the smart home category. CTA expects smart home sales – including smart doorbells and locks, Wi-Fi cameras, smart thermostats, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and smart home security kits – to reach 35.2 million units (15% growth) and $4.3 billion (4% increase).

 Smart speakers: Consumers are upgrading their smart speakers, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, to voice-enabled devices with a display screen. Unit sales are projected to reach 39 million units sold (up 5% over last year) and $4.2 billion in revenue (14% increase) in 2020.

° Smartphones: After a dip in 2019, smartphones will recoup losses with an uptick in 5G-enabled smartphone shipments this year. Smartphones are projected to reach 166 million units (2% increase) and earn $79 billion dollars in revenue (up 3%) in 2020. 5G smartphones will hit their stride, with 20.3 million units sold (a 12x growth spurt over last year’s initial introduction) and generate $15.3 billion in revenue (10x percent jump), with the build out of U.S. 5G capabilities.

° Laptops: Maintaining their lead as the most popular personal computing device, nearly 53 million laptops will ship in 2020, up 1% over last year, and they will earn $33.3 billion in revenue (up 1%).

° Televisions: TVs continue their reign as the flagship technology in many U.S. homes. Overall, TV manufacturers will ship 40.8 million units in 2020 (2% increase) driving $23.4 billion in revenue (flat with 2019), as new TV features drive interest for consumers. Replacement upgrades will be driven by bigger screens and TVs featuring 4K Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). In 2020, 4K UHD sets will account for 25 million units (12% increase) and $17.6 billion in revenue (2% increase). And 8K UHD TVs will cross the one billion-dollar milestone ($1.6 billion) in revenue, selling 504,000 units.

° In-vehicle tech: Factory-installed in-vehicle technology will grow by 6% to $18.5 billion in revenue in 2020 as autonomous safety and entertainment features in new car models pave the way toward more revenue growth. More manufacturers are including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) features such as automatic emergency braking systems, active lane keeping and more.


«Виновник трагедии уходит с наградой». Экс-глава Boeing получил $62 млн после своего увольнения

Бывший генеральный директор и член совета директоров Boeing Деннис Мюленбург получил после своего ухода из компании компенсации и пенсионные выплаты на сумму $62,2 млн. Вместе с тем экс-глава авиаконцерна лишился выходного пособия в связи с досрочным прекращением трудового контракта, пишет Reuters со ссылкой на пресс-службу Boeing.

«Деннису предоставили положенное по контракту вознаграждение, однако он не получил ни выходного пособия, ни бонуса за 2019 год», — отметили представители компании.

Мюленбург покинул свой пост в конце декабря 2019 года после скандала, связанного с крушением двух Boeing 737 MAX. Авиакатастрофы, произошедшие в октябре 2018 года и в марте 2019 года, привели к гибели 346 человек и нанесли серьёзный репутационный ущерб компании.

Решение о выплате компенсации экс-главе Boeing возмутило политиков и родственников погибших.

«Невероятно больно видеть, как виновник трагедии уходит с наградой», — заявил Зиппора Куриа, чей 55-летний отец разбился в марте 2019 года.

«Деннис Мюленбург оказывал давление на регулирующие органы и ставил прибыль выше безопасности пассажиров, пилотов и бортпроводников. Он уходит из компании с дополнительными $62,2 млн. Это коррупция, простая и понятная», — написала сенатор США Элизабет Уоррен на своей странице в Twitter.

Помимо полученных компенсаций и пенсионных выплат, Мюленбург владеет опционами на акции на сумму $18,5 млн, отмечает Reuters.

Ранее компания Boeing опубликовала внутреннюю переписку сотрудников с резкой критикой самолёта 737 Max. В одном из сообщений говорилось, что лайнер «спроектирован клоунами под руководством обезьян».

Текст: Анатолий Круглов

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The BMW Tupac Was Fatally Shot in Expected to Reach $1.75 Million at Auction

The car that Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in is being sold for $1.75 million. The black BMW 750Li is currently listed for auction at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas and has (for the most part) been fully restored to its original condition.

According to the listing, this is the first time the car has been up for sale since Tupac’s death in 1996. He was shot in the chest, arm, and thigh, as he and Suge Knight (who was driving) stopped at a red light after watching the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match at Las Vegas’ MGM. The car was originally leased by Death Row Records.

Celebrity Cars Las Vegas notes that “there is a small indentation where we believe one of the bullet holes” but other than that, the car “runs great and is in excellent condition.”

Take a closer look at the vehicle via the video below.


Apple slashes estimated trade-in values of iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch models overnight

Tim Hardwick, MacRumors:

Yesterday on Apple’s device trade-in program web page, the iPhone XS Max had an estimated trade-in value of up to $600, but today Apple is only offering up to $500 –– a full $100 less than it did 24 hours ago. The only devices that have been spared reductions are the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and ‌Apple Watch‌ Series 1, 2, and 3.

Follow the headline link for details on old vs. new trade-in pricing.

There’s a benefit, to me at least, of bringing your old iPhone to the Apple Store, doing the transfer from old to new, then leaving with a complete transaction, no need to worry over packaging up your old iPhone and fretting over the pricing you get.

But at some point, that trade-in number matters, tips the scale, makes the search for a better trade-in deal worth the hassle. This that point for you?

∞ Read this on The Loop


Amazon and PayPal war over browser plug-in

Louise Matsakis, Wired:

Days before Christmas, at the height of the last-minute holiday shopping rush, an ominous message appeared on It warned shoppers who used a popular browser extension called Honey that the service, which promises to track prices and discount codes, was “a security risk.”

“Honey tracks your private shopping behavior, collects data like your order history and items saved, and can read or change any of your data on any website you visit,” the message read. “To keep your data private and secure, uninstall this extension immediately.”

If you’ve logged into PayPal lately, you’ve no doubt seen heavy duty marketing for the Honey plug-in. It’s a nice idea, looking out for coupons and discount codes for things you are buying.

Amazon flagged it as a security risk. Genuine concern for your safety?

Amazon has a browser extension of its own called Amazon Assistant. It also tracks prices, just like Honey, and allows you to compare items on other retailers to those on Amazon.

Reading the article, seems like this is more about thwarting competition on Amazon’s part, not at all about safety.

∞ Read this on The Loop


BeOS, the OS that almost saved Apple

Back in the day, Apple was beleaguered, and made the decision to acquire an OS from outside the company to come in and save the day, pave a new path for Apple.

The choice was narrowed down to, of course, Steve Jobs and NeXT, and a little known company called Be, Inc, with an OS called BeOS. The company was founded by long-time Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée.

The linked article tells a bit of the Be side of the story.

∞ Read this on The Loop


There’s a man whose remains are on the moon

Not sure how I missed this. Is this common knowledge? A fascinating story. Happened back in 1999.

As far as I know, Eugene Merle Shoemaker, from Los Angeles, is the only human whose remains have left the planet.

Follow the headline link, scroll down to the section labeled “Death”.

UPDATE: A number of folks have pointed me to this page, which lists people whose remains have been “buried in space”. Shoemaker remains the only person whose remains were placed on another celestial body. But a pretty fascinating list.

∞ Read this on The Loop


Future iPhones may act as emergency beacons even without cell service

William Gallagher, AppleInsider:

A new Emergency Power Save Mode (EPSM) will be able to broadcast a distress signal in multiple different ways while also minimizing battery use in order to keep the device working until the user is rescued.

This is from a patent application. No guarantee we’ll ever see this in a shipping iPhone, but I do like the idea.

∞ Read this on The Loop


For Printing Pros Only: 5 Printing Trends That Will Blow Up in 2020

Printing efficiently is one of the most crucial things in conducting a successful business. If you’re one of the 30.2 million small businesses in the US, this is especially the case as you have little money to fall back on as a startup. Seeing as you don’t want to have unnecessary financial difficulty, staying on top of the most recent printing trends is a must.

Even if your business is a little bigger, you still don’t want to lose money. Pretty much, no matter where you fall on the business size scale, printing productively should be at the forefront of your mind. 

At this point, you should be wondering how you need to change your printing habits this year. Well, we’re here to help you answer that question! Read on to learn some of the greatest trends in printing going into the new year.

1.  Increase in Digital Printing

As of now, digital printing is already a big phenomenon. This pretty much means that items can be scanned and stored within copy and print machines. They can be pulled up again later as saved files and printed as many times as you want until they’re deleted. This is awesome because you’re less likely to lose files!

Digital printing is great because papers can be printed faster than ever before, maximizing output efficiency. It also allows for greater personalization in files because they can be edited digitally right before they’re printed.

While digital printing is currently used by these printing services (among pretty much every other printing service), those who don’t use it already will almost certainly switch to it. Without doing so, keeping competitive in the printing game will be nearly impossible.

2. On-Demand Printing

Print on Demand (PoD) refers to the phenomenon of print shops waiting until they receive an order from a company to print documents. The documents will have been with the print shop already, usually in digital form. They just will print as few (or as many) copies as necessary right away when the buyer demands it.

This is in stark contrast to what happened in past years. Print shops used to refuse to print a small number of copies because of the time, effort, and money that it would take to do so. However, with the expansion of digital printing, single document or limited-quantity printing is easier than ever.

3. Customer Flexibility

Because PoD and other digital printing services make getting copies easier than ever before, there’s increased flexibility for customers when trying to get copies. Whether you’re printing things out at your business or buying documents from a print shop, you can order a much wider variety of materials.

With every passing year, technology changes, and with each technology shift comes new opportunities. Current printer add-ons and accessories that are currently in development will soon make it possible to print on a wider variety of materials.

4. Greater Personalization

Because of this flexibility, personalization will be easier than ever before! You’ll be able to order a small number of documents, meaning that printing handouts for the workplace will be a simple task. You’ll also be able to print flyers in bulk but make them different colors or design styles to one another.

More than that, though, you’ll be able to print custom materials for your business more easily. This means sheets to give out at job fairs, sure, but what about rubber coasters? With the shift from printing only on paper to making it possible to print on many materials, this may be possible by 2021!

Greater personalization also means greater sustainability for your business. You can print exactly what you want, exactly when you want it- no questions asked! This opens the door for you to spend more energy on actually doing business than dealing with designing programs, handouts, or invitations to corporate events.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AIs are expanding to pretty much every market, and they’re going to revolutionize the way we print in the coming decade. Many printers on the market today use the WiFi to receive commands and get the job done. AI is going to create higher efficiency by giving data alerts to the printer that it’s a part of in the precise moment that commands are given.

AI bots can also help with connectivity issues by troubleshooting any problems that may exist automatically. They can suggest maintenance when machines or your network need to be looked at. Pretty much, an AI can do anything that someone’s thought to program it for!

Another thing that AIs will do to help us with our printing is to keep printers, copiers, and more safe from security breaches. As we talked about before, many of these machines are digital and continue to store sensitive information after copy or print jobs are completed. AIs can keep unwanted people off the network and secure this information.

More on the Best Printing Trends

We often underestimate the importance of printing in our day-to-day business operations, but it’s an essential tool that we use pretty much all the time. That’s why following printing trends is so important: it helps you stay productive and competitive as well as save money.

Now that you know all the best printing trends for the coming year(s), it’s time to learn more ways to raise the success or your business. Whether the business you run is made up of 20 people or 200, check out the ‘tools’ tab on our home page to get some of the best tools for your company.

Go get ’em, tiger!

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