Matt Hensley Stars in UNITED ARROWS & SONS x HUF «Downhill 2» Lookbook

After HUF was scooped up by Japan’s TSI Holdings Co., the longstanding skate imprint began to cater to Eastern customers as much as its usual American clientele, dropping domestic collectibles and teaming with famed Japanese artists. Now, the label has rejoined UNITED ARROWS & SONS for the first time in over two years to launch a special capsule collection inspired by the style of legendary skater Matt Hensley.

Hensley, perhaps best known for currently playing the accordion in Celtic punk band Flogging Molly, stars alongside HUF founder Keith Hufnagel in the «Downhill 2» collection’s lookbook, with art direction offered by UNITED ARROWS & SONS director Motofumi «Poggy» Kogi and WSSF studio and photography courtesy of legendary skate photographer Grant Brittain. Key pieces include an accordion-patterned tee, fleece-lined hoodie, fishtail parka, bomber jacket and a bespoke set of Dickies, to name a few highlights. A custom HUF skate deck is also included, though Hensley himself is in quasi-retirement from skating.

Expect the collection to launch on HUF’s ZOZOTOWN page, UNITED ARROWS & SONS and each brand’s stores across Japan.

Recently, HUF issued a thematic collection in honor of Pulp Fiction‘s 25th anniversary.

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Chunky Popcorn-Flavored Kit Kats Release in the UK

UK-based Kit Kat lovers are in for a treat, as the candy brand recently made Popcorn-flavored bars available in the region. The Popcorn bars come in the brand’s «Chunky» size, meaning there’s more crunch to every bite. The extra thick bars appear to feature buttery and chocolate inner layers cased in Kit Kat’s classic milk chocolate.

The news was first leaked by UK snack food tracking account, @newfoodsuk, who noted that the bars are currently available via an online store called GB Gifts for around $6.55 USD for two bars. The store ships worldwide, so those elsewhere can enjoy the treat as well with some extra shipping fees.

GB Gifts seems to be the holy grail site to source Kit Kats in the UK, as it also includes other wild flavors in addition to Popcorn. Chunky bars can be found in Gooey Caramel, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Sundae and more. Additionally, even more novelty flavors like Sweet Cinnamon, Ruby Chocolate, Caramel Cappuccino, Coconut grace the site. Visit GB Gifts’ full Kit Kat section over on its web store.

Elsewhere in Kit Kat news, the company recently introduced a Raspberry Crème flavor in the US ahead of Valentine’s Day.

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An Earth-sized planet found in the habitable zone of a nearby star

An Earth-sized planet found in the habitable zone of a nearby star

A few months ago a group of NASA exoplanet astronomers, who are in the business of discovering planets around other stars, called me into a secret meeting to tell me about a planet that had captured their interest. Because my expertise lies in modeling the climate of exoplanets, they asked me to figure out whether this new planet was habitable – a place where liquid water might exist.

These NASA colleagues, Josh Schlieder and his students Emily Gilbert, Tom Barclay and Elisa Quintana, had been studying data from TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) when they discovered what may be TESS’ first known Earth-sized planet in a zone where liquid water could exist on the surface of a terrestrial planet. This is very exciting news because this new planet is relatively close to Earth, and it may be possible to observe its atmosphere with either the James Webb Space Telescope or ground-based large telescopes. Read more…

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Beat that winter slump with a new Nespresso machine: Here are 5 on sale

Beat that winter slump with a new Nespresso machine: Here are 5 on sale

That New Year’s resolution isn’t going to tackle itself, you know.

Whether you’ve made a pledge to your 2020 self to put in some extra work at the gym, cook more at home, or just catch up on all of your favorite shows (psst — The Mandalorian is finally available to stream in its entirety), you’re probably going to need some liquid motivation in the form of coffee. Or a fancy latte. Or several shots of espresso delivered intravenously. (Actually, maybe leave that last one to Lorelai Gilmore.)

As luck would have it, Amazon’s got a bunch of single-serve Nespresso machines on sale right now for as much as 44% off. WIth one of these bad boys on your kitchen countertop, you can just whip up your favorite beverages at home whenever you need a caffeine fix — no more running off to your local coffee shop to wait in line for a $5 cup of weak bean water. Read more…

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The FBI Is Trying to Weaken Encryption Again

Pete Williams, NBC News:

The FBI is asking Apple Inc. to help unlock two iPhones that investigators think were owned by Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the man believed to have carried out the shooting attack that killed three people last month at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.

In a letter sent late Monday to Apple’s general counsel, the FBI said that although it has court permission to search the contents of the phones, both are password-protected. “Investigators are actively engaging in efforts to ‘guess’ the relevant passcodes but so far have been unsuccessful,” it said.

The letter, from FBI General Counsel Dana Boente, said officials have sought help from other federal agencies, as well as from experts in foreign countries and “familiar contacts in the third-party vendor community.” That may be a reference to the undisclosed vendor that helped the FBI open the locked phone of Syed Farook, the gunman who attacked a city meeting in San Bernardino, California, in 2015. The Justice Department took Apple to court in an effort to get the company to help the FBI open that phone.

Thomas Brewster, Forbes:

The U.S. government also has access to many tools that can help acquire data from iPhones, Androids and myriad other mobile devices. For instance, Cellebrite tools and Grayshift’s GrayKey have long been able to grab data from iPhones, and the FBI is one of many agencies that own hacking tech from both.

Forbes recently obtained a search warrant from Ohio, signed off on in October 2019, showing an FBI-owned GrayKey was able to extract data from an iPhone 12.5, though no device exists (neither does iOS 12.5). In the search warrant application, the government doesn’t specify what model of iPhone it was, but an image shows it has three camera lenses on the back of the device. Only Apple’s top of the range iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models have three cameras. Though it’s not clear the iPhone was locked prior to being search by the FBI, a photo of the front of the device shows it on a locked screen with a handful of missed calls.

“iPhone12,5” is the model identifier for the iPhone 11 Pro Max in this warrant, which is unrelated to the Pensacola case. It’s news alone that the GrayKey can unlock the newest iPhone models.

As with the San Bernardino case, Apple says that it is cooperating with authorities. But, unlike that case, the FBI hasn’t yet tried to legally compel Apple into, for example, creating a special version of iOS that has no restrictions on passcode attempts. As with that case, it would set a troubling precedent that encryption should be weakened. So far, there is simply no practical or realistic way of doing so without breaking every user’s security.


Chase Sapphire Cardholders: Free DashPass Membership (Up to 2 Years)

Chase has partnered with food delivery service DoorDash to offer free DashPass membership to select Chase credit cards for up to 2 years. DashPass is a subscription service that offers a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fees for subscribers when ordering $12 or more from any DashPass-eligible restaurant (look for the checkmark). The regular price is $9.99/month.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred credit card, you can get free DashPass benefits on eligible orders for at least 12 months (and a maximum of 24 months) after activation. If you add it now, your DashPass will last until 12/31/2021.

If you have a Chase Freedom or Slate credit card, you can free DashPass benefits on eligible orders for 3 months after activation. After the first 3 months, the user will be auto-enrolled for the next 9 months in DashPass with a 50% discount applied to the then current membership rate. You can always cancel at any time.

If you are new customer to DoorDash and sign up via my DoorDash referral link, you will get $5 off your first 3 DoorDash orders over $12 ($15 off total). I will get $7 in food credits. Thanks if you use it!

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Chase Sapphire Cardholders: Free DashPass Membership (Up to 2 Years) from My Money Blog.

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This focus-boosting device could be the answer to getting more done

This focus-boosting device could be the answer to getting more done

TL;DR: Get your attention span back on track with the FOCI wearable for $69, a 42% savings during this sale. 

Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram every time you cross off a task from your to-do list? You’re not alone. People’s attention spans are shrinking and we’re all flakier than ever.

Technology is undoubtedly one of the main culprits as to why we’re this way, but unplugging isn’t exactly an option as it’s now inextricable from our daily lives. The next best thing to do is find a way to become more focused, and the FOCI has a science-backed approach on how to accomplish that. Read more…

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Facebook’s new deepfake ban comes with a politician-sized loophole

Facebook's new deepfake ban comes with a politician-sized loophole

We probably should have seen this coming. 

Yesterday, following months of criticism, Facebook announced a new «manipulated media» policy meant to curb the spread of deepfakes and misinformation on its gargantuan platform. And while the narrowness of the ban has already raised questions about its likely effectiveness, another perhaps more pressing problem has come to the fore: Politicians get a particular exception to the rule. 

That’s right, known media bad actors like Donald Trump will be able to continue to post edited and manipulated media as long as said media is not in the form of a paid post and Facebook deems it somehow newsworthy. Similarly manipulated content, under the new policy, would be removed by Facebook were it not posted by a politician.  Read more…

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Charlie Hunnam Knows The Secret Colour Every Man Looks Good In

We all have our favourite go-to colours when it comes to clothes. The ones that we feel most confident in and bring out the best in our unique features. You can never really go wrong with black or white, but, as Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam proves, navy is the always a safe bet.


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Sonos sues Google for allegedly stealing patented tech

Sonos sues Google for allegedly stealing patented tech

It only took seven days, but we’ve got the first big tech fight of 2020 on our hands.

While the entire tech world is in Las Vegas for CES, Sonos sued Google for patent infringement, The New York Times reported. The speaker company claims Google stole Sonos tech to power its own popular wireless speakers, after the two corporations started working together in 2013. 

As the Times pointed out, Google had not yet started producing its own speakers at that point. Sonos gave Google a close look at its speaker tech following a partnership that allowed Google’s music tech to work on Sonos speakers. Since then, Google has nurtured a line of popular smart speakers like the Nest Mini while Sonos has sold a slightly more niche product. Read more…

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Gerety Awards 2020. Judges

Названный в честь копирайтера Франсеса Герети проект Gerety Awards, находит мировые таланты, наставников и союзников в мире рекламы, которые задают темп и стандартизируют, какой именно должна быть современная реклама.
В 2020 году жюри Gerety Awards включает более 170 лидеров агентств и брендов из 30 разных стран, 15 из Австралии. Вторая ежегодная премия Gerety Awards открыта для участия, с 20% скидкой на раннюю пташку на все заявки, оформленные до 20 января 2020 года.
Идея Gerety Awards — выбрать лучших в рекламе через женский объектив. Это объясняется тем фактом, что 80% всех решений о покупке принимаются женщинами, и что награды были оценены мужчинами открыто на протяжении многих лет.
В этом году заседания исполнительного жюри пройдут в Нью-Йорке, Лондоне, Хельсинки, Берлине, Йоханнесбурге, Стамбуле, Мельбурне, Мадриде, Буэнос-Айресе и Бангкоке. Помимо определения общего списка, эти жюри выберут агентство и продюсерскую компанию года в своей стране.

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These AirPods Pro alternatives are just $60 and worth every penny

These AirPods Pro alternatives are just $60 and worth every penny

TL;DR: Get the PaMu Slide Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones for just $59.99, a 59% savings. 

Still depressed because you didn’t find a brand new pair of AirPods Pro under the tree this holiday? Cheer up. There’s a way you can get a similar listening experience without spending your hard-earned cash. The PaMu Slide Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones cost less than half the sticker price of the AirPods Pro, last longer on a single charge, and will actually stay in your ears no matter how much you move. They may be miniature, but they’re kind of a big deal.

While the AirPods Pro are definitely better than the original AirPods, with active noise cancellation and water resistance, they still come up short in the battery department (five hours, or almost 24 with the charging case). Plus, their price tag is even steeper than the originals. The PaMu Slide Minis, on the other hand, will last you double that time – 10 hours on a single charge or 40 with the charging case that’s smaller than a lighter – and won’t drain your bank account. Read more…

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Comic book series ‘EVER DID THAT?’

These are the first two issues of the “EVER DID THAT?” Comic book series I created for Lufthansa Systems.
Established according to scenarios set by the client to educate, raise important topics in a friendly manner.
Due to the terms of the contract, the text in balloons is a secret.

The dynamic black outline with characteristic colors from the Lufthansa Systems identification are the main features of the style of the comic series.
The style appeared a little earlier on the occasion of another design that naturally matched the client’s needs.

I started working on the first frame from sketches in pencil and black fineliner. When I liked the idea and composition I started to go further with the next scenes from the script. I photographed the sketches with an iPad and exported them to Procreate. There, with the help of an iPad pencil, a specific sketch was created in a black contour. I exported the ready sketch to Photoszop in a computer, which I gave on transparency and on a separate layer, I precisely gave characters, balloons and introduced texts, and finally the colors. I do most of the projects using a tablet Wacom Cintiq Pro. The final stage was the insertion of a ready comic into Adobe illustration, where I created the headline earlier.

The comics liked the employees of the Lufthansa system very much, I got the information immediately after the publication of the first comic ?
While working on the comic, I certainly learned to better show emotions in characters as well as tell stories through images, illustrations.
Cooperation of many tools at once works very well for me. I will use my experience in subsequent projects.
Describing this project I am already after the 6th issue of the comic, 13 are still ahead of me.
With each number I am going faster and faster, I have already developed a convenient system of work between programs and inside programs, e.g. lust in layers in PSD ?

I am grateful that my project was noticed, more issues will be published on Behance.

Paulina Tomaszewska

I am a illustrator and graphic designer from Poland. I currently live and work in my own Jelly FoxStudio in Gdańsk. I studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Bremen (Germany). I play with mixed media techniques: combination of graphite soft lead pencils, colored pencils, markers as well as many other kinds of digital painting. I love to draw, create graphics, shapes and make them into works of art. I love to photograph, capture beautiful images and the interesting moments. Basing on my ideas I create designs with great passion.

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Behold the Alexa-powered Coca-Cola Energy wall: Cursed, but beautiful

Behold the Alexa-powered Coca-Cola Energy wall: Cursed, but beautiful

Mere days into the year 2020 and we’ve already been gifted a beautifully cursed object from corporate America: the Amazon Alexa-powered Coca-Cola Energy Drink wall.

Coca-Cola has debuted a new energy drink called, appropriately, Coca-Cola Energy. To share it with the world, it enlisted Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, for a cheeky display and sample station at CES in Las Vegas. 

The old guard of corporate America — Coca-Cola — and the new — Amazon — working in concert to dispense energy to visitors as they take in «Consumer» «Technology» in the grotesque capital of consumption — Las freaking Vegas — feels like a sign of the times.  Read more…

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[Из песочницы] Что делать, если забыт код от замка чемодана?

Новый год — сезон путешествий. Сегодня весь путешествующий мир использует чемоданы с замками, одобренными TSA. Обычно замок кодовый и выглядит примерно вот так:


Не секрет, что безопасность, обеспечиваемая такими замками, в основном виртуальная — во-первых, тысяча комбинаций это совсем немного; во-вторых, форма мастер-ключей TSA давно утекла в сеть (поиск их предоставлю в качестве упражнения заинтересованному читателю); в-третьих, эти замки легко вскрываются обычными отмычками; наконец, открыть чемодан на молнии вполне можно не трогая замок, а распустив молнию (для этого хватит шариковой ручки). Тем не менее, мы продолжаем пользоваться этими замками — они удобно паркуют бегунки молнии, страхуя от случайного расстегивания, а также от того, что брелок за что-то зацепится и оторвется; да и все-таки отвращают любопытство совсем случайных прохожих.

При таких исходных данных, вообще говоря, неразумно менять код с фабричного 000; однако, либо вам самим, либо кому-то из неугомонных родственников вполне может показаться, что тайный код — идея неплохая в и вообще интересно посмотреть, как это работает. И тогда, рано или поздно, наступает день, когда завтра вам вылетать в отпуск, а чемодан заперт и кода никто не помнит.

Что делать?
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Hilarious trailer for Apple TV+’s ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’ skewers game developers

Hilarious trailer for Apple TV+'s 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet' skewers game developers

Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) thinks he’s God’s gift to video games… and the rest of his colleagues find him insufferable. 

In Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet, McElhenney’s Grimm plays the main character in an up-and-coming video game. But, working to get the game off the ground proves to be just as difficult as tolerating Grimm’s ego for his fellow developers, played by Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, Jessie Ennis, and Community‘s Danny Pudi.

Even better, the comedy series is executively produced by McElhenney and his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-star Charlie Day, and features Academy award winner F. Murray Abraham.  Read more…

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Итоги декабря 2019
Невинный Егор Жуков
Умер Лужков
Про московскую речь
Русские в США
Про декабристов
-открыто ж/д движение по Крымскому мосту
28 лет развала СССР


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Мне 36! Это ли не чудо? Даже не думал, что доживу! А ещё сегодня первый день рождения в сознательном возрасте, когда я не выпил даже глотка алкоголя.

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Google Assistant added a bunch of cool features for 2020

Google Assistant added a bunch of cool features for 2020

Google Assistant can already do a ton of things, from playing music to controlling your devices. At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the company unveiled even more Assistant features to make your life a little easier (and maybe lazier). 

From leaving digital sticky notes to putting contacts on speed dial, here are a few of the new things Google Assistant can do. 

1. Easily discover Google Assistant-enabled devices

Now, you'll always know if your new smart home device comes with Google Assistant capabilities.

Now, you’ll always know if your new smart home device comes with Google Assistant capabilities.

Image: / Getty Images

Sometimes, you buy a device like a robot vacuum or Bluetooth speaker and have no idea if it comes with Google Assistant. And that’s OK, it’s hard to keep track of it all.  Read more…

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Chalky Letters Font Collection

Chalky Letters, a multilayered font collection created by type designer and lettering artist Anastasia Dimitriadi.

Chalky Letters is a beautifully designed font collection based on multiple layering styles. It has been created by Anastasia Dimitriadi for chalk-lettering lovers. All letters and ornaments have been carefully hand-drawn to resemble the authentic chalk effect. The chalky letters font collection comes with four different vintage typographic styles along with a variety of decorations and shadow effects. This way, the set provides endless combinations. The collection gives the designer the freedom to use it in any typographic project including greeting cards, labels, large scale prints, branding, packaging, signage, editorial design. To learn more, just click on the following link.

Download at Creative Market.

Chalky Letters font collection.
Chalky Letters font collection.
Chalky Letters font collection.
Chalky Letters font collection.

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Feel free to discover other typefaces in our extensive Fonts category or find professional graphics in the Templates category.

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AURA Devices debuts a ‘smart strap’ for the Apple Watch

Apple has filed several patents for “smart’ watchbands for the Apple Watch, but AURA Devices has beaten the tech giant to the punch with the AURA STRAP for the smartwatch.

AURA Strap big.png

Available for pre-order for $99, it and a companion app for the Apple Watch and iPhone help users measure their body composition (fat/muscle percentage) and hydration levels, track fitness/diet progress and get personalized insights to improve their lifestyle and change health perception according to Stas Gorbunov, CEO of AURA Devices.

“Bioimpedance is the core technology enlarging Apple Watch’s health monitoring abilities,» he says. «Analyzing the upper body, we can track lung performance and changes in breathing, compare them with pulse data and then assess risks of heart failure and notify the user, his/her doctor, or insurer about it if the user authorizes data transfer.”

The AURA Strap will be available online in four different color options. The Coal Strap is available for pre-order right now and will be delivered at the end of March. After the Coal Strap release, more colors will be available.


Get Alexa in the tiniest nooks with a sale on the Echo Flex smart speaker

Get Alexa in the tiniest nooks with a sale on the Echo Flex smart speaker

TL;DR: Get two of the versatile Echo Flex smart speakers and save $10 at Amazon when you use the coupon code FLEX2PACK at checkout. Even by itself, the Echo Flex is a cheaper alternative to the Echo Dot and other speakers.

With CES 2020 in full swing, most of us realize we won’t get the chance to fly to Las Vegas and play around with foldable phones and cute little robots. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy the future right now, including with smart speakers that get better and smarter every day. So why stress about CES FOMO when you can buy a pair of new compact smart speakers from Amazon instead?  Read more…

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Итоги ноября 2019
Расстрел в армии

Про старушек

Дело расчленителя Соколова

Открыли центральные диаметры

Спортивные новости


Timothée Chalamet Portraying Bob Dylan in New Biopic Is the 2020 Gift We Deserve

Still reeling from the success of his most recent film, Little Women, Timothée Chalamet has been tapped to play Bob Dylan in director James Mangold’s new biopic, Variety reports.

While the title of the movie has yet to be revealed, we do know that the picture will be based on Elijah Wald’s New York Times bestseller, Dylan Goes Electric!, which delves into Dylan’s impact on folk music and his transition to rock. Dylan himself will produce the film alongside Mangold, as Mangold and Fox Searchlight Studios, who is distributing the picture, have already secured all the music rights for the movie.

The upcoming Bob Dylan project serves as Mangold’s third biopic following Walk the Line and Ford v Ferrari. It comes at a time when music-related biopics are in high demand, as 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody about Queen frontman Freddie Mercury went on to win four Academy Awards, and Taron Egerton just won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his portrayal of Elton John in Rocketman.


Michelle Obama to launch IGTV series that highlights stories from first-year college students

Michelle Obama to launch IGTV series that highlights stories from first-year college students

Michelle Obama knows how to start the year right. 

Just days into 2020, Obama shared some inspiring plans for the new year. Along with her Reach Higher initiative and ATTN:, Obama will debut an Instagram TV series, called «A Year of Firsts,» focusing on the daily lives of four students navigating their first year of college. 

Over the course of six episodes, the series will explore a variety of issues that might come up for students in their first year of college, including academic stress, mental health, and college affordability. 

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A sex therapist weighs in on ‘The Bachelor’ having sex in a windmill 4 times

A sex therapist weighs in on 'The Bachelor' having sex in a windmill 4 times

Prior to Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season, windmills were known primarily as a sustainable energy resource and a mini golf challenge. Now, however, they have a more X-rated reputation as the locale of Brown’s now-famous sex romp with current Bachelor Peter Weber.

The windmill made waves during last year’s Bachelorette season and the season finale, where Brown revealed that she initially lied when she said they had sex in the windmill twice. 

«I was a little dishonest about something,» she said. «Since it’s out there. I did say there was something Peter and I did twice. It was actually four times.» The crowd went wild, including Weber’s own parents who cheered on their son’s sexual stamina.  Read more…

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A.P.C. & Carhartt WIP Revel in the Genteel Elegance of Double Denim for SS20

A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP Grey T-Shirt and Blue Denim Jacket

Visit the original post to see all 8 images from this gallery.

Marking a new chapter in a long line of successful collaborations, A.P.C. and Carhartt WIP join forces for the fifth time to create a genteel and elegant homage to French chic. Devoid of unnecessary detailing, the SS20 line focuses on the materials and cuts for which each party has become regarded; boxy workwear, washed denim staples, and stripped-back jersey layers.

Building from a relationship that began in 2011, the latest collaboration references previous successes, and combines the iconography of each brand, as Carhartt’s uni-letter is merged into the typographic A.P.C. emblem. The collection consists of a number of recognizable Carhartt WIP designs, reinterpreted by A.P.C. with a selection of special fabrics.

For example, Carhartt’s Michigan Chore Coat is seen here in a sleek cotton build — a stark contrast to its heavy canvas beginnings — complemented by organic cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, all across a subdued palette of blue, grey, and khaki green. In addition to this, a watch with two band options, a necklace, and a bracelet supplement the clothing segment, rounded off by a small selection of bags, caps, and wallets.

The full collection will be available to shop via the Highsnobiety Shop beginning January 10. Hit the button below for a lesson on mastering double denim this season.


Sonos: Google stole our technology ↦

Jack Nicas and Daisuke Wakabayashi of the New York Times report on Sonos suing Google, alleging that Google (and Amazon!) ripped off its patented technology to launch its own smart speakers:

Google released a small device that could turn an old speaker into a wireless one, much like Sonos’s original product. A year after that, Google released its own wireless speaker, the Google Home. The device, marketed around Google’s talking virtual assistant, quickly began outselling Sonos’s offerings… Sonos bought the Google devices and used a technique called packet sniffing that monitored how the speakers were communicating. They discovered that Google’s devices used Sonos’s approach for solving a variety of technological challenges. Sonos executives said they found Amazon’s Echo speakers had also copied Sonos technology.

I suppose I appreciate Google’s gall in allegedly ripping off Sonos’s tech in order to sell products in Sonos’s category at artificially low prices to prop up other parts of Google’s ecosystem. That’s quite the double play.

As Ian Betteridge put it:

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A decade of Apple on one page ↦

Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac did the work to round up Apple’s entire decade of the 2010s, from the iPad to the iPhone 11:

The best way to describe this post is that it is the the decade as I remember it. I intentionally ignored some things that I deemed as inconsequential. I have tried to cover everything that I think had a direct relevance on the course of the company, at least from my perspective.

That’s the only way to approach one of these stories. It was quite a decade for Apple; the company in 2020 is in many ways unrecognizable from the company it was at the start of 2010.

[Read on Six Colors.]


Узбекских хостелов негасимый свет. Ч3 Мечети с перчиком

Часть Ляб-и Хауз (букв. «У пруда», «У хауза») — одной из центральных площадей да Бухары, архитектурный ансамбль, созданный в XVI — XVII веках. Площадь образована зданиями медресе Кукельдаш (Бухара), медресе Диван-Беги и ханаки Диван-Беги, сгруппированными вокруг водоема хауза Надир-Беги. Размеры ансамбля примерно 150 на 200 метров.

Это Ходжа Насреддин. Вообще-то он — из Турции, но писатель Соловьев поселил его в Бухаре. Отсюда и памятник.

А вот и водоем хауза Надир-Беги

Неизменные верблюды

Простенькая мечеть 18 века, но мне нравится

А перчик вешают от злых сил. Это традиционный узор в некоторых мечетях.

Новые районы Бухары

Мечеть Хужа Калон (1573 год).

Здание рядом с мечетью Хужа Калон

А это обычная улочка старого города

И еще одна

Медресе Халифа Ниязкула также известное как Чор-Минор (Четыре минарета) — медресе, возведенное в Бухаре на деньги богатого туркмена Халифа Нияз-кула в эпоху правления узбекского правителя эмира Хайдара. Датировка строительства медресе (1807 г.) нуждается в уточнении, поскольку медресе Халифа Нияз-кула, как следует из архивных документов, существовало уже в конце XVII в

Идти к этому зданию нужно по крайне узким улочкам, причем, дома там богатые, но сделать нормальный тротуар люди не хотят.

Здание затерто между другими зданиями. На крыше — дурацкие пластиковые аисты, которые тут всюду. Думаю, что археологи будущего решат, что здесь поклонялись аистам. На самом деле аисты в Узбекистане есть: когда ехали на поезде, то видели их много.

Еще улицы

Переход по щелчкуВ верхнее тематическое оглавление
 Переход по щелчку Тематическое оглавление (Прогулки не по Москве)


Please Enjoy This Video of Post Malone Doing Shirtless Karaoke

post malone hollywoods bleeding tracklist Travis Scott Young Thug meek mill

Post Malone began his music career in a heavy metal band and though he’s enjoyed huge success in hip hop, it looks like he’s getting nostalgic. In a smokey, shirtless Karaoke session Posty and Fossils frontman, Dustin Payseur, screamed their way through Pantera’s 1992 hit “Walk.”  Scroll through to the second slide to see him in action.

Post Malone has been revisiting his roots quite a lot recently. Last year he brought out Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne on two separate occasions to perform “Take What You Want,” which appears on his Hollywood’s Bleeding album. Watch the performance here.


Итоги октября 2019

Про Китай
Про школу
Про Франко
Про митинги в Чили
Про Виторгана


Ensenada: Your Relaxing Getaway in Baja California

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Has running your business over the holidays left you feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted? Maybe what you need is a sunny and relaxing weekend getaway. Do we ever have the spot for you! Ensenada, Mexico, has it all.

Nestled in the desert between a series of small mountain ranges in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west, Ensenada serves as the city seat of Baja California. Important fishing and commercial concerns operate out of its deep-water port. Meanwhile, Ensenada’s sunny beaches and colonial architecture continue to enthrall artists and tourists alike, as they have for decades.


How to Get to Ensenada

If you live in the US, it’s easy to get to Ensenada by flying into San Diego, California. From there, you could rent a car and drive it across the US-Mexico border at San Ysidro. However, the cost of doing so is sky-high even if your rental car company allows it. Therefore, most people decide it’s best to take a bus or taxi into Tijuana or Rosarito. Then they rent a car once they get there.

You could bypass ground travel altogether by taking one of several cruise ships that provide regular stops at Ensenada. Although this is the most expensive way to get to the city, it is perhaps the most enjoyable.

But whatever you do, don’t forget your passport. And if you’re planning on staying in Mexico longer than 72 hours, you’ll also need a special visa.

Enjoying the Drive

Whichever mode of ground transportation you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the drive from the border down to Ensenada. You’ll first travel through Tijuana, then journey on to Rosarito. There, the highway begins to hug the coastline, offering breathtaking views of Baja’s beautiful beaches.

On your way, be sure to stop by Puerto Nuevo for a succulent lobster dinner.

If you’re visiting in spring you’ll see colorful wildflowers on the hillsides. Visitors who come during December through March could spot a whale spout or two out in the ocean.

How to Find Hotel Accommodations

Because of its mild climate and its scenic setting, Ensenada has a continuous stream of visitors throughout the year.

Take your pick from among the multiple resorts and hotels in the city. However, early booking is advised for those who wish to visit the city during the months of August and November. That’s when Ensenada plays host to the Wine Harvest Festival and the Baja 1000.

For a sensuous treat, book your room at the beautiful El Coral and enjoy one of its luxurious bathrooms. On the other hand, you’ll find a spacious flower garden with a panoramic view of the ocean at Hostel Sauzal. Here you can rent a room for only $15 per night.

Not to be outdone, the Hotel Coral Marina boasts a beach of its own. Yacht docks and a thrifty shuttle service are also available from the hotel. Whichever hotel or resort you choose, be sure to book your room early with Ensenada Hotels at

Ensenada’s Tourist Attractions

Ensenada’s main attraction lies in its beaches. For example, the public beaches of El Punto and San Miguel are renowned by surfers the world over. Or explore the small island of Todos Santos, just two hours away by boat. 

If you enjoy wine, you’ll love the wineries on Ensenada’s outskirts, many of which offer free tastings. You’ll find most of them in Santo Tomas, Valle de Guadalupe, and La Bufadora, which means “blow hole” in Spanish.

The latter, named for the impressive columns of spray that shoot up from a nearby natural sea vent, offers some of the most magnificent views of the cliffs and the sea. Additionally, La Bufadora’s local cove offers activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, and camping.

More Things to Do in and Around Ensenada

Many of the city’s attractions are within easy walking distance. For example, you can travel on foot to some of the local wineries. You could even trek by foot to La Bufadora if you’re up for a good hike.

If you’d rather, though, you can travel by bike and take in the city’s scenic highway. But if you’re in the mood to let someone else drive you around the city, take advantage of the numerous radio taxis and buses. Many of these offer rides for only $0.75.

Movie fans should be sure to visit Fox Studios Rosarito, which served as the location of most of the at-sea filming for the film Titanic. Drink with the locals while you enjoy great views of the city at San Miguel Beach.

At El Salto you’ll find a canyon that’s perfect for hiking, rappelling, and rock climbing. During the rainy season the canyon can become a 100-foot waterfall.

If you love hiking, take the 10-kilometer Canon de Dona Petra hike. Alternatively, find off-road adventure tours from California Motorsport Adventures. And between December and March, the lagoons of Ensenada become a popular spot for whale-watching activities.


For an enjoyable and relaxing weekend adventure, take our advice and explore Ensenada and its environs.

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Anti-Vaxxers Uncertain How to Feel About NewAutism Vaccine

San Francisco, CA – Jenny McCarthy has been an idiot and an anti-vaxxer for most of her adult life. Going so far as to blame the autism that her son doesn’t have on vaccines.

When asked if she would consider an intervention to prevent any future children from developing autism, McCarthy immediately said she would in a heartbeat… until she learned it was in the form of a vaccination.

“This so called autism vaccine probably contains live autism that is even more autisticy than normal vaccines!”

“There is no way I would give my kid a vaccine to prevent autism! Thats how my first kid didn’t get autism in the first place!” McCarthy ranted. McCarthy’s son has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, not autism, a fact that has failed to dissuade the former playmate turned MTV host turned ranting idiot from her ongoing war to bring back polio, measles, pertussis and several other once eliminated causes of childhood death.

“If there is a vaccine that big pharma claims will prevent autism, its probably a super double secret way to give even more kids autism so they can sell more medications to treat autism because they’re all a part of big autism! I’d much rather raise my kid’s naturally and unvaccinated so they can live to a natural death at 35 like nature intended!”