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No matter how good a bot could be programmed, human traffic mostly comes from household and mobile carriers, while bot traffic originates from web hosting service, datacenters, or proxies ( see section Technology–> Network of Google Analytics’ report). Quite often, when checking the date of artificially-generate traffic, the location of origin may be focused on specific cities rather than evenly spread, the suggestion that data centers being used to route fake hit to your page. Human visitors will (excluding javascript issues or missed code firing) spend some time on the page, so the bounce rate can’t be 100% and the time spent can’t be zero. if you see a bounce rate of 100% with zero time spent in the daily average and for all the visits, that’s a sign of non-human traffic.
Of course, these are just a few points to quickly understand whether a visitor or a source is legitimate or not. we always recommend taking the time to further research the topic and measure traffic sources.
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