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It’s that time of year again when all the good stuff starts to happen. Aside from the weather which is currently deteriorating by the hour, everything else is coming up rosy. From the Christmas decorations which have started appearing to the preparation of gifts, the prospect of family time, and just all-around seasonal cheers, this is a period filled with happiness. Arguably the driving force of this period’s happiness for us is the arrival of the SSENSE Winter Sale.

Every year the SSENSE Winter Sale lands and sets the tone for all other sales. From hundreds of luxury fashion names through to the new Everything Else category which includes home, tech, and self-care products, you can secure items with up to 50 percent discount from today.

Part of what makes the SSENSE Winter Sale such a leader is the sheer volume of it. But, while a wide choice is a good thing, it can sometimes be a bit daunting. To save you some time and to ease you into the sales season, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite items from the SSENSE Winter Sale below.

Ami’s output is largely signaled by the Ami de Coeur logo. That’s what takes pride of place on this bold, blue turtleneck — the official antidote to terrible Christmas jumpers.

Gone are the days when you could wear this piece as a jacket, but now it becomes a valuable layering piece thanks to its lightweight build.

And on the polar opposite end of the spectrum is this enormous puffer jacket from A.A. Spectrum. It doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Salomon’s tech-forward kicks come into their own during fall and winter. If you haven’t already weatherproofed your feet in style, now’s your chance to do it at a discount.

ROA’s luxury takes on hiking boots have been an obsession for us lately. This pair pits the traditional ruggedness of a hiking boot against the refined finish of high-end beige suede.

Loafers are everywhere right now and we’re happy to see it. If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, this platform pair should do the job.

Our Legacy’s Camion Boots are a returning fixture for the label and for good reason. This pair comes in beautiful red leather with a crinkled finish.

Simple: jeans, cut to a straight leg but with an added Rollercoaster Buckle for signature ALYXness.

VEERT’s unisex take on jewelry has caught our eye a lot lately. This onyx & pearl necklace carries the brand’s go-to white & green palette.

Winter accessories have a tendency to be too serious. This hat from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy avoids that cliché with playful ears built in.

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