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Proof that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to joe@dappered.com.


GAP Slub Cotton Henleys – $25 – $30ish

GAP Slub Cotton Henleys

Hard not to love a well fitting henley. Masculine without being toxic, flexy, or showy. More versatile than a standard crewneck or v-neck. Perfect for layering or on its own. And not that we needed another reminder that henleys look kinda bad-ass, but Bond wears one in the new movie.


No Time To Die (2nd Trailer)

Speaking of. The 2nd trailer looks amazing. And if this is the last turn for Daniel Craig as 007, can we get Nomi for a few movies (at least) as the new torch bearer for the franchise? Yes, I know she is a she. Yes that will matter (not in a good way) for some of the fanbase. But I genuinely believe, at least from this small snapshot of the trailer… she has it. She has the Casino Royal 007 it. A no-nonsense but still clever… crispness? Awash with sauve badassery. And holy-cow can she wear the clothes (0:24, 1:03, 2:11). Now, us fellas would need some sort of supporting character for the #menswear. But yeah. More 00-Nomi please. Also. Felix forever.


Bespoke Post “Spotlight” Lamp – $45

Bespoke Post "Spotlight" Lamp

One of their current “Boxes of Awesome.” Bespoke Post, I believe, is the O.G. of men’s subscription box services. Look, your entire place can’t be industrial farmhouse. And one way to break up your “style” just enough? Is to throw in a lamp of a different style. This one? Mid century modern. Looks great, love the charcoal against the brass-finished stainless steel.


Bonobos Jersey (t-shirt fabric) Short Sleeve Button Downs – $78

Bonobos Jersey (t-shirt fabric) Short Sleeve Button Downs

A total splurge. And let’s be honest, $78 is a deal breaker for most of us. Even during a 30% off code, they’d still be $55. That’s Bonobos for you though. That navy/red floral print in the upper left looks terrific though. 100% pima cotton here.


Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay – $8 – $20

Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay

Our monthly book suggestion from Jeremy Anderberg, who among other things works for Art of Manliness, but also has his own terrific “What I’m reading Now” newsletter. You should sign up for it. Here’s his review: Paul Tremblay’s newest novel, Survivor Song, is a wild ride that’s well worth taking. Tremblay has created a particularly nasty and quick-moving strain of rabies which is devastating the state of Massachusetts. Ramola, ‘Rams,’ is a pediatrician. She gets a frantic call from her friend Natalie (‘Nats’). Something terrible has happened — I won’t tell you what — and she’s on her way over to Rams’ house right now with probable exposure to the virus. One more important detail: Nats is eight months pregnant. Though we’re given a prelude, interlude, and postlude that provide some context and backstory, the heart of the novel is just a few short hours in which our protagonists try to get across town to a hospital. I get that a story about a virus seems a little too relevant; I promise you that Tremblay’s creation is far scarier than what we’re experiencing right now. Which, somewhat inexplicably, makes it more appealing. Ultimately, it’s a wickedly fun zombie story with a lot of heart.”


GAP Upcycled Puffer Vest – $40ish

GAP Upcycled Puffer Vest

Well. Here’s the main piece for your Marty McFly Halloween costume. Socially distanced events only, of course. Don’t be stupid. Marty wouldn’t monkey with the timeline like that. And he’d wear a mask.


Metallica: S&M2

It’s been more than 20 years since the original Symphony + Metallica concert album came out. So we were due for a reboot. And it’s great fun. But the original is better. So that’s worth a revisit too. The pacing and rhythm of the new recording is… off? See “The Memory Remains”. Maybe I’m missing something. I almost certainly am. Maybe it was just a frenetic performance, but the whipping around of tempo genuinely reminded me of Tesseract in some points. And those guys purposefully mess with time signatures! Yes, S&M2 is worthy of a listen or 27, but it does really serve as a reminder of how good the original is. That thing is Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee. Violent, beautiful, and full of chiaroscuro. (**Throws some devil horns up at the piccolo player**)


EXPRESS Merino Wool-Blend Thermal Regulating Crew – $13.97 ($69.90)

EXPRESS Merino Wool-Blend Thermal Regulating Crew

Bit of a retro ski-sweater vibe here, but the dark colors and simple colorblocking keeps it from looking weird. Hardly. It’s super subtle. Limited sizes on this one. Extra 30% comes at checkout and should then get you that $14 price.


Springs and Gears Letterpress Watch Movement Prints – $30 – $65

Springs and Gears Letterpress Watch Movement Prints

From our guy Aaron K.: For those of us that like a little esoterica (or a lot…) around our abodes to express our personalities and interests, and for those of us that like mechanical watches, behold the Springs+Gears watch movement print. Springs+Gears is a small operation based in New York that generates its own CAD designs for movements and then prints them by hand with a letterpress. The result is a wonderful, debossed print that looks great, smells great, and tastes great! Ok, it mostly looks great, with a clean, crisp blueprint-like vibe and just the right amount of detail. The Springs+Gears catalog started with the Omega Speedmaster movement(s) seen here and at the top of the post, but has since grown considerably, with prints available in 8×8” or 15×15” sizes and several paper & ink combinations. Custom prints are also available


Barebones LED “Antique Bronze” Railroad Lantern – $75

Barebones LED “Antique Bronze” Railroad Lantern

SEVENTY FIVE DOLLAR 21st CENTURY LED RAILROAD LANTERN HAS BEEN RESTOCKED. I know. I know. “Dude, just get a hurricane lantern, they’re dirt cheap.” But look at it.

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